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December 08, 2009


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Okay...I'm not Jewish. I watched meatvideo.com and decided I would never eat meat again. I told my friend, who happens to be Jewish, about my despair on slaughterhouse treatment of animals. She suggested that I try Kosher. She told me Kosher was a humane way of slaughtering animals. Then I saw PETA's video and was saddened to see it was not what she said. I hope that guy and any family member involved in the Iowa plant become chimney sweepers. They deserve it.

Rabbi J

Don't get the point. Why can't Rubashkins sell meat?

Shmarya, what hast thou to say about all the bigwigs who signed letters protesting the life sentence?

Y. Aharon

My local kosher provisions store features meat labelled "Lub" as well as A&H and the Satmar label. Is the "Lub" product imported from S. America, whether from the Rubashkins or others?

dr. dave

No, YL, I'm afraid rubashkin is playing hide the salami.

new boy

ooooooooooooh....this is big. So this Dovid Rubashkin is legitimately selling kosher meat. Big catch!!! You should become a private investigator!



The post will now allow anyone looking for the web site of the Rubashkin butcher shop retail store and delivery service to find it on google. Search for 'rubashkin butcher shop delivery' and this post is top listing.

Our moderator should send the butcher shop a bill for advertising.


"Shtetel Inc." Hey Rubashkin, we don't live in the Shtetel anymore. Get your heads out of the Shtetel mentality.

Posted by: Chabadnik Attorney | December 08, 2009 at 12:56 PM

it seems like a crown heights/ Chabad thing not a rubashkin thing

you got Kretchme Pizza on troy ave.



Shmarya wrote: Their name is hidden but their involvement is real. Their name is hidden. It is no where on their website. Nor is their name on the "delivery info" page.

Come on! You're making it too easy for me! lol


Smarya writes:

Exclusive: Rubashkin Family Has Hidden Meat Business
Their name is hidden but their involvement is real.

If their names were hidden then you wouldn't know about it.

if you look at the "delivery info" you see
"We are located at 4310 14 ave Brooklyn NY 11219" again, Not hiding information

Shmarya, you are just trying to make a big deal, while in fact you did not do enough research (suprisingly)


Yankele wrote:
"Did you bother clicking on the Delivery information button on the website?? Isn't that the address of Senior Rubashkin's butcher shop??"

Yes, that confirms order fulfillment is by Rubashkin. Also, the trademark "Rubashkin" is still shown as being owned by Agriprocessors. This may be the real reason why the name is hidden. Most of the Brooklyn mom-and-pop stores never give the address of their brick and mortar stores on their web site while KosherMeatStore.com does. In many cases, prices are lower on the web site. I know of several online pharmacies and clothing stores that have small corner shops.

Mr. Apikorus


Unless Shmarya has his own private zoo, I don't think he has a "hart."

P.S. Looking up names in the phone book doesn't make you a "stalker."



Shalom a deposition from the government that Allou got nothing for their 3+ million. He later changed his story when he realized he incrimminated himself.

Does the commandment regarding giving false testimony mean anything in Boro Park?


Dear Chaim:

In answer to your question as to if Shmarya is a Moser, the answer is no. However, Shalom Rubashkin is definitely a Moser. Do you remember how he testified on the stand against the Allou people?

The allou people are in jail now as is Shalom. Maybe the jail now has a minyan. A feat that you must be very proud of.

G-d brought justice down on Shalom, not Shmarya.

Chabnik Attorney: I owe you a response, but I am buried right now because of the snow that is coming. I will post a response to you soon.


It actually is a pretty wonderful blog. It does good work; it makes a difference. It got me off my ass into grad school so I think it is great. But you asked about what Shmarya has been doing apart from the blog for three years. This is surprising because it has been obvious he shops for underwear most all of his free time. Have you forgotten? You people debated endlessly on what style drawers he wears whilst sitting in a dank cellar, read some your old posts.

Failed Messiah Supporter

Are you really in your 50s? What did you do with your time for the past 3 decades? Before creating this wonderful blog.

a reader

haredi teens admit to attacking (and ultimately killing) arab in 2008


a reader

haredi modesty squad asks public to report yeshiva students with internet access


Yochanan Lavie

The Rubashkins are hiding the meat, while their manager played hide the pickle.

state of  disgust

An interesting question:

Is there a conflict of interest here for Rubashkin employees working for Agri-Star, and Rubashkin employees of Shtetel, Inc?

One must assume that HF knows of this relationship and is OK with it. But I'm not sure that the terms of sale re Agriprocessor assets are not being muddied by what appears to be an incestuous relationship.

Shtetel, Inc appears to be a marketing arm of Agri-Star by way of interlocking employee relationships. If this situation was not disclosed to the State development authority, then the grants given to Agri-Star may have occurred under (at best) misleading conditions.


Good work! The demons have gotten a whiff of ammonia; look at the trolls they send out. Shackle and hoist is illegal in the US, but they are sending product of it to us just the same. No doubt the USDA is still turning a blind eye as usual. Much work to be done but we are up to it.


what is the big deal,

they can go back in the business as long as they do it right

Chabadnik Attorney

"Shtetel Inc." Hey Rubashkin, we don't live in the Shtetel anymore. Get your heads out of the Shtetel mentality.

Hometown Postville

And people wondered why it took so many charges to tie up SMR. Was it because there were there so many layers to hide behind?

Chabadnik Attorney

1. Attacking Shmarya does absolutely nothing with the exception that it makes you look weak and pathetic - which you may or may not be.

