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February 16, 2010


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Arguing about this guy's true religious identity is pointless.

He smuggles human beings for a living. And after getting indicted for it in the U.S., he flees to Canada and the D.R. But the indictment isn't enough for him to stop his evil ways. He continues to involve himself in human trafficking, even while he is a wanted man in the U.S.

A complete lowlife. I could care less whether or not he is an authentic Jew. He needs to be held accountable for his crimes.


Thank God, piece of sh!t Martin Grossman was executed moments ago. The world is now a better place with him out of it.

To all the Chabad and other black hatters, who all became so liberal on behalf of this subhuman filth, shame on all of you. You are all garbage.

To the murdered police officer's elderly mother, I hope this finally brings closure. May she rest in peace.



I agree with the first poster. What difference does it make if he is Reformed or Chasid, although the Chasids are making it difficult for the rest of us Jews. A Chasid a day keeps honesty away.


Chaim, it makes a difference as he's not Jewish at all.


Maven, says you? I'll trust my instincts and research. He's as Jewish as all of us. Some more, some less.


What a Kiddush HaShem! Martin Grossman's last words were "Ahavas Yisroel."



Ooops! According to Ynet, I'm supposed to wrote "Martin Grossman הי"ד" and say תהילים for his נשמה. Why do I feel less than moved?

In retrospect, I think ALL Orthodox Jews, whether they read the תניא or not pretty much subscribe to the principle that a נכרי is less human than a יהודי. And you don't have to go far to find a plethora of passages and מאמרי חז’לֹ that essentially establish this without need to blame דווקא the Lubavs or the more outlandish שחורים (in the sense of black-hatted).

The שולחן ערוך itself proscribes various activities when committed against a שאינו יהודי as not אסור מעיקר הדין but something that one should refrain from מפני שלום הבריות.

Thus, to a traditional, Orthodox Jew, Martin Grossman's crime was less than criminal, in a halakhic sense, but his execution by the גוים and the goyische state contravene traditional, Orthodox sensibilities and beliefs. For that reason, the most eminent of Orthodox leaders seemed to have no qualms putting their good names and reputations on the line to benefit some no-good bum who shot and beat an innocent woman (who was, after all, a shiksa).

I bet Abe Foxman, David A. Harris and all those Committee/ADL types are still wincing from anxious hand-wringing over the highly publicised, 11th hour outburst from the most respected of Orthodox personages.

C'm'on, Abe, Dave.... let's see a media release to set matters straight. I just don't know what to think!



Why all the Hebrew letters?

Afraid to post the truth in English?


Chaim, I guess you must be a Catholic scammer.



Because I assume most ex-Lubavs and Lubav critics read Hebrew, and some concepts don't translate well fully nuanced.

But there's nothing to hide:

הי"ד –May God Avenge His Blood
Psalms – תהילים
Soul – נשמה
Tanya (title of a book) – תניא
Quaint Talmudic word for Gentile (stranger) – נכרי
Jew – יהודי
Sayings of the Sages, Blessed May Their Memory Be – מאמר חז"ל
Specifically – דווקא
Shuhan 'Arukh (book title) – שלחן ערוך
Non-Jew – שאינו יהודי
Forbidden from the essential legal principle – אסור מעיקר הדין
to promote peace among God's creatures (i.e., non-Jews) – מפני שלום הבריות


I can't help but wonder what other motivations prompted the sudden interest in Grossman, and would bet that there was money involved somewhere along the way...

Big Jew

Did you pick up on the story that Jorge Puello is a convert and possibly not even Jewish as they have yet to find a record of who converted him?
You are sleeping on the job man!


Idiot. I reported that days ago.

Big Jew

I must have missed it sorry. You don't have to call me idiot. Which article was it in?


Agent Shmarya's MO is to call everyone "idiot", particularly when they are right, so as to confirm that all former Chabad butcher-bloggers are violent and ill-mannered.



Big Jew didn't "miss it." He forgot and took a cheap shot.

And you. maven, are still too infantile to apologize for your incorrect attacks on me.



In a story today (it seems to be a fuller version of the ap story), the family said he is "self converted".


