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February 16, 2010


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Yoram Torres

Such a big mess and crap and I am free again.

I was released from prison under the cover of darkness, Why the media is hiding this fact.

If any one wants any more proof, feel free to contact me


And FYI, I never scam no one, I never acted religios or orthodox to con anyone and specially in the Orthodox circle. It is well known that 80% of orthodox jews live under poverty line.

As for the charges of El Salvador, the Judge David Amael Moran Acensio is involved in one of the biggest U.S. visa fraud in the history of El Salvador. The prosecutor in the case has been removed and the Police officers fired.

Greetings from New York City.


ma nishtana

shmarya and yoram,
since you are so fervently trying to convert that so called yoramzidreiter,let me add a pasuk from sefer shmuel quoting achis melech gat"hachaser meshugaim anochi"???
sfelt mir noch meshugeners?do you need new nuts???

Harriet Bograd

Kulanu just published a repudiation of our association with Jorge Torres Puello on our web site and blog (http://www.kulanu.org/blog). We invite you to read it there.

To correct a previous post, Kulanu supports isolated and emerging Jewish communities around the world. Our name means "all of us" in Hebrew. We are not an "Orthodox organization," but rather a pluralistic one - we work with all denominations as well as with unaffiliated Jews.

Harriet Bograd, President
Kulanu, Inc.

Mr. Apikorus

I'm sure Scotty Rosenberg will believe every word. Others will be a bit skeptical of this, or that you're indeed who you say you are.

Jorge Torres Puello

Every one concentrates in what I did WRONG (NOT FOUND GUILTY YET), and don´t even mention that I risk my life for others.

Jorge Torres Puello

If you want a letter of my sinagogue in canada I will send it to everyone, I BELONG TO THE OLDEST SYNAGOGUE IN CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES, even before all this Sphardic hater Kuzzars came to america. We are the true jews the Jews from the Arab Countries and Sepharad. The Ramban, Rambam, Rashi, Onkelos, Don Senior etc. Are all Sephardic. You don´t see any Auskenazim. or Black Hats or Schreimers in during the golden age of Judaism. It makes me sick that all this Kuzzars whant to step over our sages decision.

> [ויקרא-Vayikra. 26:44]

> [יִרְמְיָה, Yirmĭyahu. 31:37]

> [סנהדרין‎-Sanhedrin 44a]

- Hide quoted text -

> [R. She’ adyá ben Maimon ibn Danan, Khemdah Genuzah, 15a]

In views of Divine, Prophetic, Talmudic and post-Talmudic understanding, an apostate Israelite is still an Israelite. It follows that an Anous, who was forced into avoda zara / foreign cult, and their children who are born in a state of duress among non-Jews, are also Israelites:

> [R. Abraham de Aboab – year 1694 -- Deber Shemuel, No. 45(S. 18c f.)]

It hardly ever occurred to the Sages of Israel in the Ottoman Empire, Italy, Algiers, Morocco, Amsterdam, London – in fact every where the most brilliant luminaries of our tradition flourished – to call Anusim “gentiles” much less “proselytes”. Because, as received in the mouth of Rabbi Samuel de Medina from his teacher R. Taytazak, as confirmed by Gaon Zemah, in relation to the Anusim:

> [Responsa III, 112]

In other words, the proof for the matrilineal descent lies with the accuser . . .

Not with the alleged victim. Why?

In the Mishna – the compilation of Oral Torah – we find an injunction that says:

> [Kiddushin 4:10]

In another responsum, now in regards to the Anusim of Ashkenaz (Germany) in the 12th c., Rabbi Salomon bar Simson said:

> [Geshichte der Juden in Deutschland a.a. O. p. 29, Bernfeld a.a. O.S. 192.]

Why? Very simple, to speak wrongs on Israel leads to impiety, as exposed by Maimonides, of blessed memory:

> [Iggeret ha-Shemad, Halkin’s translation, (Philadelphia, 1993) p. 17]

Now I am also held accountable.

