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September 14, 2010


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nteresting thread on Mr Puello can be found here:

An even more interesting thread can be found at the link I posted, where you can see not only what Bastardette reported, but the mistakes she made in that reporting. And you will also see my correspondence with Puello and with Poello's synagogue's rabbi.


With all the talk about conversions and who is a Jew; Mr. Rosenberg's definition is the most liberal. If you put on a yarmulke you are Jewish and if you commit a crime you are haredi.

Mr. Apikoros

How could he be a Haredi Jew? He's wearing a blue shirt.

Bottom line: He's as Jewish as Pope Benedict.

Loshon Hora

Another goy with ayamulkah. So what the Piope & cardinals also wear skullcaps.


Interesting thread on Mr Puello can be found here:


alternative childcare

He's not a Jew, never has been, but Shmarya will keep posting this picture until they put all the Jews in crematoria.

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