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June 24, 2009


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Curious Postville Native

lobbying for peace (not) -



You are making a fool out of yourself and even I feel sorry for you right now. Shut your damn computer off and go to bed.

Curious Postville Native

[Two innocent people have now been hurt by that.]

THREE innocent people have been hurt by this . . . you neglected to mention me.

Curious Postville Native

[Two innocent people have now been hurt by that.]

No one has been hurt be this. - You weigh this too heavily. Again, no one gives a rat's ass who you are ! ! ! ! !

Curious Postville Native

resoonse (-response)

Curious Postville Native


You are, INDEED, a foolish person.

I came on this thread one more time tonight to make an appeal to mend our differences . What I found was - [I DO NOT WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND.]

So be it-according to your own request.

[and you immediately turn that on me]

Not the case-

I was actually typing my resoonse while you were posting.


Again, please stop addressing me as LL. I am not her.



OMG. First of all, lets just be clear. I DO NOT WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND. Secondly, your concern that my comments follow after yours is making me chuckle. I have not intentionally done that, but given the fact that we obviously are interested in the same threads on this blog, and given the fact that you comment frequently on those threads, and given the fact that I don't tend to comment immediately following the posting of a new thread (unlike you), then I can understand how that could happen.

What I'd like to know is if they've noticed how my original comments almost always are directed at no one in particular, but how immediately following is ALWAYS a personal response from you directed to me?

And your second paragraph is a nice touch...I asked you to leave me alone and you immediately turn that on me and tell me how you are in fear of me and you don't care who I am. Listen, I have known who you are for a long time. I am a nice person, believe it or not. I wish you no harm. I do understand your concern because that is probably the extent of our commonality, but it is one issue we do share.

I would appreciate it if you would honor my privilege of posting comments without publicly calling out who you think I am. Two innocent people have now been hurt by that.

I am going to bed now. I don't want to argue this anymore.

Curious Postville Native


[Leave me alone now.
Posted by: lobbying4peace | June 25, 2009 at 11:04 PM]

[I do ask that you please leave me alone.Posted by: Curious Postville Native | June 25, 2009 at 11:15 PM]

Sounds like we both want the same outcome.

. . . and with that - Good night & good-bye ! ! ! ! !

Curious Postville Native


If you believe I am a terrible person (with a big mouth) as you claim; and you find me so repulsive, please don't make an effort to mend our differences and become friends.

I do ask that you please leave me alone. Your identity is not important to me. I am a bit tense with regard to how you might/could respond to my comments. After all, you do know who I am.

. . . and several people who post on this website have noted that when you post, you usually comment with regard to/following my posts.

? ? ? ? ?



Lady, if you only knew! But you don't. You are just digging yourself in deeper. Leave me alone now.


Well I suppose I would burst into laughter (like I just did). Again, refer to rule #4. And if you re-read what I said, you will note that I didn't accuse you of being the one to possibly commit a hate crime; however, obviously if I revealed my identity to you it would be public in a matter of seconds (even if I told you privately), and one never knows what another person will do. Just look at some of the comments preceding ours on this thread---and include in that the fact that you just damned me to hell (at least I think you did, but maybe that doesn't count because I'm not really who you think I am???)

Curious Postville Native

[I was raised a good Christian girl]

According to #4, it is Not logical to assume this is could be true, given you 'fell' away from the Catholic Church, simply because you 'fell' in love.

Curious Postville Native

[I will reveal my identity to you on the condition that I don't find a cross burning in my yard someday, missy.]

You better take a step back. I regard that comment as accusing me of possessing the mindset of a KKK member.

How would you like it if I said-I fear you might set a menorah ablaze on my property?


When you start paying attention to rule #4 then you can refer me to rule #5.

Like I said before, I was raised a good Christian girl and I know a little something about your religion. Your comments do not reflect your supposed religious beliefs, lady.

Curious Postville Native

LL -

As I stated before . . . no one gives a damn as to who you are, what you think or that you have rebuked Christ.


You can go to hell for lying as well.

. . . and please refer to rule number 5 in the Comment Rules.


>>But being a convert is a private issue that most people are not comfortable with.

I changed the wording in this area of my comment but forgot to ammend these words. What I meant to say was that being a convert is a private issue that most people are not comfortable discussing except with close friends. What I actually said has a whole different meaning and is not what I meant.



