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December 22, 2009


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Pessie Gelb

To my husband and all his satmar bum friends:
You have less than 3 hours to return my daughter to me at my apartment. I have given you notice of this demand on failedmessiah.com. Your not reading this notice on failedmessiah.com because you were too busy watching pornography on the internet to read failedmessiah.com is no excuse for your not knowing that you will be turned in to the police and the F B I in 3 hours if you do not arrange for my daughter to be brought back to me at my apartment by 10pm tonight. If you dont bring my daughter to me at my apartment by 10pm tonight you will suffer in a horrible prison for a few years and constantly be the victim of homosexual rapes by people who are in prison for robbery and murder who hate child molesters and gang up on the child molesters in prison and gang rape them.
Give me my daughter back at my apartment tonight and give me a get and I promise not to make a mesira on you or testify against you.


With all due respect to you I'd like to revise my thoughts. We should skip the warning about going away and just split the molesters head open and be done with it. If anyone ever comes near my kids with bad intentions I may end up on death row but they will be dead first. No molester no molestation. End of the story. Have a gut Shabbos.

Pessie Gelb

I have decided that if my husband does not have my daughter staying in my apartment tonight where I can watch her and protect her from being molested by him, I will turn him into the police and the F B I for child molestation immediately. My posting this notice on failedmessiah.com should be sufficient notice to him that I am serious about turning him into the government and even if he doesnt read failedmessiah.com, I am sure that he has alot of friends who are satmar bums who dont listen to their rabunim and use the internet and read failedmessiah.com and look at much worse things on the internet than failedmessiah.com because they are a bunch of bums who have no control over the yetzer hora. You have 8 hours to give me my daughter and if you dont you will end up in jail and prisoners love to rape child molesters more than they love to rape thieves or murderers.


Good luck, Pessie. Keep us posted here on how it goes.

Pessie Gelb

I will also be turning my husband into the F B I if he doesnt give me a get and custody of my daughter in the next 2 weeks.

Pessie Gelb

If my husband does not give me a get and custody of my daughter in the the next 2 weeks, I will go to the police and have him arrested for child molestation and all of the financial frauds that he is commiting defrauding the government.


Your posts show that your primary concern is to be able to marry another man.

Pessie, or whoever you are, I don't believe your story that your husband is molesting your daughter.

Furthermore, you want other people to come and demonstrate next to your husband's house with no evidence that this is your husband's house and if it is then the people have no evidence that he abused anybody....etc. In other words, you want to show anti child abuse people as unreasonable crazis who would act to molest a person based on blog hearsay. Your provocation is in vane. Anti child abuse people are neiter gullible, nor unreasonable.
Police, of FBI needs to check veracity of your claims.

Pessie Gelb

People on this blogsite have suggested to me that I shouldnt worry about whether or not my husband will ever give me a get and that I should chas vshulem leave orthodox judaism and remarry anyway I can without a get and kisarita even suggests that I should chas vshulem marry a goy. Somebody else suggests that I should have my marriage annuled by a conservative or reform rabbi. I have spoken with rabunim about this and I have been told in no uncertain terms that even if some other marriages could possibly be annuled, my marriage could never be annuled and that I would definitely need a get to be able to remarry. I will never give up my being a chasidic orthodox jew so quit trying to get me to give up being a chasidic orthodox jew. Whether I intend to be satmarer any more is a different question. I would be willing to make a divorce agreement with my husband that if he gives me a get and gives me custody of my daughter, I will never turn him into the police or testify in court against him and that I will never try to take my daughter away from the satmar community and satmar school that she goes to which means that if he gives me a get and gives me custody of my daughter, I will remain a satmarer. But if he keeps making trouble for me I will move to crown heights and become a lubavitcher.

Pessie Gelb

I think that people should make demonstrations in front of my husbands house and protest against his refusal to give me a get. His name is [redacted] williamsburgh, brooklyn [redacted].
I am willing to recieve a get from him with a condition that the get will be invalid if I ever turn him into secular authorities or if I ever testify against him in court if he will give me custody of my daughter.

