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January 27, 2009


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Mushkie P

Apparently there are TWO members of the Schochet Family who are lawyers. There is a Zalman Schochet who is very successful doing civil work in Brooklyn New York, and there is a Yossi Schochet who is a highly sought-after criminal defense lawyer in Toronto Canada. These two lawyers are blood-relatives, I am told they are cousins, and are considered brilliant in their respective legal fields of practise. They are both involved in the Lubavitch Community but no one is able to say if they provided legal services or advice to the Rubashkin Family.

Yakov the Litvak

Further investigation: Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer and Yossi Schochet are cousins. It seems that this entire family is composed from geniuses, lecturers, authors and leaders of the pack. All are high profile over-achievers with triple digit I.Q.'s. I suspect it is genetic. It makes me want to vomit.

Yakov the Litvak

Yossi Schochet is a lawyer in Toronto, son of Rabbi Dovid Schochet. What I find interesting: Yossi Schochet's legal expertise and specialty is in criminal law. Many experiences lawyers consult with him and his legal opinions are highly regarded. Although he only practices in Canada, I would not be surprised if he had been consulted.


Oh boy, lots of catching up to do! Was away for a few weeks participating in the Gaza op with my miluim unit, and here I am back to "fascinating" news of Shmaryahu out dating Maya Angelou, Rubashkin out on bail, and Zoglobeck making an offer for some failed meat processing plant in bumf**k Iowa. At this rate, won't surprise me if SMR's having his photo taken outside the Kfar Chabad 770 by Yud Shevat.

The Gaza op was awesome, by the way. MUCHO FIREPOWER!

getzel rubashkin ( not ) BREAKING  NEWS !!!


Shmarya , Jeff Abbas and all the people heating chabad, frum jewish people , went to the doctor and ask for extra strong Ambian pills in order to sleep , and extra large dose of prozac & other pills to be able to function !!!
In addition to their normal prescriptions !!!

I cannot sleep !!!
How they let shalom go home !!!

Please more Ambien!
Please more Prozac !
Please more koolaid!


Please Shmarya we need help!
Please find some thing tonight about Chabad , Ruba !
Please find some dirt about any frum jew !!

We cannot sleepppppp!


Shmarya !!!!!!!!!



Red Sox Fan

Between this and his letter to Pulosi, Zwiebel has really lost it.



Will you be writing the theme song for the movie?

Hometown Postville

Do you suppose they'll have another televised vodka dew homecoming party for him? That would not set too well with anyone. If he is indeed innocent of all charges as he proclaims, perhaps Mr. Upstanding Citizen of the Year Rubashkin would be so kind as to meet with some of his former employees and hear their concerns.


וואללה שמריה
עוד לא נמאס לך לדווח על רובשקין? נראה לי שאתה דוקא אוהב אותם. הם מספקים לך מטרה קיומית
Sorry, it sounds better in Hebrew


I hope that SMR does not flee to Israel. If he does, it will make it seem as though denying bail by invoking the Law of Return was a good idea. It isn't.

getzel rubashkin ( not )


Shmarya and Jeff Abbas went to the doctor and ask for extra strong Ambian pills in order to sleep , and extra large dose of prozac & other pills to be able to function !!!
In addition to their normal prescriptions !!!


getzel rubashkin ( not )


Shmarya and Jeff Abbas went to the doctor and ask for extra strong Ambian pills in order to sleep , and extra large dose of prozac & other pills to be able to function !!!
In addition to their normal prescriptions !!!



Now that Sholom is out they should release Carlos and Martin. They are people who were under Sholom and Elizabeth so if Sholom can go free then those 2 guys can too. I hope he flees so this can be thrown in the goverments face. This all goes to show what money can do. I am sure Aaron has the plane fueled and they are ready for take off Thursday afternoon. I hope they crash.

Yochanan Lavie

AB: I don't know.


go joe daddy, go

joe daddy

Ok let him out so the peopel in town that are homeless have there own court hang him .I can what for him to be on the end of a rope .you cheeting mother fucker . Iam one piss off .