I am not LL. Why is it so important for you to know my identity? You can take satisfaction in the fact that you are making my blood boil, but you can not take satisfaction that you have uncovered the secret of who I am because you have not. So if I were you, I would just stop making an ass out of yourself by assuming that you know who I am. Yes, I posted once that I am a convert because I am very open about that and don't care if people know that about me. But being a convert is a private issue that most people are not comfortable with. I am certain that you have caused a lot of heartache by your flippant response to me. People choose to use an alias on here for different reasons and it is not critical for you to know who I am. But if you are going to continue to throw out stupid, tacky, tacky, tacky responses to me, I will reveal my identity to you on the condition that I don't find a cross burning in my yard someday, missy.


You're right. It is a bit over the line, for when Rubashkin dies, hardly any Jew will know of his death. Had it not been for you outing him, he'd be even more anonymous.

I regard Rubashkin, along with Bernie Madoff, as one of the great Jewish shandas of the early 21st Century.

Yochanan Lavie




That WAS your parody from last year. That's what I meant by "with apologies".


That's a bit over the line, don't you think?


The day Rubashkin dies will be a Jewish holiday.

Curious Postville Native

Give up Leah, you are indeed L4P. Deny it to the good doctor. No one else gives a damn. You were raised a Christian and everyone kwows who you are, including me. Case closed.



I see you are not giving up. I am not LL either, you silly girl.


"There is absolutely no requirement in Judaism for this trip. It is not a Jewish holiday"

Indeed, but these people are not of the Jewish faith, they are adherents of another religion, albeit "the other religion most similar to Judaism" in the words of Rav Shach.

Curious Postville Native

[lobbying4peace | June 25, 2009 at 12:18 AM]

Greetings LL!


“exceptional religious significance for those of the Lubavitcher faith.”

Heh heh... it does seem at times that it is a faith unto itself.

Dr. Dave

The Seventh (Rebbe non)Sense

Shlomo Rubashkin: I see dead Rebbes.
Judge Reade: In your dreams?
[Sholomo shakes his head no]
Judge Reade: While you're awake?
[Shlomo nods]
Judge Reade: Dead Rebbes like, in graves? In an Ohel?
Shlomo Rubashkin: Walking around like the Moshiach. Their followers don't see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don't know their Rebbes are dead.
Judge Reade: How often do you see the Rebbes?
Shlomo Rubashkin: All the time. They're everywhere. But especially Gimmel Tamuz. In NYC.


Well, yeah, because the defendant has not been convicted of any crime yet. But in the Dept. of Corrections case, heads rolled:

Hometown Postville

Is this any different than Dept of Corrections officials approving that bar mitzvah celebration while the father was in jail?

Yochanan Lavie

Steve: Thanks for the shout out, but I did a "Rebbe in the Sky" parody last year.


Echoing neighbor girl, he'll be in a white bronco with rebbe paraphenalia hanging from the mirror. Easy to spot.

mr moe

ELAL leaves from JFK to TLV today @ 7:55PM the next flight is 11:50pm


You people just like to bicker. You'll complain about his coming back more than you've complained about your fantasy of him leaving.

Curious Postville Native

Readers, if I may venture a guess as to how many 'others', (perhaps, myself included), truly feel with regard to the 'happenings'-

If 'someone' happened upon the opportunity, 'someone' could potentially save the taxpayers $$$$$ simply by 'delivering' Sholom to the JFK and personally purchase his one way ticket to Israel.


I am reminded of my comment here on FM about judges having to be careful on bail package details:

The comment refers to a story in the NY Times about a man out on bail awaiting sentencing who put one over on the judge:

neighbor girl

We slipped up. Should have had a helicopter follow them on this road trip. Anyone remember OJ?


I guess you'll just need to take some time and think about it.

NYC offers immediate access to international waters. Indiana doesn't.

and, again, it is possible to monitor him closely on the Interstate but it is not possible to do so in NYC.

Jack Schitt, Esq.

What about passing through Chicago, a pretty Jewish town with easy access to a vast body of water and shipping channels? What if he disappears on the road along the interstate in some unpopulated area? Sure, they'll know he left the interstate, but how can he be apprehended? If he does sneak away, why do you think the feds can't apprehend him from the ocean? If he sneaks away from the Ohel, don't you think the feds (considering they can learn pretty quickly if he DISAPPEARS, at least) will put an alert out to airport officials?


