January 14, 2010


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Tommy Leary


Tommy Leary

Shannon your a guilty Horror,slut and Tramp, I got Evidence you are nothing more then A HIGH CLASS HOOKER. AND A GOLD DIGGER.

Tommy Leary

Your Just as guilty you Gold digger slut, You were operating a swingers club and We have prove. Why dont you come clean you BITCH!

Jewish Mayhem


This link details Neil Hines charges when he was found guilty of the charges brought against him - look in the left hand sidebar. This is the father who defends Shannon. The apple didn't fall far from the tree. And they're both rotten....and not to be believed.


To "A Facebook User" - would like to know more.

A Facebook User

Wow, I knew Shannon and brady both before they were a couple...thing I could add to this story!


So, since all of you felt that Shannon did not "harm" anyone before and that she was just being picked on by vindictive people (and yes, I was with a "Goy" who claimed he was living as a Noahide - another lie from this family) - why not check out what happened to Shannon/Rachel's stepchildren now that she's landed her "doctor" Nuszen.....a couple of them were beaten badly enough to go to the hospital - and she claimed they were fighting each other. Not with those injuries. Shame on all of you who allowed this woman to be in a position to harm innocent children. It is on your heads and hers. Shannon/Rachel Nuszen is not a Jew - she is not even human when she hurts children. Now I know why her own children seemed afraid....

Ashamed to be named among you

These anonymously posted "truth" tales are really getting ridiculous. When you continue to return to the blogs (long after the story is dead), to change or add to your ridiculous accusations, you lose credibility (Lying 101). But, even if all of these ridiculous anonymous truth tales were true, she's now a Jew and it's forbidden to remind a convert of their past (or to judge them by it). A prostitute? A pimp? Pregnant? Diseased? Incest? Sex with animals? Sounds like pure hatred, simply using this public platform for vindictive attacks.

The Rabbonim involved are aware of the attacks on her, and would have no dealings with such a person if they did not believe that she was sincere. They continue their support of her even now (her recent marriage was in Hebron, with R' Lior's Yeshiva and various Rabbonim in attendance. Mesader kiddushin was Rav Rozen - a Dayan for the state, and founder of the office for conversion in the Chief Rabbinate).

Who are you to judge anybody, inflict harm, or carry out punishment to another human being?

A majority of these attacks are coming from a woman who by her own admission, was having a very screwed up live-in sexual relationship and wanted to marry a Goy cop. She posts pictures (google her) of herself on the internet drinking, handcuffing herself, and posing in lingerie. Yet she feels it her duty to judge the moral character of somebody else. Is she perfect, no. And I doubt she'll be the perfect Jew now, but the laws regarding the treatment of a convert are because they need to be taught and guided, not ridiculed and damned. In Hashem's eyes, no matter what their past, their commitment to change alone gains them more merit than a tzaddik. Only God can judge and truly know her heart, and it's him she'll have to answer to - not you.

In my opinion, she's merited a special place in shamayim, just for enduring your wrath. The more a person suffers here, the more we merit when we leave. But, again that's for God to judge.

Why don't you leave the job of judge and executioner to Hashem? Those who profess to be his messenger and proclaim their mission from God to destroy another individual, are seen for the lunatics that they are.

Anonymous TRUTH post

What ever happened to the subject of medical treatments with Tropper? Remember, he was offering to pay for them? Cancer? HIV? It was kept silent for some reason. Whatever the issue, will it effect this pregnancy? Folks in Houston say the last ultrasound showed she's bringing a new Jew boy into the world.

Why can't normal people make it their religion to reproduce? The rate these orthodox nuts make babies, we're going to be taken over in no time.

Anonymous TRUTH post

I knew Shannon and her ex. Rumor has it that the kinky stuff they were into was beyond swinging. They raised miniature daschund's and taught them to bring females to an orgasm. He liked to watch horses, and was into a lot of weird stuff.

So, in her tell all story, which sexual demands from her husband was it that she wasn't comfortable with in the end? Maybe she sucked at making baaaaaa sounds?

Nigritude Ultramarine

Ten minutes to Wapner.

Shelly smith

Shannon tried to talk me into having sex with she and her ex on MANY occasions. They both have herpes and were "swinging" with other couples in a herpes support group in Houston. She also had several affairs during the time she was married and living with her ex in which she wanted me to be her alibi for her excursions. This woman was NOT a victim of blackmail or any such demon.


Some facts to consider.

I can tell you that Shannon was not Jewish before her conversion. She was however a long-time member of a Christian church that studied and practiced some of the Jewish beliefs and traditions. It really interested her and she seemed very excited about it. So she did have some history of experience.

I don't know if Shannon's account of her situation involving Tropper is completely accurate. I don't know that it is not.

I do know that she has had some traumatic experiences in her life that are very real. Most of which were not her fault in any way. These kind of experiences affect a person's development and direction in life. As a result, Shannon is a survivor.

A survivor is driven to put up walls and eliminate threats. But at the same time, Shannon tries to be genuinely caring and sweet.

A survivor must protect themselves at all cost. Yet Shannon still struggles to hold on to that innocent part of her that was damaged early on.

It hasn't been easy for her. She has reached out to people in the past who have carelessly hurt her. She has taken some wrong turns in life as well. As we all do in the learning process.

Shannon is one of God's beautiful creatures. He loves her and has great plans for her that she has no idea of.

If you believe Shannon's story, good for you. You have love and trust in your heart.

If you do not believe her story. At least believe that Shannon's early life is a story of heartbreak. She has come through it better than many. She will protect herself as best she can while still trying to give love.

God knows the truth of Shannon. Let Him take care of His daughter.


So Shannon bagged another one - married her third (third times the charm?) this month. How long before her daddy helps her file charges on Dr. Jack? Let's see two baby daddies - now maybe a third?

Obviously, she's still looking for a father figure considering the new hubby/daddy's age....did Neil give him a pornographic watch like he gave his daughter Shannon? So many questions....like watching a bad soap opera but she can only fool people for so long - just like her daddy Neil - and that's why he lost his job as detective. Karma, Neil and Shannon -



If you go to this website, you will see the watch that Shannon got from her daddy. She loved it so much that she asked for another one to give to the rabbi she was sleeping with. The watch shows a very strange daddy/daughter relationship...has anyone done a DNA test on the grandkids????? Just a thought...





oh, poor, poor, shannon!

Shannon is a ditzy white trash slut, and not a victim as she tries to portray! Many who knew her personally, have spoken about her reckless, immoral past life with other men. If she had any self worth and self respect, along with any morals at all, she easily could tell scum bag pigs like this rabbi, simply NO! How many times in life, I have told someone NO! even if it cost me my job. And some of these fallen rabbi's have no right to put others down as they do, when they themselves prove to be rotten to the core. SHANNON YOU ALSO CANNOT FOOL THINKING MINDS, who can see your deranged manipulative ways.





No wonder Shannon is so screwed up - daddy's little girl.



New update on everyone's favorite couple....lol



for the latest on Shannon Orand's daddy


Neil Hines is having charges brought against him for filing false felony charges against him. Gee, he's really quiet now about his daughter...must be genetic. Now he's cultivating friends among evangelical women - back to what they did originally for their scams. Good luck with that.




now with pictures. Neil is being charged for filing false felony charges against me. This is how this family lives.



new and improved.