The very claim of the Anusim carries authority, and establishes the main reference point for rabbinical defense.

The Rabbis dialogue underneath the voice of the Anusim.

We hardly find any actions to the contrary. And since it is in the majority of opinions to consider Anusim as part of Israel, it follows that it is treated with the utmost respect and care.

Therefore, there should be to no one’s amazement to see R. Aaron Soloveichik response when he says:


For Judaism to be operative in what we call the “chain of tradition”, the full force the Written and Oral Torah, the commentaries of the Talmud, and the post-Rabbinic tradition as deposited in the Responsa have to operate hand in hand.

To render any of these useless, renders the whole “chain” inoperative. For this reason, Maimónides in his Mishne Torah – who in the name of the Sages – says:

> [MT Hilkhot Mamurim, II.2]

Because it is certain that we all are dwarfs in the presence of the luminaries of the tradition, and when will it happen for us to surpass them? Let me let you into a secret: Never.

And how can anyone explain to the Anusim – with the full use of Halakha – how these most central matters on Israel’s identity do not come violated to its very core through the use of Giur?

Is this perhaps a joke? Can Israel be Israel without what the Sages have known for all times? And how can one invalidate the lineage of another Israelite without first bringing proof? And borrowing an expression from Maimonides, to make Anusim (coerced Israelites) into Gerim (adopted into the house of Jacob) is a “ranter of nonsense.”

Since when is permissible to take advantage of the innocent’s ignorance?

It is certain proving the Ignorance of some individuals through the Anusim filter.

And how we prove their ignorance? Ask them how many Rabbis decreed in favor of Anusim; Ask them for how long this went on; Ask them to prove you how their decision to make a Ger from an Anusim validates tradition.

They shall remain speechless for they have not been taught; yet they do not seem to have the responsibility to explain themselves either. As Maimonides lamented over 800 years ago:

> [Iggeret ha-Shemad, Chp I]
Yet, ignorance by itself is not a sin.

Under all this, Anusim have every right to resist a “conversion” as understood in the sense of “adoption”. On the other hand, in no way they can, as with any Israelite, remove themselves from practicing Judaism . . .

Giur may be the “only” way as offered by some today, yet I cannot see how this is the correct way.

Again, I must go back to the few Rabbis who are aware (not even knowing) the legal precedence on Anusim, and yet have to conform to the Status Quo to avoid any problems. Yet, let it be known they are not obliged and loop wholes can be found within the system.

In all fairness, you must understand that the whole issue of “conversion” is abhorred in the minds of some Anusim.

They have every right to think so.

We know that some people demanded also conversion from Yemenite Jews decades ago, yet the Yemenite community stood on its feet and fought their way through. How does one Jew have the right to invalidate the other’s lineage? Anusim lack the communal aspect, and as a result they cannot defend themselves jointly.

By all that we know on Anusim, no ceremony of “conversion” was ever performed and neither a certificate was ever issued.

Can anyone bring me the Responsa from 1400’s to 1800’s that explicitly show how this was ever done? For all we know, Anusim were treated on the same footing as it is done with any Jew today who did not grow up in the ways of tradition.

For all that this is worth . . . 761 years ago, the monastic orders in Spain set out to preach to Jews in their synagogues and convince them to conversion; 611 years ago the violent persecutions and conversions began in Seville; 515 years ago the longest, the most organized machinery for the destruction of the core of Israel (their soul) was founded.

The Inquisition aim was to eradicate the Jewish soul from the conversos, believing in the Christian doctrine that through Jesus everyone forms parts of the Church’s body and are no longer their former selves, and Judaism corrupts that “Body” , therefore we had to be treated as a disease that ultimately was cured with fire.

This is what happened to the community that revived Hebrew in its spoken and written forms, whose communities gave us the Codifiers of our Law, the liturgical poems most respected in our traditions, the Science and Translations that spread through the Civilized world, and a good name that speaks of elegance, mutual respect, and brilliant wit; whose descendants opened the doors again to France and England, and the New World .

