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April 23, 2010


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These were "victimless crimes," Shmarya. The man in the video said so!

Yochanan Lavie

More Movies about Rubashkin:

Shyster on the Roof
The Meat Locker
The Wizard of Oy
Hymie Potter and the Half-Baked Defense


They warned us about "Rumors and Propaganda" like this in the military.

I'm sure some of the people who call the phone number to help or sign up for SMS alerts will be contacted to make a donation to the legal defense fund.

Robert Wisler

Was he isolated from his family as the secular looking guy in the video stated? Couldn't they visit him during his imprisonment?

My question:
Did SMR and/or his company do charitable acts for the benefit of the people (Jews and gentiles alike) of Postville? If he did (as stated in the video), shouldn't that be put to his credit?


On Wednesday, this site posted news that the Justice Department in Washington was not going to intervene in the sentencing proceeding in Iowa:

So, the guy in the video tells you to go contact the Justice Department. The website only gives contact information for Washington.

Robert Wisler

More questions on the truthfullness of this video:

Was the immigration raid on Agriprocessors illegal as stated in the video?

To Shmarya...
What street did SMR live on in St. Paul? I lived there for a short time in the early 1980's (before moving to St. Louis Park). You claim that he lived on "the most expensive street". I don't remember any lavish sections of St. Paul around the Montreal Avenue area. I don't consider a large house to be "lavish" considering his family's size. Did SMR flaunt his wealth when he lived in St. Paul?


Was he isolated from his family as the secular looking guy in the video stated? Couldn't they visit him during his imprisonment?

Yes, they were allowed to visit.

Did SMR and/or his company do charitable acts for the benefit of the people (Jews and gentiles alike) of Postville? If he did (as stated in the video), shouldn't that be put to his credit?

Yes. But much of that was done as a result of agreements made with the Environmental Protection Agency to make good for damage the plant did.

And what wasn't done that way still came in part from money Agriprocessors stole from its workers.

shouldn't that be put to his credit?

Yes, the judge does this. See the sentencing memorandum Rubashkin submitted, and then see the one the government submitted. Both are posted here.


Was the immigration raid on Agriprocessors illegal as stated in the video?


What street did SMR live on in St. Paul?

Edgcumbe Road between Davern and Fairview, about 2 blocks from the shul.


A common thread in all the PR from supporters of the defendent is charges of discrimination, though they don't come right out and say it. The comparison with Toyota, as noted herein, and stories about the light sentences received by felons who participated in plea bargains all subtly imply discrimination.

I hope everyone in Iowa sees through this time worn charade.

Maria Stahl

Thank you for this brief post. I was fuming about the video but was too incoherent to successfully argue its (stupid) points.

Maria Stahl

@FirstGenerationBavarianAmerican - I'm in Iowa, and nobody I talk to has an ounce of empathy for Rubashkin. I think we live too close to Postville. Perhaps the people in Des Moines feel differently. We saw too much.


So a hipster sans yarmulke is their new spokesman?

This is even more pathetic than that stupid conference call on crownheights.info.


The video was produced by a company in Brooklyn. I wonder how much the producers saw.

Hometown Postville

I wept as I viewed this heart wrenching video!! What injustice to this saint of a man!! NOT!

Anybody with connections to Michael Moore out there? Would love to see him do a docu-expose on the Haredi, especially how they manage to flim-flam the food stamp and medicaid programs. Seriously!

Yochanan Lavie- As always, love your imaginative movie titles! When are you starting production?


"Was the immigration raid on Agriprocessors illegal as stated in the video?"

So, exactly how was it illegal? They had a warrant. If a warrant is illegal, the practice is to attack it in court. Reviewing the court docket, I see no notation of any motion being filed or hearing scheduled to attack the legality of the warrant.

justice seeker

Not to long ago Ramona Cunningham the errant head of a jobs group in Iowa called Cietec, got 7 years for her crimes. The scandal involved about $2 million dollars. SMR should have committed the crimes in Crown Heights if he wanted to skate. I don't hear much sympathy talk for Rubashkin from my neighbors but on the other hand no one thinks he will get life. Though I suspect he will be eligible for social security by the time he gets out.


