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June 29, 2010


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Zalman Alpert

What about Mrs. Burstein. In Yiddish they say meshuga far yenen far zich is er klug...



there is nothing wrong with sticking up for others, however the cherdiem seem to stick up for every creep, fraudster gonov, pedophile.

Why not stand up for the victims of the frum criminals and the children who where molested by frum people, and condemn the crooks who give all Jews a bad name.

According to most chedeim that I know and that is many all these stories to them are simply false since a frum yid cannot do such things


We have a Streicher here in Passaic... a real jerk who drives around in a BMW, despite having the infamous 'Streicher' name.

Dr. Dave

Yechiel -

Since when are the haredim on any Jews side than their own individual little little group. They even hate other hareidim!!

Where is their support and protests for Gilad Shalit?

Where is the support for those poor B'not Yisrael, the Sefardi girls?

You are a liar and a hypocrite.

The charedim are receiving the results of their own sinat chinam and sinat yisrael!!!


It is time to rip out this cancer known as 'frum'. May they all be punished swiftly. The 33 concert ban 'rabbis' are directly to blame for this. This is a measure for measure for their sins!


To all the shmendrik self hating jews posting on this site (many former frumies who went sour instead of improving their own ways...) to include the leidigayer Yochanan Lavie the 'great' poet jack ass; I have an important message for you: when your time comes to have legal problems you will be kicking yourself for all the 'beautiful' words you threw at the haredim. You will not have anyone on your side. Everyone who knows you will behave in the manner you suggested....
He who laughs last laughs best.
Time will tell.


Rubashkin's life took a sad twist also due to the fact he was overwhelmed with taking over his father's business.

Fraud is fraud regardless of mental issues.


Zalman Alpert.
M.Streicher has been suffering from mental issues in the last couple of years.I wish you guys would not be so fast to jump before you know some more details
Look at this link from two years ago where he showed up outside 770 and started giving out money.It sounds like a manic episode.
R'Zalman from you I expect better.Of course there is rot everywhere, this case is the sad case of someone who's life has taken a sad twist due to mental issues.


harold, cheskel or all the other apoligits for the frum crimanals

the main reason people on this site have so much fun when a frum person gets arrested for numerous crimes is the reaction from the frum community.

I am confident that if the community and the rebbies would condemn these guys instead of making excuses and portraying them as victims our reaction would be diffrent. or saying like they did about rubasnhkin that he is in trouble because yiddin go to secular court and other nonsense.

I cannot remember one time in my whole live when a yid got caught stealing that anybody or rebbie condemned the person or act. They always made excuses and blamed everybody and everything but the actual criminal.

Brief story how sick the ultra orthodox community is this goes way back before there was an eruv in boro park.

My parents house was robbed on shabbos by some frum yiddin. I told the story to many people and all every single person was baffled how could they CARRY out the money and jewelry carrying is assurr on shabbos

No one and I mean not one said yiddin how could they steal



Harold, whenever a Rabbi is caught with his hand in the cookie jar, or cookie, you remove his Rabbi title.


Harold, he is a Rabbi and he is an excepted singer

Again, follow this link->


If he was a rabbi wny whould the flyer not include that title for the event. It was for Shevei / Achron Shel Pesach in a shul so there would be no reason for him to hide that title unless he never had that title to begin with.


go to the Orthodox sites and see the comments

one would think the elderly lady was the criminal and the guy a poor victim


who knows

Harold, he is a Rabbi and he is an excepted singer for the self appointed Torah True Jews and he is a ganef. After the revelations of the last few years the words Rabbi and Thief are no longer incompatible.


Harold, whenever a Rabbi is caught with his hand in the cookie jar, or cookie, you remove his Rabbi title.

Yochanan Lavie

Maybe they'll send him to Sing Sing.


I guess he's now singing the blues,


Why not these scum Rabbis

He is no rabbi - scum yes, rabbi no.

Yochanan Lavie

Thanks, OCR.

Office of the Chief Rabbi

YL: "a loan":ROTFLMAO

Yochanan Lavie

Apologies to the Beatles, Ringo

What would you think if I sang a Jewish tune,
Would you stand up and walk out on me.
Lend me your money and I'll sing you a song,
And I'll try not to return you the fee.
Oh I get cash with a little help from my friends,
Nu,I get stash with a little help from my friends,
Mmm, I'm gonna pass with a little help from my friends.

Do you need any money?
I need some money to love.
Could it be any money?
I want some money to love.

What do I do when I want a payday.
(Does it worry you to take a loan)
How do I feel by the end of the day
(Are you sad because your cash has grown)
No, I get by with a little cash from my friends,
Nu, get high with a little cash from my friends,
Nu, gonna to try with a little cash from my friends

Do you need any money?
I need some money to love.
Could it be any money?
I want some money to love.

Would you spot a sucker at first sight?
Yes I'm certain that it happens all the time.
What do you see when you turn out the light?
I can't tell you, but the kesef is divine.
Oh, I get by with a little cash from my friends,
Nu I get high with a little cash from my friends,
Oh, I'm gonna try with a little cash from my friends

Do you need any money?
I need some money to love.
Could it be any money?
I want some money to love.

Oh, I get by with a little cash from my friends,
Mmm, gonna try with a little cash from my friends
Ooh, I get high with a little cash from my friends
Yes I get by with a little cash from my friends,
with a little cash from my friends


Looks as if "mental illness" will be used as the get out of jail card. What's with all these mental excuses? Heck, even Howard Stern has been in therapy for years. Why not these scum Rabbis?

Bassy the Haredi Slayer

Singing rabbi, swinging rabbi, who can keep count ?

