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January 19, 2010

Am Echad Emergency Campaign For Haiti

Haiti Coat of Arms South Florida campaign includes food airlift.

Haiti Coat of Arms Am-Echad today announced an EMERGENCY CAMPAIGN help the victims in Haiti.

Mark Meyer Appel who has been on a speaking tour in south Florida’s Churches and Synagogues lecturing on sex abuse and children’s rights is leading this  campaign along with Rabbi Abraham Rice, South Florida’s Director of Am-Echad and Rev. Vilner Eugene of Church of a New Revelation.

Rev Eugene is a prominent leader of the Haitian community in South Florida and a Honored Police Officer of the Florida Police Department. 

Donations and food items should be dropped off at:

Church of a New Revelation
13816 North West 7 Ave
Miami, Fl 33168
Between 11am - 5pm

Please make checks payable to American Red Cross 

Food will be airlifted to Haiti on Friday Jan. 23 2010.   

Help save lives and the Rebone Shel Olelem will help Klal Israel
“When one saves one life, it’s as if that person saved the entire world” The Talmud.

Appel Church


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So Am Echad has joined the effort and it only took until January 19th.
Who was it who complained about Zaka wasting time while people were buried alive?
J Isaac

issac at am eechad we started the first day of the disaster quietly,,,,,we just began the florida campaign we do not seek publicity
or solicit monies directly please be nice to all there are good folks out there

This sounda like a right thing to do. Kol Hakavod to Mr. Appel, rabbi Rice, and the Revenrend. Your help is saving lives!! May God bless you !!!!


Let us know what the oylem downtown & uptown & in brooklyn & at cholent can do to help.

Maybe we can get Shia Hecht to join with the Cato family on Eastern Parkway for a fund-drive.

Or get Bloomie to donate his chopper so that we can go in A-Team style.

& if you need someone to film it, let me know...

-- The UWS chevereh


thanks we are making a big kiddush hashem please send all food and clothing by friday god bless the children of god mark meyer

We should not donate to Haiti as they were involved in the crown heights riots in 1991. There are enough poor jews here in America.



What about spreading about sheva mitzvos d'bnei noach in haiti???


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