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October 08, 2009

Shocking Exposé: Rabbi Leib Tropper Accused Of Stealing Millions Of Dollars From Designated Charity Funds

Rabbi Leib Tropper Tropper allegedly forged letters in the name of leading Israeli rabbis acknowledging receipt of funds that were in fact never delivered.

Tropper 's alleged thefts appear to have disproportionately targeted money earmarked for Religious Zionist rabbis and Sefardic rabbis.

This is perhaps the best piece of reporting INN has ever done.

Here are brief excerpts:

Rabbi Leib Tropper …When asked by Israel National News about the compilation of the aforementioned lists in a recorded telephone call, Rabbi Tropper's American attorney Glenn Waldman says that Rabbi Tropper denies that he and Aguiar "prepared at any time specific lists as to the beneficiaries of the charitable donations."

However, in a follow up phone call and subsequent email, Rabbi Tropper himself clarified to Israel National News that he and his attorney have no comment, and that his attorney neither confirmed nor denied any of the questions relating to the compilation of lists of beneficiaries. He explained that since the matter is in litigation, he cannot comment.…

"Tropper lied in the name of the biggest rabbis... They don't even know who he is. Unfortunately, these appointments in Israel to distribute the money by Leib [Tropper], never got there... including hospitals, yeshivas, wedding funds, girls' high schools, research institutes, and rabbi's medical funds."

Aguiar says he has a portfolio of thank you letters that Rabbi Tropper allegedly drafted, signed and forged in the name of great rabbis. "I approached some of them, and they said that they never received the funds and never wrote those letters," he says.…

On the eve of the holiday of Shavuot, an article in the hareidi publication Sha'a Tova praised Guma Aguiar and mentioned his warm relationship with Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach, the oldest son of the late great sage Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach of blessed memory.

A few days later, however, the hareidi-religious newspaper Mevaser published an advertisement in the name of Yaakov Epstein calling "G.", referring to Guma Aguiar, a "questionable character who is married to a woman who underwent a very questionable conversion." The ad stated that Rabbi Auerbach denies any connection to "G."

The hareidi website B'hadrei Hareidim published a statement later that day from sources close to Rabbi Auerbach saying, "The ad is an outright lie. There is no one named Epstein who is close to the rabbi. We don't know such a man, and the ad is completely fabricated."

Aguiar's Israel attorney Eitan Gabay says that he followed the money trail behind the ad and found that it leads to Rabbi Tropper's Eternal Jewish Family organization, which promotes strict standards for Jewish conversions "without compromise.

Read it all here.

The First Exposé Of Rabbi Leib Tropper's Conversion Scam.

PDF Archive of the INN Exposé:

Download Jewish Billionaire Sues Prominent US Rabbi - Jewish World - Israel News - Israel National News

[Hat Tip: Joel Katz.]


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No Surprise. No comment on the allegations. If they do turn out to be true, I would not be surprised. I remember this "eccentric" "Rabbi" and he is indeed a character.


And yes, this is a good piece of journalism out of INN.

Apologies to Fab 4:

Got a bad reason, for taking the sleazy way out
Got a bad reason, for taking the sleazy way out, now

He was Leib Tropper, that's the ticket, yeah!
It took me so..... long to find out, and I found out

He's a big sleazeball, he took in more than his share
He's a big sleazeball, he took in more than his share, nu.
He was Leib Tropper, big behaimah, yeah!
It took me so.... long to find out, and I found out

Tried to convert her, he only said it won't stand
Tried to convert her, he only said it won't stand, nu.
He was Leib Tropper, convert hater, yeah!
It took me so.... long to find out, and I found out

Leib Tropper
He's a trip, oh yeah!(2x)

Is it possible that Guma is coming back at Tropper for brinning Tropper to court for assault?
The story is getting curioser and curioser.

Who is going to win Guma (rich, but married to a questionalbe convert) or Tropper (rabbi, but creepy and controlling person trying to glorify himself by cleaning Jewish people from "improper" converts)?

Lets split in teams and cheer. I want Tropper, Eizenstadt, Sherman rabbinical extortion mafia to be exposed for nuts and criminals they are.

Tropper, Guma, Kaplan and Bomzer all make me sick. They should all just go away already.

I feel bad for Guma. He thought that Tropper being ultra-haredi will be a warranty on his wife's conversion. Tropper took Guma for a ride. He kept requesting and taking millions of Guma's money, while never delivering on the promise of Jewish security for Guma's wife and children. In fact Tropper threaten's Guma by putting his wife's conversion in doubt.

Guma is assaulted on personal level and has learned hard lesson.

What have I learned from entire EJF affair? I've learned never to trust any Rabbi with security of my family. I've learned never to trust Rabbinical system. I've learned, sadly, that black robe and black hat is not an indicator of decency, but rather a warning sign. Anyone belonging to haredi cult is now a suspect in my eyes. I'm sure that there are lots of decent people in haredi community, but I'm no longer is giving them automatic "trusted person" pass just based on their dress code.

Guma and Tropper are two of a kind. I really find it hard to have much sympathy for Guma and his wife. They were using Tropper like he was using them.

I agree with you, Itch. It's like Bernie Madoff scamming Ivan Boesky.

Of course, I have huge problems with the entire conversion process.

Ya know what? When I can I give to local verifiable charities of my choice, and that's it. I"m done guessing who is legit and who is Mr. Ripoff.

Mr Apikoros: You have problems with the conversion process? You intermarried once, and bragged on this site that you will do it again, without any attempt whatsoever at conversion! What meaningful view can a person who does not even recognize tefillin offer on anything to do with halachic Judaism?

It is the equivalent of my suggesting to Tibetan Buddhists how they should pick their lamas.

Welcome back, AC! Been wondering where you've been. This site's not been quite the same in your absence.

Tsk, tsk. Posting at 3:20 AM Israel Daylight Savings Time. Defiling Shabbot and Shemini Atzeret? What will your god say about this? You've ensured that Israel will get no rain until next Rosh Hashana.

Sure, I'm doing the same thing. But my god (well, one of them, anyway) is Wotan, and his holiday is Halloween. We've bought all kinds of stuff, witches, ghosts, bats, etc. to celebrate OUR holiday.

All kidding aside, AC, you missed a heck of a debate between the blogmeister and myself. Or maybe not.

Well, at least his wife doesn't wear pants, so he's still a tzaddik. Not like that sleazy giyores who had the temrity to wear women's slack while shopping. Imagine that? Someone living in the 21st century wearing 21st century garb.

MrA: I've been traveling again. Got to spend the holidays in your favorite country, so haven't been able to keep up with all the goings on here. Sorry if the time zones caused you any pain about my whereabouts.

Oktoberfestbier ist sehr gut, nicht wahr, Herr Alternativ Kindersichermann?

Kussen Sie das Boden da?

The beer was, of course, extraordinary, and if you would like a good recommendation for flammkuchen, spaetzl, etc, there's a great place near Oranienbergstrasse, a few blocks in, away from the main drag.

Stealing from his own is even more disgusting than keeping it from the charities- in other factions it's called dirty laundry.

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