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November 28, 2009


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Robert Shimon

The death of the boy this week coudl have been prevented if the parents of the several other boys the killer tried to get in his car would have understood that they could report these incidents and possibly save a life.


any rabbi who molests is making a mistake taking the job hes doing. this results from the atitude in the community to one who has no religious job... thats enough for me to say

debbie schauder

what happens when you come forward and report the molestation to the police and the victim identifies the predator nothing has been done. We were told the crime took place in Israeland has to be prosecuted there. (we were living there at the time when he came to visit). Even though the molester lives here in Teaneck,(a young husband with a child the same age as when he assaulted my child) and was identified by my child nothing has been done? I don't understand if they are both american how there is no justice to be had. If anyone has any ideas how justice can be served I'm all ears.

Mr. Apikorus

Alternative Childcare and Yisroel Pensack are two complete and total idiots, separated at birth but bound by idiocy.

alternative childcare

Yes, I teach children to hate Nazis and to keep away from scary warped people like you. Your making those assumptions about a 24 year old innocent girl murdered at work by a sicko I suppose is only a small measure of your diseased brain (the part of it not killed by Gd's hitting you with a stroke), given that you are ready to justify the murder of millions of Jews with a one line accusation about child abuse.
And how do you explain the death of those kids by Elior Chen? What did they do?

Yisroel Pensack

One other thing, "ac": I see from the link you have now added to your pseudonym above that you are a class act. Do you play that song for the children in your "alternative childcare" center?

Yisroel Pensack

It was apparently a scheduled intermarriage, which is what is theologically relevant to this discussion, regardless of the public's level of awareness and understanding (or lack thereof) regarding the inherent divine message, which atheists and fools like you will inevitably try to drown out in a sea of media-induced crocodile tears for someone they did not know.

Your description of the victim as "innocent" is probably based on zero direct knowledge. Do you know for sure, for instance, that the alleged killer (or some other third party, for that matter) wasn't her lover? If that were the case, which is not a logical impossibility, what would happen to the camera-ready media story line you and the public so cherished?

From a religious point of view, it's very unlikely that any adult human being is truly "innocent." The victim was a 24-year-old woman, neither a child nor a "girl." By Torah definition, parties to a Jewish-gentile intermarriage are not innocent.

Do you think "brutal murder" is morally worse and more repugnant than than, say, gentle murder?

Now that I've done my duty per Proverbs 26:5, I think it's time for me to follow the advice of verse 4. Goodbye.

alternative childcare

You can call me names all day, but that is easily one of the most revolting posts I've seen in a while.

If you think the brutal murder of an innocent girl is a divine message about presumed intermarriage, you are a very ill man.

Yisroel Pensack

Correction to add are: You are a self-righteous fool totally lacking in courage.

Yisroel Pensack

To alternative childcare:

You still didn't answer my question about what your pseudonym means or stands for, but you hide behind it like a snake under a rock. Come out and fight like a man -- or a woman, if that's what you are.

You blatantly lie when you say I claimed the Shoah was due to charedi child abuse; I never said that. You seem to have difficulty distinguishing your fantasies from reality. Perhaps you need medication for your delusions.

There are rumors on the internet that the newlywed Brooklyn hatan may have committed more than just suicide -- in other words, there are rumors that he was himself more than just a victim of sexual abuse. Furthermore, it's also rumored that he was getting some, shall we say, "alternative childcare" at home, if you get my drift.

I do think the New Jersey prosecutor could have chosen more politically sensitive language than "using Brooklyn as a jumping-off point" in matters of sex abuse; do you disagree?

What's your understanding, if any, of the significance of the murder of the woman at Yale who was apparently scheduled to marry a Jewish man? Why do you think the Jewish high holiday season timing and massive publicity worked out the way they did regarding that story? You apparently wouldn't recognize a divine message if was written on your forehead.

Why do you put "intermarriage" in quotes? Do you not recognize intermarriage as something real and a religious problem? I do not think the woman's murder was "divine retribution" but rather a very effective way of sending a divine message to the general public.

I wasn't justifying any murder. I was indicating what may indeed be the meaning and significance of a very highly publicized murder that had already occurred. You are quick to defame me simply because you disagree with my views. Well, that's too bad -- for you. You a self-righteous fool totally lacking in courage.

