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August 31, 2009


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flatbush yenta

I think the letter is very respectful, and if more chareidim acted like this Rabbi,the world would be a better place!


Rav Shmuel Eliyahu is using the typical Sefardic approach ie. you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.


I think the rabbi wrote a very nice letter and hopefully Madonna will take his advice. I found it interesting that rather than saying that she is some sort of horrible person who should not defile the holy land with her odious presence, he seems to speak respectfully to her and to her purported sensibilities. He is recognizing the reality that the world is more interested in what she has to say than in what he and his colleagues have to say, and is making the most of the situation. Kol hakavod.


Everyone is so busy with this letter, and somehow we ignore something even more than that. A powerful and dangerous weapon as Kabbalah in the hands of.......MADONA?????

Scares the crap out of me.


"it is not in her BEST BUSINESS INTEREST to dress modestly (as defined by R. Eliyahu). "

I dunno, it would sure get a lot of attention.

Also, I suspect M could manage to stay within the four cubits ot tziniut (long sleeves, skirts below the knee, etc) and STILL manage to subvert it all.

Hometown Postville

If the great Rabbi thinks her performance will be inappropriate then maybe he should encourage his followers not to attend! So if the men can't attend, surely they would not let the women see such an independent star either. She might as well stay home! I'm sure her idea of modesty is light years away from his!

alternative childcare

I think the religious response here was pretty tame as compared with, say, Poland, where they threatened riots and street demonstrations:

Lech Walesa aveva dettato la linea già più di un mese fa: il concerto di Madonna a Ferragosto (festività dell'Assunzione in cielo della Madonna, quella vera) è una provocazione satanica, e va boicottato. Detto e fatto: la Polonia cattolica si è mobilitata contro il concerto blasfemo di Varsavia.


i would like to be adopted by madonna.


Yakira he got your attention which is what most Rabbis do before they give a droshah


Madonna is an international, pop star; furthermore, it is not in her BEST BUSINESS INTEREST to dress modestly (as defined by R. Eliyahu). I am sure that his perspective of modesty is different from her perspective of modesty; therefore, one can argue that it might be impossible for both of them to compromise on this issue. I strongly believe that R. Eliyahu and all the other MO & ultra-orthodox Jews need to back off Madonna. There are far more other important issues that need to be addressed instead of MADONNA'S WARDROBE!! Madonna is a FULL GROWN WOMAN who can dress however she pleases to dress and she does not need ANYBODY'S PERMISSION!


i think Modanna should make a deal with im. She wear sniute clothing and he wears her stainless steal bullet bra !

Why cant he just not go to the concert ?

A. Nuran

Madonna is many things, chief among them being a master of self-promotion and periodic professional reinvention. That's what it takes to be a success in show business. But a whacko? Not so much.

The Rabbi has a point. If you're going to make Kabbalah part of your life it's only right to show a little respect for the tradition when you're doing a show in its homeland. If the excerpt is representative he makes the point in a positive manner, very reasonable, not bullying or overly preachy.


I happen to agree that dressing like trailer trash or a professional prostitute just shows that a woman entertainer's talent is insufficient. And certainly a woman of her age should be well past needing to strip in public to entertain her audience if her talents are legitimate. The fact that she continues to think she has no value as an entertainer unless her whole body is on display is a sad commentary - both on her own deep seated insecurities and on the society that encourages such behavior. Madonna clearly does not understand real Kabbalah, or even real self-esteem. (For example: You don't notice barbara streisand prancing around like that, and her talent is undeniable - and she makes plenty of money.)


He's kinda right. If you're going to tote a Kabbalah around and don Hebrew tattoos (another story, I guess), then quit being a hypocrite and live the life, no?


I don't see what was wrong with his letter. He was being polite about it and she kind of asked for it getting into the kaballah nonsense anyway.

Dr. Dave

Especially the costumes for the songs Like a Betulah and Material Maidel.


I am not sure why one needs to vent vitriol on this Rabbi. I believe his letter was from the heart and a respectful plea for her to uphold the values of modesty, appealing to her in a manner that may resonate with her.


This guy seems to be a bigger wako then Madonna. The question is which one of them needs to be distaned from Israel first?


if he cannot stop Madonna from coming to Israel how can he stop the swine flue from coming to Israel

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