Pessie Gelb

My husband and his family are so rich and powerful in satmar that even if I called the police to complain that he is molesting my daughter it probably wouldnt do any good and the police probably wouldnt believe me and I would probably be excomunicated and maybe even murdered for making a mesira on him. Even my lubavitcher friends in crown heights think it would be a very bad idea to call the police and make a complaint against him that he is molesting my daughter. They think that because he and his family are the ones with the money, nobody will believe my story that he is molesting my daughter and that he will get custody of my daughter even if he is accused of molesting her, and that because of his family's money and power, he would never be convicted of any sexual crimes and that he will probably get custody of my daughter no matter what.
I am thinking of trying to make a deal with him that if he will give me a get and custody of my daughter, I will promise to not turn him into the government for child molestation and promise to not testify against him in court in the event that somebody else turns him into the government.

Yosef Ben Matitya

For the alleged sins of the father, the daughter shouldn't have to pay.

that's what i meant, s(b.)


"The alleged perpetrator is long dead now, and his daughter, she is not guilty?! could have been a victim?" For the alleged sins of the father, the daughter shouldn't have to pay.


re: Pessie Gelb
No sane mother lets her daughter continue to be molested so that she can get married again in the future. If your husband is molesting your daughter, please call the police, and please make sure that any visitation he may be granted after you divorce is SUPERVISED, for her sake. Children who have been molested can relive the pain they experience on a daily basis forever. Why would you not seek safety for your daughter, first and foremost?

Yosef Ben Matitya

O of the CR
YbM - these guys at YI are so ashkenasis they begin the davvening with Mah sovu,

i sure hope u r saying this in jest as u would know Tovu is spelled with the letter teth that is not subjected to ashkenazi abuse.

And while we're on the topic of sex abuse, isn't it kind of ironic that there are advertisements for a Shlomo recording here?

I am also quite surprised. Although I must say, the penetration of the Carlebach minyans and melodies in our midst are so common, that it is difficult to fight. I have no heart to tell my son, if I were you, I wouldn't go to the Carlebach Qabbalat Shabbat because .... maybe he doesn't know & better off keep it this way. The alleged perpetrator is long dead now, and his daughter, she is not guilty?! could have been a victim?


Why only child sex offenders? A person who has committed a sex crime against an adult can get an aliya?


one criticism: Rule 3 is a bit unclear. I suppose it means that if any risky behavior is observed, one must inform law enforcement and not take vigilante action, but it needs to be edited.


baltimore yid: you are a hundred percent mistaken.

This kind of behavior increased molestation, not decreases it.

Molestors who are isolated are at INCREASED risk of re-offending.

Sexual abuse thrives in secrecy and taboo condtions. Extreme reactions foster secrecy and reinforced the taboo.

They also make it difficult for molestors and well as victims to get help.

They make it more community denial more likely, because of the unthinkableness of the deed.

When sexual abuse becomes a SPEAKABLE, PUBLIC, COMMUNITY issue, that's when the truly needed action.

You will see- people will have the courage to report to the authorities, when they have the courage to confront and deal with it in their midst. It goes hand in hand.

Kudos to this shul- and hope they serve as a role model to all.


I do not either find Pessie 100% credible either.

Anyway Pessie, don't worry too much about being an agunah, you can still marry a goy.


The newest policy for shules vis-a-vis child molesters should be: escort the molester to the door and warn them that the next time they return you will split their skulls wide open, then do it.


Pessie: Try to make contact with the FBI they have a sex crime division, and hope that he committed some federal infraction i.e. transporting a minor, this was only way Israel Weingarten’s daughter was able to convince the Fed that he molested her. But remember you better know what you are talking about if you lie to feds you will be in a heap of trouble, in the mean time if it is true you most do whatever you physically could do to stop him even if you don’t get ever a get, if you don’t that means you’re are putting your welfare ahead of your child’s.