I know that, according to "failed messiah", Shannon is no longer "newsworthy" but does anyone want to answer why her dad would want to keep women's clothes and shoes? Hmm? Maybe there's more to this than we know. And Shannon has already gotten herself embroiled in another drama. Oh, please, don't kick down my door....lol.



Well, sometimes "good" triumphs. Neil Hines emailed me today and said he's going to Florida and never wants me again. I must be the only woman in the world, including crack whores, whom he does not want!!! A very exclusive club. Unfortunately, he didn't say for how long.

Guess he has to hide now that he failed at getting me fired, failed at getting any felony theft charges against me (and ticked off the MCSO in the process), failed at getting any kind of civil suit against me.....pretty much a repeat of his life.

So he's running to Florida. Guess he knows I have a solid case of libel/slander against him.

The only problem? I don't think he's taking his "daughter", Shannon. And he should. He told me she doesn't have a job, is having trouble finding a job (what, we're out of rabbis????), and I think her 'relationship' is about to head south if it hasn't already...and what's he going to do with all that "Costco" and pawn shop crap he keeps in storage buildings????

So how can Shannon "drop by" her daddy's apartment like she's used to doing (and I was there when she did it) to get money???

That's why he should take her with him. She won't have to wait for him to send the cash if she's right there with her hand out.

Sorry that Neil relocating would lower Florida's IQ average but it would boost Texas' IQ more than when Bush left for Washington! Yes, that's a joke.

So let's hope Neil was embarrassed enough about being "handled" last Saturday as he waited with a bucket of chicken for me to show up at Surfside with the dogs so that he could say "goodbye" - yeah, bet he ate all that chicken all by himself and didn't save any for Shannon.

Look out, Florida. Hurricane Drama Queen Neil is on his way! lol



Well, I think I've finally escaped from this lunatic Jerry Springer family unit of Shannon and her father. I played him like a fiddle Saturday after almost two weeks of "set up" - hey, I learned everything I know about deception from him and Shannon.

Shannon has updated her Plaxo as of February 2010 to say she is in a "relationship" - yeah,....I can guess who that is. Well, um, good for her. lol And Daddy Dearest is holed up in a trailer somewhere watching Disney movies - trust me, he told me himself.

Those of you who thought I was being hard on them? Go to my blog. I posted what everyone else said - and it's not complimentary.

So, goodbye, good luck. All this "pseudo drama" reminds me of a quote from a movie that I saw this weekend:
"You can't be a real woman until you've had to deal with a man who's a complete ass".

All the best - keep up the entertainment on here. Diane





You are right. We are just too biased to understand it - or would be if we had ever heard it - so we will go elsewhere. Enjoy your corner of the schoolyard. Maybe now that you're all grown up, someone will pick you for their team at recess and you won't be so ready to call names.

Bye. Don't forget to line up for snack and naptime. We are going where the grownups talk.


I did defend my position, Diane.

The problem is, you and Shelly are too biased too understand it.


Shmarya can't defend his position so he attacks like a schoolyard bully. Too bad he wasn't picked for classroom teams more often. It would have changed his adult view of how to interact on a mature level. I also saw the tape - and wish I hadn't. It is not the sort of thing I view - do you suppose her children will be surfing the net some day and see it? There's a family video for you.

From the looks of how you live, you are definitely not paid by those who "help" Shannon. But then, you never offered them what she did.
I also am leaving for more erudite intelligent venues.


Actually, 'Shelly,' you're ignorant. You don't know the halakhic issues surrounding people with distant Jewish ancestry (or much else, for that matter, judging from your writing here).

What you see as contradictions, a normal, educated person familiar with the halakhic issues sees as normal behavior from a potential convert.

Past that, I'm not paid by Shannon or Guma, or anyone else.

I report what I believe to be the truth based on the work I do. That's it.

I find your attitude, your behavior, and your arrogance appalling.

In that you share much with other opponents of Shannon, who resort to smears and sleaze to 'prove' Shannon is unfit to be a Jew.

The problem is, Shelly, lots of rabbis disagree with you, including but not limited to the ones who converted her.

If you are who I think you are, many of those rabbis would love to write you and your current boyfriend/husband out of the Jewish people. There is no halakhic way to do that. However, that does not change their opinion of you, and their desire for the Jewish community to be rid of you.

You should think deeply about that.


I had stopped posting here and then you, Shmarya decided to post even more lies and atribute words to me that are not my posts. Shall I point to where you can start reading again?
Respnding to this:
SH said "Does every victim have to be publicly displayed for you to slaughter as you have Shannon?

Nice try for putting out what you want others to read. However, there are a few intelligent readers here wo aren't spoon-fed and they DO go back and read ALL the posts and get a sense of what was actually said. They also do not accept witout question your words here. Responsible people want facts, not your and Shannon's fantacy. You must be getting paid well to defend what is a lost cause. I ONLY used Shannon's OWN words and asked you to prove them or either question her absurd stories and you wouldn't.

So if you and your pet aren't happy, blame her for putting such drek out for public display.

So when you saw I was not posting you once again, accused me of hanging her on a cross. You know...the thing messianic evanelicals wear, only bigger.

As to your other twisted statement, defending her "Jewish heritage", THIS is what she wrote and then of course backed off as she could not explain why she thought she didn't need a conversion. Maybe she didn't. Maybe she was so arrogant she thought she would be given that title by her asociations in the hotel room or with oters but then got cold feet and turned turned in the tapes and cried 'victim'. As luck would have it...she didn't need to go through te process after all, did she? By the way, how is she explaining the physical contact which she lied about with Tropper? Cute. In her own words: "Noting happened". OY! That is a lot to swallow even for one who is blind deaf and dumb. It is right there on video. And for what it is worth, I saw a version not on the internet. It is much clearer.

Shannon claims the following (whic means her mother would have to be Jewish) “Initially, I looked into conversion, but through looking into my family discovered that I am already Jewish! I’ve written enough, so I’ll explain this part later.”

Notice how she abrubtly drops the explanation and does not return to the topic? Just like she dropped the subject about the hotel room with "nothing happened".

If truth is what you have a problem with, Bubba, then at least put up a disclaimer!


Watched the Orand-Tropper video - good to see that the DNA is strong in that family....apple - tree. The family that has something in common is always strong.


So, Shmarya, you don't need to defend her anymore since she's "old news"? lol too funny.

She's already tripped up and you know it if you've been following what she's done in the community - maybe she and daddy will finally leave here as they keep promising to do - but that's too much to ask considering they are both embroiled in new lawsuits....drama queens - both of them.

Nigritude Ultramarine

I notice that no one is rushing to jump in and defend Shannon. Perhaps because some of the things alleged were found to be accurate and true? Hmmmmm?

I don't come over here looking for updates to the comment thread. I'm only aware of updates because I subscribed to the Comments RSS feed for this Post. It's not something I do with every post. I imagine it's the same with most visitors here.


I notice that no one is rushing to jump in and defend Shannon. Perhaps because some of the things alleged were found to be accurate and true? Hmmmmm?

Or, perhaps, just perhaps, it is because this post is one month old today, and very few people – besides a couple of obsessed people intent on smearing Shannon in any way possible – are still following it.


I notice that no one is rushing to jump in and defend Shannon. Perhaps because some of the things alleged were found to be accurate and true? Hmmmmm?

See, all we have to do is sit back and watch Shannon and her "daddy" self destruct. They can't maintain a sense of normalcy for an extended period of time - they are addicted to the drama.

Shannon could not just convert - she had to pretend to be a radical undercover Jew - the rest of us seek peace and harmony in our lives. These two seek discord and strife and are better left to each other. Apple - tree. Both blighted.


