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February 03, 2010


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Tropper is still alive and wel fear not, he has just changed roles as that frm the head of the EJF / Horizons/ Kol Yaakov, to a puppeteer of those he has self annointed and appointed to "run them. So now it is business as usual, except he is running it all behind the curtain. Just call him the "Wizard of Monsey"

Big Jew

You should have been a lawyer :-)


Um, it's a Dracula reference.


to JN
you post as a murderer! That is a much graver sin than any sin he did!I am repulsed how this post was allowed to be posted...


Rav Tropper did a lot of good for many in am Yisrael in his early years. Nobody can take that away from him.

If anything, imho, he was the better of your so called "gedolim" b/c he actually Worked and came up with real ideas...and look how much light he has shed on the current wonderful 'system'!


"...a Rav who has done much kindness and good and accomplishments in Kiruv and Geirus and has helped many."
"...hatred and baseless disparagement of valid mekomos hatorah and gedolim! shame on you!!!"


To 12 step program

Stop bashing and rejoicing over another Jews humiliation,disgrace and slander.
We are prohibited from rejoicing over our enemies downfall, how much more so from a Rav who has done much kindness and good and accomplishments in Kiruv and Geirus and has helped many. What have YOU ever done for the good of Klal Yisroel ?Do you have ANY accomplishments to state?
All you can do is come up with a 12 step program of destruction of our people via hatred and baseless disparagement of valid mekomos hatorah and gedolim! shame on you!!!


He can always find a new gig in the
porn industry. His title can be " The
Sex Prophet !"

another Tropper's victim

And, if you must know, it was the behavior of anti-Tropper bloggers, especially two based in Jerusalem, that almost killed the story.

Do you mean ddat torah and mekubal?, how come they alsmost killed the story?

I am sure daat torah would like to crash Tropper as much as your do


She's also clueless about much of the rest of the Jewish community and is widely considered in Jewish journalism circles as perhaps the worst hire by any major publication in the past 50 years.


If you're saying that you've provided the information you possess in this matter (which seems to be a different take than what you previously posted), then I apoligize for misreading your first post and thank you for the expose.

And btw, the editor of the Forward is clueless about the frum community? Doesn't that say it all?



RJBZ accused the JW and Forward of covering up for Tropper.

I CLEARLY explained the the Forward is very short staffed and its editor is clueless about the Orthodox community, and that the JW would have had more reports if they hadn't screwed me.

I've posted several things here since the JW screwed me, including an interview with Shannon Orand.

And Tablet Mag did a very good series on Tropper, in which, you'll note, I'm quoted and cited.

The Jewish Star also did some.

And, if you must know, it was the behavior of anti-Tropper bloggers, especially two based in Jerusalem, that almost killed the story.

Now apologize.


So Shaymna, you say you have additional info/stories that you aren't sharing because some paper tried to screw you - so when you could finally do some good by burying this little scum once and for all, you ignore that obligation to print a bunch of stories about real estate scams. Now that's a sense of perspective.


Tropper will NOT disappear until we drive a stake thru his heart.

Frankel's shul Speak Easy

Good job exposing teh Jewish Press for being a mouthpiece for Menuval Tropper

Also great exposing Isa David Balban for the idiot he is.


... indicated that he was resigning so that the Monsey-based Bais Din will not continue their investigations into allegations against him.

As I said before - way to go Bais Din! - and people thought that nothing was being done to kick him out!

Tropper is Troubled

The Jewish Press was/is the most pro-Tropper and pro-EJF paper since EJF was born about 5 years ago.

Menachem Lubinsky of LUBICOM has strong connections with The Jewish Press and Dennis Rapps Esq, the JP's in-house lawyer and the one who writes most of its editorials and political endorsements was a strong EJF=Tropper supporter.

This is tied in with the fact that Dennis Rapps's Esq is a stalking horse for Aron Shechter and Avraham Fruchthandler of Chaim Berlin yeshiva (Rapps prays there on Shabbat and his sons are big disciples of Shechter) who had long been Tropper's supporters going back 30 (yes thirty) years ago!

