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October 28, 2010


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Mr. Apikoros

I'm delighted to see Sara Berman make the cut.


LOL Shmarya despite our recent disagreements it shoulda been you. You are like the only vocal onymous whistleblower out there.


Finally - the 2010 Heroes Finalists!

They are:

Jay Feinberg - Boca Raton, Florida
26077 Votes

Zvi Gluck - Queens, New York
8214 Votes

Stephen Kutner - Atlanta, Georgia
11803 Votes

Dmitriy Salita - Brooklyn, New York
10165 Votes

Mordechai Tokarsky Brooklyn, New York
26909 Votes

The 2010 Jewish Community Hero of the Year will be announced at the JFNA General Assembly in New Orleans from November 7-9.


Anon please

I posted on their site:
Countering the Politics of Fear: Al Tirah!
It is offensive, but no surprise, that Jewish Funds for Justice launched an "Al Tirah" website.
Most ironically, you are defending Sharia Law, which is wages war on human rights and women in general, and which is perhaps the most fear-driven of modern religions.
The video is cute, but not convincing.
There are real things to fear, and Islam is one. Further, Islam promotes values opposite your own openly stated liberal views. - Unless you suddenly think it is OK to cut off hands to punish petty theft.
Please follow the money on orgs claimed to be "Jewish". The "Jewish Fund for Justice" is not. It is a Ford Foundation subsidiary, and it supports and promotes all things contrary to and mutually exclusive with Judaism and Torah. The same goes for "New Israel Fund" - note that the concept of a "New" Israel is anti-Jewish, and can be viewed as promoting the Catholic view, as they seek to become The New Israel.
These are NOT grassroots programs, but are funded and designed top down by a small radical group of FF players.
Note that the video suggests that we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed by empathy. Kabbalistically we know that if we swing too far over to the side of giving and feeling, we end up feeding evil. Ignorance is not bliss.
To summarize, we are taught: He who shows mercy to the cruel will ultimately be cruel to the merciful.
There are real things to fear in our world, and kindness must be directed towards appropriate objects. The anti-Jewish Fund for Justice, and all Ford Foundation subsidiaries, are not appropriate vehicles to promote world peace, nor Judaism.

Adam Neira

Popularity is not the measure of true wisdom or success although it might pay the bills. We really do need to establish a government of the righteous. Making a buck out of preying on the lowest common denominator is easy. Trying to spark the highest aspects of humankind and dealing with the tough stuff are much more tricky tasks. Bizrat hashem the media/financial landscape finds its correct equilibrium in the near future.

Dumb Scott

"And, guess what? It isn't me."

Of course not. It is a top 50 list, not top 50 million.


"And, guess what? It isn't me."

Of course not. It is a top 50 list, not top 50 million.

I realize you're not too bright, but I was the first blogger to make the Forward 50. I twas 2 years ago. I also made the Heeb 100 list.

And those are two places we'll never see your name.


Okay, I feel like posting an excerpt from James Joyce's 'The Holy Office', so here it is.

'So distantly I turn to view
The shamblings of that motley crew,
Those souls that hate the strength that mine has
Steeled in the school of old Aquinas.
Where they have crouched and crawled and prayed
I stand, the self-doomed, unafraid,
Unfellowed, friendless and alone,
Indifferent as the herring-bone,
Firm as the mountain-ridges where
I flash my antlers on the air.
Let them continue as is meet
To adequate the balance-sheet.
Though they may labour to the grave
My spirit shall they never have
Nor make my soul with theirs as one
Till the Mahamanvantara be done:
And though they spurn me from their door
My soul shall spurn them evermore.'

-James Joyce

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