Absolutely correct, "justicenotserved". Her father, Neil Hines, often told me that Shannon was being given support money from people in Israel as payment for trapping Tropper. He would drone on and on about all the undercover work she was doing. Now I know he meant it literally!!! Without these payments, how else could she survive without a full time job? Not my idea of a good person, let alone a good Jew.

She lives under the delusion that she is some sort of Jewish James Bond, working undercover to destroy all non-Jews. Now that's someone who loves humanity...Hey, even James Bond had a job....


Shannon was sent to Tropper from the beginning to set him up and fabricate all these tales and tapes as well to destroy him and EJF.. Even Tropper knew she had been with Guma prior to coming to him...He believed her with her sob stories and fell into a trap...She is not a valid JEW at all, her conversion is a farce ! If she was so desperate to get her ex away from her children, she should have been "taping" him in the act not Tropper! Her goal was and is MONEY...and Guma gave it to her with a very heavy assignment...


Happy Birthday, Neil. At least this year you didn't have to pretend to pick an argument with me so you could spend it with someone else and still get the nice present I would give you.

Go have dinner at the Spagetti Warehouse - that way you don't need to remember who you took to which restaurant - it's always the same one. You're another year closer to your goal. Congrats.


And, "JI Friend", the desecration to which you refer is what happened that precipitated the discussion on the website, not the discussion. If you consider any ideas that do not correspond with your own as desecration, I feel pity for you. Your statements smack of the rhetoric that Shannon and her "daddy dearest" use to denigrate their detractors.


JI - I never said that Neil was a full time pastor. He was the youth "whatever" of a splinter Christian group in Conroe that was about one step away from drinking Kool-Aid and wearing sneakers waiting to be beamed up to the spaceship. Very backwoods, etc. He took me to the house where he lived with one of his wives during that time - I could practically hear banjos playing. He was not even with Shannon for most of the time she was growing up - he had moved on to several other wives and families by then. Shannon never had a chance for a normal relationship with him. I felt that was very sad. That is why I gave both of them chance after chance - I knew their background and thought my love and patience would show them their worth. I was wrong. They looked on it as a weakness that they could manipulate. Very sad for them.

You have me confused with others - I don't know if there are other victims of Tropper. I would assume so. Just as there are other victims of Neil Hines and I have talked to several of them. I think Tropper is scum and would never associate with him - not even for money. There are people I have met who were evil and I distanced myself from them. When someone continues a relationship with a truly evil person, he/she is condoning that trait. That is not what I do. Neil called me evil - classic. I projected my feelings that everyone is basically good on him and he projected his feelings that everyone is basically bad on me. We were both wrong.

Obviously, you are either Shannon, her "daddy", or a friend of hers (considering your post name). I understand why you would want to defend someone who is telling you a version of the truth. As the saying goes "There are three truths: mine, yours, and the truth". Your use of derision and name calling is not appropriate. Shannnon's and Neil's knee jerk hatred saddens me. It shows people a hatred that is not normal for the Jewish community. We are based on love, patience, and peace. I truly believe that understanding is more powerful in the long run than hatred. One of my dear friends at work is Muslim. We talk every day - people at work look at us and often ask us why we don't hate each other. Why? Because we each are willing to see the humanity in the other. We each were created by the same force. I'm certain that some of you will not agree and I understand.

Hines tried to cover up the fact that he was removed from being a detective because of what he did - they let him remain a Sergeant which was appropriate. He told me he was afraid that they were going to fire him like they had one of the females at the jail (where he was reassigned) and he retired. I filed charges, not for spite, but because he trampled on my rights as a person when he did what he did in his capacity as a law officer. I did not condone the Nazis (I lost most relatives there) and I don't condone what Neil did. One is not as severe but if we don't speak up when this happens to us, when will we speak up for others?

This is a long post and I appreciate anyone who reads my thoughts. I feel that Shannon will either be a good Jew or will fail based on her own actions - nothing we say here will alter that.

We each ultimately are responsible for our own actions. I originally lashed out in hurt, fear, and anger when Neil tried to destroy me. I have to get tested every six months because of my relationship with this man. I may never have another relationship because I am absolutely honest about that.

So, post what you will attacking me. I know I am a good person. I have two wonderful children who are responsible loving adults. I have my first wonderful grandchild. I contribute to the community especially in the area of helping abused women and children. I take care of myself. I offer help to anyone who needs it. I am protected by my neighbors and coworkers and have made several dear precious friends during this trouble.

Can Neil and Shannon say the same? I truly hope so for their peace of mind.



NU - I have an attorney and am filing charges as we speak. Neil wanted money and gifts and didn't get them from me like he did from some of his other victims. According to the attorney, we have an excellent case.

The strongest case is the libel/slander - he came to my workplace with outrageous claims and told them they had to fire me or he would sue the company. They hid me while he was there because he stated to me that he always carried his gun. We keep the doors locke and I park under a camera now. I don't want this to continue so the deal is - he leaves me alone and I don't sue his fat Muffin ass. He is banned from the premises under threat of immediate arrest. He claims that is not true but it is probably because he gave them a false address and did not get our attorney's letter!

JI Friend

Diane - Tangle is a video site, just like YouTube. It used to be named GodTube. As a counter-missionary, Shannon subscribed to many Christian sites, both to infiltrate and to enter into debate discussions, giving the Jewish response. The only videos you will find posted by Shannon on the Tangle site are ones debating Jews for Jesus, refuting Christianity. Her resume clearly shows that she worked for a counter-missionary organization, Arutz 7, and her first interview after the conversion was with Jewish Israel (another counter-missionary organization that Shannon is an active member of).

Shannon says her father was a minister. In other places she says she traveled with her father as an "evangelist". She never mentioned that her father was a full time pastor of a large church with no other job. If you know anything about the church, or ministers, you'll find that they often hold day jobs... especially "evangelist ministers" who travel to different local churches (meaning they get hired as guest speakers). This is exactly what Shannon describes.

Sgt Hines was attacked regarding his job as an officer, not a minister. The fact that he addresses this, and not his being a minister (which he no longer is) is not inconsistent, just not relevant.

Shelly, you spout your anger as if what you've read in Tablet Magazine is the entirety of the Tropper case. When Tablet states "unclear", it's because Shannon refused interviews with them. All they had to go on was her myspace writings that she was looking into her family, but no way to get an answer to those questions.

Do you have personal knowledge that there are no other victims?
Do you not think that after this horrific situation, that the victims now coming forward would be handled with absolute discretion?
Does every victim have to be publicly displayed for you to slaughter as you have Shannon?
Hasn't this tremendous chilul Hashem caused enough damage?
Do you have personal knowledge that the hundreds of audios recorded by Ms. Orand have no mention of the conversion exchange?

At least one additional tape was released after the initial leak, and some blogs mention others that have been threatened to be released. Knowing this, why are you so confident that the ones you heard are the absolute beginning and end of the story?

Considering the tremendous chilul Hashem this has caused, do you think any rabbinic authority dealing with this case would voluntarily post further tapes, simply for your listening pleasure? Get real! If anybody is truly investigating this at all, you can be sure that every bit of evidence is being closely guarded, especially with people like you nuts out there!

Nigritude Ultramarine

why did he file false felony theft charges against me and tell me that if I paid him thousands of dollars, he would drop the charges???

That's extortion. Someone did the same thing to me and I filed my own charges. Problem solved.