See these from The Jewish Press:

"An Emerging Gold Standard For Conversions Editorial Board, Jun 14 2006:

...a new organization, the Eternal Jewish Family, to develop and implement what would amount to a Gold Standard for conversions. EJF, funded by the Lillian Kaplan Foundation, is in the midst of a series of conferences around the world with the participation of the chief rabbis and other leading halachic and Torah personalities in an effort to establish standards that will lead to universally accepted conversions..."

"Oxnard Diary, June 28 2006,

...Financed by investor-philanthropist Thomas Kaplan and led by Feinstein-associate HaRav Leib Tropper, the Eternal Jewish Family was established last year to realize the vision of the gedolei hador..."

Conversions And Controversy. November 21, 2007,

...There are those who are not part of the Eternal Jewish Family team that are taking umbrage at its increasing success in the area of conversions. Frustration at not being accepted as the last word on conversions has, from the beginning, been a sore point with veteran conversion practitioners and rabbinic groups that preexisted the EJF...In order to secure the recognition of the most stringent haredi communities, EJF early on enlisted the involvement of such luminaries as Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, Rav Ovadia Yosef and the Israeli Chief Rabbinate in Israel and Rav Reuven Feinstein here in the U.S. There has also been support on the part of, among others, Rav Dov Povarky, Rav Moshe Shapiro, Rav Ahron Schechter, Rav Hillel David and Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky..."

Plus many dozens of ads and INFOMERCIALS written from the offices of the EJF and printed verbatim by the the JP without so much as a tiny word of dissent.

The Monsey Tzadik

don't remember the Jewish Press, other than accepting the display ads of EJF, that they took any position, one way or the other

I do not read the Jewish Press and Hamodia anymore, but before I switched my shabbos reading to Maxim and FHM, I remember the Jewish Press had all those glowing articles by Tenenbaum’s My Machberes about Tropper and the EJF.

I used to see him in some of the conferences , so I am sure he got all-expense-paid deal from the EJF

alternative childcare

"The other shoe finally falls."

Was it a high heeled shoe?


Daas Torah said...

I don't see any basis for rejoicing since the organization he built (EJF) is still functioning and there still has been no response from the American rabbis regarding this tragedy.

what about EJF?


Tropper itt, why the vendetta?

Tropper is the Trouble

To the "Tropper is Troubled" and your 12 step plan. Sounds good.
I don't remember the Jewish Press, other than accepting the display ads of EJF, that they took any position, one way or the other. I do remember one of its columns coming out against outreach to non-Jewish spouses, probably a disguised shot at EJF.
Other than that, your program, if followed, would rid the Jewish community of the scurge known as Tropper.
Thank you.


McCain and "Troppergate":



the question is not whether tropper is guilty or not, regarding his investigation. we know that he is guilty of terrible things.
the question is, what else is there? if he has done illegal activities about which we do not yet know, he should be in prison.





A waste of time and money this "investigation" is. Everybody knows he's as guilty as sin. Just shut down EJF, Horizons and Kol Yaakov for good. The well meaning bais din can help find his "talmidim" a new yeshiva.


See what happens after you lay low for a few months.

Tiger Woods slated to 'make a shock return' to upcoming golf tournament following sex rehab stint

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/2010/02/03/2010-02-03_tiger_woods_slated_to_make_a_shock_return_to_upcoming_golf_tournament_following_.html#ixzz0eVxqz11T


They're hoping it gets dropped. Two different things.


Did I get this right. They ar dropping the investigation because he resigned?

otd for a reason

I wonder if Avi Shafran is going to continue to defend him.

Tropper is Troubled

Shut down Tropper/EJF/Horizons/Kol Yaakov PERMANENTLY: A 12 Step Program!

