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July 31, 2009


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You know that a society is morally corrupt when you get people who are more angry at people who help bring lawbreakers to justice; more angry than they are at actual lawbreakers.

Sounds like Soddom and Gommorah if you ask me.

Does Dwek say Baruch Dayan HaEmet for orthodox lawbreakers?

Yochanan Lavie

Apologies to Genesis (the group, not the book):

Well the key to my survival
was always in much doubt
the question was how I could keep snitching,
trying to find a way out

Things were quite easy for me
politicians were easy to bribe
and I needed a place, where I could hide
money, I could call mine

I didn't think much about it
til it started happening all the time
soon I was living with the fear everyday
of what might happen with the FBI

I couldn't stand to hear the
crying of my rabbi and I remember when
I swore that,(bli nedar)
that would be the
Last they'd see of me
And I never go to Deal again

they say that time is a healer
and now my kidneys are not the same
I rang that bell with my heart in my mouth
I had to hear what he'd say

He sat me down to talk to me
he looked me straight in the eyes

he said:

You're no son, you're no son of mine
No you're no son, you're no son of mine
You ratted us out, you left us behind
and you're no son, no son of mine

oh, his words how they hurt me, I'll never forget it
and as the time, it went by, baruch dayan emet.

Pure Sephardic

this is not a man who was so moral that he couldn't stand other people breaking the law. Solomon Dweck is a crook, who swindled his friends and family out of tens of millions, broke every law he could get hold of and then to save his skin turns over people who helped him out his whole life, friends and family.
If that is not bad enough for you, what is?


OK Pure Sephardic point made. I was under the impression Solomon Dweck was merely a police informant.

Though my understanding is there are other situations particularly in orthodox sex abuse where the moser does seem to be more hated than the perv lawbreaker.


Does this guy have a family ? What's happening with them ??


this is not a man who was so moral that he couldn't stand other people breaking the law. Solomon Dweck is a crook, who swindled his friends and family out of tens of millions, broke every law he could get hold of and then to save his skin turns over people who helped him out his whole life, friends and family.
If that is not bad enough for you, what is?

Posted by: Pure Sephardic | July 31, 2009 at 04:23 PM
He did not do anything the NJ 4 buried themselves broke evry law in the book, and have been doing this fraud for a long time. Please call a crook a crook. The reason they were arrested is because of their own actions They are fraudster and deserved to be treated as such.

He maybe help thr FBI with the case, But if the rabbies would not be involved in fraud Dwerk could not do anything.
It is not like he lied to get 4 honest people arrested to save his own skin, he just went to people who he knew did fraud like him.


Nigritude Ultramarine

Drama much? This business about 'mesira' is absurd. These so called rabbis act as if this thing is a mitzvah min hatorah. We live in a free and generous country. L'gabei the U.S. government it just does not apply.

We do NOT have to take spiritual guidance from law breakers. These people simply do not count.


Seymour is absolutely correct. If these Syrian Jews (including the raggedy geezer Kassin -- may his last miserable thoughts be of the shame that he's brought upon the Jewish People) had obeyed the law of the land, and Dwek informed upon them falsely, then he would deserve the label of "Moser".

However, this cabal of dishonest swine (and I apologize to the porcine specie who are actually cleaner than these greedy criminals) disobeyed the correct and righteous U.S. laws against money laundering for their own personal gain and lust for wealth. Because of this, Dwek must be looked upon as righteous because he informed on those who disobeyed a good and honest law that is not in any opposition to Torah.


Thanks ByungJ

Furthermore people like Kassin are banking on Moser, to get away with their crimes.
They are using so called Halcha to steal.

Very sad

in the know

the 2 audio link do not open up . is this just me or are others having the same problem?


I can't open them either

Steven I. Weiss

I don't hear him say "baruch dayan..." in the clip. When does he say it. I hear the "former member of my family" part.

Steven I. Weiss

Ok, now I hear it, at the beginning. What's the part I can't make out here?

"I said yesterday, at the ladies' luncheon, baruch dayan haemet, when I was referring to a painful [u/i], a former member of my family."

I suppose, in this context, it's not likely he's referring to the use of the phrase regarding judgment, justice & the courts, which is another way it's used.


I know a LOT of chach chach and they all agree they are under no obligation to live laws of derech eretz.


I find it very screwed up that most of the pepole posting here and other places are so upset. does god say a jew should go against another jew to a outsider. They should go to the Rabbis. Well what the heck is any person to do if it is a Rabbis you have the problem with. Who can you go to. My bible say's if you're not breaking the law, then you don't have to look over your shoulders. The Jews claim to serve God. Then act accordingly. Rabbis Dwek. I think should be a shamed. A father should never turn his back on his child. Nice God you serve buddy


By the way. Just so you all get it right.

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