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April 14, 2010


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What a bunch of bullsh-t!!! They have never killed 700 hundred in one day!!. 500 + 5 or 10 yes!! Typical over exaggeration or should I say lies!! I hope they can do it, but you shouldn't have to lie about it to try and get there. I am for the company trying to rebound, but don't try to run for President.

Concerned for the Postville Area...

Friedman is maintaining three of the old company's brand names, David's, Shor Habor and Aaron's Best, which is a reference to former owner Aaron Rubashkin. The new owner said the brands have wide recognition.

Friedman said several current managers worked for the old owners. Two of them, Juan Carlos Guerrero-Espinoza and Martin De La Rosa-Loera, pleaded guilty last year to charges related to harboring illegal immigrants. They both served time and are out of prison. Friedman said both men were "super managers" who deserved second chances.

He said two members of the Rubashkin family who were never charged continue to work at the plant but are no longer supervisors. One is Heshy Rubashkin, brother of former company leader Sholom Rubashkin, who faces sentencing this month after being found guilty of dozens of federal fraud crimes.

are you kidding me?????
"super managers"
are you kidding me?????
ha ha ha
are you kidding me?????

state of disgust

It is not guilt by association Dr. Moe, it is guilt by action.

Decisions in the plant used to be made by Aron, Heshy and Shalom TOGETHER. What is amazing is that all three of them didn't stand trial and instead Shalom took the fall.

Heshy still maintains a position of power inside the plant but without the title. The kosher consumer has every right to question the kashrut of products produced by such a man. Remember, HF has no background in the meat packing business so he follows the lead of the RCF members still working there. He feels he has no choice but to do so. In the meantime the RCF is still in the meat business importing beef from Uruguay! Betcha HF is loosing his shirt - gee what a surprise.

Dr. Moe

Guilty by association is used by crazies such as Kim sung Ill, pol pot of the kamour rouge. Is someone saying that heshy working is guilt by association? That is sad.

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