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October 20, 2010


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The only reason for a Get - is a voluntary desire of the husband to give his wife a divorce because of matters on sexual grounds. - this is Torah.
Obtaining the "voluntary desire to give a divorce" from husband by beating him doesn't solve the problem.


Bryskman was escaping in ny from israeli police, he got smth there.
Wax did tremendous mitzvah!

visiting the sick

The wife refused to give Briskman a reasonable custody agreement. As a father, Briskman wanted to see his kids more. That's why he refused to give the get.

Shox OZ

Pursue green fashion, to embrace green living.

Shox R4

We realize the true worth of happiness when we are in sorrow.


Think! Smarter!

So what if there are cases of women who exploit agunah status? I do not see any indication that this would be more than a tiny minority or an outlier event. In such a case, the general approach to agunot would be unaffected.

Also, while this is a possible scenario please give an example or two that shows that the scenario actually happens.

Show evidence, then make claims.


Unprofessor is exactly right.So-called "agunahs" have feminists groups, paid lobbyists, and useful idiot/dupe types like this blog to always portray the man as the agressor. Of course some men are extortionists, but so are some women. They know darn well the law is skewed in their favor, and they sure as heck take advantage of it. Only a fool, and yes, that includes plenty of rabbis too, takes their word at face value.

Anon please

Are the wax's the agundah wife's parents?
by the way, "UnProfessor" - That is a cruel and foolish way to view an Agunah:
" Either she doesn't want to be reasonable, or she likes the attention of being an "aguna" - a term seriously abused."
It is referring to such a tortured woman as being "unreasonable" which is abusive.


maybe they beat him and kidnapped him so he would give a get and the story about the money is made up?

Or maybe the wax's thought he was an easy target to get some money?

He is bad the question is the wax's


I always remember from my Grandparents, the name "Moishe Kapores" to be a joke name for a nincompoop. Kind of like the Wise men of Chelm.


Thanks for that. I learn something new every day.

Menachem Mendel lll


PRAYER..AL CHAIT*: THE CONFESSION OF OUR SINS. Our God and God of our fathers! Let our prayers come before You, and do not hide Yourself from our supplication. ...

PRAYER..Viddui*: "We have been guilty, we have betrayed, we have stolen, we have spoken falsely, etc."

Please note the the word "we" and not I. That is why my post has quotation marks.

I have now been officially burdened to take on the responsibility for asking The Abishter for forgiveness for what these pieces of Jewish criminal excrement did.

Since I have big shoulders I can handle it and goes to the heart of Ahavas Yisroel so I am Ahavasing those fuckers.

Shockeling: Yiddish for bobbing up and down when praying to get into the rhythm.

Capoyries is the "old word" Yiddish term commonly referred to as Kapparot which is a Jewish ritual practiced by some Jews on the eve of Yom Kippur. The person swings a live chicken or a bundle over one's head three times, symbolically transferring one's sins to the chicken.

You are correct Danny.
They are verb(s) and nouns.
Google will give you all the details.

*High holidays


Please give a translation of "...Al Chaiting, Vidduing, Shokeling and Capoyresing".

Are these verbs or the names of prayers? Thanks.

Menachem Mendel lll

Now that Rosh Hashana over and this is how "we" Jews start the new year?

What happened to all of their Al Chaiting, Vidduing, Shokeling and Capoyresing?

This act may be the definitive moment in time when the Moshiach and The Great Pumpkin will pass us by for another year.

Oy vai.

Mi K'amcho Yisroel!

Whatever the story is with the get is a sideshow at this point (sad). Kidnapping and assault charges won't go away because of a sympathetic judge.

Moshe aron kestenbaum, Williamsburg ODA

The High Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem hereby notifies the public that the husband who
refuses to give his wife a get by the name of Yisrael Meir (son of Moshe Zalman)
Briskman has made his wife an aguna.
Therefore the High Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem has levied against him Harchakot
D'Rabbeinu Tam, as brought in the Rema, Even HaEzer 154:21:
1. It is not permitted to include him in a minyan.
2. It is not permitted to enter into transactions with him in any manner.
3. It is not permitted to extend to him a kindness or favor in any form (including:
hachnossos orchim—hosting him as a guest and bikkur cholim-visiting him if he
is ill)
4. It is not permitted to make it possible for him to study or to teach in a yeshiva
framework or in a framework of a kollel for avreichim.
5. It is not permitted to provide him with lodging whether for payment or free of
The High Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem hereby turns to the Jewish communities, to the
dayannim and to the Rabbis wherever they may be, b’chol attar v’attar, to apply these
sanctions-harchakot and to prevent the get-refuser Yisrael Meir Briskman from receiving
any financial assistance, material assistance and legal assistance until he fulfills our
ruling-psak din and gives his wife a get without any condition nor delay.
We turn to all of the Rabbinical Courts-Batei HaDin wherever they may be, b’chol attar
v’attar, and hereby notify them that this husband has had a ruling issued against him by
our court of obligation to give a get-chiyuv get and he is required to give the get
immediately. It is not permitted to give the husband halachic assistance or legal
assistance and it is not permitted to give him a heter meah rabbonim or any other
document which will assist him in marrying another woman while still married to his
wife. The wife of the get-refuser submitted a divorce suit against him in the Jerusalem
Rabbinical Court-Beit Hadin Harabbani B’Yerushalayim and she is ready and able to
accept a get from him at any time, in keeping with the ruling of the High Rabbinical
Court of Jerusalem.
Signed by:
HaRav Shlomo Daichovsky HaRav Avraham Sherman HaRav Chagai Izirer
Dayyan Dayyan Dayyan


Without knowing any details of this story, I just want to caution that in some cases, the woman doesn't get a Get, because she doesn't want one.

Either she doesn't want to be reasonable, or she likes the attention of being an "aguna" - a term seriously abused.

Forty Eighter

Shmarya, it will be interesting to see a whose side you will come down on this one. On the one have a sadistic husband chaining his poor wife as an agunah and on the other hand a couple of chareidi tough guys.

I think that you will just relish the general malaise that has befallen our people.

A nudnik

Links posted in the comments to the article:





Yosef ben Matitya

the whole lot, those beating and the one beaten must be israelis (new jews).
living in lakewood, they couldn't be satmer.
a thought: things should be really tough lately down in lakewood. until recently, those among them who were plain swindlers, did their things without having to resort to violence.

Nigritude Ultramarine

Mr. YL, I believe you have all the inspirational elements for a Sopranos theme song parody.

You have:

Jersey as a backdrop
crime as a "family" business
mob tatics with the roughing up the victim and calling his family for what sounds like ransom
interstate involvement too - I bet the Feds are really interested now


Bryskman, who lives in Brooklyn, was staying in Lakewood. He was seeking employment with the Waxes when they assaulted him.

Weird story. Bryskman, who lives in Brooklyn, staying “where” in Lakewood, seeking employment with the Waxes as “what” and they assaulted him “why?”.

I don’t know why, but something is missing here.

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