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May 02, 2010


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The nutcase assaulting R. Hecht at the parade was Hendel, "Rabbi" Schwei's henchman. so now you know that Schwei is a nutcase preaching that the dead man is alive.
Schwei does the Machon Chana weddings, gets $$$ for promoting this insanity.


It is mentally ill to go around obsessed about a dead man, to say he is alive, etc.
And to teach it to children, now that is a real chillul Hashem! Disgusting to see little children, thoroughly brainwashed, marching around saying psychotic things.
I guess I am a little late in responding.
But no, the Chabad leadership continues to promote the insane notion that the rebbe, dead and buried for 16 years, is alive.
And they fight about it.
See this video about the parade, complete with subtitles - at least we know the views!
Hecht brothers attempt to hijack Tzivos Hashem rally
mosheyitzchak — May 05, 2010 — After a clear agreement was reached by the board of Tzivos Hashem, the organizers of the parade and the NCFJE run by the Hechts, it was determined that Yechi would be announced at the parade immediately following the recitation of the last of the 12 Pesukim. This was in line with the parade's policy for over five decade!!
However, despite giving their word not to hinder in any way the saying of the Yechi by the child, the Hecht brothers skillfully and cunningly arranged for the music to begin playing the moment the Posuk was over, not leaving a chance for the child to even breath, let alone say Yechi.
This shameful act of betrayal and deceit was not to go unnoticed by the thousands of faithful Chasidim, many of them aware of the agreement and even more of them actively involved in the organization of the parade. While hundreds of bochurim dedicated days and nights to the parade, with the expectation that Yechi was to be announced, these hoolagoons decided to run things differently, CONTRARY TO ALL AGREEMENTS.
When Rabbi Hendel realized that the organizer who were infuriated by the sham, but at the same time hesitant to act, he filled the void of leadership at that moment and courageously put his safety and respect on the line to fulfill an previously determined agreement.
When Rabbi Hendel realized that the organizer who were infuriated by the sham, but at the same time hesitant to act, he filled the void of leadership at that moment and courageously put his safety and respect on the line to fulfill an previously determined agreement.
Whether or not his actions were called for, and whether or not his actions assisted in the chilul Hashem is up for debate. BUT WHAT IS UNDENIABLE, is the fact that the brawl was purposely orchestrated by the Brothers Hecht, and they are one hundred percent responsible for the desecration of G-d's name that followed.
They could have allowed Rabbi Hendel to continue his announcement, realizing that their plan had failed and the truth of the agreement would prevail. But they decided their egos were of primary importance, compelling them to physically assault defenders of truth and integrity.
As one bochur who spent tens of hours helping the parade arrangements wrote to parade organizers, "we feel betrayed that the organizers stood and watched as the Hechts denied thousands of Lubavitchers their right to recite an unequivocal previously agreed upon proclamation. They need to apologize for their wrongdoings!"
The parade organizers have answered tens of letters and emails, sympathizing with bochurim who complained about the alleged deceit on the part of the Hechts.

chabadnik attorney

I have been told that I am fortunate to having been close to a lot of good people/Rabbis and for the most part on a personal level have avoided the bad apples (so far as I know :).

chabadnik attorney

Posted by: Abracadabra | May 04, 2010 at 02:46 AM

There is (or was) a court case about the Will (or not). I did not follow that issue. Its easier to just keep sippin the Kool-aid sometimes and ignore the politics.

To my understanding and perhaps Rebeljew can correct me if I am wrong, that it is very consistent with Chabad philosophy that the Rebbe OBM would not appoint a leader. The previous Rebbe did not (openly) appoint the Rebbe.

I know of two reasons for this (I am sure there are more)

1. There has to be a person that the community feels is worthy to be their Rebbe. Some chasidic sects (I believe)will follow certain inheritance protocols to determine the Rebbe, so the most saintly learned person may not get the job but it may be his birthright.

2. The chasidim have to accept the person as Rebbe. There cannot be a leader without people willing to follow him.


Posted by: chabadnik attorney | May 03, 2010 at 10:01 PM

That makes sense.

I'm wondering, on another topic, what Chabad insiders who are not mishichists say about the lack of leadership.

Is it possible that the Rebbe left a will and that the powers that be did not want to follow it?

chabadnik attorney

Posted by: Abracadabra | May 03, 2010 at 01:03 AM

I am for all intents and purposes a Lubavitcher. It doesn't mean that I am going to tow the party line and blindly follow what others are doing. Lubavitch today is a big tent with many people of varying beliefs. I have said in other posts that I am all for the criticizing of Chabad or other Charedim (I'm still not sure who Charedim includes) when it done with good intentions and is constructive.

