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July 02, 2009


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Roberta Wolk

I need a kosher, organic turkey. Hope these will be added to your line of poultry.

Successful Messiah

Shmarya, if the birds will be fed a vegetarian diet, does that mean that you can eat them?

Hometown Postville

Organic growing, animals or plants is not the rocket science people make it out to be except when large volume is being produced. The need for vaccinations and hormone studded feed comes about when livestock is "efficiently" jammed together in grower pens making them susceptable to disease or when mass produced for quick market turn-around. That's probably why organic is so expensive- when done on a grand scale, holistic methods used in the past don't mesh with the speed and volume the current market demands.

Dr. B

How about organic AND anti-biotic free?

Hometown Postville

How innovative!LOL As a former small farm girl, I guess we were ahead of the times- our chickens were always free range, oops-I mean organic! How much more will they charge slapping on the "organic" label?
eg no sodium, sugar-free....= price increase

Dr. Dave

Empire organic grass fed beef please


Good. I already buy Organic Empire chicken from Trader Joe's.

Another nail in the coffin of the likes of Rubashkin.

Now what about Empire beef?

Chicago Samson

Great news!! I hope it won't affect the price.


This is a very worthwhile and timely development.

If the free market forces begin to choose the truly humane option over the other one, Empire will act accordingly, and gradually phase out its original production paradigm, to the benefit of the chickens and the consumers, wanting truly humane raised and slaughted poultry.

However, IMHO, this will not bode well for the Postville, Iowa facility, which will not be able to compete in this kind of market.

Radical Feminist

Actually, chickens should be free range and left to their own devices feed on bugs. they are not meant to be vegetarian, and corn fed birds are fat unhealthy birds.

Yosef ben Matitya

well, if it is 100% organic, clean and not rotting, and the owners are neither swindlers nor thieves; it's fair to assume that they ain't as kosher as thief rub' and rotting sol's. no?
especially if it is not glatt chicken heu heu heu ahem nor chassidische shcheetoh! re-ahem!

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