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March 13, 2010

Rabbi Leib Tropper Continues To Exert Control Over Kol Yaakov As Monsey Rabbis Move Case To Secular Court

Rabbi Leib Tropper smile On Friday afternoon two men walked into the Kol Yaakov yeshiva in Monsey, posted a court order on the door and put padlocks on the office doors.

A Monsey Insider writes:

Rabbi Leib Tropper smile

The powers of the dark overlord are coalescing into a black cloud over the Kol Yaakov yeshiva even while I'm writing this.

On Friday afternoon two men walked into the Kol Yaakov yeshiva in Monsey, posted a court order on the door and put padlocks on the office doors.

The court order dictates that Rabbi Nachman Kramer, a close personal friend of Leib Tropper who owns the Beis Yaakov of Ramapo girls school, is to run the Kol Yaakov yeshiva from here on out, and that Rabbi Moshe Raice is no longer to represent the yeshiva in any way, even though he is still a trustee of the yeshiva.

Updates are expected shortly.

UPDATE 10:40 pm CST – A Monsey Insider continues:

The Monsey Rabbis who served on the ad hoc Beis Din, set up in order to deal with the Tropper scandal, have filed a lawsuit in Rockland County Supreme Court to remove Leib Tropper from any of the yeshiva bank accounts pursuant to his written resignation in early February.

This past Friday, Tropper filed a counter lawsuit, and Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Schlesinger spoke to the Judge on behalf of Tropper saying that he (Schlesinger) is one of the senior Rabbis of the Monsey community, and has issued a dictum (p'sak) that the entire written agreement between Leib Tropper and the Rabbis of the Beis Din is not valid, as the Rabbis involved are "dishonest".

The Judge sent sheriffs to lock up the yeshiva offices, make known the desire of the Judge that, as per Tropper's request, Rabbi Nachman Kramer is to oversee the day to day functions of the Kol Yaakov yeshiva and to issue a restraining against Rabbi Moshe Raice until Leib Tropper is fully reinstated as the Dean of the yeshiva (Rosh Yeshiva), and trustee thereof.

One of the Rabbis told me that they are currently writing and "plan to issue a strong defamation letter against Tropper and plan to make a machoh (protest), first in writing, against Tropper's accomplice, Rabbi Schlesinger, sometime this week."

Updates soon to come.


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Get the name of the court, the case caption and case no. It sounds like the lawsuit may have been rigged with all parties in agreement with a prearranged and predetermined result.

Where are the rabbis of the Monsey ad hoc beis din now? What have they accomplished? It sure looks like he made fools of them all, leading them to believe that there was no point to their continued deliberations.

The rabbis need to convene again and see this all the way through to the end and make a determination that will be all encompassing and binding on all interested parties -- in Monsey and everywhere else.


Tropper still controls the legal holding and the accounts. The most important clause in his signed non-confession was the clause that he does not surrender any of his property rights.



That clause is only important to the extent that Tropper had any property right in the yeshivah to begin with.

Rabbis, lawsuits - leave it to the rabbis to generate great PR for the jewish people. Wherever the rabbis are, they bring destruction and danger to the jewish people - and that goes back to temple times.....

why the big pic of this nasty parshoin?
i just had a pizza and im abotu to lose it.

why is shlesinger supporting tropper so strongly?! something smells bad, whenever anyone in the jewish community does anything out of lock step schlesinger gives a speech about how terrible they are, why now does he support someone like tropper?
the real question is this....where did guma aguiars money go? guma had given tropper the rights to hand out charity money from an account with 10 million dollars in it to certain rabbis and institutions..tropper came back with 'thank you' letters from those rabbis, but when guma checked into it, they never wrote the letters and never got any money. but tropper is very smart, he didnt just take the money and run, what he supposedly did was to give the money to his friends, who had institutions, and they kept a portion of it and returned the rest to him (sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly through other organizations and shell companies) i'll be willing to actually bet money that nachman kramer and schlesinger were involved in this....