They probably explained to the judge that it's like Good Friday for those of the Lubavitcher faith.


If he leaves the Interstate the feds will know immediately. But that level of precision is not available in NYC, where 5 minutes can get you to the ocean or JFK.

In other words, if he were to flee – and, again, I doubt he will – the Ohel, his wife's old neighborhood, and 770 all provide good cover to do so.

And the Rebbe's yartzeit is NOT a Jewish holiday.

Jack Schitt, Esq.

Please. Why worry about the time spent at the Ohel? If you're concerned about anything, it should be the roadtrip. He can disappear anywhere and at anytime along the route. After cutting the bracelet, he will then be free to roam the country and use any airport, marina, port, border crossing or to just wander through the woods into Canada. Right along the planned travel route he would have Lakes Michigan and Erie as well as the New Jersey shore. If he were to pull this off, he wouldn't even need 25,000 people that look like him in order to dissappear into a crowd. It's not like he's going to have a US Marshall escorting him around on the roadtrip. Considering that a roadtrip allows better opportunities to flee the country, what's your Ohel obsession?


This is going to provide fuel for much Shabbos conversation, whatever happens.

If the bas-ard flees, we'll have even more to talk about and the bookies in Las Vegas and elsewhere, will put out the betting odds on how soon the SOB will be apprehended.


So much for American justice! Speeders and drunk drivers get stiffer fines than this a--hole. If he tries to run maybe the plane will send him to North Korea....

He isn't guilty yet. Bail is not a fine.


What a stupid suggestion that the judge should worry just because an international airport is nearby, seriously.

The point of monitoring and travel restrictions are because he is a flight risk.

I wrote clearly that I don't think he will flee.

But to void the restrictions for a non-holiday, and to allow him easy access to:

1. 25,000 people crammed together in one location, many of whom look like him.

2. In very close proximity to JFK.

3. In very close proximity to the ocean and marinas where ocean-going boats dockIs foolish.

He can cut the bracelet and be on a boat before the feds can respond. All he needs is five minutes.

Concerned for the Postville area..

So much for American justice! Speeders and drunk drivers get stiffer fines than this a--hole. If he tries to run maybe the plane will send him to North Korea....

Jack Schitt Esq.

Who gives a damn that it's five minutes away to JFK? If international airports were the judge's concern, why would she allow him to take a road trip that passes major international airports inevitably 15 or so minutes away along the route, like Clevland, Chicago, and Newark (the latter two having daily direct flights to Israel)? What a silly argument Shmarya!!Don't you think he's been flagged by INS? An hour deviation can also have him in international airports in Milwaukee, Detroit or Pittsburgh. What a stupid suggestion that the judge should worry just because an international airport is nearby, seriously.


Good thread. Why would the Golem want to go to Israel straightaway? I don't see that. I see his going somewhere else first. He can indeed get a genuine brand new passport if he has the gelt. His most immediate problem will be finding a good rug, he has no hair left the poor guy.



Rebbe in the Sky (apologies to the REAL Norman Greenbaum)

When I'm indicted and they send me to jail
Gonna go to the place to get bail

When they lay me in my cell to sigh 

Goin to pray to the Rebbe in the sky

Goin to pray to the Rebbe in the sky 
(Rebbe in the sky) 

That's who I'm gonna call on when I lie 
(When I lie) 

When I lie and they send me to the clink
Let's hope they don't feed me Rubbishcan stink

Prepare your brief, you know it's a bust 
Maybe I'll go sell Cheesus

So you know, it's Cholov Yisrael

It's gonna give me zchut, to the Rebbe, when in jail
Rebbe in the sky)

Goin on up to the Rebbe in the sky
In Cambria, Queens, he didn't die 

(Didn't die) 

When I'm tried and they send me to Leavenworth

I'd rather go to the place that's 770
Never been a sinner, I've never sinned 
I've got an illegal named Jesus [pronounced Hay-zeus]
So when I die, and my throat has a meat hook 

I'm gonna tell the Rebbe that "I'm not a crook!"


How many doublegangers for SMR do you think there are in Chabadland?
Anybody check the JFK departure schedules for Israel, Argentina, Moscow and Uruguay?