Giving into Giur l’humra represents inversely the recognition that the Church achieved its aim.

Anusim are no longer Israel . . . Anusim are Aliens to be “newly” adopted into the house of Jacob.

Is this how Jews today pay respect to tradition and the berit?

Thank you,


Yoram Torres.

Jorge Torres Puello

Sorry for the link it wont work that way


use this one and tipe my name




read it below






June 9th, 2004











Third party




[1] I am inclined in particular circumstances of this case to take a rather restrictive view of article 69 of the Extradition Act.

[2] There is one thing that is clear. This is intended to be an expeditive procedure, the act is drafted in that fashion, delays are set out and the delays stand to be respected.

[3] There is no doubt that to some considerable degree Mr. Torres is the author of his own misfortune, in view of the (numerous, huge) number of letters that have been sent on an ongoing argument at various dates to the Ministry of Justice but that does not excuse for one second the Ministry of Justice.

[4] The Minister has his obligations under the Act, the Minister has the obligation to act in one way or another and it is totally unacceptable that the Minister's counsel, paralegals or everybody else put off under the guides of incorporating this into a final submission to the Minister that would be given at some elastic date on the future without having regard for any of the delays that are set out in the Act that somehow or other somebody be kept incarcerated for months on end.

[5] Giving this the most charitable interpretation that it can be given, from the point of view of the Minister of Justice, Mr. Torres has one way or the other been detained illegally since the 13th of March because he was entitled to do a decision by that date at the very least. (2003) (YEAR ADDED BY ME)

[6] As I say, not for me to speculate on the consequences but I read discharged out of custody to mean discharged out of custody purely and simply and I am cognisant that Mr. Justice Hébert has already declined to grant a stay of proceedings in this matter, so that I should not be interpreted the same that the order that I am rendering today intended to be interpreted in that sense. Not at all.

[7] I am interpreting section 69 to mean that he should be discharged from custody awaiting the decision of the Minister and it is not for me to specify as of today within what delays the Minister should act. That is up to the Minister to determine and to act accordingly.


GRANTS in part the Petition and

ORDERS the immediate release of Mr. Torres from custody.

Mr. Torres:

The conditions for your release are the following:

a) To keep the peace and be a good behaviour and to attend to Court when required;

b) To reside at [...], Granby and not to change your address without the authorization of the Court;

c) To remain within the territorial limits of the Province of Quebec;

d) To abstain from applying a passport and I note that your two passports, one which is for the United States and the other for Dominican Republic have been surrendered;

e) To report to the RCMP at Granby between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm and signed the register once a week on Friday, beginning on the 11th of June of 2004 and to report to the RCMP within 24 hours of receiving the Minister's decision with regard to surrender;

I take that these conditions will be respected.

Jorge Torres Puello

1. My Mothers mother is Swiss, her name is Miriam Rosental. And during the Shoach she moved to the DR and her name was changed by Trujillo for political reasons to Maria.She married my Grand Father Mannuel Puello a beirut Jew who moved to the Dominican Republic.


3. After all my troubles I decided to do Baal Shuva and with the Help of a Montreal Rabbi I returned to the Jewish Community.

4. I never choose the life I had, I never made any money with any B´nei Anous, the story that you dont know is that I Gave more than US$600,000 to help others return to Judaism. ALL MY MONEY.

5. In Canada while working undercover for the US Gov. The government never told the Canadian that they were conducting an investigation ilegaly inside Canadian Soil, I get trap in to this mess. I WAS RELEASE AFTER BEEN ILEGALY DETAINED IN PRISON FOR AN EXTRADITION TO THE U.S.



read it your self.