Curious Postville Native

[Joe Shochet]

Is this the family friend Sholom visited in Canada?

? ? ? ? ?


RYGB is simply not a chabadnik. In yeshivah he waxed about his strongly german and litvish pedigree and 'blamed' it for 'not having much to work from' for spirit, and sometimes implied he wished the Chassidut background was really there. He liked the Sephardi siddurim, I remember as well. He noted examples where he thought their general derech had certain things "right". He has been an unrelenting exponent of unexplored TIDE-related paths in Torah.


Fact checking.

A Schochet female married a Bechoffer man and they had 4 Children

All are very frum.Frumer than their modern Orthodx father.

The mother is a sister of the Rabbi Schochet mentioned who si from Toronto. They are brother and sister.

Cerainly during th eyears we were close to them on a regular basis it was not a Lubavich home.

Here is a short bio of YG Bechoffer.

Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer was a teacher at Yeshivas Ohr Somayach and Bais Yaakov d'Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch in Monsey, New York, and at Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School in New Jersey. He has served as Rav, Rebbe and Rosh Kollel in the Chicago and New York areas. He also serves as a writer and editor for the Taryag Legacy Foundation, working on the monumental Encyclopedia of the 613 Mitzvoth; of the Daf Yomi publication, Daf Digest; and other Torah projects. Rabbi Bechhofer is one of the few individuals to have taught both Daf Yomi Bavli and Daf Yomi Yerushalmi (structured daily Talmud study programs), completing both. He is also senior lecturer for the Aishdas Society and has published many essays in major Orthodox Jewish periodicals. His published books are: The Contemporary Eruv: Eruvin in Moderern Metropolitan Areas; Bigdei Sheish on Bava Batra, and Bigdei Shesh on Sefer Shoftim. Rabbi Bechhofer has studied in many institutions, including Sha'alvim in Israel, Ner Israel Rabbincal College in Baltimore and Mir of NY and Israel. He received Rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Yitzchok Koolitz zt"l, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, and Rabbi Zalman Nechemiah Goldberg, Av Beit Din of Jerusalem. He also holds a Masters Degree in Education (concentration in Counseling and Guidance) from Johns Hopkins University

in the know

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
One Person's Opinion!

"I am disgusted with all the Internet and media coverage of Zahler's "suicide". Let me tell you something... I KNEW ZVI. He was not "bipolar" or anything. He was 100% normal. I have a second cousin who has manic depression, so I know the situation in detail and I know what signs to look for.

Let me just tell you the apparent FACTS. Shortly before his "suicide," Zvi seemingly found an Internet article claiming that his Ner Israel Rabbinical College (NIRC) is/was involved in some grave crimes. From what I was able to figure out, that was "DEATH ON THE NIRC" by Semangelaf (http://jewishsurvivors.blogspot.com/2007/08/is-this-reality-or-fantasy-or-little.html). Fifi was staggered.

I believe that he went to the NIRC leadership to try to clarify the situation and that he also (unsuccessfully) tried to confront rabbi Moshe Eisemann. That's precisely why the "Baltimore Jewish Times" wrote that NIRC president rabbi Sheftel Neuberger refused to discuss the Zahler case with them! The Ner Israel administration saw "the writing on the wall." They just chose to apply its message to Zvi Dovid instead of themselves...

NOW JUST THINK ABOUT IT: on the last day of the merry Chanukah holiday, a really (yes, really!) happy married young (and 100% normal!) man in his first year of marriage who was going to become a joyful father in just a couple of months for the first time in his 24-year life, a man whose father was a thriving international developer in Canada (ruling out Fifi's financial problems), lied (AND HE NEVER LIED!) to his poor pregnant wife that he was going out "to pray" (Fifi got out of his house at around 6 a.m. - one and a half hour (!) before sunrise in Baltimore - way too early for any local prayer service), got into his Honda and drove for almost one hour (!) to the Millard E. Tydings Memorial Bridge to jump into the Susquehanna River!

