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September 10, 2009


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An interesting, personal and very poignant story on this exact subject. http://thelivesofthedead.wordpress.com/2014/07/26/forbidden/

Sari Friedman

Lesbians are OK. Homosexual men are no good.

Bartley Kulp

Just a response to Gladys,about shidduchim. The children are in MO schools. hey don't have to worry about the borsht belt shidduch scene.

Bartley Kulp

I believe that Lesbianism is an issur rabbanan. Which means that it is mutar for a non jew.


Who says she is a basket case? she sounds to me like someone who knows exactly who she is and who she wants to be, and also how to play by the rules. I'm sure her children are very proud of who she is and who they are - and are very strong and interesting people. And I'm sure that they would not want to marry anyone any less so.
Personally, I would have no problem marrying one of my children into such a family. It's high time we had some diversity in our community.


Those poor kids. Living with a basket case like their mom, who sends them to frum schools and wears a sheitel (why? So the other lesbians don't get excited?). Who does she think will marry them? Does she honestly think she is keeping some big secret? Where will she find a Lesbian-accepting frum shadchen for her children?

She is as confused as Messianic Jews. Her mongrel New Age + Frum "religion" is a joke.

Her children are faced with the utter absurdity of mentally leaping from Frum to Queer Secular and back again four or five times a day and mameh is completely oblivious to the insanity.

Doubtless they will be mental basket cases by age 20.


Good for Her. God Bless Her. A great Soul.

The children of Israel are greaT & AMAZING

charly cohen

BEN stop posting lies and stupidity

Mark Zamen

This is an excellent post. Chani Getter is to be lauded for being true to herself while retaining her connection to Judaism; the latter I find especailly pleasing, as I am Jewish myself. All that she has gone through as she made the successful transition to her new lifestyle indicates she would be very interested in my recently released biographical novel, Broken Saint. It is based on my forty-year friendship with a gay Mormon man, and chronicles his internal and external struggles as he battles for acceptance (of himself and by others, including co-religionists). More information on the book is available at http://www.eloquentbooks.com/BrokenSaint.html.

Mark Zamen, author


Why does she even need a Get?
If she will not ever marry another guy and have more children, then she doesn't HAVE to obtain a get.


Schneerson himself looked very much the faygele. Why is this never discussed?

Also remember that Chabad defines gay in very narrow terms so that the usual oral stuff at the mikva and yeshiva dorms isn't halachically considered homosexual.

Yoel Mechanic

Before anyone starts in with the uneducated statement that the Torah never says anything against "Lesbianism", please do a little research. The Torah does not use such a vocabulary, but the issue is addressed. Also, the traditional interpretations are part of the "Oral Torah". You don't have to agree with any of this, but just please report accurately what is being said in the written and oral Torah, and what has been said; and *then* voice *your own* opinion.


Ortho Jew: and the Rubashkins, molesters, defrauders, and other carebears featured on this site are, what, sources of pride to their kids, parents, and entire Jewish community? Why, because they marry with the opposite gender, or grow beards, or cover their hair, or eat geffilte fish on Shabbat?


Good for this woman, I'm glad she's living proud, free and happy.

ortho jew

She's an embarrassment to her kids, parents and entire Jewish community.


AC ;)


Though her ex-husband refused to give her a divorce for several years, I'm surprised he didn't try to take her kids away from her, too. Finding out his wife is a lesbian can't be easy for him, either. Anyway, I'm glad everything worked out for her and him, too.

alternative childcare

WSC: I don't know if you'll get a lenient ruling, but you might get a hard one...

Successful Messiah

Mr. Chief Rabbi, the reason I cited to that "confusing" rambam is because he cites to a specific verse in the Torah that forbid what WSC calls girl-on-girl action. Of course since you find it confusing to read a relatively simple rambam you probably didn't notice that.


Thank you OCR! :)

Office of the Chief Rabbi

WSC - get your heter from Rabbi Pinky Schmekelstein, and ignore SM's confusing Rambam with "Torah" in CM's question.


If lesbianism is prohibited by the orthodox Torah, what about just watching some hot girl-on-girl action? Is that ok? Please, can I get a lenient ruling here?

A. Nuran

Ben, you're disgusting. If someone called a Jew a kike or a sheeny you'd be furious. "Homo" is at least as bad.

And being an apologist for religious bigots doesn't absolve you of the responsibility to use the stiff lump of lard at the top of your spine. What woman in her right mind would take all the crap that comes with being an out lesbian, let alone one in a community as viciously hostile to gay women as the Charedi ghettos?

"for political purposes". What a contemptible slander.


Ther eis a web page for Jewish Lesbians seriously orthodykes"



The Niklosbergers brother is a homo the rabbi probably talked her in to it for political reasons

Successful Messiah

critical minyan, you should consider learning some basic halacha before you make a definitive statement about what the torah does or does not prohibit. See for example Rambam, Isurei Biah, 21:8.

נשים המסוללות זו בזו--אסור, וממעשה מצריים הוא שהוזהרנו עליו: שנאמר "כמעשה ארץ מצריים . . . לא תעשו" (ויקרא יח,ג); ואמרו חכמים, מה היו עושים--איש נושא איש, ואישה נושאה אישה, ואישה נישאת לשני אנשים.

A. Nuran

Quite an accomplishment. Congratulations to her.


nothing in torah prohibiting lesbianism. you can even deduce that it is actually encouraged, because the torah specificaly prohibits male homosexuality as opposed to all homosexuality.
whenever i am with a black hatter, who vocally is spewing hatred against homosexuals, i tell him he should be as vocal in insisting that lesbianism is ok, in the same sentence as he calls male homosexuality unnatural.
this woman seems like a wonderful woman. thanks for the story.

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