Foul and disgusting. I pray to Hashem that he gets life without parole.


The sentencing will be the Chabad Spin Machine's Waterloo.

All the political markers they've called in, all the schmearing, the propaganda, the cries of antisemitism that used to work so well whenever a religious crook got caught, the pseudo-piety displays, the packing of courthouses and flooding of mailboxes, answering machines and e-mails, the money poured down the drain for lawyer after lawyer, it will all fail no matter if it's 6 years, 16 or 26.

Fanatical people, when faced with cognitive dissonance, simply cannot accept the facts. Sentencing Day will be a sad day in the Lubavitch world, not because of embarrassment that their crook got his comeuppance, but because they will not allow themselves to accept what the rest of society easily sees- an unrepentant shameless criminal got caught, convicted and sentenced.
Nothing terribly new or special here. Shameless criminal screws and cheats a whole bunch of people, gets caught, convicted, and goes to jail. Oh my, he fathered a lot of children! So did most convicted thugs in prison. He'll fit right in.

They will continue to spew lies and spin distortions in an all-out effort to the very end, hoping to wear everyone else down, as we see here by our virtual trolls. It's worked for them in the past- i.e. just keep annoying the opposition until they give in- but nowadays it doesn't work like that. Too many sources on the internet to retrieve evidence, facts, documents, etc.

Sorry trolls, your day is done.

Mr. Apikoros

As I've said numerous times, I don't want to see Rubashkin do more than five years on the counts for which he was convicted.

That being said, I have less than no use for the excrement here who claim Rubashkin is innocent, and that these charges are trumped up, and that this is simply anti-Semitism, etc. These charges represent merely the tip of the iceberg of Rubashkin's guilt.

For those who don't like what's about to happen, I have one word: Suffer.

A. Nuran

WSC, it won't make much of a difference. Did the Yechists say "We were wrong" on Gimmel Tammuz? Nope. The Spin Machine will continue to churn on after this, a little more shrilly with a little more emphasis on how a yid can't get a fair shake from the antisemites. But it won't be Waterloo for them.


Good point, Nuran. They will simply reinvent the truth.

Some sample spins:

Reb Sholom Mordecai was about to get life in prison, and through a great miracle it was reduced to 'only' ___ years.

We are in golus and must suffer accordingly. All the goyem are against us, so stick with your gedolim, and obey their every word.

Reb Sholom Mordecai wanted to go to prison all along, so he could start a Chabad Center in prison and bring Yidden closer to Torah. This was the plan all along, and G-d made this great miracle happen so Reb Sholom could be in prison.

If only the women dressed with more tznius, none of this would have happened.

There are plenty of other Rubashkins who we must now revere, especially uber-crook Moshe Rubashkin and up-and-coming-criminal-to-be Getzel Rubashkin. Start worshipping them now!


Sorry trolls, your day is done.

It's never over. Is it over for Leonard Peltier? No! Is it over for Mumia? No!

Soon there will be Free Shlomo tee-shirts. Streets in Paris will be named Rue de Juif Rubashkin. Every time the weather is nice, on college campuses across this land, there'll be street theater and demonstrations with giant papier mache Shlomo heads. There'll be teach-a-thons where grade school kids will be asked to write essays on, What would Sholom do?

It's. Never. Over.


How about rubber wrist bands, sold for $10 each (not $1, like most other causes, this is orthodox Judaism after all).

He will definitely become the orthodox version of Peltier or Mumia.

We got a taste of what's to come with the recent Chabad/orthodox experiment for cop killer Grossman. All the e-mails, phone calls, cries of antisemitism, etc. got Chabad nowhere. Grossman was turned into an orthodox martyr. The funeral in upstate NY was a disgrace. The histrionics on behalf of Grossman were a warmup for what's to come this week.

Watch the trolls go ballistic here these next few days!


WTF has time to listen to this spiel. Where did they find this character? Whoever put the video together must be one of the Rubbishclan's enemies. No other way to explain such a sorry production.
I agree with you, WSC, we may as well start worshipping now.


Only a direct Divine Sign like the judgess dying before sentencing can save Rubashkin now.

