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June 20, 2010

Brooklyn "Unites" For Sholom Rubashkin

Rubashkin closeup "Massive" rally planned for Monday night, the eve of Rubashkin's sentencing on 86 fraud-related Federal convictions.

Rubashkin Brooklyn Rally Poster 2010-06-21 low res

Brooklyn Unites For Rubashkin: This Monday Evening On The Eve Of His Sentencing

Yeshiva World News

Nathan Lewin cropped Nat Lewin, prominent Washington DC attorney and Orthodox Jew, will grace the central Brooklyn gathering on behalf of Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin. The rally will be held on the eve of the sentencing which will take place in Iowa on Tuesday morning June 22.

The asifa will be held Monday evening, June 21, 9:00 P.M. in the Bais Yaakov Hall, 4420 15th Ave. in Boro Park, Brooklyn.  The gathering is expected to draw a massive crowd as the community is closely following the case and feels Mr. Rubashkin is being unfairly treated and has been singled out for unfair prosecution. A similar gathering on June 10, in Monsey, NY, drew over 3,000 people who came together to pray on behalf of Mr. Rubashkin.

Mr. Lewin, renowned as a champion of justice and expert in human rights and constitutional law, will present a unique viewpoint on the travesty of justice taking place in Iowa. Mr. Lewin heads the legal team which will be appealing the verdict which found Mr. Rubashkin guilty of bank fraud. He is an old family friend and believes passionately that Sholom Mordechai is the victim of an over-zealous prosecution.

Furthermore, he believes that the Rubashkin family was singled out for prosecution in part because of the campaign led against them by PETA and as such sees the vendetta against Mr. Rubashkin as an attack on kosher shechitah.

Rubashkin, Aaron and Sholom In Plant The Rubashkin family, known for its stubborn mesiras nefesh for Torah yet in Russia from where they hail, achieved national recognition for their many selfless acts of tzedaka and chesed. As simple, good, people, they never sought recognition for their philanthropy. And now that their legal imbroglio has left them destitute, it is through the generosity of an appreciative public who have taken up and adopted their cause, that their legal bills are being paid, enabling them to fight to reclaim their reputation and freedom.

The Jewish community views Sholom’s incarceration since November, 2009, as a further injustice.

The community, which has adopted Sholom Mordechai as a brother, is eagerly following every facet of this case. Brooklyn residents anticipate this opportunity to hear a first person update and analysis of the case which has held their attention for the past two years, while demonstrating their support for Mr. Rubashkin at this critical time.

Similar rallies are being held across the country, from New Square, NY, to Miami Beach, Florida, to Los Angeles, CA. The Brooklyn rally, which is being organized by the Klal Yisruel Fund, based at 53 Olympia Lane, Monsey, NY, 10952, will also be addressed by Rabbinic heads, communal leaders and family members.


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The clear conclusion is that Rubashkin is the haredi and Chabad and that he is embodiment of what it means to be a hareidi/chabad rabbi and leader.

It also shows why mainstream Jews and the haredi are now two seperate tribes.

Hey Norm,

SMR and similarly minded heretics do not warrant membership in any legitimate tribe within mainstream religion.

2 days and counting to doomsday.

Good news and bad news. If the sentencing is affected by these numerous rallies and campaigns it shows yiddin still have a major influence in the U.S. Toom bad they are wasting their energy on such an insignificant matter to the majority of Jews in America.

I would not be concerned at all, for these cockamamie and insulting demonstrations in favor of SMR, moving Judge Reade, one way or the other, in determining a fair and just sentence.

But the sh-t will hit the fan, if she starts receiving death threats and the FBI is able to track down the source(s).

These rallies accomplish nothing except squeeze more money out of people. It's hardly big news in the midwest and Judge Reade would avoid reading about them. Judge Reade has already received death threats. Some nut here complained that she got a visit from federal agents for either a letter she sent to or a comment she made.

Maybe there should be a Failed Messiah section.

Judge Reade knows that Jews are tiny minority in the United States.

And within that minority, orthodox Jews are a minority.

And among orthodox Jews, Chabad is still a further minority, albeit a loud, boisterous minority, which some consider a cult.

The Judge will not be influenced in her decision by the likes of Chabad.

