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September 15, 2009


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Shmeul Silber who was imposed at Suburban Orth. Cong in a sham election and the shul board head Barry Nabazny, a listed witness in Rambam's filed criminal charges is behind this secular court litigation. Silber probably influenced Wagner's hiring given their mutual YU background in the first place. Suburban Orth clique of pyschologists and real estate magnets controls Rambam. Their mandatory education testing is with a psychologist who himself has had psychotherapy treatment for mood and borderline personality disorder.

gary finch


YR Parent

baltimoresi, he stole the money. there are pictures of him depositing forged checks in his bank account.

Shame on you for suggesting the school should not try to get the money back. it's the parents money, they have an obligation to keep track of it. Here's how the whole thing could have been rectified: Wagner gives the money back and quietly resigns, then no one outside of three or four people would have ever known anything happened here at all.


How could anyone be dumb and callous enough to assume that a guilty plea is an admission of guilt? Imagine standing up against hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, and incredible anguish and anxiety over what the worst legal system in the world will decide. Mind you that while doing so, not being able to get any job while working all this through. I hope whoever you are that are thoughtless and accusing, that you'll never feel yourself backed up against a wall of incredible opposition knowing that no matter how right you are, some egoist prosecutor will try and convince every single person of the guilt which you know nothing of. He's a man who unfortunately got stuck in a mess which whether innocent or guilty, has caused him to be screwed by the own community and religion that he's worked so hard to uphold. The few people who actually do give to our community should be honored (and if hypothetically in trouble, forgiven) and thanked, not beaten down and accused. Until proven guilty we have a reponsibility to help those who help us

As a side note; even if this whole thing is true, why the hell is there an indictment over $13,000? I could have thought of a million things to rectify such petty cash. Were not talking Bernie Madoff here! Something smells fishy.

Brain Surgeon

Now that R' Wagner has pleaded guilty, I have read disturbingly ignorant comments on some blogs by well-intentioned individuals now feeling validated in their conclusions that Rabbi Wagner did indeed steal money. Some have even gone so far as to raise a concern that this plea bargain may in the future allow for the opportunity for his record to be expunged,thus enabling him to move on to other institutions without their knowledge of his checkered past, and they may possibly be put at risk by this.

There is good reason that we here in this great democracy adhere to the concept of 'innocent until PROVEN guilty'.
In this instance there is no proof of guilt. An admission of guilt, by many standards, including HALACHA, is not even an admissibale factor in ascribing guilt.

The entire reason that this 'bargain' system exists, and that records may be expunged, is to provide innocent people with an 'out' that they can live with.

You see, anyone who knows anything about the true nitty gritty of the criminal justice systems knows that the prosecuting attorneys are fueled more by ego than fact. That the state's attorney (especially in this instance - read up on her, she's a real number) is more concerned with politics than justice, combine that with the enormous, yes ENORMOUS, cost of mounting a defense, whose verdict will ultimately be decided by 12 idiots at best, a dozen racists, anti-semites,etc. at worst. And you have yourself a first-class recipe to get innocent people to ACCEPT a plea bargain, Proffer an admission of guilt in order to avoid the alternative. Yes. It sucks. But it is very, very true that it happens ALL the time. If you have any friends that are either judges, or public defenders, they will corroborate this.

So sometimes the ONLY way an innocent person will accept pleading guilty to avoid trial is having the knowledge that this will ultimately be wiped from his record.
So anyone calling for Rabbi Wagner to 'be a man' and admit his wrongdoing, you can forget it. He is a man, he has nothing to admit to you, and I have a feeling that we have not heard the last of this. What goes around comes around.

If you know Rabbi Wagner, take a moment to contemplate his personality and character versus those who have brought this upon him. And I ask you to honestly assess who you think has the greater capacity to commit unethical or illegal activity.

There are people that know what really happened. They will bear the burden of murdering a man's reputation unless or until the truth comes to light.

So may it be His will, now let us respond; Amen.

A Disappointed YR Parent

It is very troubling to me that his record may be expunged in a few years. This means that down the line, he could potentially apply to another school and ultimately end up stealing from them, too—and they would hire him without any knowledge of his past criminal record!

