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August 21, 2010

Satmar Succession Battle Leads To Arrests

Kiryas Joel riot 8-18-10 Trash Burning On Saturday, the Town of Monroe Highway Department was called out to clear Forest Road after it became impassable from refuse thrown by Kiryas Joel residents. Police have impounded vehicles and persons have been arrested.

KJ community disputes turn to garbage wars
MidHudson News

Police Arrest Satmar Hasid In Kiryas Joel 8-21-10 KIRYAS JOEL – Disputes among warring factions in the village of Kiryas Joel have turned to distribution of flyers and garbage littering.

Complaints came in to State Police at Monroe about political and religious flyers being distributed and strewn across roads resulting in them being littered with trash.

That escalated to garbage and regular refuse being thrown and dumped across roads in the village by pedestrians and by residents of the community tossing it out of moving vehicles, police said.

Kiryas Joel riot 8-18-10 Trash Burning In some cases, police said trash is being set on fire, either in dumpsters or on roads. On Saturday, the Town of Monroe Highway Department was called out to clear Forest Road after he became impassable from dumped refuse.

Police have impounded vehicles and persons have been arrested or identified as being involved in unlawful activities.

In another incident, police said a resident reported on Saturday morning that persons from the community entered his property and dumped garbage throughout his home.

In recent nights over the past week, vehicle windows have been broken out and other damage has been caused to autos.
State Police are continuing to patrol the area in an effort to thwart other illicit activities.

Anyone with pertinent information about the incidents in Kiryas Joel is asked to call the Monroe State Police barracks at 845-782-8311.

[Hat Tips: Burich, upper left photo MonroeHQ.]


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Arson during the hot days of summer is no joke. Arrest these schmucks before someone gets hurt.

What's scary is that these primitives think they're doing a kiddush HaShem!

This isn't Jerusalem. The NYS police will not treat these hooligans with the kid glove treatment similar activities receive in Israel.

They already treat them with kid gloves. Street riots, gangs, turf wars: if it were Puerto Ricans or Dominicans in New York bunches of them would have their heads busted already.

Both sides got arrested, 5 satmar arrested in total some for throwing polical flyers some for throwing garbage.

The police and other civil authorities should be extremely strict with these pretend-Jews who refuse to obey the law of the land. These people are extremely destructive to the reputation of the Jewish people and are a Chilul Hashem. Imagine that non-Jews think that these people are Jewish and all Jews behave like that!

Regarding the second picture from the top with the police officer arresting the shlock in the kippotah. How is he meant to do the compulosory search for weapons? Does he have to run his hands up the stockinged legs, all the way to the top? Mmmmm.... The officer should be asking for danger money...

I can't help but find it amusing the way they "battle" - by throwing and burning garbage. Only the chassim could "fight" this way. Other cultures fight using guns, bats, chains, and knives but to the chassidim the are content to throw garbage at each other. Pathetic.

I of course would prefer that they stop their silly feud, but I hope that their “violence” does not escalate to the point that people are hurt or killed.

They ought to arm themselves with guns and knives, and shoot it out with each other. I'll be rooting for both sides.

Satmar wars in its best...


Thanks for the link, I liked

KJ Terror by Aron Teitelbaum 2nd time cut power 10/12/2009


Riveting! I swore that I heard gunshots in the background. I am surprised that the officer could remain so calm .

I have been living a lie my entire life.

Now I understand the true meaning of Ahavas Yisrooel and Shaloch Manos.

Shame on me.

Arrest both Teitelbaum brothers. Shave them down-payess beards hair nuts. Put them in a holding cell together and LEAVE THEM THERE! Set bail at 5Million each, the charge is incitement to riot.

Imprison both-and let the followers wise up!

If they are arrested, beware of "anti semitism" cries and lawsuits.

A strict ban on meztizah b'peh would clear out many of these hooligans from our midst.

Shave them down-payess beards hair nuts.

It's perfectly appropriate and reasonable for Jews who act like Nazis to be treated exactly the way real Nazis would have treated them.

Mazel Tov to the police. It's about time they began to do their job. Arrest them all, toss them in jail, feed them all bread and water.
Let them live with the inmates who can teach them all how to have some honor, integrity, and have a far greater amount of seichel than these nutty zealots.
When they go be4 a judge, let them be fined 2 or 3000.00 dollars for each offense, a year in jail, and let them all run up their e3xpenses with their lawyers.

I'm not aware of the poor guy in the photo committing any crime but that of being a Jew. It's creepy to use him in the manner you are using him, harold.

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