Did you file extortion charges?


If Neil (also now known as "Muffin") is so concerned that I do not have money, why did he file false felony theft charges against me and tell me that if I paid him thousands of dollars, he would drop the charges???

He didn't get enough money from me when we were together? Guess this ploy worked for his other victims.

Remind you of anyone else - maybe a close relation of his????


Oh, and as far as breaking down his door because she thought his "enlarged" heart had given out:

1. just got the pics back from my daughter's wedding where poor ill Neil is shown dancing all night - strenuously.
2. Neil said that the reason was that she thought he had committed suicide since he was often taking his gun and thinking about his future (something he did about every 6 weeks).
3. He takes the "blue pill" which you can't do with heart disease.


4. The big reason: you can't have an enlarged heart if you have no heart. I can only imagine what it was like growing up with this man for a "father" - even an absent one. He can't be a good husband, a good friend, or a good life partner - so it stands to reason that his father skills are just as lacking.

Shmarya, you are wrong. It DOES matter what Shannon did. Why wouldn't it? We are each responsible for our actions.

So now use some of your name calling and schoolyard bullying on me....lol


Hmmmm. Shannon is now showing up (was not showing up before) on "tangle" which is a "website for Christians to connect" - guess she's covering all the bases and remembering her other "roots" growing up evangelical. She still has Catholic, Buddist and a couple of others to join and then she can be a victim in all of them.
LOL. Maybe Daddy doesn't want to be a "Noahide" anymore since he's pretty well cleaned out that dating pool.



Process: Rabbi Wender called it off. I was the first to report that. I spoke with Wender about it.

As for conversion in Israel, several Modern Orthodox and Religious Zionist rabbis offered to do the conversion here and in Israel.

What you should do is take some time off to think about your attitude and behavior.


Food fr thought that I forot to put in my final post here. A good place to start.


..."But ask why is that the day before Ornads conversion it was called off.After being converted in ISrael she was warmly welcoimed by the entire community including the rabbi who cancelled her conversion.

how is it that 2 very prominent Zionist Orthodox rabbis who generally do not do conversions all of a sudden get invovled in converting a gentile woman from America?
And the answer is no, I did not write it. Will certainly follow up on it though. :-)



There is NO conflict between what I wrote and what Tablet wrote.

There are no significant inconsistencies.

And your dribble about Shannon's pre-conversion Jewish status is truly insane. As I have pointed out many times, people with some Jewish ancestry – especially with maternal Jewish ancestry – often consider themselves Jewish. Even so. most have to convert because the records needed to conclusively prove that status are often incomplete – as any genealogist can explain to you.

Past that, in Shannon's case she lived as an Orthodox Jew for almost 4 years before her conversion. When asked how she identified herself, she often answered "Jewish."

As long as that engendered no confusion in terms of dating, there really isn't a problem with that.

Anyway, the issue is Tropper's behavior. As I pointed out above, whatever Shannon is doesn't matter – Tropper still did what he did.

You can't handle that because you seem to need to vilify Shannon.

That's your choice. But it still doesn't change the story.


Shmarya said: ..."Actually, Shelly, what this blogger did was REPEATEDLY ask you, Diane and others to provide documentation for your allegations. You refused, Diane refused, the others refused..."

I have finished compiling a file of posts here as. In reviewing all hat is written here, it seems to me you have not been careful in reading posts. Case in point:

Posted by: Shmarya | January 20, 2010 at 04:32 AM ...."Either put or shut up.
You have these public documents? Share them now, or stop leaving comments here.
Shelly, you think it's okay to smear someone the way you do without providing any evidence to back it up? You're wrong, it is not okay, and you are not welcome to continue commenting here unless you be have. I don't have a dog in the fight over what Shannon's father is or even what Shannon is. But I will not allow you to hurl smears and invective at will.
You have evidence? Provide it. Email me with it. Or stop commenting on Shannon's and her father's personal lives...."

I am not the person you should have addressed in this post but I am sure an apology is not likely. I did not claim to have public documents. I have used “her own words’ here and restate them as a question.
WHY did you insert MY name in this post? Since when did posting a question on public interviews need documentation?

You said you have asked me for documentation? For what? You can start reading my posts here: January 17, 2010 at 07:02 PM.
I think I have stated that Shannon’s other conflicting stories were Luke Ford or The Tablet. So you want me to copy and paste what a reader can see by going there?
Did I say she will continue the same as she was prior to her "conversion"? Yes, I did. Proof? I gave my reason for the statement by saying that it is evident from her continued INCONSISTENCIES that you refuse to address.
Did I say she has no shame and cannot be embarrassed? I certainly did. This statement was based on her shameless retelling (differently) her personal and what should be private saga. And you want documentation?
Did I imply the poster "Neil" was nuts? Absolutely! How about narcissistic? I have a right that opinion and it is an opinion based on the babble he has put to print.
Did I question Shannon being Jewish prior to her "conversion"? I certainly did question because in another interview the "journalist" says Shannon is NOT clear why she said she did not need a conversion. Read that as NOT CLEAR. Now, the reason I bring that up is because YOU said here on this Blog that she had Jewish heritage and YOU based that on Shannon's words. Where is your proof? WHY didn’t you ask for proof?
Point being. I have only put to print Shannon’s own story and asked you of the proof you had before Blogging it here. You don't have proof. Aren't interested in truth.
As to the "other women" involved? I will tell you why there aren't any. IF there was a remote possibility of that, Bloggers would be tripping over each other to get THAT personal info for an "EXCLUIVE" to draw more Internet traffic.
I sincerely hope you can get back to the journalist you once were. That would be the real story. And a good one too.
All the best


....."even if the rest of the world views it as good..."

When one has no valid opposing point they use the 'hater' strategy. Again, just another form of diversion. You really need to get out more. Your world is very small. I leave you with your followers. Drink up!


Actually, Shelly, what this blogger did was REPEATEDLY ask you, Diane and others to provide documentation for your allegations.

You refused, Diane refused, the others refused.

Shannon's allegations are backed up by several audio tapes. (You may not have heard all of them, Shelly, or you may be selectively listening to their content).

Past those obvious facts, process this: What Tropper did is wrong even if Shannon entrapped him, even if she was paid by someone to do it, even if she has a checkered past (not that there is any real evidence for any of those what ifs).

The issue is Tropper's shocking behavior, just as the issue when Perverted Justice and Dateline NBC catch a cyber predator by posing as a 13 year old girl in a chat room is the behavior of the cyber predator, not the history of the person masquerading as a 13 year old or the actress later hired to play her.

But you are so blinded by hate you can't see that. All you see is woman you despise, and whatever she did is bad in your eyes – even if the rest of the world views it as good.


To: Former EJF volunteer __
If you have to ask why anyone would object to Shannon’s ‘conversion’ albeit a consolation prize, then you have no clue as to what has happened or what is at stake here. As to your involvement with EJF…..You volunteered and another woman got thousands of dollars? Go figure.
Person claiming to be Shannon’s daddy:
I sincerely hope you find the right combination of meds as you have serious issues. Your ‘reality’ is simply that…yours.
Negritude : 100% born Jewish.

For any reasonable, logical and truth-seeking reader:

Perhaps I was wrong in assuming there is no redeeming quality to this topic. The protests and attempts to distract from the real issues are getting more bizarre. A sure sign of concern for the inconsistencies.

I leave this Blog with a few facts to consider.

