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October 19, 2010


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Hometown Postville

That's all the more they have to do with their time? Protest a stupid parking lot? Get real! They are in fantasy land!

Alter Kocker

Sure fire way to keep the ignorant assholes from protesting. Hire a couple of topless models and have them parade around the parking lot.

"Avert your eyes Chaim, you might get interested in sthupping a woman instead of shtupping little boys at mikveh"


I assume next stop Intel!

I was wondering what was happening at the parking lot. It has been quiet for a while.


What happened with the Intel riots?

Menachem Mendel lll

This is what happens when grown Hebraic-Judaic men have too much time on their hands and refuse to work.

If they were that committed to their cause they would forgo their free kiddish fressfest and protest on the holy day of Shabes to demonstrate their resolve that nobody makes a mockery of The Abishter's day of rest.

Moshiach Uber Alles!

Yehudha de Oliveira

They're bored again. I never understood this; there are many parking lots in Jerusalem open on Shabbat, even in the old city including Jewish quarter itself. I never saw anyone protesting. Is the problem worth creating such a hillul Hasshem over the fact that this one has a roof? What's the halakhic reasoning?
They actually create much hillul shabbat by attracting all the media and police.

P. Almonius

I was there twice early in the summer. Once there was less than a minyan, and once there was nothing at all. What changed?

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