If you read the story again carefully, you'll see that means he converted without them – i.e., without his mother, stepfather, etc.


Not a Jew: http://bastardette.blogspot.com/2010/02/is-jorge-pulleo-really-jewish.html


Not a Jew:

You disgusting, lying, egomaniac. She has no proof either way. All she does is repeat the existing information.

But she does offer some opinions. Here's one:Something is up. Maybe [Chabad's Rabbi] Pelman doesn't know any Jews named Torres Puello because Torres Puello isn't Jewish. Maybe it's cover your ass.But maven, of course, ever blinded by an ego so large it won't let him admit his errors, doesn't tell you that.

Then Basterdette continues:Given Torrres Puello's self-aggrandizement and grifterness (not to mention other worse behavior), I think there's a good argument that Torres Puello's Jewishness is just another scam. with or without a strategic purpose. (And if it is "real" it's a prop and still a scam.) In other words, Bastardette, who is herself Jewish and embarrassed by Puello, thinks – T-H-I-N-K-S – Puello is not Jewish, but she admits he could be.

In other words, maven's source to 'prove' Puello's 'goykeit' is not a source at all.

Worse yet, Bastardette is a source I quoted a couple days ago, because she found the 2007 article mentioning aJewish Puello – a Puello who was Jewish before he met any anusim, before he met any Crypto-Jews,

Bastardette quotes a commenter who notes one of Puello's websites has B'siyata D'shemiya written, not in the upper right hand corner of the "page", but in "the wrong place":His web page has it in the wrong place. Not a biggie, but an observant Jew with an Orthodox education would know that.Actually, an Orthodox Jew would know there is no correct place or even a halakhic obligation to have it written on an Internet page – in fact, the opposite may very well be true according to many poskim.

My point is that Bastardette and her commenters are not familiar with Orthodoxy or Sefardim or Crypto Jews.

She continues:" If he is indeed using the Chabad network to smuggle people, (I just don't see enough evidence right now, but I am convinced there are many layers of corruption here, it it can get legs) then we are sitting on a big big story that goes deep into all kinds of governments and black ops. Torres Puello's alleged work with the DEA and Homeland Security, if true, puts a whole new spin on things Yes, it sure does.

And then, this:I don't believe for one moment that Torres Puello is Jewish. But I do believe he is quite capable of "being Jewish," (like someone is capable of being Catholic or being Norwegian); that is, deconstructing an identity and building a new persona for a big haul. It's play acting. It's fun. Why he would pick Judiasm, I have no idea, but as another commenter pointed out tonight, "Perhaps he passed his time in jail reading about Judaism, and decided to grow a beard and buy some Kippot/ Yamelkahs to assume a new identity." I was thinking that myself. I know someone who did that in prison, only he actually converted and became a huge pain.

Whatever is going on is messy. It's about money. And it reeks.So what maven did is cite the belief of an anonymous blogger as if that belief were fact – but it is not.

All Bastardette says with regard to Puello's Jewishness is that, whatever happened – conversion, no conversion, play acting, fraud – it is her OPINION that Puello's sole motive for adopting Judaism was to steal money.

That's here OPINION, it is not fact. It may be true or it may be false.

For maven to cite this as if it were proven fact is deceitful. It is a form of lying. It is intellectual fraud.

maven is a jerk.

Mr. Apikorus

Of course, the story which speculates that Torres Puello was in fact Jewish is true, because it agrees with Scotty's position.

Anything else, such as somebody who actually ran a synagogue in Santo Domingo and never knew of the guy, is a liar.

And you, Scotty, are the one making the infantile attacks. Not exactly unusual for you.


Of course, the story which speculates that Torres Puello was in fact Jewish is true, because it agrees with Scotty's position.


The "story" is a journal article from three years ago.

The blog that reported it also the blog maven (incorrectly) cited.

You're a fool, Apikorus, a blowhard and jerk.

Mr. Apikorus

You omitted "Freakin' Nazi slime" from your litany of insults. I guess it was an oversight on your part.

Jorge Torres Puello

To danny, I have been living in Canada sice August 2002. Never was I, in the United States as you claim when that crime happened or I flee any where. They Requested my Extradition from Canada.

Read and investigate.

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