As much as I don't like Schlesinger's personality I must say that he is an honest - no nonsense man. There's more to this than the naked eye can see. Time will tell.


what make you think that schlesinger is honest?! he was ON the beis din! and now he's sticking up for tropper??
why does he maintain a relationship with people like zalman silber, who's a multi-millionaire sex pervert, and leib tropper who's also a multi-millionaire sex pervert??
most people in monsey used to think that tropper was honest and a no nonsense guy too, finkel the same....in fact, breslauer had such a high opinion of finkel that he didnt even check his meat...
most people in the modern community of new hempstead used to think that tendler jr. was honest. people in skver think that the rebbe is honest, and we all know about him...
why would you trust someone like schlesinger? is it because he's a talmid chacham?? tropper is too! is it because he's a good speaker?? tropper is too! is it because he comes out strong against things, to try and give the appearance of being honest? tropper used to do that too....but now that there's a tape of tropper, we know the difference. believe me, if that tape wouldn't have made it's way onto the internet, no one would have believed me about what tropper was doing. i know this because i was telling people about tropper for years, and no one listened...they laughed at me and said "i might not like his personality, but he's an honest, no nonsense rav"
now who's laughing?

What court? A kangaroo beit din court or a real court? As Al says, where's the docket number? It's easy enough to find this information.

See Rockland County Clerk website. It lists pubic records and litigation involving Tropper going back to 1983.


The latest:

File Date: 03/05/2010
Index Number: SU-2010-002357
Court Type: SUPREME



A Monsey Insider


Rabbi shlesinger has the richest shul in monsey, no woder why. Kashrus in Monsey or rather the lack of it can be atributed partially to Rabbi Shlesinger. He always seems to be protecting the guilty party.
There is much more to this Rabbi shlesinger.
He is a gifted speaker, that's the problem.
The Rabonim of Monsey should send him packing his bags.

It would be a simple enough matter for me to drive up to Monsey, waste about 5 gallons of gas in the process (125 miles round trip), and see for myself.

But, with premium at $2.80 a gallon, I'm not gonna bother.

Just went to the website. The rules of this court (and I suspect all of NY State) are that you have to view the file at the courthouse. You can copy the documents for $0.25 a page, which is about 12 times the cost of paper and toner.

I didn't see anything in the link about ordering a transcript.

If anyone is in the area of the courthouse and can spare the few dollars it would take to make copies of the complaint and other pleadings, it would make fascinating reading.

It would hopefully shed light on why the beis din abandoned its deliberations and turned to the civil courts instead.

I would like to reserve judgment until I know more, but I am at a loss to understand why R. Schlesinger was allowed to serve on the beis din as if he had some modicum of impartiality which he clearly did not have, why the documents that Tropper signed caused the beis din to stop its deliberations, why the documents did not clearly set forth Tropper's financial claims, why a lawyer was not involved in the preparation of the documents to make sure it was enforceable in a court of law, and why the beis din turned to the civil court so quickly instead of resuming deliberations when it became clear that Tropper was not honoring his agreement. Could the members of the beis din, albeit well intentioned, have done more harm than good?


You raise many good points. The only thing I'd say in response to your point that a lawyer wasn't brought it to oversee the document signing is that the guy who notarized it, R. Simins, as far as I know, is in fact a lawyer.

While you are making copies in Monsey, look up the court case of Nathan Rothschild of Monsey, the school board President accused of embezzlement and fraud.

Should make for very interesting reading. 34.7 million ain't hay for Monsey.

Kramer is that same but watch his vedio's will come out also.............

Wasn't there a case involving Rothschild in which the Monsey School Board tried to hire a politically connected lawyer who was twice as expensive as anyone else during a midnight school board meeting?

While were at it, why doesn't someone go to Kings County Courthouse and get copies of the testimony in the Baruch Lebowitz case. I hear that the defence's witness Ashkenazi featured some Perry Mason moments.

It is alleged that Schlessinger is one of those involved in the sex love triangle

Abe, say that again?
Alleged? By whom? With what evidence?

"Wasn't there a case involving Rothschild in which the Monsey School Board tried to hire a politically connected lawyer who was twice as expensive as anyone else during a midnight school board meeting?"

Yes, the same crook. Also in charge of the $ for the Jewish Burial Society and a host of other charities!!

Supreme Court is hearing his case now for setting up dummy corporations and paying himself. He also handles the $ for his Shul.

NYS will most likely look into his being President of the school board since he has check writing priviledges. Could be awful news for the schools.