2. If the operation is legal, then all the poking and prodding won't make a difference.

3. If the business is doing anything at all illegal, unethical, untoward etc then the people running it are complete fools. With all the scrutiny they are under they should have enough common sense to keep clean. If they are unable to do so, then they are proving themselves to be either fools or rotten to the core.

4. If any of you are close to the people involved, you must go to them and tell them to make sure they are running a completely kosher business. No illegal worker (jewish or otherwise) no cash, no fraud, file all necessary paperwork etc etc.

5. We all (excepting Rob Wisler :) ) make mistakes. The question is do we learn from them and correct them to the best of our ability.


Oh, no! I see you had already provided a link to the dept. of corporation. Well, my only defense is lack of sleep, plus, lack of coffee.



Did you bother clicking on the Delivery information button on the website?? Isn't that the address of Senior Rubashkin's butcher shop??

I think a better headline for your post would be:

Rubashkin family coming to terms with reality. Removes family name from online division of 14th Avenue butcher shop. Now called "KosherMeatStore.com"

Rocket in My Pocket

So, they are retailing meat from Agri. Doesn't mean they have ownership stake in Agri. We already knew that Rubashkin family members were *working* at Agri with OK of supervising courts.



Is selling a perishable food item past its experation date a law violation of some kind?

If so, would a surprise inspection of this business by the health department warranted?


If you enjoy deli that's been repackaged after the expiration date, and sitting in a freezer for a few years, then you'll love the stuff being sold on that website. Only diehard Rubashkin fans will buy from that site anyway.


chaim: Go see your doctor. You're sounding more and more unhinged.


Chaim, if he has no family how could he be living in his mother's basement?

Also, you can critique what he writes, what he does etc. but to stoop to the level of calling him names and making assumptions about him are a poor reflection on you, not him.


I've noticed that a lot of Brooklyn retail "neighborhood stores" that open online merchant websites register it using the home address of the owner. There are also many small non-kosher meat product companies in the New York Metro area also selling products with similar web sites. The only rub is that the shipping charges including blue ice, dry ice, etc. are as high as or higher than the cost of the meat products. People use these sites to send gifts to friends, and to splurge on themselves for regional or specialty foods they cannot buy locally.

The Brooklyn butcher shop is an entirely separate corporation from Agriprocessors. Are they the ones doing order fulfillment for KosherMeatStore.com? Could be. All they need is a supply of dry ice, blue ice, cardboard boxes, styrofoam containers, etc. The meat products are probably sold there anyway to the local walk-in customers.


don't you guys realize,this Shmarya,is a born loser he has no family,no job,no social life,he is a 50yr old loser living in his mothers basement,who despises and hates himself,therefore his only enjoyment in life and the only reason he is willing to go on living his miserable life,is to destroy everything and everyone around him.



OK so it is your and Shmarya's job to play G-d and investigate EVERY business to make absolutely certain that it is 100% kosher - otherwise YOU will do ALL THAT IS IN YOUR POWER to bring them down - if this is the case then you are a very sic individual. get a life! get a real job and stop harassing other people attempting to make a living and sustain their families. don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong..

the are halochos in the torah regarding "yored lechayov shel chaveiro" and "moiser".

again, you have ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE of any wrongdoing, but you are searching "bedikas chometz" with the HOPE of maybe finding 'something' wrong (however small) and go on a all-out war to destroy them... pretty sad portrayal of the character of this individual ("self appointed "private" investigator").


I don't follow that logic. Is there any?

Since it's logical, I wouldn't expect you to be able to follow it.


Whoops! Missed your fine print: Link

bootsy thorton

effie said...
"No, it reaffirms the fact that it is you who has the personal vendetta but against Shmarya."

I don't follow that logic. Is there any?


I did not find anything at the Division of Corporations, etc. website for them. I couldn't find the Kings County website where they may have filed a partnership and dba.

These are the places I would look to find out who owns what.


This only reaffirms the fact that you have nothing less than a personal vendetta...

No, it reaffirms the fact that it is you who has the personal vendetta but against Shmarya. They are either operating a legal, above board business - or they are not.



are are you a real stalker? wont you settle down on the rubashkin case until you help destroy every last one of them? are you JEWISH? do you have a hart? are you a moiser? what is this deal with you? why are you so obsessed with them. SMR IS IN JAIL! calm down and let go - don't be a vicious ROSHO


A lot of investigative work for what? Drive down 14th Avenue in Brooklyn and see the store is selling meat and poultry. So they added an online website that appears to be targeting the local orthodox community.

I'm really trying to figure out what you uncovered. Please enlighten me.

just sayin

This only reaffirms the fact that you have nothing less than a personal vendetta against any and all things rubashkin. this vendetta, it seems, has spilled over to cover anything that has a beard or peyot.

Why shouldn't someone throw a bone to family of the people whose company he took over for a song, by selling them meat for a better price than normal?(assuming thats what happened)


Uh, whats your point?

AGRI-vated Angel

[Dovid Rubashkin.]

Is this the same Dovid as the Dovid Rubashkin, son of Moshe, who is married to Yossi Gourarie's daughter? If so, this would be a relationship closely connected to the 'Agri-Star' facility.

A E ANDERSON | East St Kilda, VIC

So what's illegal about this?

I do not think our constitution allows bills of attainder against families, as much as some folks on this blog might like it to.

Of course the Rubbishcans are going back into the meat business. That is what they do. Would you prefer them to become cobblers or chimney sweeps?

If you don't like their meat.... don't buy it.

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