Innocent people don’t plead guilty when they’re innocent. They don’t say, “Oh, I’ll just say that I’m guilty [and deal with the ramifications of that] when I am really innocent so that my family will be protected.”

Seriously, what is better for his family in the long run—a husband and father who has a criminal record and who won’t be able to find a job for a long time, or a husband and father who goes through the ordeal of a trial but is ultimately proclaimed innocent, cleared of any wrong-doing, and is given a fresh lease on life?

The fact of the matter is that he IS guilty, and he DID in fact steal money from Rambam. Not once, mind you, but on multiple occasions.

The school did not frame him; the Board and the Administration did not create this scandal. He was adored by most of the kids and families at the school, and with all the other principals getting jobs elsewhere and choosing to leave, the future of the school rested squarely on his shoulders. Everyone was rooting for his success, but he let them down with his own failures.

He did this to himself, and he is the *only* person who is to blame. He truly owes an apology to his former students and the school’s parent body, and I wish that he would just “man up” and publicly apologize for his actions.

I think that many people were waiting for the arraignment in order to A) get closure, or B) [mentally] prepare for a lengthy trial. One would think that the case would now be over since he pleaded guilty yesterday, but apparently, it’s not.

How can anyone heal or move on from this when Rabbi Wagner is continuing to proclaim his innocence and continuing to disseminate all sorts of lies and fictitious stories about the school’s Board and Administration? How can there be closure for anyone when he is, in fact, continuing his act of thievery? In this case, he’s not stealing any money, but he IS guilty of robbery nonetheless. By making every attempt to alter reality, blame the school, and in general, to defraud the community’s perception of him, he is guilty of genaivas da’as.

Truth on case

Questions no one is asking or answering

STORY: ‘The indictment was filed on Sept. 1’.

BRAIN SURGEON: When was this brought to the Baltimore Bais Din?

YR: It wasn’t!

BRAIN SURGEON: Oh,isn’t that interesting. Hmmm!!!

YR (defensively):Well, it wasn’t US that initiated the inquiry it was the district attorney - didn’t you read the (unsigned) letter?

BRAIN SURGEON: doesn’t someone have to call the authorities? The last time you reconciled your checkbook and the numbers were off did you figure out where the discrepancy was? OR did you immediately call the State’s Attorney’s office?

STORY:‘It is also alleged that the theft was discovered by the school and involved a series of school checks taken by the defendant which were either cashed or deposited into the defendant’s account’.

BRAIN SURGEON: You don’t have to be a brain surgeon (but it doesn’t hurt) to see where allegedly missing checks have been deposited. Depositors HAVE TO endorse their checks or banks wont take them. If the alleged thief used any OTHER name than his own, it would have appeared as an AKA on the court records. Since it didn’t, we must assume that the checks were deposited to an account bearing his name and endorsement. This is just my humble opinion but I never had RW pegged as an idiot (let alone a thief)!

STORY: ‘Court documents allege that between January 2007 and May 2009 Rabbi Wagner stole over $13,000 from Yeshivat Rambam. Mr. Wagner worked as an assistant principal at the school’.

BRAIN: According to (publicly accessible) tax filings for Yeshivat Rambam in 2007 there is an itemized expense for ‘Accounting Fees’ in the amount of $84,126. Year 2008 and 2009 filings are not yet available but i think its safe to assume that similar accounting fees are part of the school’s expenses. If you are paying an accountant or firm more than all but your four top administrators earn (RW was not included among those four - info garnered from the same tax statement)don’t you think that THEY should be able to figure out if there is a discrepancy in the books?
After all they had 28 months to figure it out. That’s roughly $200,000 in accounting fees during that period of time.

STORY: ‘An indictment is not a finding of guilt. An individual charged by indictment is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty at some later criminal proceeding’.