Not sure whether that answers your question. Just BTW there are entire communities f Lubavitchers that will throw out of Shul physically for declaring Yechi and are very critical of this movement.

Bottom line is that if I believe something is disingenuous, I will point that out.



The rudderless Chabad, very literally three sheets to the wind, is not greatly different from the Titanic as it was sinking. The orchestra continued to play. The select and those unwilling to follow the ship rules were allowed to life boats and the average passenger was told that help was coming, while being locked below to wait. Water got closer and closer to the deck, and the crew continued to insist that evacuation was occurring and that there was nothing to fear, IOW denial. I hope the two stories do not end the same. The Titanic was a beautiful ship, well worth saving and experiencing.



I love that, "Rubashkin-ism". If ever there was an "ism", this is it. I do not know if you were around for 1987, but it was much the same. Distortions and slogans morphing into one big ISM.

In a shliach's domain, I would not expect either yellow fever, as a great blogger put it, nor Rubashkinism. They are aware of how it sounds to outsiders and it makes many of the smart ones nervous to have to push it. So most of the shluchim are "anti's", people who oppose the open expression of declaring the Rebbe to be the Messiah, whether or not they believe it personally. Most would not use a lag b'omer function to push their Rubashkin views either, whatever they believe personally. They are trying to get back to old school, but the tide is against them in greater Chabad. When they have a convention, they must implement security and exclusivity (very unappealing, but no doubt they feel it necessary)to protect themselves from Tzfati's, radical bachurim who violently defend moshichism, as well as Muslim terrorists. In 770, on the weekend of the convention, there are usually incidents of violence and confrontation.

G-d willing you can get through life without having to be exposed to these na'arishkeitin. The old school Chabad that you describe is the one that appealed to and recruited guys like me (and I imagine Shmarya also).


I have written my fair share of comments knocking my fellow Orthodox Jews, and especially Haredim (when I feel they deserve it), so it's only right that I comment when I have something positive to say. I attended a Chabad-run Lag B'Omer celebration in NJ yesterday, with my family and some non-Jewish relatives of my wife's. No admission charge, reasonably priced rides and games, and no sign of any meshichism (or Rubashkin-ism). All in all, it was a great way for us to spend the day and was in line with my past experiences with Chabad: while there may be issues with their hashkafah and with their leadership (or lack thereof), the shlichim that I have encountered throughout the US and abroad have been nothing less than warm, inviting and non-judgmental. Many Modern Orthodox shuls I have attended could learn something in that regard. I have been a visitor to Modern Orthodox shuls while traveling, and was rarely invited to a congregant's house for a shabbat meal. I have also visited Chabad centers around the world and have never failed to have been invited for a shabbat meal.

Herb D. Provence

Habad hagiography live in action!
How the Habad hagiography mill works is readily apparent in the Collive report, where we are informed that the jet-skiing semicha student was reported to be a "masmid" who "knew Tanya by heart." (http://www.collive.com/show_news.rtx?id=8821)

what offends you about that? What did he ever do to you? What happened to you in your life that causes you to vomit such vitriol under such circumstances? He was a wonderful ehrliche bochur unlike any I have ever met (I had hoped to redt a shidduch with him for my daughter) He was afire with love for learning (yes, he memorized Tanya in the memory of his father who passed away recently) He was a shtark young man, full of simcha and "bren" to learn and do a mitzva for a fellow yid. What that has to do with "Chabad spin" I fail to see
May this Iyar bring a refuah not only to his family but to you as well

Zalman Alpert

I love the fact that people are debating and discussing everything here, Avremel Fried, or fried , Mashaich yes and no, and maybe ... parades, half naked Israelis , jetskis,but doesn't anyone see that the main issue is that Chabad as a religious group is completely leaerless and the need for a new leader grows from week to week.
Why not attempt to discuss the need for a new Chabad leader to bring the movement back to its senses.
Isn't there anyone in Chabad who ses this and isn't there anyone who at least wants to start the process ?


I was at the Chabad Lag Beomer parade in Melbourne Australia. I'm not Chabad and many non chabad people were there. There was a truck with half naked Israelis singing the Rebbe is Moshiach. I was completely disgusted and left after that.

A E ANDERSON | Miami, Fla.

Habad hagiography live in action!
How the Habad hagiography mill works is readily apparent in the Collive report, where we are informed that the jet-skiing semicha student was reported to be a "masmid" who "knew Tanya by heart." (http://www.collive.com/show_news.rtx?id=8821)

One surmises that the jet-ski was his shtender. Or maybe he was just purifying the "sparks" of the Klipas Noyga that is Clearwater Bay, having just rented his recreational water merkava at the Westin on Courtney Campbell Causeway.