Rubashkin's main mistake was treating the initial junior keen-as-mustard newly qualified young FDA and Immigration Inspectors who visited him like goy-dirt.

This was as a result of Rubashkin taking chapter 1 of the Tanya literally.

The Alter Rebbe also went to jail for Tanya chapter 1.

Rubashkin will learn that Dina d'malchusa Dina overrides Tanya!

"The Moshiach will be a Misnaged!" (R.Schneur Zalman of Liadi, 1803).


Excellent and moving video. Thanks for posting it.

AGRI-vated Angel

It was not an illegal immigration raid; rather, it was a raid prompted by illegal immigration.

A. Nuran

WSC writes:

We are in golus and must suffer accordingly. All the goyem are against us, so stick with your gedolim, and obey their every word.
If only the women dressed with more tznius, none of this would have happened.

These two are inevitable.

The answer to everything is absolute, unthinking obedience to your Commissars and the Great Old Ones. Say tehilim. Spend more time mindlessly regurgitating fragments of Talmud. Go full OCD on increasingly ludicrous food taboos. That will make everything good. The fact that that's the cause of the problem is heresy.

As for the tznius thing. If tits can cause earthquakes then a stocking without a seam or an unshaved head can certainly put a tzaddik in jail.

Sadly, it will alienate more Jews from one another, polarize those who have any use for their tribal religion and customs and drive the reactionaries into further poverty, ignorance and alienation.

Yochanan Lavie

HP: Thanks. We should be shooting in Imax 3-D.

Concerned for the Postville Area...

BOO HOO, cry me a river! You bet, everyone write a letter, but it won't be what they want! BOO HOO!!


to little too late.

where were all these HAILIGER COMMUNAL LEADERS AND RABBONIM AND NOT TO MENTION THE HOT SHOT LAWYERS LEWIN AND DERSHOWITZ when this case was set for trial? only when they shoot to prominence or notoriety do they suddenly appear in solidarity and offer to 'fight the injustice'


Dr. Moe

Nothing terribly new or special here. Shameless criminal screws and cheats a whole bunch of people, gets caught, convicted, and goes to jail. Oh my,

Sholom Rubashkin was not convicted for even cheating 1 person let alone many persons, he was convicted for Bank fraud "Lying to the bank".


He needs to be punished not only for his crimes, but he needs to be punished to send a message to the whole frum community that we cannot just do whatever we want with reckless disregard for the entire american system.
That having been said, I don't think that he should get a life sentence. While it is not true that he "has committed a victimless crime", and the victims of his crimes are indeed numerous, the life sentence in the US is usually reserved for high treason, murder, drug and human trafficking, and I don't see that it is appropriate here.
Perhaps he needs to be imprisoned for 10-15 years, but I don't see a need or a precedence to give a life sentence.

Yochanan Lavie

A new Rubashkin film: "The Glattfather," about crime kingpin Don Kosherleone, head of La Kosher Nostra.


"where were all these......when this case was set for trial?"

They decided to hire local counsel for the trial. But if you go through the archives on this site there are references that they also hired other lawyers for advice.

Dr. Moe

In the early years of Agriprocessors, Sholom Rubashkin lived in Saint Paul, on the most expensive street in the area, in a large home.

According to zillow.com the avergae home on the edgcumbie area is roughly $319,000 that is not alot of money nor is it expensive for a CEO. this is from:

and the victims of his crimes are indeed numerous
Again Sholom Rubashkin was only convicted for BANK FRAUD the only victim here is First Bank who would have made their profit if not for the raid that Sholom and family tried to workout with ICE.


When this post went up last night, the video had about 1,000 views. Now the video has about 14,000 views.

state of disgust

Good one YL!
You know, there is enough blame to go around for everyone. The Conservatives for example, for abdicating the training of shochtim to the orthos and failing to develop their own slaughterhouses. The OU and other alleged certifying agencies and rabbonim who turned a blind eye to tzaar balai chayim, and the mistreatment of Jews and non-Jews in the plant.... the list of civil and religious failures goes is to long to summarize here. The whole mess is just disgusting.

Dr. Moe

and the mistreatment of Jews and non-Jews in the plant..

