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October 03, 2010


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Chesed Shel Emes is a light in the dark

Chesed Shel Emes doesn't collect funds except on a per diem basis -- when it is needed for a specific case.

It is a cause the founders have been involved in, long before the organization had a name. They have purchased several cemeteries for all the many they have buried in Jewish burials.

Menachem Mendel III take note: They also give generously to many other tzedakas including Bikur Cholim, and live modestly and simply when it comes to their own needs. Some buy a new pair of shoes or updated car -- they rather fund the gasoline for the cheder schoolbus.

They do not like media attention and aren't looking for public accolades. They just do a job that needs to be done when they are called on.

I am sure Chesed Shel Emes welcomes the aid that Misaskim is willing to provide and that Misaskim is willing to carry/fund some of the burden.


gerry feldhamer from the upper west side was the head of the hebrew free burial assoc for many years i heard that he suudenly resigned for stealing lots of money they hushed it up to soften the scandal


In the current (Sukkot) issue of Yated Neeman published in Monsey there is an extensive interview with Mr. Meyer.

Regarding Chesed shel Emes, it should be noted that there is a longstanding organization called the Hebrew Free Burial Association that handles chesed shel emes, which predates this relatively new Hassidic organization by many years. So they didn't invent the idea. There is a tendency among some of the Hassidim to assume that they invented certain things when they are actually late arrivals to the chesed scene in the USA.

See http://www.hebrewfreeburial.org/

Kudos to all who do such mitzvos properly.

Moshe aron kestenbaum, Williamsburg ODA

For some, fighting is fire that keeps them alive. Wishing everyone a good new year, Sincerly
מו"ה משה אהרן קעסטענבוים נ"י בן מו"ה הערשל וחתן מו"ה יחזקאל שרגא פריעדמאן.

Adam Neira

Seems like some people are playing hardball in the "I am more righteous than you" game.

corn popper

this recording has been floating around for some time now


i think if we hook up this guy with the mohel who cuts too little they could even each other out and do a kosher bris.

Mr. Apikoros

Is this the "Yanky" with the diminutive wanky who occasionally posts here?

Menachem Mendel lll

To beat the living shit out of one another over a rotting maggot infested corpses will guarantee these Hebraic-Judaic men of goht a front row seat in gan eyden when it's their turn to drop dead.

But when it comes to helped the poor and destitute amongst Kehelas Yisrooel then they all of sudden no speaky English, never heard of Hillel's words to the man standing on one leg and all they can suggest is to go to the Salvation Army for help."

Very Nice.

Moschiach Uber ALLES.


This begs the question, why? The answer must be gelt. Is it a mitzvah chase someone else who also wants to perform the mitzvah? I can't wait for the tzitzis with shoulder pads.


They need to get a protocol in place. This is a problem also plaguing the tow truck business. Here is a story that illustrates this dog-eat-dog situation.

'Wreck Chasers' Clash Over Philly Towing Business

by Joel Rose
July 23, 2010

The city of Philadelphia is cracking down on so-called wreck chasers: tow-truck drivers who race to be the first to an accident scene.

A dispute between rival tow-truck operators turned bloody this week, with one driver allegedly shooting another at the scene of a car accident. The next night, 13 cars in the first driver's lot were set on fire.

Tow trucks are usually the first to respond to car accidents — before the police get there. Two or more companies show up at an accident looking for drivers with generous insurance policies, according to Rich Costello, who owns a towing service and garage in North Philadelphia.

"Everybody knows the wreck chasers usually shoot out to get there. And they seem to be there pretty quick," Costello says. "Wreck chasers probably clean up most of the good accidents — the ones that are newer cars where they can make money on 'em."

On a good job, a wreck chaser can make $100 on towing and storage, or kickbacks from body shops. Wreck chasers are no secret in Philadelphia.

But deputy police commissioner Jack Gaittens says the feud this week seems to mark a new level of violence in the industry.

"We've seen fist fights before. We've heard about threats, pushing. Maybe the display of a gun. But the level of violence we've seen ... this is unprecedented," he says.

to read more see http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=128717950

Garnel Ironheart

Just when you thought they couldn't sink any lower...

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