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May 25, 2010


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they really have nothing to do these lubavitchers than going on the streets and rally .

they have all the time in the world .
they don't work .
everything is paid by 1 - the tax payers
2 - by millions in

so, why shud they care ? they are care free . they roll . and , and..........

they support a criminal bc he is a lubavitcher .


yeah, let them pray all they want . see if it helps

Yochanan Lavie

Thanks, Danny.


Stand up applause for YL.

I can play this tune (and other Burt Bacharach tunes) on piano, if anyone wants to sing.


ברוך אתה ה' אלוהינו מלך העולם שלא עשני ליובאוויטשער

Yochanan Lavie

Apologies to Aretha Franklin:

The moment I'm willin'
Before I put on my tefillin
I say a little prayer for SMR
And while combing my peyot,
And wondering what coat to lay out,
I say a little prayer for SMR

Forever, forever, you'll stay in my neshomeh
and I will love you
Forever, and ever, we'll be meshugeh
Oy vey, what a Jew
Together, together, that's how it must be
To live without meat
Would only mean heartburn for me.

On the mechitza bus, man,
While riding I think of Rubbishcan,
I say a little prayer for SMR.
At kollel I waste time
And all through my minchah break-time,
I say a little prayer for SMR.

chorus, 2x

My butcher believe me, (believe me)
For meat there is no one but you!
Please love meat too
I'm in love with you (answer my prayer)
Answer my prayer bubbeleh (answer my prayer)
Say you love meat too (answer my prayer)
Answer my prayer bubbeleh (answer my prayer)

chorus. (oooooooooy)

My butcher believe me, (believe me)
For meat there is no one but you!
Please love meat too
This is my prayer (answer my prayer)
Beat the rap now bubbeleh (answer my prayer)
This is my prayer (answer my prayer)
Answer it right now bubbeleh (answer my prayer)
Say you love meat too (answer my prayer)
This is my prayer (answer my prayer)



As far as I can see this article has been posted on the site with no accompanying comment at all from the author, so I can't see how he is drinking anybody's blood. He might in fact be providing a service to those of your ilk by alerting them to the existence of this event if they were not already aware of it.

In my opinion this type of event is a disgrace. The man has been convicted of various crimes and will be sentenced accordingly.

Gilad Shalit has committed no crime (and quite the opposite - he has put his life on the line to defend all Israelis including lazy, good for nothing Charedim) and he finds himself in the most unimaginable hell. Why haven't Lubavitch held protest gatherings on his behalf?

What sort of signal about religious Jews do you think this sort of thing sends out to the non-Jewish public? That so-called religious, pious, honest, upstanding people are praying for mercy for a somebody convicted of multiple offenses? Let alone the other stuff about 'slave labor' and employing minors that I do not believe he has yet been convicted of.

Personally I have absolutely nothing against the man and wish him all the best but a public outpouring of hysteria like this is simply crazy. I suppose that fits in with all the other crazy shit that Lubavitch is now famous for. I was brought up in a Lubavitch home and have had a personal ten minute yechidus with the Rebbe (which I highly doubt that you have) but I'm afraid you guys have completely fucked up over the last few years.

shmaryahu is like paroh [loves to bathe in jewish blood

shmaryahu,you dirty rat,you piece of human garbage, what do you want from this family? didn't you drink enough of their blood?
i have no doubt at all,have you lived 65 yrs ago in Europe,you would have been the head KAPO in Auschwitz,and with a smile on your ugly face you would have dragged your own brothers and sisters into the gas chamber


how about prayers for Jonathan Pollard and Gidon Schalit. Or does God only care about the Lubobs?


Again, prayers and vigils, for one who has mocked G-d through his documented deeds, are not in order.


It says " Let us be beseech Hashem for His ultimate compassion..."

Hashem heard the lamentations of the abused workers and animals. These assholes do not consider non-Jews to be human, so its ok to treat workers and animals as if they are 'motors' and run w/o 'oil' and 'burn the bearings' up


Glad to see he still has his halo.

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