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January 28, 2010


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A rebbel plain and simple? Not.

Not sure where I stand

This guy is beyond sick!


How many, Sarah? Do you know something we don't?

libby in the hood

What was wrong with the math class? Obviously he was smart enough to steal millions, but he couldn't pass high school math? I guess in the Yeshivas they do more instruction in stealing than in mathematics. The Yeshiva students probably stink in biology but they seem to have lots of kids. Go figure!?!

Sarah K

Does anyone realize how many like him there are out there?
Sarah K

Critical minyan

I was so distracted by the tropper shandeh that I forgot all about this goniff. Thanks Shmarya for bringing dweky back.


"... squinting his eyes as he answered questions from Assistant District Attorney Sandra MOSER."

LOL. Ya think???


Dwek Bribed His Way Through Yeshiva, Rigged Auctions For His Father's Charity

And stole about $340 million.


Dwek Bribed His Way Through Yeshiva, Rigged Auctions For His Father's Charity

A prince of a guy - Yech!

Sounds like he should be on trial rather than being a witness

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