BRAIN: Oh,Good I’m happy you pointed that out because all the rash, gossip-mongering individuals and the anti-semitic rhetoric from people looking to disparage Jews will of course be quelled with the knowledge that someone that is indicted is actually innocent.
STORY: ‘An arraignment is scheduled for Oct. 19, 2009 before Judge Charles G. Bernstein at the Mitchell Courthouse’.

BRAIN SURGEON: Well at least the Judge is a Yid. (thats a joke, just like the farce of this whole kangaroo court proceeding)

STORY: In an e-mail to parents, school officials wrote:
‘...the vast majority of missing funds have, in fact, already been recovered’.

BRAIN: How much exactly is the ‘VAST’ majority of $13,000.

STORY: ...‘In closing, Yeshivat Rambam remains a financially strong and vibrant institution’.

BRAIN: Considering the well-known financial distress that the school is suffering (unrelated to The Great Caper of ‘09), it seems incredibly ironic that overzealous, under-informed, and downright malicious members of the board have voluntarily discarded the school’s most valuable asset: Rabbi Wagner.

YR: You’re next pal…


Baltimore Yid. I know Rabbi Wagner personally and I also know he did not do this crime. His family will have his back because he maintains his innocence. Did it ever cross your mind taht maybe Rambam is the one behind this, and their shady board members are really behind this. Why would an entire faculty turn over so quickly????? Who was the last man standing???? Thought so! Rambam needed a reason to fire him so they framed him.

 reader from NJ

Baltimore yid - you are assuming that Rabbi Wagner is guilty and stating that as fact. Even the DA who indicted him has said that his indictment does not equal a guilty verdict. I can only imagine that such declarations are in part what is destroying his family.


My children attend YR & I know Rabbi Wagner personally. There is no question that he did the wrong thing by stealing school funds. There's more to the story though than meets the eye however. Jay Wagner was obviously in serious financial trouble and he saw this as his way out. He has destroyed his career and quite possibly his family. Maybe just maybe if he will do teshuva for his crime perhaps we should be supportive of him and accept his teshuva and possible punishment. The Wagner family should not be destroyed by one horribly wrong fuck up.

fed up

It is only mesirah when its other people's money. Do you honestly belive that if a Jew was ripping off money from Ner Yisroel or any of the yeshivas of the Roshei Yeshiva of Torah Umesorah or the Agudah they would take them to beis din???Pulllease!
As they have said "the yeshivas finances are the lifeblood of our community". That is why they oppose the Markey bill that owuld protect children.

they have made their priorities clear: When it comes to molesting children or stealing money from the government, it is mesirah to go to the police.
But stealing money from us....a whole different story.

The corruption knows no bounds.


This serves a valuable lesson...

In the future, when someone molests them,[students at the school] wives and children are included, they will likely go to the police

seymour friedman

Our bank and the State Attorney’s office thoroughly investigated the incident.

how could this have happened going to secular state to solve this this is supposed to be done internally they mossered on someone"


I'm positive that Rambam consulted their Rosh Yeshivah before any decisions to go to the authorities. The power base of that school are staunch followers of their Rabbi who is also the R'Y. Poor Guy.

Dr. Dave

This probably should have gone to a beit din first.


There is a Rabbi in our community, a Ner Yisroel grad. He told me that Rabbi Eisemann never touched him, BUT...the first time Rabbi Eisemann met this Rabbi, then a new student at NIRC, the first thing he said to him was "do you sleep with your hands inside the sheets or outside the sheets".
He also said Eisemann appeared to him to be somewhat efemenate. Anyhow, this Rabbi chose not to get close to Eisemann. He says he doesn't know first-hand of anything Eisemann did, although he can see how it might be possible as he always considered Eisemann from that first meeting, a bit of an odd guy.


Has Moshe Eisemann been convicted of anything yet? Wasn't there a call for victims to speak up a couple years ago? what came of it?


Speaking of Baltimore, serial molester Moshe Eisemann just put out a new book on Pirkei Avos which is being mailed to homes asking for charity to his Vaad Nidchei Yisroel. I promptly disposed of it in the garbage.


The world does not stop. Asking people not to comment is silly.


Please no comments before Rosh Hashonah. This story breaking is bad enough.



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