1) Scroll up and see the Blog owner’s highlighted tag… Shannon’s “dad” (by his own words) is posting here bragging about all his years as an honorable dedicated cop and nothing about being a “PREACHER”. So whose story is that?

UPDATE 11:20 am –
Tablet Magazine has a story on Shannon Orand's journey from preacher's daughter to Orthodox Jew.

2) What exactly were the allegations against Tropper when this story became public?
The media claimed “Sex-for-Conversion”. This is blackmail folks…plain and simple. So whose story is that? Where did such a charge come from? If Tropper actually said Shannon could not get a conversion without certain favors then this is a criminal offense. Did Tropper say this on any of the tapes we have listened to? Did anyone hear Tropper or any other man say if Shannon wanted a conversion, these were the conditions?
What we can hear on the tapes is a man and a woman (seems pretty clear by majority opinion this is Tropper) and it is Shannon by her own admission) who are discussing money and what the woman “liked” with another named female. Baking cookies? Consider the content o the tapes! I hope you are using your brain as you read her “story (s)”.

3) What is the single most important statement missing from these tapes that would have forced the Jewish leaders to speak out against Tropper and EJF? The same obvious omission from these conversations would have guaranteed a criminal investigation for blackmail (among other charges), a winnable suit for damages by any victim (operative word here is VICTIM). It would have been Tropper’s complete downfall and gone a long way in clearing doubt about Shannon’s intentions and involvement. Yet the statement does not exist!

Don’ know?
“I need----, and you need a conversion”. See Luke Ford’s Blog for Shannon’s exact words. At least her words at that particular story telling.

I can just see the opposition now:…..”but there are more tapes”…..

No doubt! The point is, there was a criminal charge (blackmail) made against Tropper and there is no proof of it on the disgusting sex apes. These are words Shannon used in one of her stories.

I don’t think any reasonable person is denying Tropper is guilty of many things according to these tapes. I am certainly not saying he is innocent of anything. I am not one of his defenders. But blackmail? How about consensual activities being discussed on the phone? Listen again to the tapes.

By trying so hard to be the ‘exclusive’ Blogger in bringing down Tropper, many so called journalists actually hurt the chances of getting true justice. This was accomplished by allowing many versions of a poorly written account of events to be printed without question and without confirmation of facts. When confronted with that fact here, it appears this Blogger opened the gates and welcomed any and all content that was sure to take the focus off the facts surrounding this Chillul Hashem.
With other men implicated on the tapes, there was little left to do but rush to collect the tapes, sweep it under the rug and make Shannon happy and keep her quiet. And so goes the world of Jewish politics.


I am too involved in actually working within the community to help women who are real victims - I do not have time for the silliness on this blog that Neil has contributed.

I wish you all well mired in your drama. Please consider using your time to participate in life - the next big event in Houston: Race Against Violence benefiting the Women's Shelter - get out and DO something. Don't just sit on your ass and moan about life.

A participant in life,


Hey, Neil: your daughter is the one who hasn't supported herself her entire adult life. I didn't say you. Read the blog = don't just skim.

And you were removed from being a detective because of the charges against you, not because of a change in policy.

Answer the questions about Shannon. No one cares about a bald, fat, has-been ex-detetive who was removed from his office and the charges against him upheld even after his appeal.

Shannon is the focus here - not you. I hear WalMart needs security to partrol the parking lots - perfect and you get a store discount - even better.

You forgot to mention that you tried to get me jailed for felony theft - and it didn't work. And tried to get me fired - and it didn't work. And so now you will not file a civil case? Because I will sue your ass for libel/slander and win.

Deal with it, Neil. As your daughter would have phrased it - you've been "handled". Put on your Pink Floyd pajama bottoms, sit in your "repaired' recliner and watch old police DVDs in your Tomball trailer until you can't stand it anymore....and explain how Shannon can support herself and two children (the innocents here) with no full time job. Nice work, daddy.


Neil is basically a male whore who will sell himself to the person willing to give him money and a "real" rolex. And the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

He does not sue me because he cannot win. I have an ironclad countersuit. Everyone knows that this family - father-grandmother-grandfather-cousin- daughter, is damaged. Neil tries to change the focus from his daughter to his "victimization" - what a crock. They are both users. Neil used me and Shannon used.....fill in the blanks (multiples for both).

Anser the questions pertinent to Shannon, Neil. Not you. We already know about you - born trailer trash and continues to be - anyone who want the real deal 'Neil', please go to my blog.

You are known for the company you keep and Shannon hung with Tropper.


And that sums it all up - if you don't "have money" Neil and Shannon have no need for you. How did your quest for the car dealerships or the pawn shops go, Neil? lol

Let's get back to Shannon and her taking money from a rabbi who everyone thinks is scum. None of us would associate with him - why her???? I think the answer is obvious - as Shelly said: apple - tree...

Enjoy your trailer - I don't care where you've parked it...


Liar. lol Go back to the debate at hand. Your daughter working and how she gets her money. How altruistic of you not to sue me in civil court but try to get trumped up charges for felony theft. Enjoy your trailer....

Maybe you should pay for the HIV tests I have to get every six months because you slept with a crack whore while you were proposing marriage to me....that would be fair.

Neil Hines

I suspect there is more truth to Diane's assertions than we may know. I only wish she would post some of the info for all to see.
If someone was writing things that were blatantly false about me, and they were guilty of libel, getting on an Internet blog and joining the fray would be the last thing I would do. The first thing would be to get a really good attorney and sue that person's ass off. If the only means to combat the things written is to post on a blog, I have to believe that is the only defense there is since that which is spoken is more than likely true.

I have spoken with an attorney. The cost of filing a civil suit against Diana would be very expensive. I know that Diana has no money, so the suit would be for principle only. Fighting in court over principle is a lawyer's dream. They take your money and I get nothing to even pay the expenses. Not worth the money.

Neil Hines

So you want me to get a sheriff's report that shows Shannon was worried about her father and the cops broke down his door?

I will provide you with the facts as to Shannon having my door kicked in.

I have heart disease (enlarged heart). Shannon was afraid that I was in my apartment and because of illness unable to open the door. Deputies from the Fort Bend County Sheriff Office with members of the Harris County Sheriff Office broke in my door with the intent to save a fellow officer's life. The breakage of the door was paid for by the Fort Bend County Sheriff Office. Once again, Diana tells an untruth.

Neil Hines

Oh, please, do not do the "all or nothing" argument. She does not talk to her father for days. When he calls, in my presence, she tells him she's busy. Then, when he is with me for 12 hours and does not pick up her calls, she pulls this stunt. It only starts to lend credence to the statement you pulled (out of my many statements) that this family is crazy.

And the Harris County one documents all the charges and why Neil, who orchestrates much of the legal part for Shannon, was removed from and lost his detective status.

All persons holding the rank of Detective with the Harris County Sheriff Office had their rank and status changed to Sergeant by the State Civil Service of Harris County in August 2008. This was done by the then Sheriff, Tommy Thomas to save money and put into place Deputy Investigators.
All of the 142 Detectives assigned to this Bureau underwent this change in status.

Neil Hines

Thank you!!! Shannon and her father (who helps her with the legal aspects) are being exposed finally - they have done this for years and people are always afraid to speak out because Shannon and her father constantly threaten lawsuits - they have nothing better to do - they don't work and are supported by money from the community.

I have only been in one lawsuit in my life and it was over a traffic accident.

