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April 06, 2009


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Gunnar K. A. Njalsson

"Quality Journalism" is not suffering from a simple economic crisis, as JTA and other journalists would like the public to believe.

"Journalism" is suffering above all from the exponential ego trip that has characterised this one-way manner of communication nearly from the start.

Newspapers, News agencies and the individual journalists who are supposed to be on the lookout for important issues and perhaps even help the odd victim of unfair treatment have demonstrated that in most cases where it really counts, they are utterly worthless.

And the attitude of news organisations to their readers as well as the people who naively provide them with quality information for free is outrageous.

Perhaps the public is simply gaining enough self-respect and education to now realize that they are not stuck with the mass media anymore. Perhaps it is the fact that organizations like JTA, the AP and most of the large newspapers cannot simply stiffle discussion on serious topics that matter that is getting under the skin of lazy reporters, many who have a personal agenda from the very start.

Who wants it? Who needs it? Let them get real jobs! Maybe when the economy turns around they will have enough real life experience to begin writing mature narratives about the things in life that really matter!

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