My mother has never been religious and she married on her secon marriage a chatolic man. (That don´t take away my jewishness)

The reason Rabbi Perlman and Isaac Rudman don like me is because they dont like poor jews, and the b´nei anous had no money. (Like Hashem choosed only rich people when our father Abraham Abinu times)

The Mohel who did my sons bris was an ultra orthodox jew ISRAEL HELLER from New York, some one recomended by Rabbi Perlman´s boss Rabbi Zarchi from Chabad Puerto Rico.

Kulanu never sent me a dime, if you go to their web site in the news letter you will find more news about the community, and the forest foundation send some help for Chanukka when I built the biggest Chanukkia in dominican history.

As for the charges in El Salvador I am being extorted, I was not even there when in the span of the time when the crime was committed.

If you need more let me know


P.S. Yoram is in the book of Kings. Not a new israeli name.

Jorge Torres Puello

I am open to answer any question you have on me about my Yiddishkite, my e-mail is sephardicjews@gmail.com , I am not affraid to answer all you question and give you proof!!!!


t's obvious that our friend Jorge, looking to scam another group, contacted this organization, looking for money. Ezratty dutifully flew down to the D.R. and was regaled by Jorge's claims, which were never confirmed nor verified, of course.

If you reread Ezraty's article, Apikorus, you'd see the Benei Anusim contacted Kulanu with the help of Puello.

Perhaps Ezraty heard about the Benei Anusim through Kulanu.

But a more educated person that you would probably know the whole region is full of Crypto Jews, and many of these groups know of the existence of other Crypto Jewish groups in the region.

In other words, it's likely a researcher who writes on Cypto Jews would both know a group existed in DR and know the specifics of that group long before Puello did.

As for Puello's height and weight, we already know he is the man wanted in El Salvador. ANd we know documents linked directly to him were found in the house where the girls were enslaved.

In other words, you of small mind and even smaller courage, we know Puello is being correctly hunted for the crimes.

Puello's current excuse is that the girls lied about him. All he and his wife were doing, Puello now says, was providing the girls refuge from the traffickers.

So you are wrong again.

Mr. Apikorus

Mr. Ezratty omits the fact that Torres lived in the USA (except maybe for when he was an infant), in Florida, and that he was an ex-con, having spent 18 months in a Canadian jail and a similar period of time as a guest of Uncle Sam's prison system (too bad he wasn't in Gitmo).

It's obvious that our friend Jorge, looking to scam another group, contacted this organization, looking for money. Ezratty dutifully flew down to the D.R. and was regaled by Jorge's claims, which were never confirmed nor verified, of course.

Even the blogmeister has her doubts as to Jorge's "Jewishness." But Shama Lama Ding Dong soldiers on...

BTW, I saw a videoclip of Jorge on CNN last night, when they reported that 8 of the 10 Baptist missionaries were freed and left the country. Jorge is heavy-set, and the same height or taller than the guys surrounding him; the fellow with the microphone, and the cameraman (I noticed that Jorge was taller than the fellow holding the mic, but couldn't confirm from the still shot whether that person was a man or a woman). So, unless everyone there was unusually short, there's no way Jorge is shorter than medium height. And he's definitely heavier than 152. Maybe Interpol messed up and mistook Jorge for his wife.


He's not too evil to be Jewish, there just isn't any evidence that he actually is Jewish. Pretending to be Jewish and being a criminal does not make one a Jewish criminal, it makes one a criminal pretending to be Jewish. It makes no statement about being Jewish and/or being a criminal.


Bill, of course Jews can be evil, no one denys that; hopefully the overwhelming majority of religious and non religous Jews perform their obligations to G-d which would preclude acts of evil or wrong.


Mike, George,

I doesn't matter what came first.

There is no evidence that he pretended to be Jewish in order to defraud.

Just to say that he's too evil to be Jewish seems inapropriate.