"They Don't work"

I have worked since I was 12 years old. I have never been unemployed my entire adult life. I went into the United States Navy in 1969 and worked until I was HONORABLY RETIRED from the Harris County Sheriff Office on 31 October 2009. I believe that is a stable work history of over 40 years. This is another lie by Diana

Nigritude Ultramarine

Shelly isn't Jewish?

Neil Hines


Did you get your conversion sanctioned yet?
If you have been trying for 10 years and still not sanctioned as of yet, I'd give up.
Do you hate those that are non-jewish? Don't, you are not Jewish either, just like Diana isn't. And it doesn't take much research to find a salutation or ending to a letter or e-mail in Hebrew.

Nigritude Ultramarine

I really care that you have allowed a group of obviously insane goyim spam the thread to deflect from the issues of inconsistancies in Shannon's 'story'.

Who are they?

Former EJF volunteer

Shelly (not her real name) is upset about a goy being allowed to post to this blog?

Shelly, would you like to tell us your status and what the REAL problem you have with Ms. Orand is?


it was a 'personal' matter, which it seems to be between you and Shannon.

This "Jerry Spriner" thread has no redeeming value and the players are also questionable. That is my opinion.

I have no personal relationship with Shannon.

I also believe many of the comments left primarily by her detractors have no real bearing on the story, and I wrote that somewhere above.


I don't care that you think I am boorish.

I do care what you think of how our conversion process is being handled by the corrupt power brokers.

I care about having corruption in the controlling Orthodox world exposed.

I really care that you have allowed a group of obviously insane goyim spam the thread to deflect from the issues of inconsistancies in Shannon's 'story'.

I thought you just might be one who couldn't be bought and would continue to post fact...even if it was a 'personal' matter, which it seems to be between you and Shannon.

This "Jerry Spriner" thread has no redeeming value and the players are also questionable. That is my opinion.


--What has happened to your objectivity???

That other victims exist is a fact. That they were afraid to come forward because of the behavior of people like you is a fact.

That you are boorish? Okay, that's my opinion. But it's well-based in fact – your stream of comments here.


Shmarya said: "They're afraid to come forward, in part because of the boorish behavior of people like you..."
---------What has happened to your objectivity???

This page is filled with text that makes the Beverly Hillbillies look like the community elite! Please step back and drop that sippie cup of kool-aide! You know as well as anyone reading there is more to this. Whose payroll are you on? Only on this one issue - only when it involves these players are you willing to sit back...silently. Why? It appears one will have to wade through many venues before reaching the truth in Shannon's drama. So be it.

No there are not other women involved. This is more of your tossing out trash and expecting us to believe it is prime rib.

And what's up with this person called Neil? Such shameless personal garbage! At least it shows where Shannon got her understanding of what is normal acceptable behavior.

Shmarya our conversion process is in ruins and this goy comes here and rambles about his pristeen record as a cop, gives us a blow by blow of his personal life (what a nightmare!) and all you can say is I am boorish? What a dysfunctional bunch of lab experiments.

This issue will not get solved on the internet. There are REAL journalists and real investiators in the real world who want to see this blight removed from our sefer Torah and the conversion process returned to a respected and honorable endeavor.

Your thinking is skewed Shmarya. That is the first step in loosing credibility.


Hines said:
FYI have Diana prove that she is Jewish. She went to Christian churches for the last 30 years and her mother and grandmother were praticing Christians (per Diana) so how is she Jewish?
What exactly is your question?


If Neil wants to debate our relationship further, he may do so in another venue.

This is taking up space that is meant to explore the Tropper-Orand tapes, relationship, etc.



Neil wants things posted so that he can use them himself. What a goof.

Yes, Neil is a retired Sergeant - he is NOT a retired detective....

lol - there he goes again with his half truths and drama. I never said he was fired. He was REMOVED from being a detective and reassigned to work in the jail when his appeal was denied and the charges upheld- they DID take away his office, his car, his gas card - because he was no longer a detective. He can be rehired at the jail booking in prisoners, not as a detective. A definite loss of status.

If he gave my office his correct address, he received the notice from our attorney but he probably didn't since he is "hiding".

I have not gone to "church" for the last 30 years. My mother did when I was growing up and I was married - and only married once - to a man who was not Jewish - but did not participate in his religion. Guess he might be confusing me with one of his four or more ex wives....its' so confusing without a scorecard....

Several of his very close friends correspond with me and have helped me a great deal and no longer talk to Neil or Shannon after what they did. He knows who they are and complained to me that they will no longer have anything to do with him.

The letter he wrote to my office had a page of accusations that were beyond ridiculous and provide me with the chance to sue him for libel and slander.

"All his family" is Shannon and his crazy cousin in New York (who told the MC detective that I was sending him porn 50 times a day - what a laugh). NOT the Waltons. And Shannon bragged about helping her father lie to women so he could sleep with them - that's what she did when she stepped into the relationship between Neil and me.

He won't accept my apology? Neil, Baby....I'm not apologizing! lol You are not a nice person (understatement).

Now let's move on from your little drama theater and focus back on the questions raised here - why would Shannon continue to associate with the lowlife Tropper?

Neil - lead a full happy life. Play Pirates on line all night. Go to Costco often. Watch DVDs. Be a Noahide. Travel to the Keys - move to the house in the Keys that you say you have leased.....

Back to the topic at hand. Neil, Try to not muddy the water spewing forth your half truths.

You did not get my money or a real Rolex. Get over it. Move on and enjoy your remaining retirement years in the bosom of your loving family and friends. Wishing you all the best...or at least what you deserve...Diane

Neil Hines

Diana says that I was fired. How come the Harris County Sheriff Office gave me a plaque, watch, ID card stating I am an Honorably Retired Sergeant with their department and a badge?
If there is a restraining order as she says filed against me, have her post a copy on here. I have not been served a summons, attended court or been given any notice signed by any magistrate saying I am restrained from anything.
The letter that she is refering to with her employer is when she stated she had a gun and was going to commit suicide (a common threat).
Diana needs to stop this silly war and move on. I will not have anything to do with her ever again. She has been blocked by all my friends and family in e-mails. She has been banned from sites that involve the Harris County Sheriff Office.
I will not accept another one of her many apologies and promises to not do what she does. All my family and friends want nothing to do with Diana based on her actions.

Neil Hines


I know for a fact that the things that Diana are saying are lies. I do not know you but wonder why you are so upset over my daughter, her conversion and exposing Mr. Tropper?
Shannon did nothing to Diana but she is so offended over her conversion.
FYI have Diana prove that she is Jewish. She went to Christian churches for the last 30 years and her mother and grandmother were praticing Christians (per Diana) so how is she Jewish?


Actually, Shelly, there are other women who claim they were pressured by Tropper to engage in sex.

They're afraid to come forward, in part because of the boorish behavior of people like you.


