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November 19, 2010


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Do tell

Harold please tell us from where? I would enjoy these thnks

Menachem Mendel lll

Professor Harold I presume.


Thanks for the heads up!

The internet is becoming a major source of study. I have downloaded countless GB of lectures from iTunes University from the likes of Harvard, Yale, MIT, UCLA and Stanford. Simply amazing!

Menachem Mendel lll

These lazy Haredi fucks have no excuse.

They can get a job work like the rest of society does if they want to eat, have a family and a roof over their heads.

If they have any desire or energy left over at the end of the day they can enjoy their spare time on line studying or they can go to bed early and get ready for their next day of hell working their asses off on das labor force :)

Aleksandr Sigalov

I mean, it only takes a 35 measly dollaz....

•One Credit Hour $35 per semester
•Two Credit Hours $70 per semester
•Three Credit Hours $105 per semester
•Four Credit Hours $140 per semester
•Matmidim Courses $150 per semester (includes full access to all WebYeshiva courses)
•Full Access to all WebYeshiva courses for one semester $150

And this web site "whoises" back to www.atid.org, which was mentioned in this article...


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