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March 04, 2010


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Nothing wrong with a normal Jewish state.
Whats not normal is the making of gay marriages legal.Thats a breakdown of society. CHAREIDI POWER RULES


ooooooooo....'Big Baruch' is Watching You.

George Orwell is shaking in his tomb.

Chaim, your proscription for society is Haredism, it's theologoical totalitarianism.

I don't always agree with Effie, but this time she nailed it.

Pessie Gelb

Charaidi men are so ashamed to go to whorehouses, prostitutes, massage parlors, gay bathouses, gay bars, etc that they end up molesting and raping children who they hope dont know what is being done to them. Even a charaidi man who goes to shiksas would never tell anybody else to go to shiksas because of the shame involved in going to shiksas or going to homos.

chabadnik attorney

I think its pretty rare. Its pretty rare in general in society. Your average person isn't visiting whorehouses. The part about using condoms, I understand what you mean. If they don't use them they are f ing idiots. Those that go because they want to get their rocks off, to me, big deal. But those who think its permissible or less problematic if they don't wear a condom are sick twisted individuals. Once again I don't believe it to be common and I also agree its probably not as rare as they would say but still rare.


CA, the behaviour isn't uncommon and i don't think it's as rare as they would like you to believe. The saddest thing is when they pass on STDs to their unsuspecting wives because they are too holy to use condoms with the trashy whore.

chabadnik attorney

Not to say that it doesn't happen but to believe such behavior is rampant or is the norm is ludicrous.

chabadnik attorney

Harold, once they starting talking about frum yidden and whorehouses they have left the plain of reality and are guilty of their own form of extremism. Its not worth engaging them until they have calmed down.


In private, many own whorehouses

Might I inquire as to what numbers you are referring to when you say many?


CHAYIM: Your big f**king mouth brings discredit on all yidden. We live in a modern world, we need to engage, not segregate. Your brand of yiddishkeit will not bring forth a paradise for your black hatted mafia-like charedi brethren, it will destroy. My take on your kind? I have dealt with Charedim in business for 30 years. Most of the men make a big show of the davening, adherence to Torah. In private, many own whorehouses, frequent prostitutes and massage parlours. Encourage others to take on shiksa girlfriends. Treat their wives with little respect or disdain. The lifestyle that they subject their children to, results in a being that never grows to maturity. In many cases there is an undercurrent of rage at the lack of freedom. (You may segregate yourself from society, but it is all around you) Your adolescent males are told that they are better than other beings as they are Haredi, Jewish and Not Females. They feel free to mistreat or disrespect females at will.

This is the tip of the iceberg. Then you say an Israeli society will be based on this? Shame on you!


If my kid dressed like that, I would not let him in either.

I agree.

Long black pants, black jacket, kippah: definite signs of trouble. :)


If my kid dressed like that, I would not let him in either.



Oops. That's Tann, not Tamm.


Would the blogger here invite this man into his home? Silly me! Of course he would - he can identify with the symbol on the grungy t-shirt.

I would hope that everyone on this site could identify with the ANTI-NAZI symbol on his Tamm's shirt.

Chicago Sam

If the marriage age for girls becomes 12, would Chayim object to a 45 year old man "marrying" a 12 year old girl???

Chaim is getting progressively weirder.


So what exactly is the purpose of this posting? Scraping the bottom and hoping to find something that portrays Chabad of being 'elitist'. Would the blogger here invite this man into his home? Silly me! Of course he would - he can identify with the symbol on the grungy t-shirt. Hate can certainly consume ones time and sanity.

Office of the Chief Rabbi

Thank you Chaim for letting me know that in ymos hamoshiach I wil be able to sleep with a 16 year old girl again. A great new reason to pray for g'ulah shleimah. Maybe you'll sell me your daughter? Or granddaughter?


I totally agree, IGNORE CHAIM! Don't read his posts, I have stopped reading them. IGNORE CHAIM NOW!


