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October 10, 2010


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Office of the Chief Rabbi

The new government agency is meant to end rabbinic corruption and nepotism that currently plagues the system.

But most likely it will elevate rabbinic corruption and nepotism exponentially.


Yeah o.k like its going to be better with
a whole bunch of poor socialist workers. Somehow their not going to use nepotism
in the workpolace or take kickbacks from local kosher establishments. So,what do you think is it going to
easier to bribe a Rabbi Making $1000000 shekels a year or $100000 shekels a year?
It's quite obvious that the israeli government is not pleased with not having
control on kashrut and if they had their way they would even tell you what halachot
to keep.


State law empowers the Chief Rabbinate of Israel in matters of kashrut.

Nothing like a Jewish state! Kashrus is very important for Jews that keep kosher and it is important that it be done properly and seriously. I am glad that the state of Israel takes it seriously and is getting involved. This is after all - THE Jewish State.

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