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February 16, 2010


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this is unacceptable sex scandal. what kind of crazy rabbis in America. we need non orthodox jewish power in America & UK. hofes.org.il

Bilaams Ass

Devorah you racist piglet, the dominican is not sephardic - the sephardim never even heard of this guy, as a matter of fact he is one of you yes your wonderful white trash- he davened at Habad

Bilaams Ass

Haa, you think you got the real problem?

Rav Tropper is a but a symptom NOT THE CAUSE - you shallow hypocrites moran hagoan's bs's...


I think he might be moving to Spring Valley or Airmont. If he needs broader opportunities maybe Postville Iowa would be a good place.... hundreds of hispanic workers who could qualify for a substantial pay raise if he converts them!


Tropper is looking for a house in North Miami Beach to work with Schmelczer.

Stay tuned!!!

It's not over yet . . .

The work is not yet over. The next step is that EJF must be closed down.

Having now been shown that it was devised, designed and operated by a thoroughly corrupt individual, it reinforces the claim of Rabbonim and Morei Horah around the USA and Europe, that EJF's design, purpose and modus operandi were all a corrupt sham - undermining the age old ehrliche approach and process of the mesorah of Giyur K'Halacha for all generations!

It is time to remove the nonsensical fictitious notion of "universal" or centralized" geirus (accreditation?).

Since time immemorial all matters of kedusha (Gitten, Kiddushin, Geyrus) were in the hands of each city's Rabbonim and Dayanim - even when there was a great Beis Din in Yerushalayim.

Let us all individually and collectively strongly support the returning of Atarah L'Yoshna!


Big deal-so he has to move out of Monsey. They should send him to Haiti and do community service to help the Haitians. Oh wait, he would start a prostitution ring like the Dominican Sephardic. Maybe they could partner up to further abuse women.


I'm waiting to hear from all of the Tropper-apologists who claim he was framed! Squirm out of this one, why dontcha!

Monsey Askan

I heard that this video at Troppergate.com was the nail in the coffin that finally got Tropper to step down at the 11th hour, notice the coincidence that the video was released at about 5PM the Sunday that the Rabbi's convened.


Progress is good. This solution is bad (but better than nothing).

Forcing Tropper out of Monsey doesn't solve the problem, it only shifts the headache from the Monsey Rabbis to the Rabbis in the community where Tropper settles. This is pretty similar to the supposed Chabad practice of shifting shluchim from one community to another when sexual accusations begin to fly.

What is needed here is a clear statement from the Rabbis, censuring Tropper: specifying their conclusion that he is guilty of [insert specified averahs here], and a clear psak that he cannot be involved in any future position in Jewish education and/or outreach.

Tropper's outcome is much weaker than the psak against Mordecai Tendler, and I don't see why that should be the case. (As noted before, at least one of the Rabbis on the Tropper bais din is also a co-signer on the psak against Mordecai Tendler.)

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