Posting this info diminishes the value of this blog. A con artist will do what it takes, including dressing like a Jew and associating with Jews. People trust Jews, and that works to benefit the con. The Jewish community distanced itself once the sun shined to show the con's rainbow. There is no reason at all to associate this con with being a Jew--even though he was wearing a hech cap and associating with this group. To say or assume a person was a Jew first and then became a con, rather than always being a con, is preposterous beyond the imagination. After reading much of this blog over the last few days, interesting stuff, a good job overall. Not this one.


Bill, the fact that he's a criminal does not mean he's greenskined 2 headed creature from Mars. It doesn't mean he's you; it doesn't mean he's Lindsay Lohan.

Will no one rid me of these illogical, non thinking..... (and to think there was a time when Jews were considered smart).


There are scam artists and pedophiles in Jewish circles too.

The fact that he is a criminal does not mean he's a Gentile.


Bill, no one has to prove anything. Any fair reading of the evidence is that the guy pretended at least for a while to live like a Jew, though in all probability he's not; he's an evil person trafficking in underage prostitutes; and he's a con/scam guy. There may be real issues to worry about in the Jewish religious community - this is not one of them.


"very heavy," that is



To make the case that he is not Jewish, in my view, you have to prove that he joined the community of Jews in the DR for the purpose of defrauding.

I think that is not a very burden of proof. But you have to meet it.

The fact that you are saying that he at some point (later?) -may-
have lied about being the head of a Jewish community, does not prove that he joined the community for the purpose of defrauding.


Bill, also, how many new converts take out documents proclaiming themselves heads of Jewish communities?


Bill, we have no evidence that Puello "became" Jewish. He's apparently a pathological con man (he at one point used documents from a "synagogue in Canada"; who can figure these guys out, its like that DiCaprio film from a few years ago. Somewhere he hit upon the idea that playing a Jew would give him a good cover. Look at the name he chose in Hebrew, "Yoram". Not a standard Sepharadi name, but a modern Israeli one. We'll probably not know where he got his ideas from until he's caught.
Con men can be pretty colorful and fascinating sometimes, and its often interesting to see how they reinvent themselves (on a smaller scale, one of the characters dealt with on this list went from Neo-Riskin to Settlement Rabbi to New Age Buddhist when it worked for him).


"I only know the orthodox standards for conversion . . . if the DR Jews are orthodox, had they known the truth they would never have "accepted" the guy as Jewish" ~ george


Exactly my point. You say "if" they are Orthodox. You don't know whether, but you are trying to impose your standards on their community anyway.

I think this is very clear.


Bill, I only know the orthodox standards for conversion, and it requires a formal Jewish religious court to do so; living among Jews, even if fully observant, doesn't make you a Jew - and that's the worldwide standard amongst the orthodox (can't speak for the Reform or Conservatives). So if the DR Jews are orthodox, had they known the truth they would never have "accepted" the guy as Jewish (if they did at all). The guy is a scam/con man - the reason we are reading about him on this blog is that Shama, for whatever internal reasons, has an ongoing vendetta against the Haredi (although it seems not the orthodox in general), and manufactures whatever evidence he can to show them as bad people, not realizing of course (as fanatics don't realize) that he is only demonstrating is own inadequacies).



What proof do have that Puello became Jewish solely to defraud?


Bill, that's absurd. You are so bent on finding a chareidi criminal that you are willing to accept any obvious scammer who creates a false Jewish front for the sake of creating an aura of respectability as an actual Jew?
Check out how Puello links to a Jewish law site as a false front:בס"ד&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-a


Mr. Apikores,

I believe that you are unfairly attemting to apply your own (Jewish-American?) standards, instead of Puello's native community's.

We know that the -Lakewood- Jewish community requires a formal conversion, a rabbi and a bris.

You are assuming that a formal conversion is required by the DR community, and that living with them as a Jew is not sufficient.

What we do know is that he apparently lived with them as a Jew and was accepted by them as such. If you have proofs that he is not jewish by his local community's standards, please provide.


And the link you provided?

It's nothing more than a rewrite some of work done by the Times and other media.

