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September 26, 2010


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Gabay, Start taking personal responsibilty foryourself and your own impotence. Everything is always the Gov'tmts fault, never yours.
When are you going to begin the anti-semetism rote used by all the "pious" crooks and their sect of feeble minded thieves.
Business was good as long as the head crook SMR was around to hold you near his breast, and feed you. Now that you have no cover, it has sbecome the Gov'tmts fault. HOGWASH

AGRI-vated Angel

Good point nachos. Gracias! :)


City officials also allegedly made "negative comments designed to direct business away" from Menahem and his company, GAL Investments Ltd., the federal lawsuit states.

Were those negative comments in Spanish?

AGRI-vated Angel

Are you kidding me?

I should think a thank you is in order to the city of Postville for the $ $ $ thst was forgiven, $ $ $ owed by Gabay. Darcy should be commended for her seemingly tireless endeavor, pursuant to 'cleaning up the financial messes' left behind by the properties 'owned' by Gabay.

Thank you-Darcy & the Postville City Council for your time & effort in managing the aftermath of this 'property nightmare'.

concerned citizen

Does Gabay still live in Postville and if so, is he working or getting a handout? Haven't seen him around like i used to, but someone saw him in a nearby town? I think is he blowing smoke with the lawsuit.

the bottomline

gabay needs to fly back to israel on his nasty, dirty, bug infested mattresses he sold!

Menachem Mendel lll

This could never happen in Hooterville.


What is the connection to Seibert Construction?

I think Seibert took over management of some of the GAL properties when the bank took them.

neighbor girl

Did GAL Investments Ltd. actually go into bankruptcy? What is the connection to Seibert Construction? I see that some properties in Postville are being fixed up.

state of disgust

Sounds like Gabay is grasping at straws. His properties were in disrepair and he made no attempt to repair them after many people complained. Since his tenants were for the most part undocumented, he figured their complaints would go nowhere. When the RCF went bust Gabay's business went to hell, he feel behind on his loans and didn't pay electric or water bills. The banks went after the RCF real estate properties and took control of them. Gabay survived and now claims discrimination (read anti-Semitism)?
Fat chance.

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