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September 07, 2010


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I can only imagine what that limo driver in the photo is thinking

I think he is saying. "Ma’am, I think there is still time to catch your plane to Uman"

harold, thanks for the good laugh.


YL rocks balls out!

Monsey Hocker

Danny you laugh but believe me, 85% (100%?) of these guys would nut in about 4.2 seconds in the presence of a half decent looking shikse, add tramp stamp and pierced navel and they're done before they get their lange gatchkes off. They redefine premature ejaculation. Couldn't handle a real woman if their peyis depended on it. Maybe that's why mikvas are the number one hook up spot for chassidim.


now this is too much!

this is not yiddishkeit....
this is stupid!

Yochanan Lavie

Apologies to Aerosmith:

(That, that) Jew looks like a maidel (4x)

Cruised into a mikvah at Uman
Reb Nachman was great, but was human
He's a long lost Rebbe outta sight
Bubbeleh you're wrong, but you know it's all right
That's right

(That, that)
(That, that)
In the mikvah we're having the time
Of our lives until somebody say
Forgive me if I seem out of line
Then he whipped out his siddur
And tried to daven and pray


So never judge a sefer by it's cover
Or whom you're going to have a veil smother
FM put me wise to the chasid in disguise
He had the body of a bochur
L-rd imagine my surprise


Bubbie let me follow you down
Let me stay all week there
Bubbie let me follow you down
Daven, daven, daven all night
Bubbie let me follow you down
Don't refund my airfare
Bubbie let me follow you down
Daven, daven, daven, daven

(Guitar solo)

Oy was he a faigel?
He like it, like it, like it, like that,
Oy he was a maidel.

(That, that) Jew looks like a maidel 8x

Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew looks like a maidel 4x

(That that) na-na-na-Nachman na-na-na-Nachman y'all

(That, that)
(That, that)
[Repeat and fade]


Now that they are covering their own eyes to avoid temptation, can they please let their women stop wearing sheitels, gunny sacks and burqas in that awful heat?


OK, in prep for next Purim, Shmarya should put together a caption contest. I vote to have these two photos side by side as the first contest.

Yosef ben Matitya

they always appeared to me as dirty, idiotic and repulsive, they still look filthy, idiotic -square this time- & repugnant!


I can only imagine what that limo driver in the photo is thinking

I think he is saying. "Ma’am, I think there is still time to catch your plane to Uman"


WSC...As long as my paycheck doesn't bounce...


i intend to market a hat with the veil already sewn in. it'll be called the shtreimechitza.


Harold, thanks for the photo.

I can only imagine what that limo driver in the photo is thinking.


Maybe MJ was just ahead of the curve in his study of Kaballah...


Didn't uber-meshugener Michael Jackson wear something like this?

I think he wore a full body shmatta. I think it was his kids that wore the head covering.


Didn't uber-meshugener Michael Jackson wear something like this?


The trips to Uman are highly subsidized. Many people pay little or nothing for the trip. Catered meals are offered in Uman for free (or close to it.)

Now you tell us! Mr. Rosenberg missed out on his SMR vacation for lack of funds. This would have been a hoot to have him attend hidden under a veil. A wolf in sheep's clothing, so to speak. We could have had a real belly laugh on this one.


why are they hiding? i thought they were proud breast-lover chassidim. NA NA NACHMAN!

alternative childcare

makes it easier for them to solicit hookers without being recognized

FM Fan

The trips to Uman are highly subsidized. Many people pay little or nothing for the trip. Catered meals are offered in Uman for free (or close to it.)


Let me add... hanging a dark cloth in front of your face makes you look like an emasculated pussy. (please pardon my crude language, but I can't hold my tongue on this)

You look like the wimpiest of the meek. And not in a good way.

Man Up and be proud of your face. Stick your manly chin out there into the world and take on what it throws at you. Look at those hot shiksas directly in the eye and know that your finely-honed sense of self control will prevent you from instantly ejaculating.