Meanwhile the Chabadnikim keep beating the money drum, spreading lies and crying Antisemitism. How perverse and what an expression of cult like behavior.

Toom bad they are wasting their energy on such an insignificant matter to the majority of Jews in America.

Dear Mr. Missouri,

You should not worry about Sholom Rubashkin to much he will be taken care of after June 22 thanks to a not guilty verdict on Jun7th, what you need to be worried is about your star witness Mathew Derrick who is a child abuser and child molester and danger to children, NOT sholom Ruibashkin who failed to pay his cattle dealers on time due to a raid on his business.

Here is a list of all the rallies I was able to find since June 10th:
June 10th Monsey
June 17th Flatbush
June 17th Borough Park
June 17th Bal Harbor
June 17th New Square
June 21st Borough Park

Matzav put up a slideshow of 79 pictures taken at that rally in Monsey on June 10th. The show starts with pictures of folks on the dias falling asleep. Starting about slide 38, there are pictures of people donating money.

Many miss an important point. The rally should zero in expressing REMORSE , then seeking rachmonis from the court. All of these pressure tactics will harden the judge.No one should ever threten thos or ANY judge.

.No one should ever threten thos or ANY judge.

No one ever threatened Judge Reade or any Judge, however you and your gang want Judge Reade to be threatened as to make those who are seeking true justice to make them look bad.

I would not be surprised if there was threat against Judge Reade by the gang that hates Rubashkin as to make Rubashkin look bad.

"No one ever threatened Judge Reade ..."

Not true. The FBI doesn't knock on your door just because they happen to be in the neighborhood.

I particularly like the timing of it all. Sham Wow's prayer rally occurs on the summer solstice; it has a hearty pagan component now. I will be sure to join in after donning wizard attire to match SMR's.
BTW, the poster looks like the promos from Locked Up Abroad; very realistic. Well done!
Viva 25 on 22!

These rallies sound like old fashion Christian tent revival meetings, complete with passing the plate for donations.

To paraphrase what Forrest Gump might say: "My Momma always said, a cult is as a cult does."

Can anyone tell me what SHF (owners of Agri Star ) stands for? My guess iis Sholom, Heshey, Friedman. Wonder if the tax sale will go through today. Anybody out there looking for semis to buy? Lots of them for sale on thursday on the east end of Postville.

Not true. The FBI doesn't knock on your door just because they happen to be in the neighborhood.

So whose door did the FBI knock on?

Wow your so desperate to smear Rubashkin name:)

Dr. Moe, you idiot, there was indeed such an incident reported on all the usual sites (VIN, CrownHeights.info, etc.), perpetrated by a Chabad fanatic like you, who sent threats to Judge Reade and found herself in deep trouble as a result.

Just because you are too stupid to admit you saw that report, doesn't mean it didn't happen.


Dr. Moe, you idiot, there was indeed such an incident reported on all the usual sites (VIN, CrownHeights.info, etc.), perpetrated by a Chabad fanatic like you, who sent threats to Judge Reade and found herself in deep trouble as a result

Link please?!


Thanks for the info on the threat to Judge Reade.

Hope the Feds throw the book at her and all others who are stupid enough to do so.

IT saddnes me to inform you that "Judge says Rubashkin to get 27 years in federal penn"

Wool,bill,sandra you are all happy campers

What are they going to unite about now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rubashkin Will Face 27-Year Sentence On Federal Fraud Charges, Judge Says
By Richard Pratt

Story Created: Jun 21, 2010 at 11:18 AM CDT

Story Updated: Jun 21, 2010 at 11:18 AM CDT

DES MOINES (AP) — A former manager of an Iowa kosher slaughterhouse will be sentenced to 27 years in prison and ordered to pay nearly $31 million restitution when he's sentenced Tuesday in U.S. District Court.

Chief U.S. District Court Judge Linda Reade issued a sentencing memorandum Monday outlining the sentence she will impose on Sholom Rubashkin during Tuesday's hearing in Cedar Rapids. Reade indicated in the document she would not impose a fine.

A jury found Rubashkin guilty on 86 federal financial fraud charges last fall.

Rubashkin's attorney Guy Cook says the sentence is unfair and excessive that that Rubashkin's conviction and sentencing will be appealed.

U.S. attorney spokesman Bob Teig declined comment until the sentence is imposed.

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