"After looking into it we have found out it was someone from the outside who treated him that way."
Of course, it can't have been chabad that turned him down, lets blame another Jew for this because otherwise we look like hypocritical b******.

Is there no one that can read megillah for someone who is wheelchair bound and so finds it hard to get to shul on time for megillah?

True Blue Aussie

Chaim is a TROLL...An internet pest...Why do you all feed him??...

Rule #1 of forums and blogs....DON'T FEED THE TROLLS...

kasha varnishkas

s*** happens, so the fellow was turned away, shouldn't have happened. His costume should have been acceptable. Some nazi-minded person forced him away. Apologies should be in order.

As for Chayim, why bother to give him space in your head or on this page?? Ignore him.


I suppose the problem was he was late...


"It's a swastika inside a red circle with a red line through it."

Blogger "Hamantaschen" said that some crazy Meah-Shearimnikim wanted to disguise themselves as Nazis on Purim this year...

So what is wrong with an Anti-Nazi symbol on the T-Shirt. On the contrary. It is very appropriate on Purim...

(in German)


See you all on the updated news. We will enretain your biggest question. How will the Chareidim handle security and services in Israel if everyone is davening or learning all day. CHAREIDI POWER COMING TO ISRAEL IN 8 SHORT YEARS.JOIN US.

Pessie Gelb

Why is it that satmarer synagogues dont need security to determine who gets to enter the synagogue and who is not allowed into the synagogue? Because satmarer chasidim are honest about their anti-zionism, but lubavitchers lie to the zionists and pretend to be zionists and cause the terrorists to hate them for being zionists.

Pessie Gelb

But lubavitch wants to lie to the world and get the zionists to think that lubavitchers are zionists when the rebbe harashab said pinkt ferkert that zionism is the worst klipa that has existed in the history of the world. It is time for lubavitchers to tell the truth and convince the terrorists that lubavitch is an anti-zionist organization, not a zionist organization.


Chayim is a delusional schizophrenic - just ignore him.

Chayim can go to the mountains of Afganistan - the Taliban would love him there! They've got all the same rules!


HaNavon - I can't wait for that 'navonim' synagogue for maskilim, misfits, geniuses and heretics!

Pessie Gelb

Chabad houses would not need security just like satmarer shuls dont need security if lubavitchers would listen to the teachings of the rebbe harashab an d tell the terrorists that lubavitch is anti-zionist.

Pessie Gelb

I have a friend who was engaged to remarry for many years but she didnt want to have any more children so she kept postponing remarriage until the man who wanted to marry her married another woman. Now she is too old to have children and wants to be married but the man who she was engaged to is married to another woman. He has told her that he is a married man and because of the cherem rabaini gershon is allowed to have only one wife, but when mushiach comes he will take her to be his second wife.

Pessie Gelb

The only women who will benefit from a man being allowed to have more than one wife are us older women who are either to old to have children or who men think are probably too old to have children. If a man were allowed to have more than one wife he wouldnt have to divorce his childless older wife in order to marry a younger woman for the purpose of having children.

Pessie Gelb

Us women will not want their husbands to have a second wife even after mushiach comes. We will not tolerate our husbands dating and marrying other women. We will insist that our husbands be loyal to us and not take additional wives. And how many women will be interested in marrying or even dating a man who is allready married?

Pessie Gelb

When mushiach comes there will be no more cherem rabaini gershon preventing men from having more than one wife at the same time and all men including ashkenazic men will be allowed to have more than one wife, but this will not increase the charaidi population because it will not increase the number of women of child-bearing age.

moshe berkovits

you know chayim i would have no problem with millions of haredim in israel....none.
just they can't be like you then all will be good. and chayim....i'm gonna throw a little ahavat yisroel your way....you can still change...love being charedi...good for you....but love ALL jews. you are not g-d chayim...c'mon just try and accept every jew...try it for a week...let me know how it went.

