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July 02, 2009

Empire Kosher Announces New Organic, Antibiotic-Free Poultry

Empire_kosher_logo "[T]he birds will be fed all vegetarian diets and will never be injected with antibiotics or hormones." 

Empire Kosher Poultry Expands
Antibiotic Free and Organic Poultry Lines
Producer to Offer Traditional Kosher, Kosher ABF and Kosher Organic Poultry

MIFFLINTOWN, PA – Empire Kosher Poultry today announced the expansion of its line of Kosher chicken and turkey products to include Organic and Antibiotic Free (“ABF”) poultry, along with its regular offerings.

Empire’s production facility in Mifflintown, PA received USDA Organic certification last year and has been testing both ABF and Organic feeds and growing protocols for the past 18 months. With the completion of its extensive testing and test marketing, Empire is now rolling out these lines nationally.

Empire Kosher’s CEO Greg Rosenbaum stated, “As the nation’s largest producer of Kosher poultry, Empire wants to offer its customers greater choice.  As we’ve seen demand for ABF and Organic products grow in the non-Kosher world, we decided to enter these markets with Kosher products.  In this way, we provide a one-stop shop for supermarkets and Kosher butchers who need to provide their consumers with the wide range of poultry choices available today.  As with all our products, these new products are being produced with consistently high standards of Kashrus, food safety, animal welfare, worker safety and great taste.”

Empire’s ABF products will be, in the parlance of the trade, “never, ever”, meaning the birds will be fed all vegetarian diets and will never be injected with antibiotics or hormones.  Empire’s Organic chicken will be fed only certified, Organically grown vegetarian diets. All of Empire’s poultry products are raised on family owned farms within 75 miles of the Empire plant and are free roaming, allowing the birds to grow naturally.

Being the nation’s only fully integrated producer of Kosher chicken and turkey, Empire has the ability and flexibility to produce regular Kosher, Kosher ABF and Kosher Organic.  Empire has its own breeder hens, hatches its own chicken eggs, grows turkeys from day-old poults and owns its own feed mill, thereby allowing it to vary feeds and growing conditions to meet the rigorous standards of regular Kosher and Kosher ABF designations.  At the present time, Empire supplements its feeds with specially contracted Organic formulations to meet the standards of the Kosher Organic designation.  

Empire has dedicated two growing houses, with a capacity of almost 60,000 chickens per week, to its ABF product line and another growing house, with a capacity of almost 30,000 chickens per week, to its Organic line.  This volume accounts for between one third and one half of Empire’s current weekly production. 

Empire is also dedicating two-thirds of its non-holiday turkey production to ABF turkeys, or approximately 20,000 per week.  For major Jewish holidays and Thanksgiving, Empire will significantly ramp up its ABF turkey production to respond to customer needs.

Kosher consumers in some areas of the country will find Empire Organic poultry on their grocers’ shelves now, while the roll out of ABF product will start now and be complete by Rosh Hashanah.  Consumers can let their grocers and butchers know if they want regular Kosher, Kosher Organic or Kosher ABF products.

About Empire Kosher Poultry, Inc.
Empire Kosher Poultry, Inc. is the largest Kosher poultry producer in the United States. With facilities in central Pennsylvania, Empire produces Kosher chickens and Kosher turkeys for the North American market through a fully integrated process, including breeder farms, egg hatcheries, feed mill, grow out houses and processing facilities. Through this fully vertically integrated approach Empire continues to deliver the highest quality poultry products available anywhere. Empire products have won numerous national and international poultry taste-test competitions, and are available in supermarkets, warehouse clubs and butcher shops. For more information visit www.empirekosher.com.  


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well, if it is 100% organic, clean and not rotting, and the owners are neither swindlers nor thieves; it's fair to assume that they ain't as kosher as thief rub' and rotting sol's. no?
especially if it is not glatt chicken heu heu heu ahem nor chassidische shcheetoh! re-ahem!

Actually, chickens should be free range and left to their own devices feed on bugs. they are not meant to be vegetarian, and corn fed birds are fat unhealthy birds.

This is a very worthwhile and timely development.

If the free market forces begin to choose the truly humane option over the other one, Empire will act accordingly, and gradually phase out its original production paradigm, to the benefit of the chickens and the consumers, wanting truly humane raised and slaughted poultry.

However, IMHO, this will not bode well for the Postville, Iowa facility, which will not be able to compete in this kind of market.

Great news!! I hope it won't affect the price.

Good. I already buy Organic Empire chicken from Trader Joe's.

Another nail in the coffin of the likes of Rubashkin.

Now what about Empire beef?

Empire organic grass fed beef please

How innovative!LOL As a former small farm girl, I guess we were ahead of the times- our chickens were always free range, oops-I mean organic! How much more will they charge slapping on the "organic" label?
eg no sodium, sugar-free....= price increase

How about organic AND anti-biotic free?

Organic growing, animals or plants is not the rocket science people make it out to be except when large volume is being produced. The need for vaccinations and hormone studded feed comes about when livestock is "efficiently" jammed together in grower pens making them susceptable to disease or when mass produced for quick market turn-around. That's probably why organic is so expensive- when done on a grand scale, holistic methods used in the past don't mesh with the speed and volume the current market demands.

Shmarya, if the birds will be fed a vegetarian diet, does that mean that you can eat them?

I need a kosher, organic turkey. Hope these will be added to your line of poultry.

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