A E ANDERSON | Miami, Fla.

And here it's confirmed as a Habadsker.....

"Tragedy: Hatomim Nosson Deitch OBM
It is with great sadness that we inform you of the very untimely passing of Hatomim Nosson Deitch, a Lubavitch Bochur from Crown Height, studying for Semicha in Miami, who was killed when his and another jet ski collided off the coast of Tampa Florida. Nosson was in Tampa to help a local Shliach organize his Lag B'omer parade.

The Levaya will take place tomorrow in Crown Heights.

Ad Mosai! Ad Mosai! Ad Mosai! "

When I was in yeshiva in Miami, we weren't allowed to drive convertibles, much less jet skis! What has the world come to?!

A E ANDERSON | Miami, Fla.

Elsewhere on Lag B'Omer, 21 year old Miami yeshiva bachur Nosson N. Deitsch of Crown Heights met his maker a lot sooner than most when he offed himself in a jetski accident in Clearwater, Fla.



Chabadnik Attorney wrote -

BTW, I do not believe that my status of my sole makes me any better than any non-jew. Its what WE DO with our soles that makes us special.

To speak of the human soul, in giving more importance to one soul over another soul, based solely on the religion of that soul, is to trample with one's sole on the very soul of spirituality.


Chabadnik Attorney -

Your last post was confusing, considering the fact that you are so often defending Chabad, and even Meshichists on this blog.

You wrote:
The fact that Chabad changed this almost cardinal view when didn't fit their agenda was a huge blow to me. If not for my family obligations, community and friends, I would have been long gone and I basically am in spirit.

And yet you very "spiritedly" defend Chabad's ways on this blog. If you are "long gone in spirit" then why all the spirits to defend the ways of a movement which shook your faith to the core? (As you wrote that you "would have lost all faith.")

Just wondering.


Thank you Harold!

For all that we see things differently as represented by our comments on this blog, I must commend you for being a real Mentch.

Thanks again!

chabadnik attorney

Shlomo, you are exactly right. Its not main stream and it was never main stream Chabad. It was Chabad that insisted it had to be a living person that you could point to. The fact that Chabad changed this almost cardinal view when didn't fit their agenda was a huge blow to me. If not for my family obligations, community and friends, I would have been long gone and I basically am in spirit. This also the reason I consider it heresy, because the allegiance to a human being cannot transcend logic, honest and truth. If it wasn't for my attendance at the Shluchim convention 3 years back I would have lost all faith. However, the Shuchim are out there (on a whole) doing an unbelievable job at spreading Judaism.

On a personal level I abstain from the Moshiach band wagon because it is destructive to Judaism. As for heretical or religious reasons, I really couldn't care anymore to tell you the truth. But, I will say its a lot of fun and excitement and if it wouldn't destructive I would enjoy being a part of the club. As my Rosh Yeshiva (in Chabad) would say, "we are not a Michael Jackson fan club" so whats with all fanfare.


I came across this story related in the Jerusalem Talmud tractate Terumot (Chapter 8, page 5d). and was wondering how it related to the prevalent attitude of the regulars on this blog as how they actively attempt to seek out, expose and destroy fellow yiden (for all kinds of 'lofty' agenda's... especially as it relates to rubashkin)

A man named Ula Bar Kushav was sought by the Roman authorities for some unnamed crime. He fled to Lod, then (the early third century CE) an important city in Judea with a large Jewish population. The Romans surrounded the city and demanded that the Jewish community turn over Bar Kushav. If he were not turned over, the Romans would raze the entire city.

The leading rabbinic authority in the city at the time was Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi , known both as a halachic expert and as a mystic. In accordance with the injunctions laid down by his predecessors for dealing with such situations (there were, of course, conflicting opinions), he sought out Bar Kushav, “placated him, and turned him in,” thereby saving his city and its thousands of Jewish inhabitants.

Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi had been accustomed to receive regular visits from the prophet Eliyahu (Elijah), but in the wake of this incident the visits ceased. Rabbi Yehoshua imposed upon himself several fasts in order to induce Eliyahu to reappear to him. Eliyahu reappeared, but just to say: “You expect me to reveal myself to an informer?” Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi replied that he had acted in accordance with a rabbinic law. Eliyahu replies “But is that the law of a hasid?” End.


is it mainstream judaism that moshiach will come back from the dead, did chabad teach mention this possibility while the Rebbe ZTL was alive, is the the plain meaning of Rambam ZTL explanation of what will happen when Moshiach comes does Yechi mean he should come back alive or just long live.
All these questions bother me . I went to school from elementary classes in a large chabad school and the accepted opinion was that there is a (potential) Moshiach (living person)in every generation - not 16 years previously.

chabadnik attorney

Thanks RJ. I try to speak to from heart. I am usually able to admit when I am wrong. But, I am not going to take extremsim, rhetoric or ignorance from the Meshichistim any more than I will take it from a secular Jew.