Sholom Rubashkin was NOT convicted for the crime you mentioned, He was noit convicted for running a cocaine mill he was not convicted for running a brother and he was not convicted for slicing anyone’s fingers at the plant.


According to zillow.com the avergae home on the edgcumbie area is roughly $319,000 that is not alot of money nor is it expensive for a CEO. this is from:


Edgcumbe Road is one of the most expensive streets in Saint Paul, let alone in that area.

Today houses on the block where Rubashkin lived sell for much closer to $750,00 – and that is AFTER a real estate crash.

Sholom Rubashkin was not convicted for even cheating 1 person let alone many persons, he was convicted for Bank fraud "Lying to the bank".

Again, for the umpteenth time, the judge is allowed to consider other charges not yet tried and evidence of other crimes no yet charged or tried, when handing down a sentence.

You've been told this so many times already, given the source for this fact and had it explained to you by several people, some of them attorneys.

Yet, despite all that, you continue to misstate the case.

You are either very, very, very dense or you are frequently lying – or both.


Chabad defenders promote nonsense such as Creationism as "actual fact".

So why would you expect a bunch of creationists to ever have any interest in evidence in areas of science or law?


I was in Rubashkins house. It is big but simple. Stop with your lies.

Dr. Moe

You all dont have to to belive everything Shmarya tells, like a flock of sheep you can all go to zillow.com and see for youself howmuch homes are on Edgcumbie Rd.

Again SMR was not convicted harming not even one person and she will decide his sentance based on what he was convicted of.

Robert Wisler

Even 5 years is a tremendous amount of time for SMR's children to be without him. I'm praying for the judge to grant mercy and give him probation and a huge fine (and I'm no orthodox Jew). Prison (even a local county jail) is hell-on-earth even if you don't wear the Jewish clothing. SMR's family has suffered enough from the prison time that he's already served.


I was in Rubashkins house. It is big but simple. Stop with your lies.

Here are pictures of the outside of that house, along with pictures of Heshey's house and their sister's house.

What you seen in the photos posted below that is worker housing.

Here are pics of the inside of Rubashkin's house:


Very big. Not so simple, eh?

state of  disgust

Mr Wisler:
Your concern for the Rubashkin family is commendable.
But where is your concern for all the victims harmed by SMR? A fine - paid for by SMR's supporters (after all he is allegedly broke) deters no one, and will not make his victims whole.
It will also not serve as a deterrent for others in the frum community who hold him up as a symbol of great character and someone to be emulated.
I feel sorry for SMR's family, but rachmanot should not be shown at the expense of justice.

Dr. Moe

But where is your concern for all the victims harmed by SMR?

SMR was NOT convicted for harming not even 1 person, you already know what he was charged for.


SMR was NOT convicted for harming not even 1 person, you already know what he was charged for.

Again, sentencing involves consideration of other crimes committed by the defendant, even if those crime have not been tried or even charged (the latter primarily based on evidence presented during the trial of the charges he's being sentenced on).

Past that, there is a huge amount of evidence proving Rubashkin stole from poor workers, defrauded vendors, and otherwise hurt many individuals.

Own that.

AGRI-vated Angel

[I was in Rubashkins house. It is big but simple.]

I agree with this statement. My concern is not a measure of the Rubashkins lavishing (as in the case with their home in the Catskills).

My concern . . . I am saddened by the living conditions of laborers who were employed by the Agri-Processors facility.

Robert Wisler

I have expressed my outrage at AgriProcessors treatment of their workers in past postings. I have sent $500 to the Catholic Church in Postville to help these exploited workers. However, I don't believe that SMR has yet been found guilty for the worker's mistreatment. No court has yet passed sentence as to whether SMR was personally responsible for the worker's reprehensible exploitation.


You all dont have to to belive everything Shmarya tells, like a flock of sheep you can all go to zillow.com and see for youself howmuch homes are on Edgcumbie Rd.

There's a smaller house for sale on that block for $649,000. And, again, we're talking prices AFTER the real estate crash, not before it.

And $649,000 is much closer to $750,000 than it is to your false claim of $319,000.


I don't believe that SMR has yet been found guilty for the worker's mistreatment. No court has yet passed sentence as to whether SMR was personally responsible for the worker's reprehensible exploitation.