When I think of multitudes of religious pilgrims going to visit a grave site, the image is pure "avoda zara". Worshipping dead people is not "yiddishkite".


Effie, the same crowd going on this looney trip is utterly ignorant of WWII history.

They like yelling 'nazi' at anyone who disagrees with them, but they know absolutely nothing about nazism or the Holocaust.


I guess so Effie. It is a good custom to send the worst Jews available to that sort of places to teach them a lesson.


Am I the only one who is disgusted that so many would return to a place where on the same holiday 34,000 Jews were massacred?


anyone who doubted evolution can now see the evolution of judaism in front of their own eyes, provided they're not veil-covered. a new species has clearly emerged known as haredim , which has little resemblance to that which was judaism for many centuries, and the new species continues to (d)evolve on an almost daily basis.

Menachem Mendel lll

Can someone please explain how 18,000 hasidim have the cash on hand to pay for round trip tickets to Uman Ukraine plus food and accommodations yet many claim they are broke, do not work and need hand outs.

Monsey Hocker

Effie, they are really missing out. Some of those EL AL stewardesses are absolute MILFs.

Menachem Mendel lll

If they promise that I will also be
"rewarded a thousand fold" I'll wear a speedo if that will make em' happy.

-Jerry Maguire


They look like idiots with those cloths over their faces and I think it is hilarious. I hope it catches on.

El Al should refuse to take them on board. It must be very confronting for their normal passengers.

Besides, I'm surprised its not considered a security issue. Its even a safety issue. What will happen in the event of an emergency evacuation of the plane? They won't be able to see properly to get off the aircraft.


"The posters also promise a large reward to anyone who is mocked for this."

No one need mock them today. Kvar kadmucha Rabanan. (Our Rabbis have already preceded you.)
Mes. Sotah 22b (About the middle of the daf)
Divrei Hamatchil "Makat HaParushim"


They put that crap over their heads when the El Al stewardesses come down the aisle with the food and drink carts. Obviously, they are have deep rooted fears of women.

They look like idiots with those cloths over their faces and I think it is hilarious. I hope it catches on.

The next riot, counter protesters should throw photos of scantily clad women at them. It seems to work.


Errr... I meant brown or blue veils.


Can someone post a garbage report? I hear that they usually trash the place every time they visit.

And what's with them being allowed to use brown or black veils? Colors other than black? Shocking.


Its curious that they would claim to be so "religious" and yet they are so morally weak that they are unable to withstand any sights outside the contraints of their insular world view.

Shtreimel Shmuley

Der Rebbe gazooked that Yidden should always keep one eye open when walking down the street and another eye covered with a patch. That way, if G-d forbid one sees an immodist shiksa on the way to shul, he can quickly close his one eye or look the other way until it passes. You can take the patch off the other eye when you are inside and it is safe to look at a Chumash.

Garnel Ironheart

I always thought that anyone who would leave Eretz Yisrael and go to the Ukraine for Rosh HaShanah was either an idiot or crazy. Now we have confirmation that they're both.

Monsey Hocker

Maybe if they would take the time to oogle a pair of tits or two they would stop raping their own sons.


I hear it's a huge week for prostitutes in Uman.


Obstruct your vision with a thin lycra cloth at the airport and you may find yourself boarding a flight to Oman instead of Uman.

Horse blinders or blinkers may be more useful.


The real story is if this will "stick" after the pilgrimage. If it does will it be adopted by the other chassidic sects?

I have never been to Uman so the question is if the immodest sights are more prevalent on the way to Uman as opposed to where they currently live.

Maybe a pair of real dark sunglasses would do.


I had the questionable pleasure last year to arrive in Kiev airport just as all these flights were coming in. A bigger bunch of wierdos giving off a terrible picture of judaism to onlookers, you couldn't hope to see.

Apart from anything else, this completely obscene practice of encouraging men - and it is only men - to spend rosh hashana apart from their families is completely antithetical to normative Judaism.

A. Nuran


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