The only value it has – to you – is that it portrays Puello as being in effect a fake Jew, but it has no source to back up that claim.

You're a sick man. If anyone should be on meds, it would be you.


I'm not lying maven. You are.


Quick, Agent Shmarya, set the rest of the world straight, scream out from every window "no, he's not a scammer, he's a true God fearing typical Haredi Orthodox criminal!!!"


By the way, you keep lying about what I posted about the interpol quote, and its very disappointing. Come off your meds recently?


Quick, Agent Shmarya, set the rest of the world straight, scream out from every window "no, he's not a scammer, he's a true God fearing typical Haredi Orthodox criminal!!!"


By the way, you keep lying about what I posted about the interpol quote, and its very disappointing. Come off your meds recently?


1. He was living as an Orthodox Jew BEFORE he met the Crypto Jews.

2. There are hundreds of thousands of Crypto Jews in Latin and South America. There are several Orthodox organizations like Kulanu that deal with them.

3. There is no evidence he scammed the DR Jewish community.

Mr. Apikorus

He was born Catholic. His wife is Catholic. There is no evidence he converted. Who's the rabbi? Who's the mohel?

He wanted to scam Santo Domingo's small Jewish population, so he pretended to be Jewish. End of story.

As for this "cryto-Jew" rubbish, if he was wearing a yarmulke, there was nothing "crypto" about him. Besides, the Spanish Inquisition ended over 200 years ago. No need for crypto-Jews in Latin America these days.


Reading over joy expressed in the comments, I can tell for certain that happiness has increased with the start of Adar! Just saying.



I am not sure what's not clear here.

His community accepted him, not his mother or
father, as Jewish. There is no evidence that he was ever required to submit proofs to them.

As for your lakewood case, I think it's very reasonable to assume that the standards in Lakewood are different from those in the DR.


Bill, this has been posted on earlier threads. His mother and father are clearly not Jews, and his first wife that he returned to at some point was not Jewish.
I think in that situation the burden of proof is to prove that he ever was Jewish. People have pulled this off before, even at Lakewood Yeshiva.


"where, does it say this guy ever converted?" - maven

He was apparently accepted as Jewish by his community for several years.

If you believe he is not Jewish, the burden of proof is on you.

( The fact that he allegedly committed affinity fraud on a massive scale, is -not- something that is inconsistent with being haredi....)


Go ahead, show me where I am lying.

I did that before and you refused to apologize.

You just keep lying.

You claimed there was no source for my Interpol claim and then cried foul when, lo and behold, Interpol posted online what it had already told NBC the day before.

In what passes for your logic, that made your accusation against me true.

In the real world, the world devoid of your inflatable ego, it makes you a tremendous jerk.

solomon  ben  yehuda

here we go again attackin one another, "who is really a jew" if he has brown skin and has a spanish name seems to me like racism within our selves as jews - his surname is torres not goldstein- so he is suspicius of acting jewish? ashkenaz - look at your own self from within, not the out side of the cup- you judge the anusim -that they have to prove thei jewishness- only TO HASHEM DO WE COME BEFORE HIM ADONAI ELUHEINU AS A PEOPLE NOT IN SEGREGATED LOVE - REPENT OF YOUR WAYS ISRAEL - HASHEM IS OUR JUDE LEST ANY MAN BOAST OTHERWISE


Vicki, get the ef.. off this blog. Ever since you claimed on the Oprah show that you were born into a family of Jews who bore and murdered babies as part of their Jewish rituals, and that such Jewish practices had gone on for 100's of years throughout the world, you have been considered by all a first class nut case. You are crazy, you need help, you have failed to get it. I feel sorry for you as I would for any crippled sick animal, but you have lost your right to be part of any civilized discourse as a result of the harm your craziness has caused.


Go ahead, show me where I am lying. And I will then admit that you were right. However, you won't find a statement to the contrary. The entire time I was suggesting that you start to use words like "alleged", and asked you to document sources. If you have some alternative quotes, go ahead.
And stop calling people names, you are 51 years old, for goodness sake, not 14.