But he would be stupid to have this meeting.

If hard evidence of this was obtained, it would be enough to establish a linkage between the RCF and the proposed new buyers, giving the Iowa Federal AG potential ammunition to block the sale, etc.


I think you're right.


Maybe Rubashkin will be able to squeeze in a meeting with Daniel Hirsch on the premises of Favorite Plastics on Utica Avenue in Brooklyn.


+++ El Al Airlines has exceptional security. They would want to know why some one wearing a tracking device wanted to leave the country. +++

The bas-ard is smart enough to remove his GPS tracking device and there are other airlines that go to Israel.

+++ They took away his passport and I don't think his people can put out fake ones that easily. It's not as easy as phony social security numbers for illegals. +++

For enough money, nearly anything can be obtained.


"I thought he was actually buried in NJ. Anyone ever hear this rumor?"

Yeah, I hear he's buried next to Jimmy Hoffa under the goal post at Giant Stadium.


What a bunch of BULL!! How does this guy rate- it just makes me sick to think of how much Rubbishcan has- and still- gets away with!! NO JUSTICE!!!!


The route shown uses the Belt Parkway, not the Jackie Robinson (formerly Interborough) Parkway. The Belt Parkway is the preferred route from South Brooklyn to JFK Airport. Taking the Jackie Robinson Parkway would take one way out of the way if traveling to the cemetery in Cambria Heights,. The Belt Parkway is, for all practical purposes, the northern boundary of JFK Airport. Various roads, as well as the Van Wyck Expressway and JFK Expressway intersect with the Belt Parkway to permit access to JFK Airport. El Al Airlines flies into JFK.

The cemetery the Rebbe is buried in is not too far past JFK Airport. Belt Parkway veers north after JFK Airport, heading closer to the cemetary in Cambria Heights, Queens.

El Al Airlines has exceptional security. They would want to know why some one wearing a tracking device wanted to leave the country.

Remember, this is the town that had a rabbi arrange for parties in the city jaul.


They took away his passport and I don't think his people can put out fake ones that easily. It's not as easy as phony social security numbers for illegals.


It's not near the Jackie Robinson/Interboro that connects Brooklyn and Queens unless the Rebbe's soul that they claim is hovering has decided to migrate to another nabe. Someone is thinking of a different cemetery. But the "ohel" is right near JFK, which is very convenient for flight to Israel or anywhere else. Btw, what is the "Lubavitch faith" -- is it a new religion? Interesting way to put it. They sure pulled the wool -- or tallis -- over the judge's eyes.


I don't think he's going to run. But this is an issue. I even checked on Google Maps. 15 minutes in traffic. Very early in the morning or late at night? about 7 minutes. Two out of the three routes Google Maps show go right by JFK.


It's right off the Jackie Robinson/Interboro. The road is twisted and turning. If it takes you 5 minutes from JFK, you're dead. It is at least a half hour trip.

He has GPS on him, this is really a non-issue.

Voice of Reason

I thought he was actually buried in NJ. Anyone ever hear this rumor?


It seems that the Federal Prosecuter and Judge Reade were not aware of this, prior to granting SMR his request.

They should have been, and his request denied on the spot.


It is. Thank you for reminding me. I haven't been there in 14 years.

neighbor girl

An article about the event on lubavitch.com says the burial site is 5 minutes from JFK airport!


Successful Messiah, the quote says it all: "Those of the Lubavitch faith". The holiday isn't of the Jewish religion. It's of the Lubavitch religion. I guess kinda like the Christians' "Holy Thursday", an observation of the death of Jesus.

Successful Messiah

"There is absolutely no requirement in Judaism for this trip. It is not a Jewish holiday. Being at the grave or in Brooklyn is in no way required."

Hu, who said this was a requirement. Rubashkin asked for an exception to his restrictions, the prosecutor didn't object and the judge agreed. Nothing unusual or newsworthy about that.


This is the perfect opportunity for the bas-ard to flee.

He'll be in home country, with plenty of help to get a forged passport, etc.

There will be plenty of hell to be paid if, G-d forbid, this happens.


What is Reade afraid of? Perhaps she merely likes to be manipulated and the justice system further sullied and made a mockery of. Or maybe someone showed someone else the money.

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