BTW, I do not believe that my status of my sole makes me any better than any non-jew. Its what WE DO with our soles that makes us special. On that count, there are many way better than me. I am humbled by some of the people here, like Sage, who seem to me to be so honest and ethical that they cannot stand or tolerate any dishonesty. Its truly the generation of Moshiach when we bring out the hidden matters and rid ourselves of corruption.


For the most part, I agree with Chabadnik attorney on the things that he has said in this thread. Very few real Torah heads have said that Chabad is heretical. Many more have said that is a waste of time and not fitting to follow. Even the most die hard moshichistin only believe it because they perceive (imo correctly) that the Rebbe supported it after 1989.

I also agree with Harold in that Chabad is very inclusive. The tickets cost $5 dollars and Uncle Moishi tickets were $10. In today's event terms, that is beyond nominal and into negligible. In fact, once the parade started, the main distributors of T-shirts and wristbands left their posts and anyone could walk up and take what they wanted. (I paid, and I am happy to support the function.) Street vendors were perfectly acceptably priced. The event was a disorganized mess at the beginning, as usual. It was almost comical. rebeljew.blogspot.com should have details by tomorrow.

My point was to say that those who say that the moshichistin are "just a few crazies" are dead wrong. It is clearly the dominant popular philosophy in Chabad, as anyone at the parade would have witnessed. However, the MC was a famous "anti" and the antics were entertaining. There were Yechi symbols everywhere, a full float dedicated to it, and others nodding to it. Tzafatis passing out yellow flags. Signs that said "Behold Moshiach has come," a translation from the moshichist battle cry "hinei Moshiach ba".

I was glad to see that, even though non-jewish neighbors participated in the fair, and certainly non-Jewish workers, there were no acts of chilul Hashem that I witnessed or heard of. Kol HaKavod. A far cry from when I lived in CH and tensions were always high (not usually the fault of the Jewish community). I am glad that things have settled down and that Jews have largely forgiven and forgotten past wrongs and cycles of animosity, as have their non-Jewish neighbors.

Anyone who thinks that support of SMR is debatable in CH is off their rocker. I personally feel that "Justice for SMR" is what the judge is looking at right now. I think he injured many with his actions, and is no better than Ezagui, in that he ultimately hurt the Chabad community through arrogance and dismissiveness, and will now make it more difficult to get kosher food to the street. Their distortions in the case are reminiscent of the Gurari case back in the 80s. But there were several calls to pray for, financially support, and express solidarity with SMR and there were zero calls for justice or for SMR to come clean. That is disappointing. The matter is not even debatable vis a vis the groupthink.

I will get a more detailed report and pictures up as soon as I can.


Personally, I'm happy with this post - Shmarya (or really, Rebel Jew) pointed out the good and the bad. The bad: that Meshichism exists. The good: that we're making progress, in that the Chabad kids can engage with the non-Jewish kids without any sort of problems. I don't think that's something we've always been able to say.


Just came back from the Lag Ba'Omer held in Cedarhurst Park in the 5 towns. Hundreds of people of all stripes of religiosity where there with their children. There were music, dancing, jugglers, clowns on stilts and unicycles. They had hot dogs, burgers, fries and sodas. It was topped off by a Bon Fire supervised by the Lawrence/Cedarhurst fire department.

It is activities like this that gives me great respect for Chabad. We have here some wonderful shuls that have wonderful programs for their membership; however Chabad stands out as being the only one that has community wide events open to one and all.

My granddaughter had a blast and I of course sheped nachus!



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chabadnik attorney

Sage, just by the way the late Lubavitcher Rebbe, Zetzal, held that the descendants of Acev, referring the Christians, have reached a level of being purified on a spiritual level. (my note: this can be seen by their abandonment of ways of forced conversions and slander etc of Jews and their working toward peace and acceptance. If you think we say some negative stuff about non-jews then go read the New Testament and see what they once said about us). To that end the Rebbe, to the disapproval of many orthodox Jews, encouraged out reach to non-jews as well.



I hate moshichistim with a passion, but I was at the parade and saw what happened.

Some nutjob moshichist physically assaulted the MC and grabbed the mic out of his hands, and proceeded to yell yechi.