Rape Victim Advocacy

As you all know if it wasn't for the work of Vicki Polin and those associated with The Awareness Center no one would be paying attention to sexual abuse. There's a contest going on through the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault in which Vicki has been honored as being one of the contenders. All you need to do is write a comment in the comment section of the NYCAASA web page to vote for her.


Anyone can go back through those posts, read you comments, and see you are lying.

You're a sick man.


"I quoted an NBC News producer who said Interpol was looking for Puello. You accused me of making that up."

This is good, again, you are not straight with the truth. What I said was, in response to your undocumented statement "Add to it news that Interpol also ID'd Puello from a photograph.":

"...read the article slowly at http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/12/world/americas/12haiti.html and show me where interpol identified him from a photo."

This is an ongoing issue with you, you can't deal with realities as they unfold, you come to a conclusion, and that's how everything will be. This guy is in your mind a typical chareidi criminal, and you will insult everyone who points out the obvious truth, that you, like his other victims, fell for a scam.

How successful were your business endeavours?


Actually, she doesn't.

She believes that Puello is fraud on all counts but also points out evidence is lacking in some areas – like the ones I point out, for example.

maven continues to show he doesn't read well, and that he lies frequently.


And talking about not knowing how to read! The site you link to comes to exactly the conclusions Mr A and I came to earlier, as opposed to your making him into some kind of typical chareidi (and thus, a chareidi criminal)! All should read this through: http://bastardette.blogspot.com/2010/02/who-is-jorge-puello-pt-2-jumping-down.html


you quoted something you likely misheard on the news

maven lies again.

I quoted an NBC News producer who said Interpol was looking for Puello. You accused me of making that up.

It turned out I was right and you were spectacularly wrong.

You refused to admit that or apologize because you are a huge jerk.

As for Apikorus, he is quite evidently wrong about much of what he posts. You'd now that if you weren't so busy tripping over your extremely large ego.


You have no right to insult Mr Apikorus on this point, his investigative reporting was better than yours on this subject. I have attacked him in the past and will defend him now.
Calling him names because he actually posted local reports where you quoted something you likely misheard on the news is not appropriate for a former Chabad blogger/butcher, es passt nisht.


Apparently he never got very much street cred because nobody remembers him.

Not true, Apikorus. he is remembered. But, like maven, your gigantic ego blocks your eyes. But, unlike mave, it also dwarfs what passes for your brain.


Look, Agent Shmarya, they guy set up a scam. He did the same thing then that he did now, he pretended to be a Jew, then started selling things to them, said he'd help find them a Rabbi, etc. They gave him street cred as a "Jew", he got to incorporate an "organization", all the while living with his stripper wife elsewhere and running a prostitution ring.

Again maven is, shall we say, weak in the reading comp department.

Puello's "stripper wife" was his girlfriend/wife when Puello was 15 years old.

His second wife, who he has been with for several years, is in jail in El Salvador.

Puello was Jewish (in whatever form that was or was not) before he found out about Benei Anusim.

Was his work them them a fraud? It could be, and certainly his history would indicate that it probably was.

But there is not yet any direct evidence that says it was a fraud.

Chabad's Rabbi Pelman isn't telling the truth and as more information surfaces that becomes clearer.

What we seem to have is a person who either passed as a haredi or converted and became a haredi, and a community that now – after the fact – wants to distance itself from him.

You'd notice all this, maven, if your gigantic ego weren't blocking your vision.


So what are the FACTS of this matter:

1. Shama claimed the guy was Haredi: there is no evidence that the guy ever held himself out as a black hat, merely that he held himself out as orthodox.

2. There is no evidence that the guy is Jewish, his parents say they are all Christian, he married Christian women; and there is no evidence of even a reform conversion.

