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January 29, 2010


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Its time to give up meat, people. I've saved hundreds of dollars over the past six months of avoiding it and feel great.


I'm confused - is this another production line for Rosenblatt with a different group of shochtim? What ever happened to the announced Empire-Rosenblatt deal? BTW, I've met and spoken at length with Rosenblatt and he comes across as an honest, sincere man. I'm very, very picky about kosher meat and I've eaten his products, when (rarely) available in my area, without hesitation.


shmarya, you seem to use that kosher scandal tag very loosely. I don't see a scandal here

Well the article is bristling with a bunch of the evil words like Haredi, Lakewood, yeshiva world, Orthodox Union, etc so there must be a scandal somewhere.

bootsy thorton

shmarya, you seem to use that kosher scandal tag very loosely. I don't see a scandal here...


Because we all need another glatt beef supplier.
Most people don't even know what glatt is.


Glatt, the Kabbalah holy water of our past 2 generations. Moshe Morenu must really have been eating a lot of Treif prior to this.

Old time observer


All about the KCL Hashgocha scroll through the following blog

Yochanan Lavie

We Got the Beef (apologies to the Go Go's):

See the people davening on my street
Fall in line just suffling their feet
They don't know what they want, though
But they're praying for some meat

They got the beef
They got the beef
They got the beef

See the Yids just getting out of shul
They can't wait to hang out and be cool
Hang around 'til quarter after twelve
That's when they go to lunch

Kids got the beef
They got the beef
They got the beef
Kids got the beef

Klezmer music really makes us dance
Do the hora puts us in a trance
Do a fabrengen just give us a chance
That's when we fall in line

We got the beef
We got the beef
We got the beef
We got the beef
Everybody get on your feet
We know you can eat the meat
Schuckling - get down
Round and round and round


YES! The more suppliers of kosher meats the lower the price to the kosher consumer. Capitalism at its best.


I wouldnt trust it nor buy it. We are talking about a crum culture not personalities...

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