In light of everything, the fact that there is irrefutable proof that it is none other than Leib and Leba Tropper's voices on those tapes committing those abominations and depravities, as well as much else that is both common knowledge and behind the scenes knowledge about Leib and Leba Tropper:

1. Leib and Leba Tropper must be put in CHEREM immediately! There are enough good rabbonim to do so. Tropper must PERMANENTLY give up all positions in the rabbinate. No more "rosh yeshiva" of anything no more "rabbi of this and that" and all the titles he collected like a tin pot dictator. Preferably the Tropper family must leave Monsey and settle in place like Switzerland (Tom Kaplan can buy them a chalet near a minyan) or in Florida (they have friends there) as PRIVATE CITIZENS stripped of all rabbinic rank, power and influence!

2. EJF must be shut down PERMANENTLY!

3. Kol Yaakov yeshiva in Monsey must be shut down PERMANENTLY!

4. Horizons outreach program must be shut down PERMANENTLY!

5. The Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation must be shut down PERMANENTLY !

6. Menachem Lubinsky of LUBICOM must be boycotted PERMANENTLY for the damage he facilitated by acting as EJF's PR and propaganda czar.

7. Tom Kaplan and his wife Dafna Recanati, the enablers of Tropper/EJF/Horizons in these last years, must be kept out from the Orthodox and Charedi community (they are not religious Jews in any case and don't care much about wanting to be religious) and not one more cent must ever be accepted from them by anyone in the Torah world, PERMANENTLY!

8. No more funds should be accepted in the Orthodox and Charedi world from Guma (he should have a refuah sheleimah bekarov) and Jamie Aguiar, and Guma's mother Ellen Kaplan Aguiar and the Aguiar family or their Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation -- PERMANENTLY. They were also originally Tropper's enablers with the EJF scheme.

9. Rav Reuven Feinstein must be put on notice to STOP his support of the immoral and corrupt Leib Tropper AT ONCE and NOT harass and instigate problems against those from Rav Sternbuch's side who have had the courage to speak the truth when it was not popular. Had R Reuven Feinstein heeded the advice of those from the BADATZ he would not be in the sick situation he is in now. He only has himself to blame. When you sleep with the dogs you catch fleas.

10. Aron Shechter of Chaim Berlin yeshiva in Brooklyn must be put on notice that the world will NOT tolerate his tyrannical irrational and damaging support for Tropper that must stop once and for all and cut of all contact with Tropper PERMANENTLY. Shechter's disciples are called upon to protect Shechter from himself and from dragging Chaim Berlin into irreversible shame and disgrace. Shechter is in remission from cancer and he should have a refuah sheleimah bekarov but he would be well advised to stay home in Brooklyn and end his days in happiness surrounded by his family and zombie talmidim and stop his delusions of protecting sickos like Tropper and Michael Hersh. Shechter has already caused lots of damage by his stubbornness in protecting his crazed BT disciple Michael Hersh who sent his own son to the island of Jamaica with Shechter's blessings and support. Maybe the earthquake in Haiti was a sign from Hashem against that. What if Isaac Hersh would be now on Haiti under ten feet of rubble, would that make Shechter and Michael Hersh happy? Who knows.

11. The Jewish Press newspaper should be boycotted, and Dennis Rapps Esq its legal counsel who wrote all the pro-EJF/Tropper drivel and lies in it should become persona non grata in the Torah world, for their appalling shameful support of Tropper at every twist and turn and glorifying EJF from its inception and helping to bring about the ensuing international Chillul Hashem disaster by giving Tropper/EJF legitimacy! At least if anyone really has to, buy the English YATED because its editor stuck to his guns and boycotted Tropper and EJF in spite of pressures on him, and the Yated now publishes a weekly column by Rav Moshe Sternbuch of Yerushalayim who is the first and so far only gadol and posek to 100% oppose and fight Tropper and EJF for years.