Good golly!!! Well, other than the size of your socks, you pretty much laid it all out there Neil! Honestly now...who can top the goyim at being nutzzz? Absolutely no sense of shame.
..."Can the thread get back to the question at hand, abusive Rabbi's abusing new converts?
First, let me say what you slipped in this sencence is incorrect. Shannon was NOT a "new convert" when these trysts came to light. She got that consolation prize for turning over her smut tapes to those in higher political positions and backing out of a game she created.
Second, I and many others take serious offense to this set of circumstances being referred to as "abuse" which only serves to water down real abuse cases. If and that is a big if, Tropper took advanae of an unsuspecting woman just trying to get a conversion with no agenda of her own, then indeed this is an abuse of power. There is no proof of that at this time. This has an odd odor of two users and abusers meeting up with each other and getting beaten at their own game.
What I find the most demeaning and possibly irreparable is the damage Shannon has done to the conversion process and to other potential converts all because she wanted to play out of her league and when asked to service other men she cried "foul"!
I find her 'conversion' insulting to women who make honorable, sincere attempts to convert to Judaism. How dare Shannon make the claim other convert candidates (women) were involved in her personal and once private rabbi groupie activities. Does she think by bringing other women, innocent women into her story it proves she was used and abused? Jews are not stupid, Hines. Given a set of facts we can sift throuh the drek and come up with a clear picture. This one was easy give Shannon's bent for changing her story along with the long list of rumors that included another notable rabbi. Or does that not factor in? It is unfortunate the political stakes are so high and the corruption so deep the wrong people are rewarded. This does not mean they will not have to face the humiliatin of having the real story uncovered.
So, the real question here is can we get back to why Shannon won't clear up her incnsistencies?


Oh, the drama....maybe he can get it syndicated. What else does he have to do with his time now that he is retired from the Inmate Processing Center of the jail? Nada.

Bored with the drama and the lies.


Well, I see my latest was taken off. I'm ready to pit email against email - "Trust", baby.
Let's take this into a more appropriate arena.


Sent you an email on gmail. Reminding you of some of the emails and texts you sent me....you might want to think about what you are doing. "Trust", baby....right?


Now let's stop wasting these people's time on this blog with your rants and my response rants - let's get back to Shannon and why she continued to associate with some scum like Tropper....when none of us would.

Anyone like to jump in here? lol

Laila tov,



Oh, one more thing, Neil. I am filing against you for libel and slander - our office attorney said it's a perfect open and shut case with the letter you left. You make up things and came to my office to get me fired amd it didn't work - enjoy the dog food.

If I were you, I'd return to the Keys of FLORIDA (and why do you capitalize that state every time?) lol


You are a liar and many of your former friends know it and that is why they don't associate with you anymore. You slept with a known crack whore while telling me we were exclusive.

So you want to play? Remember lying drunk and naked on my bathroom floor covered in feces and vomit screaming that you want to die and you wanted me to kill you? Lovely memory. You slept with a crack whore while trying to get her pawn shops put in your name while telling me how we were exclusive. You wanted to marry me on a beach in Costa Rica but I did not have enough money. So enjoy the fantasy. You have been banned from my work and have a restraining order against you. Your felony charge was dismissed and the detective was disgusted with you. You are pitiful. Enjoy your life with your life partner, Shannon.

You wrote the recant letter yourself and then gave me shots of tequila and had me sign it telling me it was the start of a new life. And it didn't work. You're not a detective anymore. They removed you. Took your office, your car, your gas card, everything. If the owner of the blog would like pictures of the files you stole and hid from the detective bureau and that I returned to them, I will supply them for him.

Your daughter had a choice. We decent people do not associate with someone like Tropper. No decent person does. She had the same choice. She did choose to associate with him - for the money.

Get a life - with Shannon. And try being a "Noahide" for once.

All the best wished for your future with your loving family,

Neil Hines


You are a person who is filled with such hate and evil that I chose to distance myself from you. It was my choice to escape the prison that you wanted to place me in.

I never asked you to marry me and then you write that you are sad because this was the week we were to get married in Costa Rica. You make up a lie, garner symathy and then react emotionally to the lie you told. Bascially, you believe your own lies.

You have a criminal complaint signed by me before the Montgomery County Grand Jury as I write this. You have told people that it is for you taking some food by me, another lie, never mentioned the food. I did however mention the following;

You destroyed my bike costing me $1,0825.25 in damage. You cut the spokes, damaged the tires,broke the lights and speedometer. You damaged every other part of it in your rage. This is just one example of what you do... you destroy.

You destroyed my prescription medicines and dumped all of them, along with my other over the counter medicines and vitamins into a large bag and left it outside in the elements, rain and sun.

You destroyed my clothes and other property.

You then gave away thousands of dollars in property, a criminal offense.

You have contacted my friends and family via e-mail and phone.

You have created a blog and told the world intimate details of my life and publicly humiliated me.

You have belittled my life, career and education. You have called me a criminal and all manners of other depraved descriptions. I have never been charged with any criminal offense ever in my life. When I left after 30 years of honorable service, you told people that I was fired.

You have harmed me, my family (especially Shannon) and threw yourself and your hatred on my friends.

You have done more damage to me and my life and career than all the people who have insulted and attacked me my entire life. You set out to destroy me. You told me you would and to some degree you were a success.

So, I choose not to communicate with you in any manner,shape or form. So, destroy some more. Write more on the blogs, write e-mails and do whatever you want to do.

But, I am no longer under your thumb. You have NO POWER over me, no control.

You will of course hit the play button on the Diana rhetoric machine "you hurt me, you were unfaithful, you didn't love me, you used me." All of these are lies but you have never let the truth get in the way of punishing someone or destroying them.

You destroy because that is what you are about, what you do. So, criticize the informal e-mail, correct it for grammar and use spellcheck again and again. Enjoy, cause the truth be known... I don't give a damn !!!

I have the letter that you wrote recanting your lies to Sheriff Adrian Garcia, another to Lt. Jeff Stauber and an e-mail sent by you to me apologizing for your actions. Begging me to firgive you and maintain a friendship with you. I have another e-mail that you sent to all of my freinds and family after another one of your hate fest tantrums.

I have tolerated your mental problems for three years... no more. You lie, steal ($350) plus dollars,destroyed a police bicycle, precription medicines, valuable print, and gave away thousands of dollars in my personal property.

I have sent to the moderator of this site proof of these actions. I did not request that he get a form or other request for public information.

The fact is I am an honorably retired peace officer who has served his community with honor for over 35 years. I have the letters, awards and commeditations to prove it. prove me wrong Diana. You are a hateful person that slanders those that are good. You write inuendo's with your poison pen and hurt people... not a Jewish way of life. Oh, when did you become Jewish? Last I knew your mother and grandmother was Lutheran and Methodist.

This story is about how a convert was abused by a high ranking rabbi. But you have made it about YOU. That is what you do, make things about you.

Can the thread get back to the question at hand, abusive Rabbi's abusing new converts?

Neil Hines

Here is one of her many threats to kill herslf:

Date: Sun, Oct 25, 2009 at 7:53 PM
Subject: Short nine - the first and last gun I will own.
To: neilphines@gmail.com, and numerous others.

Just bought a short 40 millimeter from Shooter's Station. They let me walk out with it. Picked up hollow points. Know my options. Cnsidering them now. Thanks, Neil, for being the one who showed me what options my future held and exactly what I am worth.
Good bye,


I am out of here too Diane. It seems Neil's hit and run post is just a lot of hot air. He has no interest in addressing the real issues. He is probably off somewhere polishing his tin star (not the Magen Dovid)or boots and getting his eyes glazed over.
I don't see the point in his post? Anyone? Have any of the issues with Mzzz Shannon been addressed? I have named a few in the long sring of posts but none are deferred to Shannon for clarification.


Excellent points, Shelly. Grownups do what they need to do to take care of their children and to live productive useful lives. Children blame others for their own shortcomings because they have not yet learned to take responsibility for their own actions. Unfortunately, some children continue to exist in adult bodies long past childhood...

