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March 14, 2010


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Alter Kocker

Have you ever heard the word laissez-faire. It means that you should leave it alone. Here in North America we liberals as you call it have brought about some things that you may have had difficulty living without. Your fascist remarks only lead me to believe that an Israel in Chareidi hands will die almost immediately.


Over 100 banks were closed by FDIC in the US over the last two years, why is this news?

One word



Over 100 banks were closed by FDIC in the US over the last two years, why is this news?


To Alter knocker
There are Chareidi blacks with black hats as well. I met the famous son of the king of swasiland when he wasw here in Brooklyn. His father is a real king and he left it all to become a Chareidi Jew. He speaks 12 languages and even has smicha. I hate liberals be they black,white or purple because of their anti religious destructive behavior. These destroyers are bringing down America through gay rights,abortions on demand,feminism,teaching of evolution in schools and the entire drug culture fiasco.
8 more years and life will be wonderful in Israel as it will be SECULAR FREE.


But harold has a point here. Why is this story up on this site?


You must LOVE distasteful

I am a glutton for punishment, what can I say.


Yet you comment on just about EVERY single article, Harold.

You must LOVE distasteful.


I don't see where this individual committed any crimes (other than the crime of being Jewish/Chabad),

According to this site just being frum is a crime, that is why this site is so distasteful

state of disgust

who knows:
The RCF did conduct circumcisions - if one considers the loss of a hand or the tip of a finger a type of circumcision.


This is more schadenfreude than "expose". If this site is going to be rejoicing every time someone Jewish goes broke, in this economy there will be much to gloat about.

I don't see where this individual committed any crimes (other than the crime of being Jewish/Chabad), and it appears, if anything, they were too lenient on loans.

Alter Kocker

You are just pissed that a black man could be elected president before one of your black-hatted bumpkins.



Re: Chabad above

Can someone tell me what the difference is between chabad.info and chabad.org? Obviously .info is adamantly MMS = moshiach, but who are they run by?

who knows?

ZM, thanks for the site. It looks like that RCE is worse Tropper's EJF. They don't do conversions themselves, they don't plan to do any conversions in the future, but they advocate for strict approach to conversions and invalidation of "non-strict" ones. These Tanya inspired racists should be exposed for what they are.


I bank with a small bank, not a small Jewish one.


Where is the Obama bail out or did Obama the Jew hater run out of cash.

Zev Meir

The Rabbinical Center of Europe categorically denies that they are opening a Beth Din for conversions in Budapest as previously reported by this site. They deny that they preform any conversions!



As usual there is this compelling need to specify that he was Chabad. The subliminal message that Chabd = Bad - Sigh!


another maschchist




Lehman Brothers LLC failed. It's subsidiary Lehman Brothers Bank did not.


By pure coincidence, Park Avenue Bank, another Hareidi-owned bank failed and was seized by regulators on Friday.



Didn't Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers also fail...in NYC...within the past couple of years?

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