Steve, I don't think I'm being cruel. The first responsibility of any mother is to protect her children. If Pessie's child is in danger, then she must protect the child first and think of her possible status of aguna later. Remember, the child is in physical danger according to her. To think of aguna status at this point is evil.

Doresh El Hameisim

It is indeed Shomrei Emunah. I looked it up in Google.

Pessie: As far as I could ascertain, your husband is the cook for the Zolli satmar yeshiva, your best bet is to contact the Aharonis. If they won't do it for your sake, they will do it ro spite the Zollis.
I wish you good luck, keep fighting, and never go to Hisachdus Horabonim for a get.



That is very unfair and cruel. This woman is obviously desperate and is reaching out for help. Pessie, you MUST go to the police. You MUST save your daughter's life first and foremost. Whatever fallout there is with the Satmar community, whether it is Niederman or some other corrupt lowlives, there are many ways they can be dealt with in the press, on the blogs, etc. You WILL have your get in due time. Be patient, have faith in Hashem and do the right thing by going to the police. May Hashem be with you and give you the strength and fortitude to preservere.


Pessie Gelb, you sound almost unreal. If your husband is trully molesting your daugter and it is not a feat of your wild imagination, then why do you write to this blog instead of going to police? Why do you care about your possible status of aguna before it even happened, while letting your daugter being molested?

You are either insane or an impostor coming here with a bad joke in my humble opinion.


Dear Pessie:
Can you not see that your community as a matter of course will side with your husband even though he may be raping your children on an hourly basis. You have no other choice in this matter. As far as your get is considered, a get from conservative or reform authority may be the only way. Aguna is a label that the orthodox commuity use to force you into a life of servitude to a monster. The get has been used in multiude circumstances to hold a woman hostage for monetary reasons or revenge.

Consider that you can observe in your own way but for your own safety and the safety of your children-abandon the orthodox community altogether. Call the secular authorities. Your husband-if convicted as a child rapist will have a very unpleasant time in prison. Child molesters are the lowest tier of the prison population and he will find hell on earth there.


The get can be a bargaining point so he'll get a lesser sentence, lesser punishment. Go to Dov Hikind, let hm help you.

Don't worry about the get. You have children, thank G-d, your first allegiance is to your child, do you really worry about another husband?
What is meant to be will be, but please protect your child, the children come first. Your child will always be your child, not so a husband, any husband, as you see.

Pessie Gelb

If I turn my husband in to the secular authorities for molesting my daughter, he will use it as an excuse to never give me a get and I dont want to be an aguna. If I dont turn him into the secular authorities, he will probably continue molesting my daughter because she has been kidnaped by him and is now living with him. His family is so stinking rich and influencial in satmar that satmar will protect him and let him continue molesting my daughter and let him continue refusing to give me a get.
Ineed other people to help me and start an investigation of my husband Elimelech Gelb.
I need other people to help me to get a get by making demonstrations in front of his house to protest his refusal to give me a get and protest his having kidnaped my children from me.


Pessie Gelb, call the secular police, NOW!!!!!

You can also call 1 800 656 HOPE, the Rape, Incest, Abuse National Network.

But FIRST call the secular authorities. Your child is at stake.


O of the CR, I appreciate your comment concerning Shlomo, You ae %I00 correct,
Let's each send tzedukah to FM, good idea.

Office of the Chief Rabbi

YbM - these guys at YI are so ashkenasis they begin the davvening with Mah sovu, as opposed to the modern temple down the street that stands up to sing Sh'ma Yitra'el.

And while we're on the topic of sex abuse, isn't it kind of ironic that there are advertisements for a Shlomo recording here? Perhaps if the hevrehmentschen here who are so indignant about sexual abuse were to send the blogmeister an offering for the entertainment value received, there wouldn't be the need for him to prostitute himself this way.