It is hardly fair to write "There is no doubt that Moshichism is
officially sanctioned and encouraged"

This was clearly against the will of the parade organizers and chabad leadership running the parade.

chabadnik attorney

When a Jew makes a blessing when called to the Torah he or she recited the following blessings:

Praised are You, O God, Creator of the Universe, who has chosen us from among the peoples to receive Your Torah. Praised are You, O God, Giver of the Torah.

Praised are You, O God, Creator of the Universe, Who has given us a Torah of truth and has implanted within us eternal life. Praise are You, O God, Giver of the Torah.

I am surprised you didn't know that we consider ourselves to have a special relationship with G-d. The entire religion is replete with this. Even the most basic verse: Hear Oh Israel the Lord Our G-d the Lord is One. "Our G-d" we claim G-d.

I am not a biblical expert but I am sure you find many many verses about our special relationship with G-d over all the other nations. This is ABC's of Judaism.

If you want to say that mount Sainai never happened and you believe its heresy to believe it did, I will let you know that traditional Judaism considers heresy to believe it didn't happen.

chabadnik attorney

Sage, BTW, I have no problem if you believe that all orthodox Jews are heretical.

chabadnik attorney

Posted by: sage | May 02, 2010 at 06:27 PM

That would be wholly false, an issue that is as old as the exile itself and an over simplification of Jewish teachings and is definitely not heresy. Every single orthodox Jew and I would imagine many that are not,believe that Jews have a special Neshamah and a unique connection to G-d. We received this when we received the Torah and G-d spoke to us a nation. To believe otherwise is heresy by Jewish teachings.

So to be clear its not the Moshiach issue that makes Chabad heretical, its the belief that Jews have a soul that is higher rooted in G-d than non-jews?

chabadnik attorney




You want to see proud Jews celebrating our heritage watch the above videos.


It is on record, that the Rebbe taught that the souls of gentiles are, to put it lightly, less worthy than those of Jews.

That made him a heretic, according to G-d's words in the Torah and IMHO, unworthy to be the Messiah.

chabadnik attorney

Shmarya, you should commend the honesty of the Meshichistim as opposed to those who hide their belief and those that hid their belief for 50 or so years.

chabadnik attorney

Sage, BTW I am very upset about the whole Messianic movement and I do voice my opinion to my fellow Lubavitchers and I tell them it is heresy. I have a very specific reason that I argue that point and has nothing to do with the belief that Moshiach can come from someone who dies. Which he clearly can from traditional jewish sources.

chabadnik attorney

I should have posted my prediction but here is what it was: The Lag Biomer parade would be a huge success where all types of Jews (albeit mainly Chabad) gathered celebrated on the one day that set aside especially for achdus and there would be an article here just focusing on and zooming into the Messianics. At least they believe in Moshiach, do you? And if you do what do you envision that to be?

chabadnik attorney

Sage, why is it that you believe that it is heresy to maintain that someone who is deceased can come back as Moshiach? At worst it is foolishness to believe the Rebbe OBM will come back as Moshiach because there are so many other much greater people in Jewish history that it could be. There are very few Rabbis that say the belief is heresy. I read am extremely anti-Chabad messianism book and even there it says you can't really say its heresy except maybe if you combined a couple beliefs of the varying schools of Meshichist belief. You can find sources in Kaballah (I think Zohar) that say it is possible for revival of the dead of the Rightous can take place prior to the coming of Moshiach. Anyone of those people can be Moshiach.

Even the RCA agreement that Lubavitchers sign can be signed honestly by most Meshichistim because the RCA will not say (because it would be wrong if they did) that someone cannot live, die, be resurrected and be chosen as Moshiach. What they believe you can't say is that someone lived, started the Messianic mission as Moshiach, didn't finish, died, only to return as Moshiach and finish the mission.

I cant believe I am starting this discussion again. I really just wanted to know if you view Sage is based on your study of all Jewish sources on the issue, or if its just a reaction based upon what others have told you or something in your upbringing. No need for everyone to comment back to reject the Rebbe OBM as Moshiach since I thinks its foolishness myself, but I guess if you can bring traditional jewish sources that such belief is specifically heresy, I would be interested. Also pls say if you believe in the revival of the dead at all, because if you don't then that would certainly be heresy.


Harold -

How do you make the text you are quoting in bold or in italics?

Is there a formula? If so, can you please share it?



Short and sweet.

Chabad = Cheresy


wasn't mbd there also?

Absolutely right! Together with our favorite Uncle - Uncle Moishe!


Sheya deckel

wasn't mbd there also?


I wish I was there! Avraham Fried, and Lipa - what a combo!

Please, if anyone has any video from the simcha please post a link here!

Yochanan Lavie

I like Avraham Fried.

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