Evidence presented at the bank fraud trial proves Rubashkin was in charge and called the shots.

The feds and the State of Iowa also have irrefutable evidence Rubashkin shorted workers paychecks and made them work forced unpaid overtime.

The judge considers that evidence along with the convictions when sentencing, just as she is allowed to consider Rubashkin's family circumstances and charitable acts during sentencing.

AGRI-vated Angel

Furthermore, the 'video puppet' is misleading others when he implies the Rubashkin family was generous locally. Their generosity was often-self-serving or the result of agreements/resolutions.

AGRI-vated Angel

[The Glattfather]

Posted by: Yochanan Lavie | April 24, 2010 at 08:37 PM



Forty Eighter

A little intersting article I found for comparison. Note: this is the same judge who just sentenced an otherwise decent defendant to 34 months for passing a bribe.

Judge hands down jail sentence

A Marlboro resident who is the former president of a Secaucus-based jewelry manufacturer was sentenced last week to 21 months in federal prison for conspiracy to make false statements to a bank which suffered a nearly $16 million loss due to the fraud, U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie announced.

U.S. District Judge Anne E. Thompson, sitting in Trenton, also ordered Allen Bloom, 47, formerly the president of Gold and Diamond Merchants of Secaucus, to pay $15.76 million in restitution to the bank he victimized.

On Sept. 27, Thompson sentenced Bloom's co-conspirator, Phillip Capraro, the CFO of Gold and Diamond Merchants, to 16 months in prison with the same restitution order as Bloom. Capraro pleaded guilty on June 24 to conspiracy to commit bank fraud. Gold and Diamond Merchants was a manufacturer of women's jewelry.

According to the U.S. Attorney, Bloom pleaded guilty before Thompson on Jan. 4 and admitted that he and others at his company were involved in making false statements to a unit of Fleet bank, which had made a line of credit available to Gold and Diamond Merchants that eventually exceeded $20 million.

On documents submitted to Fleet, Bloom said he and others overstated inventory and accounts receivable in order to increase the line of credit and to prevent the bank from declaring the line of credit in default.

Capraro, the company controller, admitted that he falsified account records and signed and submitted fraudulent borrowing base certificates, which overstated the collateral the company needed to support and extend its line of credit with Fleet bank, according to the U.S. Attorney.

In the summer of 2002, the bank discovered the fraud, and it eventually lost more than $16 million on the line of credit.


What about all the criminals in prison who have fathered lots of children? Don't those kids miss their daddy?

Let's release all criminals with children.

Yochanan Lavie

Thanks AA, SOD.


Shmarya, WSC, effie and the rest of the extreme anti (frum?) Rubashkin crowd on this website:

I believe i one examines closely at your yichus (parental linage), there MUST be something wrong. you do not posses the natural attributes of a real Jew.

sad but true. you are true "soney yisroel"... with friends ('family') like you - who needs enemy's...


Hey 48er, you left out something more relevant from the article:

"When he is sentenced, Bloom faces a maximum prison sentence of five years and a maximum fine of $250,000 or twice the gain to himself or loss to the victim. No sentencing date was set by Judge Thompson.

Under U.S. Sentencing Guidelines, Judge Thompson will determine the actual sentence based on a formula that takes into account the severity and characteristics of the offense and the defendant's criminal history, if any. Parole has been abolished in the federal system. Under Sentencing Guidelines, defendants who are given custodial terms must serve nearly all that time."

Bloom pleaded guilty and gave evidence about others.

But that's ok, you just keep looking for other criminals to compare with, and by all means- keep spinning.

Your Meat Messiah is on his way to a long, long sentence!

film producer

The only place that they could film this drivel was in an empty wedding hall?


Remember former CFO's Mitch Meltzer and Yom Tov Bensasson?




They made plea bargain deals. Why do people think the higher-ups are going to get the same discounted sentences that the low level plea bargainers got?



if you would go out and look for a job, then maybe you also would be able to afford a house.


and yes, for what he could afford, his living WAS considered modest!


Yochanan Lavie - your stuff is A RIOT!! Thanks for the laughs!


I just want to know if that PR film was paid for with all that tzedakah money they keep raising for Rubashkin's "defense"???

