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February 10, 2010

"Leading" Monsey Rabbis Meet To Discuss Tropper Sex And Abuse Of Power Scandal

Rabbi Tropper "Further evidence was introduced, reviewed, and discussed today in a meeting of Monsey rabbis."

Leading Monsey Rabbonim Convene On Tropper Issue
By 5TJT Staff

Further evidence was introduced, reviewed, and discussed today in a  meeting of Monsey Rabbonim, Roshei Yeshiva, and Askanim regarding the  scandal surrounding Leib Tropper, the former head of the Eternal  Jewish Family and Yeshiva Kol Yaakov. Tropper had ostensibly resigned  last week, but it has been further reported that he continues to run  and tend to the functions of the Yeshiva in an unchanged manner.  Apparently, the inquiry has now widened to other areas as well.  The meeting on Tuesday afternoon included some of the leading Rabbinic  figures in Monsey and was chaired by one of the most senior Roshei Yeshiva in  Monsey, HaGaon HaRav Moshe Green Shlita, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva  D’Monsey.

Others present at the meeting included Rav Shlomo Breslauer Shlita,  Rav of Beis Tefillah; Rav Yisroel Dovid Schlesinger, of K’hal Shaarei  Tefillah; Rav Dovid Ribiat, Rosh Kollel of Kollel Ohr Yaakov; Rav  Chaim Schabes the Morah D’Asra of Knesses Yisroel in New Hempstead;  Rav Shlomo Zalman Kaufman, Dayan of the Beis Horaah Beis Din and Rav  Ben Tzion Kokis, Rav of K’hal Zichron Mordechai in South Monsey. Rav  Dan Ungarisher was also consulted on the issues.

It is still unclear whether Tropper will cooperate with the Beis Din  by appearing before it. An unannounced visitor to one of the Rabbonim  last week who has had known connections to Tropper told one of the  dayanim in no uncertain terms that Tropper will never cooperate.  The Rabbonim have, in the past week, received numerous messages  attempting to interfere with the proceedings from various individuals.  They remain undeterred both by the attempts at interference and  numerous forms of harassment that include phone calls to their homes  throughout the night, taxicabs falsely ordered to their homes, and  threatening calls.

An expanded meeting will occur next week for the purpose of authorizing  an official Bais Din to convene. 


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Would someone send a hit man after Tropper? How dear anyone threaten and harass these worthy Rabbanim and their families who are trying to expunge this revolting rotting carcass from our midst?

"Super Tropper"
"Sex, Lies, and Tzitzis Strings"

Rabbi Schabes was among those who signed the final psak against Mordecai Tendler (authored by Rav Benzion Wosner).

I hate the term Askanim. It really means wealthy self appointed busybodies and male yentas.

They remain undeterred both by the attempts at interference

Got to give credit to the Bais Din. The sooner they deal with Tropper the better.

Would someone send a hit man after Tropper?
Very dangerous thing to put in print. Careful.

All this evidence will be subpoenaed very shortly.

I have no evidence of this, but this is how these things tend to play out.

I would not be surprised if a grand jury is convening presently.

I hope they get some good dirt on him and publish it. The rabbi who is most agressive about pursuing tropper will be the new godol of monsey. Always good to find someone to step on to get ahead.

It is unlikely that Tropper will be able to threaten so many rabbonim. Who besides him is afraid of exposure?

[Akanim brings in Leib Tropper's bulletproof talit, delivered with a fish inside]
Gadol: What the hell is this?
Askan: It's a Hareidi message. It means Leib Tropper eats gefilte fishes.

Why do some Rabbis get "Shlita" after their names, while others don't?

I thought you knew everything....

Its not rav tropper, its others who are afraid of exposure...

Danny, you misspelled it. Take out the "l" from shlita and you have it correctly for Tropper as well as the so called Gedolim who still support him. One wonders how many Rabbis on that Bet Din have conflicts of interest because of prior relationships with Laid Tropper.

Mordechai Tendler was dealt without any bull-sh(l)ita. Tropper must be dealt with the exact same way. Expose exactly and fully what he did and the Monsey Jewish community will not want to have anything to do with him. Let everyone know how he had unnatural relations with a woman who was not his wife. Show some of the pictures stills from the video. Don't hold back. If the low-life wants to repent, let him come clean publicly and cry real tears. Let him beg for forgiveness. Otherwise, give him the full Tendler treatment he fully deserves - the sooner the better !!

Show some of the pictures stills from the video

What video? I must have missed that, could you post a link to it?

Shmarya was credited by the Jewish Week as having served the public by having exposed this seedy scandal. Certain parties leaked audio and VIDEO tapes to Shmarya.

Here's that basic reminder, again, for the rabbis to remember if they want to get rid of the Tropper plague once and for all:

Shut down Tropper/EJF/Horizons/Kol Yaakov PERMANENTLY: A 12 Step Program!

1. Leib and Leba Tropper must be put in CHEREM immediately! There are enough good rabbonim to do so. Tropper must PERMANENTLY give up all positions in the rabbinate. No more "rosh yeshiva" of anything no more "rabbi of this and that" and all the titles he collected like a tin pot dictator. Preferably the Tropper family must leave Monsey and settle in a place like Switzerland (Tom Kaplan can buy them a chalet near a minyan) or in Florida (they have friends there) as PRIVATE CITIZENS stripped of all rabbinic rank, power and influence!