By the way, did you know - and this is true - that apple trees must be pruned often because they DO create dead wood and the dead wood is not productive and will topple the tree in a storm.....wow, what an allusion - but absolutely true from an arboreal standpoint!

Think I'll go do something productive now. Don't pick on old fat bald retirees...they've earned their rest in a peaceful home surrounded by their loving families (oops, I think I just threw up a little in my mouth).

Ta-ta! Enjoy the rest of the evening, all!


I corrected with a second post Diane. But then aain it could be that some apples don't fall from the tree. They just rot, riht along with the decayed branch. Thanks or the heads up! :-)
This logic is as stupid as it gets:
..."Neil said that Shannon could not work because she was converting...wonder what the reason will be now?...?
That is the most insuling thing I have heard about women, some single mothers, who worked two jobs, took care of their children, got MAYBE 3 hours sleep at night so they could do all that was necessary to complete their conversion! Also worth noting, they did not have time fr Israeli tours or romps in out of state hotels. But then every group has its slackers.


lol - Shelly - you forgot a word!!! "far" and you are correct - the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I knew what you meant. And you should meet his "cuzzin" - not! Another piece of work.

Neil tells everyone that he is a "Noahide" and that he lives by the ten Jewish tenets..maybe he can't remember if his first wife was Jewish because there have been so many others since then...

Loved your comment about big girl socks. That's exactly right. Especially about the corrupt entities.

Everyone knows the saying: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. There are good cops and then there are cops who use their former career to try to intimidate people.

When I was 33 (around the age Shannon is now) I had been working full time for 17 years...and summers and weekends from the time I was 12. Neil said that Shannon could not work because she was converting...wonder what the reason will be now?

But, yikes, I am talking like the jilted lovr that the blog owner says I am. It must be true. I mean, who wouldn't want to be a part of that family???? Good night, John Boy!


OOPS! I didn't prof read. Clarifyin las senence in above:
The apple doesn't fall FAR from the tree.:)


Neil said:"...Her mother stated that there was evidence of Jewish heritage..."
Jewish heritage does not make one Jewish. You were married to her mother and you cannot say if SHE was or was not Jewish? In case yu are confused, she would have to have a mother born Jewish, not just having a Jewish father or cousin or neighbor, etc.
Neil said:..."I assure you that any of the negative posts by Diana are false. I was made aware of her statements and I assure you that she is not a truth teller, there are no documents that will prove any of her allegations..."
And we are to believe you because you were a cop in Texas? Forgive me if I am not impressed but the truth is (personal knowledge) that the TWO entities running neck and neck in the race for the title of the most corrupt would be Law enforcement and rabbinical power brokers. **Side note. While typng this, I was reminded of a few things an officer "must remember" when considering credibility: She lied on her first work application, therefore she cannot be trusted. Or this one: You can steal from a convicted thief. After all who they gonna' believe? And my favorite bit of insane logic from the protect 'n' serve bubbas: No such thing as raping a prostitute. I digress but I think the readers here understand how discrediting the messenger 101 works.
ALL the above is irrelevant! Bottom line here is that Mzzz Shannon has been caught in, shall we say, discrepencies. I have counted at least a dozen.
IF she wanted to do the right thing she would set the record straight and stop giving us fairy tales about two naked women in a hotel with tropper and nothing happened. End of story.
IF she wanted to do the right thing, she would stop having men. including her daddy come to her rescue. She needs to put on her big girl socks now if she wants anyone to take her seriously.
Thanks for stopping by. I just remembered another saying that is not exclusive to any group: The apple doesn't fall from the tree.


Inquiry - you are right. He's already lost his detective status because what I said was true. I don't lie.

Well, Neil joins the group. He was removed from being a Harris County detective after they upheld the charges brought against him by me. He retired from IPC - in the jail. That is the department he can be rehired to - not the detective bureau. I am not in therapy but he should be. He was upset because I took back the Rolex I was bullied into giving him and he is upset because he tried to use a "recant" letter that he wrote to get his job back as a detective and it did not work.

He came to my office with falst statements and told them he would sue them if they didn't fire me. They banned him from the premises and protected me from him - that should tell you something. The attorney for my office filed a restraining order against him. And now I can sue him for libel and slander and he knows it. It's in his own writing in the letter he gave to my office.

I hope that he is now old enough not to feel that he has to marry a fifth or sixth time or live with someone and try to get them to sign over their assets. Maybe he can live on his "retirement" - he states at various times that he is living in the Florida Keys, in New York, and in seclusion. Usually he's just living with his daughter or with some poor woman who believes him for a short time.

I hope he gets the help he needs but I'm afraid it may be too late for him. The sad part is that the lies he presented were better than the truth that laid behind them. He LOVES half truths as you see in his statement here on the blog and told me many times that he feels that lying is good because it gets him what he wants.

But enough about Neil....let him sit in his old Pink Floyd pj bottoms watching DVDs and sleeping in a twin bed in his daughter's house....a fitting retirment.

Now let's discuss something important...like the weather. I've heard Neil's lies so many times that they bore me now.

So what sort of information would you like posted? I did send some of you Shannon's email about how she helps her father lie to women (how very Freudian). You can get the police report about the apartment door. You can file a Freedom of Information Act request to see the charges against him. I have a copy of what he was charged with and the letter that he was disciplined. What else are you looking for? And does Shannon have a full time paying job?

But - hey. I truly truly am bored with this crazy group. Neil, his daughter, his cousin (who told the police that I was sending him porn 50 times a day - lol -- nope)...so really, I am healing - I've made friends from this, I even have several good friends who have known Shannon and Neil for literally years but now have no contact with them and are supporting me emotionally. I loved Neil enough to consider marriage. I wanted a relationship with Shannon. I did not know I was being "handled" (as Shannon told me) until all the facade fell apart for them.

So - let's move on. They love the drama. They don't know any better.


I suspect there is more truth to Diane's assertions than we may know. I only wish she would post some of the info for all to see.
If someone was writing things that were blatantly false about me, and they were guilty of libel, getting on an Internet blog and joining the fray would be the last thing I would do. The first thing would be to get a really good attorney and sue that person's ass off. If the only means to combat the things written is to post on a blog, I have to believe that is the only defense there is since that which is spoken is more than likely true.

Neil Hines

I had spoken with Shannon's mother about Jewish relatives, prior to the start of the conversion process. Her mother stated that there was evidence of Jewish heritage.
I am not Jewish, nor is there any proof that any of my relatives were Jewish.
I assure you that any of the negative posts by Diana are false. I was made aware of her statements and I assure you that she is not a truth teller, there are no documents that will prove any of her allegations.
I have provided e-mails and other evidence to the person having control over this blog that prove the mental state of Diana.
I am an honorably retired peace officer who has served over 35 years of honorable service. I retired because of health and age. I believe that 35 years of police work is enough.
I collect my retirement every month and I am eligable for re-hire with the department that I retired from.
i hope that diana will continue with her therapy and make the advancements in her mental health that are required. I wish her the best that life has to offer.
Yes, I am Shannon's father. I support my daughter in these trying times.

Nigritude Ultramarine

Diane, I don't know Neil, I don't know Shannon, nor do I know "new guy" -- I just know that libel is serious business. You're a retired teacher, undoubtedly you have more sense than this.


You're probably right, NU. It's probably true love and she's just getting more of the monetary help she needs from the new guy....


If Shannon and Neil spent as much time working and living on a budget as they do "plotting" to sue people, they would be able to live well and peacefully...but they would probably miss the drama.

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