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February 04, 2010


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Chayim is bringing a raaya from Arab taxi drivers....Did I read that correctly. Anyway, Chayim, who will be around to pay the taxis for the welfare which supports the Chareidim if the other Jews move or leave? Whom, Chayim? Perhaps the Arabs? Who really is the moonbat now? Whom?


Yes: Obama Blocking Apache Sales To Israel, "Dismayed" At Use During Cast Lead


Moonbat, self-hating, left-wing, irreligious and secular Jews voted for Yobama. Since he is half-black, they could fulfill their only mitzvah of tikkun olam. They didn't care that he would try to bring Israel to its knees.


'Orthodox Union compiled a short-list of precincts with “High concentration of Orthodox voters.”'

Does anybody know where this list can be found? (It's not at ou.org.)


Within a generation or so it wont be an arab majority but a chareidi majority. While arabs have 4 kids on the average the chareidim have 8 plus kids per family. Every arab taxi driver I spoke to recently in Israel admitted its only a matter of about 10 years for Jerusalem to become chareidi and 15 years for most of the rest of Israel. Many kids from secular as well as mizrachi type homes are leaving the country. Chareidim usually vote as a block and thats why politicians listen to them. Creating another arab state will only bring more problems and wars at the borders.22 arab countries is enough.


"Obama is viewed as being far less pro-Israel as [sic] George W. Bush."

If you define "pro-Israel" as "supporting the policies of the Israeli government no matter what" then George W. Bush is more pro-Israel than Barack Obama. But that's a bad definition of "pro-Israel." A better definition of "pro-Israel" is "supporting Israel's current and long-term interests, even when the Israeli government is going in the wrong direction." The Israeli government is promoting expansion of settlements in the West Bank. The Israeli government cannot account for how much the Israeli government is spending to prop up the West Bank settlements, and intentionally makes it very difficult to figure this out, but it is a lot. Ordinary Israeli citizens living within the pre-1967 borders are paying taxes to support a minority who live in suburban houses in the West Bank. It costs Israel money and lives of its soldiers to defend the settlements, and it makes lasting peace harder to achieve. If a Palestinian state is not set up, within a generation, a majority of the population of Israel (including the territories) will be non-Jewish, and the dream of a Jewish Democratic state will be dead.

Barack Obama should have been much firmer with the Israeli government, but his gentle opposition to expanded settlements was a good start, at least.

P.S. You know what? Ever since 1967, many of the West Bank settlements have been set up against Israeli law. This is not some Hamas propaganda about the Geneva Convention and International Law and all that stuff. This is just plain Israeli law. And Israel has consistently failed to uphold its own laws on settlements. Illegal outposts are set up, and most of the time, instead of shutting them down, eventually, Israel retroactively authorizes them. The settler minority is the tail wagging the dog of Israeli politics. Give Obama credit for making at least tentative steps in criticizing Israel's disastrous settlement policies.


When secular Jews earn like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans they are not technically voting against their interests. They have plenty of money, and higher tax rates and expanded welfare programs will have almost no impact on their lives.
On the other hand, Orthodox Jews who earn like Puerto Ricans and vote like Episcopalians are voting against their own interests in a way that may tangibly impact them. Take away food stamps, Earned Income Credits, subsidized housing, and Medicaid just to name a few, and see how Williamsburg or Crown Heights implode.

I don't think the Orthodox opposition to Obama is rooted in racism or his stance on Israel. Instead, I believe the opposition is based on their newfound, blind identification to the Republican party which they view as the antidote to the Democratic/secular Jewish alliance which American Jews have maintained for decades. By aligning themselves with fundamentalist Christians they have divorced themselves and declared their independence from the largely secular American Jewish community which they not so secretly loath.
It is no doubt an odd dichotomy watching an Orthodox Jew collect Medicaid for himself and his six children while simultaneously opposing "government-run health care", but than again, what isn't odd about these people.


Thanks, Harold. It was refreshing to see someone here who actually gets it. At last- we finally see the day that Jews and neo-nazis stand united in a common cause: stupidity. What happened to the old idea that Jews are smart? I can't believe what some people will believe. Wake up!!!


To answer Shmarya's question about trusting or distrusting President Obama...Yes,I started distrusting him when he backed down from his settlement freeze demand.


When I see BHO, I do not see the Crown Heights pogrom or his father’s religion nor do I see a black man. I see a president who it caught up in a messy situation and is trying to do his best to fix it - of course all that I said is with the full understanding that all this has to be done while wallowing in the cesspool known as politics and overseen by the scum known as the media.

Yochanan Lavie

I have always wanted to see a Black prez, but I distrust BHO personally and oppose his policies. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but his race is not an issue for me.


I think you have to judge a leader on how he leads his own people. Not how he meddles in other countries affairs.
If you judge them on their colour or what you think his views are regarding religion, then you don't have a clear opinion on the matter.
But so far, what has Obama done for the US compared with what he promised?
At the end of the day he's a politician and politicians are trained to lie well.


In this case I as a right wing pro NRA and anti gay Orthodox Jew agree with Shmarya. It is a question of race. Not that race in itself is the issue but because of the inner city violence that exists on a higher proportion among blacks is why most chareidi jews distrust them. Take an example of Boro park Brooklyn the largest chareidi community outside of Israel which today is sorrounded by over a quarter of a million chinese people. You never hear of tensions between jews and chinese and yet in crown heights which is sorrounded by 150 thousand blacks there always is some kind of street crime happening that leads to mistrust. Facts are facts and all the Jewish liberals who preach tolerance would never live in an area like crown heights with black neighbors. They live in lllly white areas like the head of bnei brith Abe Foxman etc. but they preach to others tolerance hipocrites is what they are. Shmarya got this one right.

uncle joe mccarthy

Proving that the observant amongst us are far brighter than the non religious amongst us.

horse manure

the frum community is blatantly racist

bush's policies did not make israel safer, or make its borders more secure...in fact, the opposite could be argued

the man was pro israel for the same reason the vast majority of wingnut christians are...because they believe in armageddon...which means the destruction of the jewish people

the idea that conservatives dont see color is absurd

how many republican senators of color are there? how many congressmen?

that from yidden think like rush limbaugh, sickesn me...the man is a menuval

i find it humorous that many in the frum community dont like dem policies, but have no problem accepting public assistance, or making their money through government programs like medicare


Proving that the observant amongst us are far brighter than the non religious amongst us.


The fact that as Heshy Fried said "BHO is a "black" Democrat" is irrelevant. What is relevant is he is a "far left-wing" Democrat. Besides it is the Democrats that see color. For example, BHO's comment about the Cambridge policeman even though he admitted before the comment that he didn't know the facts. The only fact relevant to BHO was that the cop was white and the "victim" was black. That was yet another glimpse into BHO's character. Also, wasn't it nice that during the hour of BHO's State o' the Union, Chris Matthews forgot that our President was black. What an asinine comment. Chris Matthews and BHO see color, I don't. I don't like BHO and it has nothing to do with what color his skin is.

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