3. He played the role of a Jew and seems to have directed his attention to crypto Jews, who couldn't be expected to know what a real Jew was all about; and he seems to have created, mainly out of his head, a crypto Sephardic society

4. He occasionally davened at legitimate shuls, but that didn't seem have much to do with the handful of Jews in the DR.

Conclusion, the man was a scam/con artist who found it to his benefit to act and claim to be Jewish (and maybe in some twisted way even considered himself Jewish).

Now anyone who wants to blaim the Jewish community of the DR or anywhere else is operating out of malice.

Mr. Apikorus

Melanie Griffith did it, in the movies. I can confidently say Jorge Puello is as Jewish as Melanie Griffith.

Apparently he never got very much street cred because nobody remembers him.


Look, Agent Shmarya, they guy set up a scam. He did the same thing then that he did now, he pretended to be a Jew, then started selling things to them, said he'd help find them a Rabbi, etc. They gave him street cred as a "Jew", he got to incorporate an "organization", all the while living with his stripper wife elsewhere and running a prostitution ring.
The only person who would believe that this is a "chareidi criminal" is someone with so much hate, so little education, and such poor real world experience, that they can't see the obvious, or, because they are so intent on libeling Jews no matter what, even when the criminal is clearly not a Jew.
Hey, Bill, where does it say this guy converted? It is the sad reality of our world that it is very easy to pretend to be a Jew just by growing a beard. You weren't following this blog then, but a guy in Lakewood pretended to be a yeshivish guy for years without any giyur, and apparently there was more than one. The cops do it all the time, by the way.

critical minyan

I love this story. Its so funny. there are 12 orthodox jews in the whole country and they still manage to embarrass themselves.
When someone dresses frum, they are usually covering up for something. The frummer the person dresses, the more we can assume that something dark, something criminal, something rotten is inside.
If you want to be religous, go ahead and do it, no need to show off. If you do, you better be prepared to be extra good.


This crap is your proof? Some bullshit from a blog, which speculates that Puello was some kind of "crypto-Jew?"


90% of that blog post is an article written on Cryto Jews in the DR. It was published almost 3 years ago, and shows Puello lived as a Jew then, and was known to the Jewish community. It also shows he was Jewish (in whatever for that is) before he met Crypto Jews.

And you, Apikorus, are truly an idiot.


It is not a blogger's duty to peer into the heart of a person to distinguish the "genuinely" religious from those who are "acting" that way in order to abuse people's trust.

This blog covers abuses by persons who present themselves as observant. When a frum-from-birth is caught in a shenanigan, no one says, "Oh, he's not 'really' frum," but when it's a convert or a "ba'al tahuvah," then people expect Shmary to prove that the conversion was ligitamate or that the ba'al tahuvah was sincere.

Very unfair.

Mr. Apikorus

This crap is your proof? Some bullshit from a blog, which speculates that Puello was some kind of "crypto-Jew?"

You'll obviously go to great lengths to prove that this scam artist was Haredi. I'm sure if you didn't say so several days ago, you wouldn't have bothered. Rather, you'd be breathlessly posting articles about how Puello was a fake Jew, which would be much closer to the truth.


Not exactly.

Puello first became Jewish and then discovered the Benei Anusim.

In your 'analysis' of the situation, you reverse the order.

Past that, there is no evidence the Jewish community distanced itself from Puello until after this new scandal broke. In fact, the opposite may be true.

Everything else maven has fought for and alleged ahs turned out to be false, because his arguments are not based on fact – they're based on his ego.

You can see that in these threads and in the posts on Mordechai Elon. where Maven has also proved to spectacularly wrong.

And never will you find maven admit his mistakes or apologize for his smears.


Because maven's ego won't allow it.

How's that "Agent" maven?


Great set up for a scam, just as I predicted earlier, he created his own phony front and he was able to profit off of the victims immediately. He fooled them, as he fooled Agent Shmarya.
Give it up, you can't blame him on the Jewish community other than being gullible.

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