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May 16, 2010


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nelson walks and rubashkin is in prison and shmarya is happy


nelso walks and rubashkin is in prison and shmarya is happy


What's fundamentally wrong is continuing to rely on the women who are expected to care for numerous children, to work as well. the Haredi community needs to take its women out of indentured servitude and put the men to work.

Hometown Postville

I had a glimmer of hope when I read the headline, but as I read on I realized this was just another sham to force more women into the workforce, not men. Now if they took it one step further and required all females to finish high school, learn some secular skills and then go to a trade school or college, that might be a viable solution. Those educated women would be able to get professional jobs/make liveable salaries, grow some backbone and force their lazy a-- men to get a job or get out.

The outlined plan sounds like it will boil down to paying mothers to babysit their own kids- (why should they pay for daycare to be a daycare worker? just bring their own kids along!) add another chunk to the welfare check! Haredi logic.


The haredi population it seems will continue to rely on the women in the sector. One main solution offered touches on expanding job training and education for women via seminars and additional learning frameworks for older women in accordance with the labor market's needs

This is just what I have been saying all along. It is wrong to ignore women's employment and income contributions to the family unit and to only examine the male's role. Both are important with the major emphasis being the income of the family unit.


Free nursery and daycare? These things aren't "free," they cost billions of taxpayer dollars. How about the women stay home and watch their own kids and their lazy husbands get up and work instead? Presto, increased income and no cost to taxpayers.

Shira at Table Poetry

In Israel, daycare is already subsidized for women who work full-time. It goes according to a point system, and if a family is low on income and high on children, daycare will be VERY cheap (600 or so NIS per child. Maximum is 1800 NIS, and there's a spectrum in between). So in Israel, it can be cost efficient for a woman with babies to work. Don't forget that from age 3, kindergarden is even further subsidized for all.

Of course, if daycare would be totally free for the haredi woman, it should be for everyone.

But I adamantly oppose this. The haredi woman is absolutely overworked as is. She spends most of her life pregnant or recovering from birth, nursing, raising children. She has a huge full-time job managing a home for a large family. Why on earth she should also be the MAIN breadwinner??? The religious Moslem women have it better. At least they're not expected to carry two burdens at once; the men are supposed to provide.

Why can't haredi men provide? Why oh why does the Israeli gov't give ANY money to schools which won't teach any English or math? They are subsidizing boys who will turn to adult men who won't be able to find a decent job, who will need hashlamat hachnasa, who won't pay full arnona or full taxes....and who we will need to continue to subsidize.
And no, the solution is not to force more of the haredi women to work even harder. They've got enough on their plate.



I agree with you.

How much does a haredi woman need to earn, while not on maternity leave, to make it cost efficient to send 5 - 10 children to daycare?

In the United States it is often not cost efficient for a women with even 2 or 3 children to go back to work.


You know, of course, that the Haredim will structure and run the daycare the way they want or they will not participate. You also know that a substantial percentage of the Haredi women who are thereby enabled to "work" will be working in the daycare centers themselves. Sending a woman with 6 kids off to "work" as though taking care of 6 kids is not a full time job in itself is just silly. Any nation dedicated to being fruitful and multiplying (as the Haredim are) can easily see this. Why is it so hard for the Seculars to see?

A. Nuran

1) Are free daycare and nursery going to be provided to other woman who have to work?

2) This will do nothing to get haredi men into the workforce or solve the problem. All it will do is spend more money on a system which is economically unviable.

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