Again people, as medakdek noted, it's Sho*M*rei Emunah, not Shorei Emunah;


Along with the rest of YI and most of "centrist" orthodoxy, it's moving to the right under a false 'evolutionary' Intelligent Design of sorts (like technology w/ Kindles, etc), the older generation couldn't care less, the younger ones just want their kids to be Jewish. Until now, I've seen the situation on a klal scale as a negative thing, but hopefully these kinds of approaches will be taken along with them when they join the Chardalim. Absolutely no offense to the Mora d'Atra (who is also Rosh Yeshivah of Yeshiva of Greater Washington) - but I guarantee this was first a matter of laity and board members, NOT as 'Daas Torah' implemented top down - and that is something Ner Israel et al would find acceptable...Silver Spring is not Baltimore YET.


Pessie Gelb--call the secular cops. They will help out before these "gangsta chews".
Call the secular cops. They will help you sooner than the others. Go to the secular courts.

Yosef Ben Matitya

First I must say that shore emunah is to be commanded for their actions on this topic.

Regarding, RULE 7
the offenders beitzim are to be placed in a vice and squeezed until the offender and his beitzim are no longer considered a real threat to our community

Gee, BM,
a- you probably mean a vise grip.
b- last plan I heared was to tie them up by their be---im with guitar strings, and hang them from the ceiling of the tallest cathedral in town, until they desist from their ways.
But maybe this plan was only for offenders that go otherwise to cathedrals.
Could it be the reason that us jews build synagogues with low ceilings? rachmonus for the offenders?

Yosef Ben Matitya

What language is the word Shorai?
I know Emunah is hebrew. Is Shorai = Gates, in hebrew?
Why 'o' ? havara ashkenazit, requires that a qamatz (gadol) be read as 'o', here however both shaar and shaarei, seem to be vowelised with 2 X patach. (lekhol hadeot).
So what is Shorai? even if one supposes that the 'o' comes from vocalising any 'a' with an american accent there are 2 X A's where is the 2nd one?
The tolerance for ignorance of the hebrew language, is appalling in particular in a shul's name. They write it on a building, on siddurim, on the rabbi's business card.
All wrong? I don't know how long they have been in existence, nobody notices?
The funniest shul name, is one called Beit, Beth, Bais, Bays, Beis (pick your choice) Rayim. Possibly meant to mean 'house of friends' but transliterated to mean house of the wicked?! And the Ayin is transliterated as yud? y?
OK, back to the topic!


ShoMrei Emunah, a good name and quite a concept as well.

Pessie Gelb

Most sex offenders are never convicted or even arrested, and if a person has admitted that they have commited sexual crimes, it is a sign that they have done teshuva. It is the sex offenders that have not been caught yet and the sex offenders that have not been convicted yet that we have to worry about.
My husband Elimelech Gelb molested our daughter and has kidnaped her away from me without going to court to get custody of her. His way of silencing me is to call hatzola to have hatzola take me to a mental hospital. He wants to have me declared mentally ill so that he can get legal custody of our children.
About a month ago he called hatzola to have hatzola take me away to a mental hospital and when I refused to go with them to a mental hospital they physically beat me up commiting the horrible sin of touching a woman. This is what the the supposedly frum williamsburg hatzola did to me. I thought that these Chasidic men are frum and dont touch women. I was very wrong. They physically forced me into an ambulance and took me against my will to a mental hospital. The psychiatrists at the mental hospital found nothing wrong with me and released me from the hospital, but a few days later when I went to see a social worker at the hospital, the social worker had me put back in the psychiatric ward. The psychiatrists say that there is nothing wrong with me and dont give me any medication because they say that I dont need any medication, but the social worker who must be in cohoots with my husband refuses to have me released from the hospital.
Please help me. I would like to move away from williamsburg and move to crown heights to get away from the evil satmarers who say that they are frum and dont touch women but beat up women.
If you would like to have the names of the williamsburg hatzola rishoim who beat me up and have no yiras shomayim when it comes to not touching women, I will supply their names. Meanwhile something has to be done to my husband for having molested my daughter.
Also my husband is refusing to give me a get and needs to be beaten up and forced to give me a get.

big machar


the offenders beitzim are to be placed in a vice and squeezed until the offender and his beitzim are no longer considered a real threat to our community

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