2. EJF must be shut down PERMANENTLY!

3. Kol Yaakov yeshiva in Monsey must be shut down PERMANENTLY!

4. Horizons outreach program must be shut down PERMANENTLY!

5. The Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation must be shut down PERMANENTLY !

6. Menachem Lubinsky of LUBICOM must be boycotted PERMANENTLY for the damage he facilitated by acting as EJF's PR and propaganda czar.

7. Tom Kaplan and his wife Dafna Recanati, the enablers of Tropper/EJF/Horizons in these last years, must be kept out from the Orthodox and Charedi community (they are not religious Jews in any case and don't care much about wanting to be religious) and not one more cent must ever be accepted from them by anyone in the Torah world, PERMANENTLY!

8. No more funds should be accepted in the Orthodox and Charedi world from Guma (he should have a refuah sheleimah bekarov) and Jamie Aguiar, and Guma's mother Ellen Kaplan Aguiar and the Aguiar family or their Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation -- PERMANENTLY. They were also originally Tropper's enablers with the EJF scheme.

9. Rav Reuven Feinstein must be put on notice to STOP his support of the immoral and corrupt Leib Tropper AT ONCE and NOT harass and instigate problems against those from Rav Sternbuch's side who have had the courage to speak the truth when it was not popular. Had R Reuven Feinstein heeded the advice of those from the BADATZ he would not be in the sick situation he is in now. He only has himself to blame. When you sleep with the dogs you catch fleas.

10. Aron Shechter of Chaim Berlin yeshiva in Brooklyn must be put on notice that the world will NOT tolerate his tyrannical irrational and damaging support for Tropper that must stop once and for all and cut of all contact with Tropper PERMANENTLY. Shechter's disciples are called upon to protect Shechter from himself and from dragging Chaim Berlin into irreversible shame and disgrace. Shechter is in remission from cancer and he should have a refuah sheleimah bekarov but he would be well advised to stay home in Brooklyn and end his days in happiness surrounded by his family and zombie talmidim and stop his delusions of protecting sickos like Tropper and Michael Hersh. Shechter has already caused lots of damage by his stubbornness in protecting his crazed BT disciple Michael Hersh who sent his own son to the island of Jamaica with Shechter's blessings and support. Maybe the earthquake in Haiti was a sign from Hashem against that. What if Isaac Hersh would be now on Haiti under ten feet of rubble, would that make Shechter and Michael Hersh happy? Who knows.

11. The Jewish Press newspaper should be boycotted, and Dennis Rapps Esq its legal counsel who wrote all the pro-EJF/Tropper drivel and lies in it should become persona non grata in the Torah world, for their appalling shameful support of Tropper at every twist and turn and glorifying EJF from its inception and helping to bring about the ensuing international Chillul Hashem disaster by giving Tropper/EJF legitimacy! At least if anyone really has to, buy the English YATED because its editor stuck to his guns and boycotted Tropper and EJF in spite of pressures on him, and the Yated now publishes a weekly column by Rav Moshe Sternbuch of Yerushalayim who is the first and so far only gadol and posek to 100% oppose and fight Tropper and EJF for years.

12. And finally, Agudath Israel of America must speak out STRONGLY to condemn and shut down any vestige and trace of Tropper and his organizations. The Agudists are so dumb for not seeing what's going on here. Wake up Agudah and smell the Tropper poison-laced coffee, before Klal Yisroel starts organizing demonstrations against all of you, running away from you, and the worst fate you deserve, just IGNORING you the way you are ignoring the festering and still spreading Chillul Hashem of the Tropper/EJF cancer.

Wake up, before it's too late!

It may already be too late, so much damage has already been done by your Agudist ilk and brother Leibel Tropper der menuval shebemenuvalim, as Rabbi Rothkopf referred to him in Yerushalayim recently when students at YU in Israel asked what should be the reaction to the Tropper sex scandal!

Every corner of the Jewish globe is aware of this scandal as each day goes by more get to know about it, and only you, Tropper's Agudist rabbis can bring it to proper closure by putting Leib and Leba Tropper & Company (vechol abizraihu) in Cherem and shutting them down PERMANENTLY!

Or else face the wrath of history as you too and the whole Agudah world become disgraced for your cowardice, greed and cover up of the Leib and Leba Tropper/EJF sex scandal -- and members of Agudah will be called upon to resign from this disgraceful hypocritical organization, once founded by Giants of Torah Jewry now infested with meek mice who fear predatory cats like Leib and Leba Tropper more than they fear Hakadosh Baruch Hu and the Emes (Truth) !!!

Certain parties leaked audio and VIDEO tapes to Shmarya.

I remember the FM post, only had audio, no video.

Tropper is not the disease, its the system.
Stop drinking the Kool aid and wake up.
All, All the so called gedolim were with him...either they were all stupid and duped or they think and are of the same birds of a feather...which one is it?

..."It is unlikely that Tropper will be able to threaten so many rabbonim. Who besides him is afraid of exposure?
Tat would be any number of rpper's associates e indicated but did not name on the tapes. Anyone's guess....
As to Jay's question. Some are not former associates. Rabbi Yaacov Kapelner is on the Monsey beis din and he is a faculty member at Kol Yaakov, getting paid by Tropper for the past 15 or so years. Conflict of interest? Anyone really think this is a serious look into Tropper's seed acts?


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