Zalman Alpert

YSF has got it ! With 11 kids what is enough money ?
Great description.
I know the victim personally and she is one of the most honestly frum people I have ever met. I believe her.Taking a penny from a poor almonah should be a capitol offense , no wonder the yeshivas do not teach the Prophetic books , maybe the kids would actually pick up some ethical teaching instead of important knowledge about torts. As they say in Yiddish "af dem klogt der navi..."
Finally day after day more Orthodox jews, rabbis , rebbes, kosher plant managers even Chabad Chassidim etc are indicted arrested, convicted for all sorts of charges white collar, fraud ,larceny and sexual harrasement and molestation
While going to bat for SMR is fine as per asking for a reduced sentence, I can not wonder why a massive PR campaign against fraud, cheating and other white collar crimes has not been undettaken by the Aguda, the Yated and other s who can't get enough of SMR.Instead of giving us their biased take on the SBR trial and their diatribes against the President of the US, the Yated and its venerable editor ought to offer a weekly feature detailing the issurim of gezel akum and the importance of an orthodox Jew to act in accordance with Torah lan and more.They should also note that there is very little in the form of Teshuva for a Chilul hashem and they would be very impressive to prove with their talmudic dialectics that ALL these arrest etc are not in the definiton of a Chilul hashem in front of all our non Jewish neighbors. Unless the rabbis come out against these crimes there will be hundreds of SMR in the future because as the man said earlier YSF s a serious and cathcy illness .
May I predict that in a year or two Mr. Streicher will be back in good graces in the frum world (as if he is out of their favor now).I am just glad Mrs. Burstein got her money back.
I am reminded whta the late rabbi E. Rackman of the 5th Avenue Synagogue wrote in the Jewish Week over 30 years ago when asked why so many frum Jews are invovled in white collar crime so what is the value of Torah study , he replied that if not for the Torah study they would be invovled in ... violent crime.
It seems there are no wake up calls for our Charedi establishment its "business" as usual for them .
Can anyone out there give me an estimate how many charedim there are in prision currently ?

Solomon Dwek

I am proud to say that the frum sites will NOT post any comment of mine.

They only allow their own views.


Nice picture of him in handcuffs:



He is an excellent singer but he is no rabbi. If he was then the title would have been used - check out http://baisnaftoli.com/streicherpesach2010.pdf

If he was a rabbi it would have referred to him as Rabbi Michoel Streicher - Chazan. No reason to hide it.


go to frum sites and the chorus has started

here we go children let all gather around the crook, praise him make excuses for him, make him a victim. also lets dance and vilify the real victim.

That is the Orthodox way

blair thomas

Anyone who has had personal contact with him in the last 10 years could testify to that "mental issues". So sad...


Defense lawyer Eric Franz said Monday that an unspecified mental illness had contributed to Streicher's conduct.

This "unspecified mental illness" referred to in the above article is otherwise known as YSF (Yeshivish Sticky Fingers). It is highly contagious and is caught mostly by attending a right wing yeshiva system for elementary, high school, beis midrash and kollel and identifying with the general yeshivish culture which often masquerades as Orthodox Jewish observance. Women often catch YSF from attending a Yeshivish Post-High-School Seminary in Israel, although some are known to have caught it from Seminaries in the USA and even Europe. YSF cannot be detected by a bloodtest.

YSF can be dormant for years before manifesting without warning into a full blown out-of-control case. Warning signs include lying on government forms to obtain government benefits meant for the poor and indigint of society, lying on mortgage loan applications, lying on home equity loan applications, lying on yeshiva tuition scholarship applications, avoiding getting legally married so that one's wife can obtain government assistance for herself and her children as a "poor single mother", attending full time kollel for more than 2 years, and not obtaining a college education or vocational training. Warning signs also include the theoretical excusing of lying, cheating and stealing by quoting various religious sources while trying to prove that Hashem "really did not mean" not to steal when He gave the Aseres Hadibros as it is stated in the Torah, but rather Hashem meant a miriad of other things, other than not stealing.

It is possible that some people have genetic predispositions towards YSF, but this cannot be tested as science and Yeshivishness do not mix.

There is no known cure for YSF.


Hey Streicher -


(one of his albums, and song titles from way back when I listened to that kind of wailing and called it "music"...)

cant understand how jews talk like this

Streicher testified at his trial this spring that Burstein's money was actually intended to help him recoup concert losses. A jury convicted him in April of grand larceny.

Not that i really care, but this sounds more like the true story.


Defense lawyer Eric Franz said Monday that an unspecified mental illness had contributed to Streicher's conduct.

"Had he been medicated and thinking rationally and addressing his medical condition, I dare say this money would have been repaid a long time ago," Franz said. Streicher is now being treated, he said


I think I know this guy and went to yeshiva with him.

Got to investigate.

No big deal he learned to steal from the yeshiva we went too they where involved with the lunch program and other scandals


Well MJ had his trouble with the law too, so I suppose people didn't know just how apt that comparison was...

Dr. Dave

A singer and purported rabbi who claimed to have the stardom of Michael Jackson in Israel

Wow!! I guess Michael Jackson wasn't very popular in Israel.

alternative childcare

This is the "holy music" the teachers pushed on us in yeshiva high school.
Honestly, there's more truth and purity in anything by Kurt Cobain a"h than in all of these lame litvish approved cassettes (and lets not get onto all those pirchei little boy "choirs" and what that's all really about).


wow i cant beleive this about muchael stricher unbeleivable never imagined him to be a thief he is such a GOOD SINGER SINGS BEUTIFULLY WOW

Robert Wisler

He was on the tip of every Litvak yeshiva bochur's toungue during the late 1990's and early 2000's. They all had his "tapes".

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