Also, if Rubashkin is supposedly bankrupt and can't pay the bank what he owes them, how are his wife and kids going to live for the next X number of years? Oh, I forgot, the rest of his family squirilled away millions of Agriprocessor's profits... So, um, why don't they use those millions for his "defense fund"??? Oh, silly me, because nobody is supposed to know that they HAVE that money!! And anyway, they need it to make nice weddings and shidduchim for the kids.

So, let's ask hard-working Jews to give money so they can make idiotic PR shows which do nothing to help his case. But Yeshiva tuitions are unaffordable, and for people who can't put food on the table, sorry, the tzedakah fad of the day is Rubashkin. You'll just have to wait in line... (Of course Kupat Ha'ir comes next, especially since they have "Gedolim" davening for you, and the "holy" poor-by-choice citizens of B'nei Brak need to be fed before your local American folks, because they are holier and learn Torah all day....

Okay, I'll stop.... (for the moment.)

Robert Wisler


You also need to question Yirmiahu HaNavi's yichus since he also exposed the corruption and filth that the B'nei Yisroel of his time were engaged in. Shmarya does modern-day Judaism a valuable service (although I disagree with him sometimes) by bringing the miserable behavior of hareidi Jewish "leaders" and "rabbonim" to the public eye. We can only beg God's infinite mercy for the corruption and sin (self-righteousness being the worst sin of all) that modern day hareidi Judaism has wrought on our people.

It's up to people like Shmarya, UOJ, Lopin etc to expose our sins to public scrutiny. Then it's up to US (the Jewish people) to repent with broken hearts before God and truly mend our ways (not by banning strawberries, concerts or Indian-hair wigs you ignorant morons!!!).

I see NO broken-hearted repentence in Borough Park, Williamsburgh, Crown Heights, New Square, Monsey, Monroe, etc. I only see the quest for corrupt wealth, ridiculous made-up chumras that do nothing but incite God's wrath, and Taliban-like contempt for others who do not behave as the hareidim do.

TRUE repentence means CHANGING ones ways, giving up wealth rather than violating the BEHAVIORAL rules of Torah (like, "lo tignov????). Making moronic chumras is easy. Giving up wealth, sex, or power because of God's Law is what we're truly judged on. Shmarya and his fellow bloggers' postings expose our stupidity and corruption and should help drive us to repentence.

Remember how confident, self-righteous, and secure the hareidi Jews of Poland, Russia, and Lithuania were in 1930. It wasn't the communists, yiddishists, and Zionists that angered God. It was the corruption of the hareidim, wasting their lives "learning" useless bullshit that aroused God's wrath against our people. It can happen here too (God forbid). Today's hareidim are the agents of the Jewish people's destruction. Thank God for Shmarya and the others for exposing them for what they are.


++Abracadabra | April 25, 2010 at 06:54 AM++

The Rubashkins have always preferred to spend other people's money.


Should he realy get life for these business crimes, if Lebowits got between 1-32 years for molesting children?


Lebovitz was convicted of two counts (if memory serves me) under NY State law. He got 10 2/3 to 32 years.

Rubashkin was convicted of 86 counts under federal law, and has many more charges that could be tried.

Should he really get life?

Probably not. And he probably won't get more than 20 years or so.

That is how it works.

Yochanan Lavie

Thank you, Abra.


As an European I am left quite confused about how "plea bargains" are handled in the US.

Is it true that Lebowitz was proposed a sentence of less than two years in a plea bargain and now got over 10 after he was sentenced? How could that possibly be?


I don't know for sure if he was offered a plea bargain. But, if he was, he was offered before trial. He turned it down, and then was convicted. At that point, the judge sentences based on the evidence presented in the trial and the state's sentencing guidelines.

A plea bargain is usually meant to secure a sentence when going to trial is difficult for the government or the victims, but when the defense knows there is a good chance of conviction.

Yochanan Lavie

Here's a movie suggested by a friend: "Choylent Green."

Shaul in Monsey

Shmarya, Lebovitz was offered 1 1/3 to 4 years for all counts, he refused, and went to trial. That is according to his own attorney. He was convicted on 8 counts, and was sentenced to 1 1/3 to 4 years on each count, to be served consecutively - hence the 8 2/3 to 32 years.