Pessie Gelb

How can we require all citizens to go to shul? Arent women exempt from davening with a minyan? Or maybe Chayim wants to exclude us women from being citizens. What about sick men or old men who cant go to shul? What about men who for whatever reason are davening at a shul other than their regular shul?

a jew

Chaim, I dont believe ur real.
coming from stamford hill, you forgot the main part of the story
Lubavitch is the only shul to have a ramp.
and yes, i think most shul would turn someone away wearing what looks like a swastika

Pessie Gelb

How can you force people to pray if it not in their hearts to pray? Isnt this what they do in Saudi Arabia?

Pessie Gelb

How can you make goyim wear yarmulkes?

Pessie Gelb

Chayim has admitted that he is a litvak by implying that only married men should be forced to have beards but that single men should be exemt from having beards.

Pessie Gelb

Chayim has gone too far


Chayim is hilarious, but seriously, I'm worried that the nightmare he envisions could become a terrible reality if the chareidim keep breeding the way they do.

moshe berkovits

again who made you g-d???? i do want to add that g-d should bless the soul of ben gurion and i thank him countless times for what he accomplished for us.
in response to your comment...AMEN


Chayim: When the Chareidim try to take over Israel, the IDF will shoot you.

Dr. Dave

Chayim - even Shushan Purim is long over.

Not funny any more


When we Chareidim take over Israel anyone entering whats now called Ben Gurion airport(of couse we will change this name since Ben Gurion was a heretic) will be subject to a dress code. All males will wear tzitzahs and yarmulkas and females will have to wear long skirts passed their knees,high neck lines,stockings, and sleeves covering their elbows otherwise they will be shipped back to country of origin. This goes to all tourists. Male Goyim will have to dress modestly too but of course no tzizohs. All beaches will be segregated between men and women. All buses will be divided in half where men enter front and ladies in the back of the bus. There wont be late night hangouts of youngsters and anyone who misbehaves will end up 30 days minimum in a cell listening 24 hours to a mussar tape 24 x 30= 720 repetitions of the same hourly tape.
Every citizen who is Jewish will have to daven 3 times a day in shul and will check in and out of the shul through a computer system monitoring his attendence. Every married male will have to grow a full beard. All sefardic and ymenite Jews will be alloed to marry 4 wives in order to increase the Chareidi population. The legal marriage age will be lowered to 13 for males and 12 for females in accordance to Jewish law not western law that exists now. CHAREIDI POWER ON THE MARCH. JOIN US AND LIVE LIFE TO ITS FULLEST.

Chicago Sam

If my kid dressed like that, I would not let him in either.


thats not a swastika, if you look closely, it's a red line in a circle that crosses out the swastika. i used to have a pin like that, it was made by bob weir of the grateful dead, whose brother in law was the captain on my parents boat. he gave it to me, and i wore it to shul once, but people got very upset, even when i showed them what it was.
there are ancient synagogues in the middle east, persia and india that actually have swastikas all over the place, because it comes from the ancient world, long before the nazis
i'm not sure if they didnt' let this guy in because of how he looks or because he was late and missed the megilla anyway.
i'll say this, whenever we make the 'navonim' synagogue for maskilim, misfits, geniuses and heretics, he will be welcome.
first i have to get the money:)


If he was dressed that way and a security guard were to turn him away it should come as no surprise. While he is free to dress as he pleases, he should be mindful of the setting.


It may have been a guard who didn't let him in. I have been questioned wearing a black hat and suit and tallit on Shabbat often even having to have someone to vouch for me


It's a swastika inside a red circle with a red line through it. Do I have to translate do you what that means, Harold?

Secondly, it could have been his Purim costume for all anyone knew.

chabadnik attorney

He was saved from the clutches of Chabad.

chabadnik attorney

Is this the same guy.




This is very uncharacteristic of Chabad who usually tries to include everyone.

who knows?

I wonder how rabbi's son and observant Jew can be Dr.Gore?


I don't know if I would allow someone in shul who wears a Nazi symbol on his shirt. Even on Purim.

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