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March 19, 2010


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Bill, I have first hand knowledge. I'm from Santo Domingo. This guy showed up a number of years ago claiming to be more Jewish than the rest of us; we immediately branded him a fraud. Lubavitch and Kulano actively supported him and attacked the local community. The guy is a consummate con artist. If being a Charedi got him Lubavitch and Kulano support, why not?



If he's faking it, then it's one of the best imitations of a Hareidi I've ever seen!


Bill, I must admit that your argument is very convincing. However, the only ones who ever thought he was Jewish was Lubavitch and Kulano, which should be enough proof right there.


Let's see...

Beard, yarmulkeh, fake degree, no legitimate source of income, sexual exploitation of minors, and now sitting in jail.

This guy has "hareidi" written all over him.


This guy is as Jewish as Reverend Ike. Anyone who thinks differently is a naar.

Laylah B

Ah, Apikorus, I was planning to use the Glatt Kosher McDonald's menu, and you got there just before me. You must have seen the mug shot--the beard is gone,and so are the Kippah and Tzitzit.

I'd love to see him enjoy the hospitality of El Salvador, but it looks like it will be the US of A. I wonder who he'll become this time around. I'm betting he'll go for Islam..

Mr. Apikorus

According to the New York Times, Torres Puello was arrested in the parking lot of a McDonald's in the Dominican Republic.

As we all know, McDonald's is where one goes for glatt Kosher food such as a Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

His mug shot on Fox shows he stands between 6'1" and 6'2" (with shoes).

Mr. Apikorus

Yes, Sarah, it surprised me. Why? Because this guy isn't Hasidic, that's why.

Sarah K

There was a man who used to hang around Chabad centers in Manhattan and help men find under-age girls. So does this guy's involvement in "sex tourism" surprise anyone?
Good Shabbos

a reader

siyum mishnayos for martin grossman in lakewood: http://matzav.com/video-photos-shloshim-of-martin-grossman-marked-with-siyum-mishnayos


He certainly will have his pick of roommates in jail with all his brother hasids.


"this guy is the mother of all con artists so many twists and turns in his crookedness it boggles the mind"

The best part is how he conned some weak minds to believe he is Jewish or haredi. The fact that this story appears on this site is proof of both his skills and the weak mindedness of his targets.

Mr. Apikorus

I'm sure Rebbe Puello will claim his arrest was due to rampant anti-Semitism on the part of the U.S. Marshall's Service.

Maybe he'll become Bernie Madoff's cellmate. After all, we Jews need to stick together.


this guy is the mother of all con artists so many twists and turns in his crookedness it boggles the mind

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