Shaul in Monsey

The comparisons between Rubashkin and Lebovitz, or Rubashkin and murderers is a moral one, but has no basis in law. Rubashkin was convicted of federal crimes, Lenovitz was convicted by the state. The sentencing guidlines and sentencing laws vary widely and have nothing to do with each other. We don't live in a country where every crime is prosecuted under one set of laws.

It is certainly possible that a first time offender can walk on state charges, or get probation, but that is not usually the case with federal white collar crimes.

It is tragic to see so much money and effort spent on Rubashkin's case with videos and petitions and letter writing campaigns which all are very weak tactics when compared to aggressive plea bargaining, and cooperation.

for example, what Sol Dwek did was a far more complex fraud that had many more victims and created far more losses than Rubashkin. Rubashkin will sit far longer than Dwek, guaranteed. WHy? Because despite whatever Dwek did lhalacha, Dwek worked the system to a tee, like a fiddle. He cooperated, he participated, he became a CI, when you look at it from the feds point of view, they will go into court when it's time to sentence Dwek and say what an incredible job Dwek did once he was caught. Contrast that with SMRs refusal to disclose financials, refusal to take what now seems like a dream plea, failure to stop his crimes once he knew the feds were on to him.

This extrajudicial effort by the Rubashkin spin machine is very dangerous, but very revealing as well. It reveals that their hopes in court are slim and dim. And that's why they've taken to the streets.


"Was the immigration raid on Agriprocessors illegal as stated in the video?"

The raid was done because the agency's lied in order to raid the plant

"Sentencing Day will be a sad day in the Lubavitch world"

You are wrong. The whole PR thing is done by activists from almost all Orthodox organizations and individuals.

Evryone who has a jewish heart please pray that Sholom Mordechia ben Rifka should be freed.

Hometown Postville

"According to zillow.com the avergae home on the edgcumbie area is roughly $319,000 that is not alot of money nor is it expensive for a CEO."
Not extravagant by any means in Crown Heights or even the upscale neighborhoods of Minneapolis. I agree, SMR's house in Postville is not extravagant for a CEO of a large company or a wealthy family of 12. Housing for Postville bluecollar workers averaged 1200-2000 sq ft and sold for about $40,000 to $125,000.(PRE Agri raid) There are certainly exceptions but this is pretty accurate for most small towns around here. Where SMR is concerned though, one has to remember that a hometown residence is likely to be only one of several owned, and if the rest of his assets are hidden, his "modest" CEO home base is a good front.

POST-Agri raid real estate market- many houses for sale at foreclosure rates. Come on investors- you can pick up houses for less than $25k! Granted, many will need to be gutted, but great opportunities for the new Agri workers who are reportedly making living wages. Hershey is smart to avoid getting into real estate like SMR. Employee-owned homes hopefully will be better cared for and contribute to stabalizing the market.

AGRI-vated Angel

[you do not posses the natural attributes of a eal Jew]

I, for one, am quite frightened of the potential dangers posed by an 'eel posse'. Yikes!

[The Rubashkins have always preferred to spend other people's money.]

This is true regarding the experience(s) we've (the Postville community) endured in our 'relationship' via/viva the Rubashkins.


Corrections to Cheskel 12:54:

Everyone who has a Jewish heart please pray that Sholom Mordechai ben Rifka should be fried.


Question to our attorneys here on FM:

What are the odds of a last minute deal, whereby SMR pays heavy fines, restitutions, mandatory 'donations' to charities in Postville and to others such as Hispanic Immigrants Rights Groups, mandatory business ethics courses that can be taken on line from prison, agrees to cooperate on other law enforcement investigations (but without having to finger any members of his immediate family), a public display of contrition in court that still allows him to save some face, and a prison sentence of less than 10 years (that his lawyers can gradually weasel down in coming years with appeals and machinations that won't make any headlines), and the Chabad Spin Machine can make the whole thing sound like a great miracle, complete with a Mountain Dew Thursday night celebration?


Bad move, campaigning for his freedom before he is sentenced.