12. And finally, Agudath Israel of America must speak out STRONGLY to condemn and shut down any vestige and trace of Tropper and his organizations. The Agudists are so dumb for not seeing what's going on here. Wake up Agudah and smell the Tropper poison-laced coffee, before Klal Yisroel starts organizing demonstrations against all of you, running away from you, and the worst fate you deserve, just IGNORING you the way you are ignoring the festering and still spreading Chillul Hashem of the Tropper/EJF cancer.

Wake up, before it's too late!

It may already be too late, so much damage has already been done by your Agudist ilk and brother Leibel Tropper der menuval shebemenuvalim, as Rabbi Rothkopf referred to him in Yerushalayim recently when students at YU in Israel asked what should be the reaction to the Tropper sex scandal!

Every corner of the Jewish globe is aware of this scandal as each day goes by more get to know about it, and only you, Tropper's Agudist rabbis can bring it to proper closure by putting Leib and Leba Tropper & Company (vechol abizraihu) in Cherem and shutting them down PERMANENTLY!

Or else face the wrath of history as you too and the whole Agudah world become disgraced for your cowardice, greed and cover up of the Leib and Leba Tropper/EJF sex scandal -- and members of Agudah will be called upon to resign from this disgraceful hypocritical organization, once founded by Giants of Torah Jewry now infested with meek mice who fear predatory cats like Leib and Leba Tropper more than they fear Hakadosh Baruch Hu and the Emes (Truth) !!!


Monsey Tzadik - If possible, I would be interested in communicating with you. I certainly respect your privacy either way.
If ok, I am at itzikmyer@yahoo.com


BEWARE!!!! Tropper is a shrewd operator! He probably stepped down just till the heat passes over. BRILLIANT IDEA!! When he takes his name off the legal papers of KY and Horizons - then you can say - Yitamu Chataim min ha'aretz!


Thanks, MTz.

The Monsey Tzadik

Kol Hakavod Shmarya,

You first out him with the story about the girl whose menuval Tropper nullified her conversion because she wore pants.


There is no pact of silence.

The Forward is very short staffed now (and it's editor knows nothing about the Orthodox community), and the Jewish Week doesn't really have anyone capable of investigating.

If the JW hadn't tried to screw me, there would have been more stories.


he deafening silence from the so-called mainstream English-language weeklies (that people pay MONEY to buy is nothing less than SHOCKING!

And it's not just that The Jewish Press, the Hamodiah, the Yated, the Binah and the Mishpacha magazine for hire have been 100% silent about Troppergate with a self-imposed dumbfounding silence on this horrendous matter that has gripped the Torah world for close on two months, but even the non-Orthodox Forward and New York's The Jewish Week, after running about one story each about Tropper's scandalous resignation have shut themselves up about Troppergate in a self-imposed pact of silence.

The Forward (it's owned by Michael Steinhardt, Tom Kaplan's investor friend) and The Jewish Week (owned and run as a subsidiary of the UJA of New York where Steinhardt also has pull, after all he is the chief sponsor of the Israel Birthright program) are one side of the media silence about Troppergate.

On the other side of the coin, the English-language Orthodox and Haredi papers are ultimately influenced by the policies emanating from the Agudath Israel rabbis, and their cumulative silence makes them a party to the Troppergate scandal by imposing such a tight news blackout...what are they really hiding?


In Iran of old...
garbage like this would be forced to convert to Islam

a reader

bodysnatching in me'ah shearim:


Some bigger fish have now escaped...too bad...

The Monsey Tzadik

Someone on Daat Torah blog (probably part of the group which hunted down Tropper) said that if the rabbis stay quiet and Tropper is not removed by February 5, more tapes will be released. (probably the tapes of Nachum Eisenstein with that big fat blond woman).

I guess somebody tried to preempt them by forcing Tropper to step down.


Mazal tov!


Good, the sooner he fades away the better.

jonathan becker

we shall overco-o-ome, we shall over co-o-ome, we shall overcome someday-yay-yay-yay-yay.

critical minyan

that place was a dump anyway. a tzadik like him deserves a giant beis medrash with marble floors like the satmar guys down the hill.

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