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May 27, 2010


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the chabad house next door

This will ensure that none of the conservative temples have undocumented migrants cleaning or landscaping for them!!!! LOL Hypocrites


I think these unemployed chovevei rabbis should expand their programs tremendously and include giving hashgochos for mines and oil drilling rigs. After all as far as I can see, BP and the mining companies have just had lots of deaths caused by their penny-pinching and lack of concern for human life. They could afford to get a hachsher from these chevra and use it in their PR whitewash and then get the hechsher and ori tzedek tzadikim rto testify in their court proceedings. Much more lucrative then kosher slaughterhouse ....


I agree with Cheskel !!!!!!


It has to inch forward before it falls back. Love the Mayan inspired sun motif. Wouldn't know it's Jewish at all. Oh, that's right it's not.



Major food companies who are owned by orthodox owners and serve the orthodox community and who have a hechsher from an Orthodox rav besides the OU will not even touch anything that has to do with Reform/Conservative.

Companies who have only the OU as a hechscher, many of them might go for the seal because usually they are owned by large conglomerate and they have no clue about Reform or orthodox hecscher.

Also,many companies who have only the OU, will have a special run with another hechscher. But i bet that the seal from the Reform/Conservative will not be on it becuase no one will buy anything that has to do with Reform/Conservative.


This is doomed to fail since it is being driven by the Conservative movement. It is mostly the Orthodox who bother to look at hechers and "seals". They will not be impressed. I am not saying that there is a problem with the seal, but by keeping it a "Conservative" certification it simply will not provide any added value, hence companies will not pay for it. Sorry but that is my take.


I am looking forward to seeing this on food products. I commit now to trying to find and purchase them. This is so right on so many levels.

I am happy to note OU will not "boycott" magen Tzedek. I wonder what orthodox consumers will think? I presume ultra-O consumers will not be at issue, as most companies getting the magen will be under OU and not under more frum heckshers.


"Strike one, batter" - ML

Precisely - because the fast ball flew right past you.


Nowhere does anyone claim that American law = Gentile ethical norms.

Strike one, batter.


"We wouldn't necessarily trust New York Law when it came to ritual law. We shouldn't necessarily trust American law when it comes to upholding Jewish ethical norms, either."

In other words, his hotdogs are more "ethical" because companies certified by him "answer to a higher authority" of "Jewish ethics." (Otherwise, why certify that the food was prepared in accordance with Jewish ethics vs. "regular" ethics??)

He apparently thinks "Jewish ethical norms" are superior to "Gentile ethical norms" -and- that people aught to be willing to pay more for a hotdog made in accordance with "Jewish ethical norms" because Gentile ethics just isn't good enough.

All that these hechsher folks seem to do is sit around and figure out more and more ways to make Gentiles hate Jews.


Moe we don’t want to hear from you, just for once don’t mention you know what.

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