AGRI-vated Angel

WSC- I am surmising, one could double the amount of time as those who have previously pled guilty and have been sentenced on the charges brought before them.

To sum the number . . . an 8 year prison term.

AGRI-vated Angel

. . . if he admits his guilt, owns his mistakes & and projects heartfelt, sincere remorse.


AGRI, I'm betting on an 11th-hour package deal with about 8 years.


Youtube is showing that the video has about 26,000 views right now.

AGRI-vated Angel

[The raid was done because the agency's lied in order to raid the plant]

This is incorrect. There was nothing to lie about.
R-E-A-D the evidence ! ! ! ! !


There's too much water over the dam and the RCF has to be put out of business for good.

The plain truth is, that the RCF is a clear and present danger to the country we all live in.

It has to go, period.

Look for a fairly stiff sentence, at least 20 years.

Bilaam's Ass

The Conservative movement did not abdicate Kashrut to the Orthodox. There are Yehidim who offer Kashrut.

As a Movement wide issue It was a debated at conventions with the 1600+ rabbis, when it was finally decided with most rabbis voting against involvement because of the clear, deep and wide and almost unavoidable historical corruption.

Heksher Tzedek retains this mahshava and policy by being a supplementary and not a full Heksher in and of itself.


This drivel was not filmed at a wedding hall. This video was taped at Rabbi Cunin's Chabad House in Los Angeles by Mendy Pellin. Mr. Pellin promotes himself as a " Hassidic comedian".

Comparing Mr. Rubashkin"s crimes to Toyota's recent problems is indeed very funny.


Toyota's problems =

Greed at the expense of consumers manifested by Unintended Accelaration

Rubashkin's problems =

Greed at the expense of workers manifested by Unintended Agri-vation.


Youtube is showing that the video has about 36,400 views right now.


FGBA, the Lubav population of Crown Heights is about 18,000. Add other Brooklyn/metro NY neighborhoods, Lubav enclaves worldwide, various orthodox Rubashkin sycophants, repeat viewers, curious shmucks like me, and the 36,400 does not represent any new people being won over to the Meat Messiah's cause.

It will help "vee a toiten bonches".

Dr. Moe

WoolSilkCotton and the 8 other local FM regular hater of Orthodox = By Default Sholom Hater,

Don't worry even if Sholom gets 4 years in Prison we will make sure to educate the masses, the Public school system and the general public on the great stain and the injustice of the judicial system and this will go into History.

Yes government and judicial bodies do make mistakes sometimes.


Sholom Mordecai is indeed a great stain on society, and will rot in prison for a good number of years.

'We'? Who's that, the Army of Trolls and Rubashkin Tuches Lekkers?

'Educating the Masses'? Like you did with the Noahide Laws for all the Agriprocessor workers?

'The Public School System'? Where you've never stepped foot?

The name Rubashkin isn't even significant enough in the minds of the public to join Mumbia and Peltier, but if you make enough stink, that's where it will be. The general public has no sympathy for Pollard, either. You think anyone will give a crap for some crooked cult-leader Meat Messiah? Dream on.


Everyone who has a Jewish heart please pray that Sholom Mordechai ben Rifka should be fried.

Posted by: WoolSilkCotton | April 25, 2010 at 06:32 PM

Does such a prayer excised?

There is such a prayer however for pepole who have views as you do: Va-lamal-shinim al-thi-sikvoh


Excised? Pepole?

Cheskel, your malappropisms are priceless. You are FM's version of Norm Crosby.


Oops- 'malapropisms'.


Brian Ross wrote a story about the publicity campaign in the 'Blotter' section of ABC News' website:

Brian Ross reports several things that I have not heard before.


Saint Sholom's Chabad photo complete with heavenly clouds and halo should be on the label of AgriStar's bologna. They ought to realize record sales with that.
The same image could be then used on a wide range of "ko$her" products. I leave to my collegues to come up with a list of likely products.

AGRI-vated Angel

['Educating the Masses'?]

There are classes offered, in college level studies, making reference to Agri-Processors. These classes are offered as a means to educate students regarding issues ranging from the need for immigration reform to the oppression/abuse/extortion of the 'Modern Day Slave'. (Hispanic people)

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