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October 15, 2010


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Overlapped you, I was the guy who got in the face of the anti Israeli demonstrators (many of them Jewish) near the Israeli embassy.


Interesting. I lived in Central London from 2000 - 2008 and don't recognize the picture you paint. But, perhaps you lived & visited Bradford rather than Londom.


Lived there for a few years and visit many times a year.


Sam, do you live in the UK? Have you visited the UK for any length of time?


The EDL exists because "mainstream" political groups fail to defend their societies against Muslims who want to murder Jews, convert Christians, and inflict Sharia Law throughout the world. If you can't say that fgm, Burkas, etc. are anti - human, then you aren't a leader. Unfortunately, most politicians in the Western world are unable to take that position - hence the EDL

steven in uk

in the UK their are people of all colours and creeds, who agree under our last government migration, not only Muslim became out of control.

And there is a feeling that if our new coalition government is not seen to be taking strong action, very nasty people might exploit legitimate concerns.

One of the reasons why the EDL are objectionable is that they use the regalia of the crusades, any one with the slightest knowledge of history would know why that would be offensive to muslim as well as Jewish people.


Choni, really? I would have thought that Baruch Goldstein (yemach shemo ve’zichro) would have been your candidate for “The greatest Jew of the 20th Century”. After all, he acted instead of just shooting his mouth off like his Rebbe, the racist megalomaniac Kahane.

A. Nuran

Choni, you mean the one who agreed when he was asked if the only difference between him and Hitler was that he was right? That's the greatest Jew of the 20th century? Greater than Einstein, Erdos and Feynman for fuck's sake? Greater than Weizman, Ben Gurion, dozens of Nobel Prize winners, Weisel, Singer, Durkheim, Golda Meir, Salk and Sabin, Paul Samuelson, Benoit Mandelbrot, Krugman, Popper, von Neumann, Chagall, Freud and Annenberg?

My God, you've got a limited, parochial and utterly depraved view of what makes a man great. Change the world, invent whole new fields of science, ease the suffering of billions. That doesn't matter. What makes a Jew great is foaming at the mouth and wanting to exterminate people. Fuck that and the pig it rode in on.


* problem


Rabbi Meir Kahane was right about the Arabs but problm is he's meflagateloheim instead of hizbollah. XD All totalitarian theocrats.


Shmarya couldn't lick the dust off RMK's feet!

Choni Davidowitz

Fascist Rabbi Kahane?
The greatest Jew of the 20th century labeled a fascist?
What a shame!


The rabbi should watch himself if he goes out with the EDL goons; they protest soused, and they might curbstomp him (for looking Muslim-ish, because they're too sloshed to remember they're "pro-Israeli", or out of goon instinct.) The Hell's Angels kicked the snot out of Hunter S. Thompson for nothing, and HST had been their best friend in the press.

alternative childcare

He's against those who would let loose a "wave of Middle Age darkness". Has he looked in the mirror lately?
He's apparently friendly with Sharon Angle, by the way.

the usual chaim

"supporting the English Defence League because he opposed multiculturalism"

did he really say this? what kind of an idiot is he? it is because of multiculturalism and pluralism that he is permitted to practice his own religion in a predominantly christian country.

shneerhere - opposing fanaticism in islamic groups doesnt need to exhaust our indignation and the necessity of directing it at fanatic jews too


"In March 1993 he was thrown out of a Conservative rabbis' conference for heckling Jesse Jackson."

Heh heh.... I like him already!

Seriously, Shmarya, didn't you enjoy knocking Muslim Student Association Jihadists to the ground while(together with A.Z.) they were hurling 'Death to Israel' and 'Death to Ezer Weizman'over at Northrup Auditorium back in '79? Remember our Bunny Hop through enemy lines? Sometimes a little 'street action' is called for, better than the 'Resistance' i.e. suicide bombings that the Other side launches as a matter of habit. So this guy is a grandstander, what real leader isn't?

A. Nuran

Boy, is he in for a surprise. At some point he'll find out that his brothers in arms hate kikes as much as they hate sand niggers.

Then he'll be left saying "But... but... butt... I hated Muslims, too. I helped you spit on them. I helped you keep mosques from being built. I helped you ban their women from wearing 'modest' clothing. I helped you make their religiously pure food more expensive and harder to get. I whipped up the anger and prejudice against them in my followers. So why are you doing the same things to me now? Aren't we united in our hatred?"

Somewhere he should hear the ghost of an echo of a memory of some dusty old stick whispering "That which is hateful to you do not do to another. The rest is commentary. Go and learn."


can't he stay home and say tehillim? what a jerk! is probably an angry and unhappy man.

Menachem Mendel lll

The Royal Order Of Chabad will have no choice but to excommunicate this soon to be "hooligan" if he does make good on his promise.

According to folklore the Grand Poobah of Chabad Florida division excommunicated Rabbi Kaplan so this should be a no brainer.


Moshiach Uber Alles!


Unless he is a UK citizen, I expect he will (correctly) be prevented from entering the country on the basis of inciting hate crimes.

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