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July 03, 2009


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The sane one

Good luck, Agri.


Empire products always seem to be very good quality. Also glad to hear about that new organic line. The previous thread about them mentioned that the chickens are free-range, which is also good news.

Shmarya, does the hassidic/haredi crowd eat Empire products? I seem to recall back in my Lubavitch days that they avoided Empire, even before Rubashkin came into being.


That's the whole Chabad shechita thing, which has nothing to do with kashrut. They also avoided Vineland, etc.


Just as I suspected. Thanks.

Yochanan Lavie

The Empire Strikes Back.


This makes the previous post even better.

Now, there's a real chance, if enough consumers demand truly free range humane Kosher poultry, for Empire to be able to meet the demand.

Whoever is in line to buy Agri, should now think twice.

state of disgust

Lubav's account for a small percentage of kosher poultry purchases. Most Kosher poultry is purchased by Conservatives, Reconstructionists, and ... non-Jews. Non-Jews buy kosher poultry because every foodie mag that rates poultry puts kosher birds at the top of the list. They reason that the koshering process is similar to brining and produces a bird that tastes better.


Maybe a stupid question.

If Agri folds or is liquidated, where are the Lubavs going to get their chicken?

state of disgust

A new plant just started operating in New York. Their product is nice and clean.This plant was started by someone who used to be a player at Empire. Doubtful that it would be acceptable to Lubav's but who knows.
Shabbat Shalom and chag samayach!



Shabbat Shalom and chag samayach to you, too!

Please keep up informed and updated re this new plant.

I pray that the consuming public will eventually demand the humanly raised and slaughtered poultry from Empire.

Then, at least, a substancial amount of Kosher poultry will have their animals raised and slaughtered, according to Torah precepts, abandoning the Factory-Farming paradigm.

Then, maybe, in the future, the same thing might occur in the Kosher beef industry.


Lubavich didn't eat Empire and encourged everyone else not to use its products for at least last 15-20 years. I don't believe this going to change.

What is the problem with Empire shechita anyway? Why Lubavich is opposed to it?


New proprietary equipment allows Empire to dramatically boost production.

Any chance that this will result in lower prices or will that only happen when more competition appears.


Any chance that this will result in lower prices or will that only happen when more competition appears.

Empire cut wholesale prices about six months ago.


It will be very interesting to see what happens at the Agriprocessors auction tomorrow.

This updated information on Empire, may have a negative effect on the bidder(s) willingness to take control of a facility, that would have a very difficult time to compete in the Kosher chicken market.


I think there is still alot of room for competition since chicken prices that have gone up for the pesach holiday haven't really come down since. Locally where I live chicken is $2.55/lb.


That's your distributor or store, not Empire.

Remember, there are a few other producers, as well: Vineland, David Elliot, etc.


Let's hope the quality doesn't drop any further. Over the past few years (?), we've noticed the production become increasingly sloppy, with significant remaining quills, skin baring hanging onto pieces by a small section, incorrect piece counts cut-up factory-sealed packages, etc. The best kosher chicken we've had was Wise brand, although it was also twice the price of Empire.


Sounds like Empire has a quality control problem that needs correction, if they want to maintain their share of the business.

Have you or anyone else contacted Empire about this.

If they are on the up-and-up, they will takes comments seriously and act accordingly.


I think much of the problems with Empire came from doubling its production to make up for Agriprocessors' slow down.

Hopefully the new equipment will not only double production again, but will also help with QC.


Wise chicken cutlets at Whole Foods here is $11.99/lb. Nonkosher organic free-range chicken cutlets are $10.99/lb.

Empire chicken cutlets are $6.49/lb (not the organic). I wonder how much Empire will charge for the new organic line.


The head mashgiach at Empire Mifflinton for many years was a chassidishe rov, I know, cause I was related to him. AFAIK he did not eat Empire at home though.

skeptic jew

i don't understand why this article is here. fm only reports bad news for orthodox jews, and this is good news...


It's good news, since Empire is going to produce truly humanely raised and slaughtered poultry at, hopefully, competitive prices.


Anyone hear anything further about Empire's plans to delve into the kosher beef market? I thought they were going to work with Rosenblatt on this project.


More good news, if this happens.

Would make it much more likely that Agri will go bust or be liquidated.

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