Reb Yid:

There is no Simins registered as an attorney in NY state: http://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/attorney/AttorneySearch

Even if the notary is licensed in NY, he appears to have served only as a notary, i.e., to witness Tropper's execution of the documents -- not to advise the beis din on the contents of the documents or their enforceability -- which is what the beis din needed an attorney for.

Krameris the same skum as tropper

Who the h-ll made him a rabbi he dont know how to read

Drek kramer

Reb Yid:
I only entered his last name while the web site required both first and last names for the search, so his name didn't come up. You are right: Robert Simins is a licensed NYS attorney.

I don't understand why a Chicago Title Co atty is involved with either Rubashkin or Tropper in any capacity, but his notarial signature does not indicate that he advised the beis din, as its attorney. If anything, there seems to be a better chance that he advised Tropper and not the beis din.

Are people suggesting that R. Kramer pimps his bais yaakov girls for Tropper and/or R. Schlesinger? More evidence of the fulfillment of the prophecy in the mishne, "Bais Vaad yihye leznus" Sotah 49b

Why do people keep on condemning Zalman Silber? All charges in 2 states were thrown out b4 reaching trial! One witness is being prosecuted for being paid to commit perjury and the main witness lied on the witness stand!! How can someone with a previous lily white reputation be assumed guilty on charges that were dropped!! I have no idea about the Tropper case, but the way Silber keeps on being mentioned when he was innocent under both Jewish and civil law makes me very suspicious about Troppers guilt. Are people simply condemning him on here-say?

jo, the point is not whether or not silber is guilty at all, i suspect that you do not realize what exactly is happening here...
rabbi schlesinger is known throughout monsey for being a zealot who comes out very strongly against anyone who is accused of anything that is not in keeping with jewish law or custom.
why then is he taking the side of multi millionaires who are accused of bad things? that is the question
the other question is how can anyone be on the side of leib tropper? not only is there video and audio tapes showing that tropper has done things that are wrong, tropper had been accused by many dozens of people over the past 25 years! he used his influence to destroy anyone who got in his way, he would break up marriages and engagements, he would force people to disassociate from their families and put them in positions where they needed him for their livelihood and then he would ask them to do things that were unethical, illegal and sometimes things that would put into jeopardy their good names, their marriages and the welfare of their children!
the problem with the orthodox system is that he had been doing these things for many, many years and no one believed the victims until these tapes came out.
i myself was once speaking to him during the monica lewinsky scandal and he said "you know, if they never found the stain on that dress, no one would have ever stopped him (clinton)".

"i myself was once speaking to him during the monica lewinsky scandal and he said "you know, if they never found the stain on that dress, no one would have ever stopped him (clinton)". -HaNavon

Proving exactly what, sir?

"the problem with the orthodox system is that he had been doing these things for many, many years and no one believed the victims until these tapes came out.
i myself was once speaking to him during the monica lewinsky scandal and he said "you know, if they never found the stain on that dress, no one would have ever stopped him (clinton)"." - Hanavon

Unless those in a position to stop Prez Clinton were part of the orthodox system, I think you may just have contradicted yourself.

bill and reb yid.

not remotely, rabbi tropper was explaining to me at the time that when you are in power, you can do whatever you want as long as no one gets any actual evidence of it, and he brought the case of the stain on the dress to illustrate that point...
every believed clinton more than her, until she brought a piece of evidence. had he been more careful, he would have gotten away with it.

Every organization that has given Nathan Rothschild access to funds should do a check of the accounts asap! He may be tinkering with records to cover his tracks.

I can't believe I was enrolled in such a ruckus. I thought the place was going to help me get married and it all stunk to high heave. Nobody would believe me, for years I was afflicted because I tried to be frum. I am glad the truth is finally coming out, years too late. No telling how many people Tropper has harmed. But, we all know he is huiv misas

Rabbi Schlezinger is a tzadik and one of the finest Talmidei Chachomim in the US. Being that we don't no the details of what's transpiring let's not jump to conclusions and accuse Rabbi Schlezinger - one of the most respected Rabbonim in Monsey.

Shlesinger gives a nice shiur...
Thats it!!
He has lied to me on 3 different occasions...
He is a bully with a pulpit and he knows how to play pious...
Him and Tropper are a perfect pair.

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