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August 03, 2009


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It is always the same.. Protect the perp and shun the good citizen who did the right thing. These people who shun and suggest murder and not Orthodox anything. They are experts at concealing the truth, concealing crimes, concealing murder concealing fraud, concealing child molestation, concealing money launderingf. The are experts at everything but spirituality.. They are just a disgrace and embrarassment to Jews all over the world who don't adhere to their slavish behavior. We are about to celebrate Passover, and talk about how once we were slaves in Egypt.... but the black hats are slaves right now. Slaves to their leaders, slaves to behaviors they know are immoral and wrong, slaves to a community that constantly and ritually ignores the law. They are an ABOMINATION.

White Sheep

There are none more deserving of facing justice than "men of god": pedophilic priests (and rabbis) and embezzlers, thieves, traffickers in organs and diamonds, probably murderers, who pretend that their lives are righteous.

I receive at least two letters a week from Israel, asking for money for a poor family there where someone has a brain tumor and is taking care of the family while the man of the house' is studying....or other similar circumstances, though there is always a brain tumor involved. The funds, of course, go to Lakewood New Jersey or Monsey, New York.

These 'honorable men' cannot help but know that what they are doing violates human decency, not to mention the laws of the Country to which they came to find freedom. Maybe they should realize that in a truly just world, having violated civil law (AND torah law) they'd be exiled and shunned - maybe back to Syria and wouldn't that be ironic?

It is not lost on me that, having grown up with Warner Brothers cartoons (in a fairly strict Orthodox home)that,in speaking of the father far far far more than the son, Elmer Fudd's 'dwek' is 'drek'. Pretty good description.




Posted by: Never a son | October 03, 2010 at 03:37 PM


These "honorable men" laundered millions of dollars *before* Dwek and these "honorable men" took commissions on the money they laundered – including the money they laundered for Dwek.

Never a son

may hashem judge this man for his evil, wickedness. Setting up many honorable people who were lured to help him, inorder to escape the jail sentence that awaited him is more than a "snitch" ..I dont know the correct word for that but I feel very bad for the parents of this low life creature!

William Dwek

if shits like hirsh says things like that-he is the one who dissicrating our Torah in all its wonders and glory----------------------------------simply what Dwek did is to try to clean some of the filth and dirt and expose those people pretending to be religious and using the Torah as their their cover and cloak as good guys when they are notnothing short of evil worms ,who brings the holy nation down,purely for their own selfish gratification--in short they are abhorant and causing so much harm to amm israel ...................................


there is so much wrong with the response of the Syrian community:

1) a community that takes care of its own ? This just re-enforces the Syrian communities elitist and biggoted attitudes. Why just take care of your own ? arent all people equal ? I guess not.

2) a community that is law abiding ? come on... doesnt the law call on citizens to assist ion assuring that justice is served ?

The Syrian community is too often a private club that sees no one as their equal. I guess we deserve it as a people. when you say "we are chosen", when you promote a "better than them" attitude, you often get people who actually beleive it and take what they can.

This is a chillul hashem and dwek's daddy should not condem his son but his chief rabbi who is currently accused and likely to be found guilty of being a crook !


Solomon Dwek was last spotted outside michael jackson's plastic surgeon's office. He has already lost 40lbs and will soon be taking up a career as a michael jackson lookalike impersonator,.


Yechi Dwek the mench who ended the chillul hashem!

At some point (say like right now) it would be good to say that these "close community" jews and normal jews are different religions. I have nothing to do with these people and don't wanna be confused with a kidney dealing gur nor a laundering syrian. We normal american Jews have no connection culturually nor religiously to these people beyond some superficial food n holiday laws.

Dr. Dave

Is he going to have to go into Witness Protection?

Maybe he can grow a beard, move out West and call himself a shaliach?

Mr. Apikoros

The fellas who dine at Don Peppe would know exactly how to handle Mr. Dwek.

Proton Soup

"He is a filthy snitch and should be dealt with accordingly,"

interesting choice of words. 'snitch' implies guilt of the people he ratted on. it also implies that the person making such a statement is a criminal himself, or has criminal intent.


What troubles me is that he was allowed back in the synagogue after he swindled many members of his community out of $200M (besides the $150M from the banks). Those that weren't victimized then, including the rabbis that were now caught, didn't see any problem in dealing with him. Now that he became a moser, suddenly he becomes persona non grata.


I thought the the buttocks of a moser WAS ham.


when i asked about licking ham off the buttocks of a moser i was thrown out.


Althelion : i presented this at the aptly named symposium, "haredim and morality" which lasted less than 3 seconds and was attended by no one and was told that it would be better to molest a male child in the car you are driving on shabbos as you are masturbating, with bacon and pork shoved in your mouth, throat ears and nose , rather than being a moser.


Please order these transgressions on a scale of (1) being the worst and (6) being the least bad:

Child Molestation
Whistleblower (Moser)
Eating Tref
Driving an elderly person to Shabbos services

Take your time. I know it can be difficult.

Hometown Postville

I would take shunning, Isa. One can always start over in another place/time if one has the chutzpah to do so.


Take your pick:

20 years (or more) in prison


Shunning for life

What would you pick??

Mr. Apikoros

Bad Food - Great Food

Find me a Jewish restaurant that's 1/10th as good as Don Peppe in Ozone Park.


Jew - Itallian
Moser - Omerta
Rabbi - Don
Organized Crime - Oraganized Religion
Money Laundering - Money Laundering
Bribery - Bribery
Extortion - Extortion
Tax Evasion - Tax Evasion
Closed Society - Closed Community

(With apologies to all the law abiding and principaled Jews and Italians who do not paticipate en the stereotypes, dont' break the law, and are equallay embarassed and ashamed of their fellow community members)


can you imagine any shul opening its arm to Dwerk like they did for Kolco. there would be would an uproar like you have never seen before.

What is wrong with this oicture

Nigritude Ultramarine

"One of (the) core values we embrace is a deep and abiding respect for the law,"

Except Jewish law when it comes to loving converts.

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