Your venomous language indicates that you have serious anger issues and probably should consult a psychological or psychiatric professional for help dealing with them.

Do you attempt to dehumanize everyone you disagree with? I think you need help -- spiritually and emotionally.

Meanwhile, chew on this:

"As Annie Le's fiance sat with his head bowed, her family and friends filling the Holy Trinity Catholic Church, the Yale University student was remembered for her 'fullness of life.'

"Le was laid to rest today [Shabbos Shuvah] near her Placerville, Calif., hometown...

"Her fiance, Jonathan Widawsky, acted as the head usher for the [Catholic] service attended by more than 600 people."...

"Her funeral comes nearly two weeks to the day that Le's body was found stuffed into a basement wall inside the Yale University lab where she worked. It was the day she and Widawsky were supposed to be married."...

"Today's funeral comes less than a week after Le was memorialized at a [Jewish "temple"] service on Long Island where her fiancé, Jonathan Widawsky, lives. Le's body was found the day she and Widawsky, who met at the University of Rochester, were to be married."



"The Bais Din still has its place. They have tools the prosecutor does not have," he said.

Name one. ONE. You can't.

"We just need to figure out how to interface with prosecutors."

Easy. Tell them what happened, and assist in their investigation. Don't get in their way. Let them do their job, which you don't know how to do. They have the tools you don't have, so stay clear and let the pros do it. Kapish?

alternative childcare

Yes, Pensack, it means that had you been raised properly and gotten the medications you need you wouldn't be writing the sick things that you write, like claiming the Shoah was due to charedi child abuse, making jokes about an unfortunate young man who was abused as a child and committed suicide, or claiming that poor Annie Le's murder at Yale was divine retribution for her upcoming "intermarriage". Yes, had you had alternative childcare, you might have been a human being and not a sick deviant.


Thank you Sam for your kind words

Chicago Sam

God bless you Joey Diangelo! By creating a new name, you, like Jacob, have established a new identity.

Many years ago, I had a congregant whose name (i am changing) was Majorie Hope. Hope wasn't her original birth name, but she was repeatedly raped by her father in her youth and later in life, she created a name signifying hope. Joey, you too have endured a battle with the angel of darkness and have emerged triumphant. I pray you will continue being an angel to many, as your new name indicates. Perhaps this kind of voicing will give purpose and redemptive meaning to your suffering.

Yisroel Pensack

Pensack, you are a sick person and should get help.

Posted by: alternative childcare | November 29, 2009 at 01:20 PM

Maybe I'm just a refreshing alternative to "alternative childcare." By the way, what does your pseudonym mean or stand for, if anything (other than being cowardly and obnoxious)?

Hometown Postville

This sounds like a huge step forward. The word is getting out that pedophilia is not an inherent right of those in authority! I anticipate that the more publicity this movement prompts, the more empowered other victims will become to speak out and validate what these pervs have done to their lives. To those directly involved, it probably feels like the movement has taken baby steps to get where it is, and even if as you say, it is getting more "lipservice" vs action, the point is, it IS at least being talked about and publicized more than ever. From my own perspective as an outsider, in the two short years I've been on this blog, it seems like the momentum has slipped into turbo-speed! Look how long it took the Catholic Church to acknowledge and take responsibility. But it has happened, and there are now many more checks and balances in place to prevent it. Let's hope the same happens here.

Joey diangello

This issue has nothing to do with Lakewood or any other community in specific. As long as the top brass like M D niederman and such wont admit that we have a major problem and the ONLY way to solve it is to go to the police and fully prosecute, we will have to do what we continue to do and expose pedophiles and molesters ourselves while helping victims and survivors.  

alternative childcare

Pensack, you are a sick person and should get help.


More lip service, like Zwiebel's mention of child molestation at the Agudah convention on Thursday. No substance whatsoever.


Approaching the subject of sexual molestation is just the beginning, they need to commit themselves that they will report sexual molestation to the police and the DA without any hesitation, and then they might have an impact, otherwise I am willing to bet that it will not change a iota.

Yisroel Pensack

"We're using Brooklyn as a jumping-off point," [Ocean County Prosecutor Marlene Lynch] Ford said...

Isn't that what Motty Borger reportedly did?

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