Zvi Zahler, an excellent swimmer, apparently also expected to instantly die hitting the water surface, as he didn't tie anything heavy to his body to help him drown - if so, he certainly had no need to drive so far: he could just jump off any tall building in his neighborhood, even the high-school building at NIRC campus which is being renovated right now!

Listen to this, folks: Zvi Dovid, who always stretched his hand to help everyone around, who was so much meticulous not to offend ANYBODY - this very man DID NOT EVEN THINK about his poor pregnant wife, his unborn baby, his parents, his in-laws, and his many caring relatives and friends on that last day of Chanukah as he was driving to his death for almost ONE HOUR!

GIVE ME A BREAK! Only a totally selfish and crazy ANIMAL wouldn't turn around his car at the end of his trip and drive back home, not Fifi! WAKE UP! Nothing to do with depression! THIS IS ALL ONE BIG COVER-UP!

So this is what really happened: THERE WERE TWO CARS! Fifi was drugged and plummeted off the bridge! Do not forget that that weekend was a "Shabbos-off" at NIRC, so they knew that there would be fewer witnesses, as many kollel couples were still on their way back to Baltimore. (Btw, Zahler's funeral at the Sol Levinson & Bros. funeral home (which is anyhow right next to the NIRC campus) was not because of his "suicide" but because Ner Israel allows only their rabbis to be eulogized in that holy study hall - "bittul Torah" (taking away from the Torah study) for anybody else as the NIRC administration typically "explains.")

And plus do not forget the initial shady conflicting reports coming even from the Maryland State Police and the "Baltimore Sun": car accident (couldn't they see an undamaged car?), murder (by a policeman!), and... at last - SUICIDE! That's because NIRC thugs were working overtime!

Open your eyes! THAT WAS NOT A SUICIDE - THAT WAS A MURDER! They are just trying to cover it up! Nowadays they will kill anyone and still get away saying that "the guy was just mentally sick." Go ahead, try to prove to the world that you were NORMAL! And we can't do anything about it: if you can't shut up your mouth in Baltimore, the "authorities" will get you! I would like to say something but I have my wife and kids - and I am TOO SCARED to jeopardize them! I'll just skip town in the very near future.


Curious Postville Native

[who in fact has strong ties to the community]

Please, allow me to 'refresh' this statement . . . [who in fact haD strong ties to the community].

Archie Bunker

Yochanan, do you think Rubashkin's latest accusation is a swipe at the Trump-Kushner shidduch?

Archie Bunker

In any case, at least they ended the relationship with all those creeps like Torossian, Engelmayer and Lubinsky.

Archie Bunker

It's sad that Rubashkin is following in the footsteps of Tendler in his delusions and feels the need to hire big shot PR agents to issue press releases.

How is he paying for a heavy hitter like Sheinkopf? Didn't Pesach Lerner just tell the court & the media that Sholom doesn't have a cent?

Archie Bunker

For anyone who knows the extended Bechofer family, I think it would come as a shock that anyone in that clan would convert to Chabadism.

I still don't get it though. Yosef Gavriel does not teach in Chabad schools and acts on his blog as if Chabad doesn't exist.

Yochanan Lavie

Roll over, Bechofers.



Gavriel Bechofer is a Chabadnik.

Andrew Moesel

The original press release stated that Joe Shochet was a trustee of Agriprocessors Inc. In fact, Mr. Shochet is a family friend, and Mr. Joseph Sarachek is the trustee. Mr. Shochet testified in person at the hearing, and Mr. Sarachek submitted a written affidavit. I'm sorry for the error. The press had been notified of the mistake.


Joe is a trustee... Rabbi Dovid's brother...

Archie Bunker

I just realized that the Albany area does not have it's court records posted on the State site. That's why there's nothing on Weiss.

Archie Bunker

"Joe Shochet a trustee? If so, what is a trustee of???"

It's easy to throw terms around that don't really mean anything. I recently went through documents on the website of the Iowa Dept of State and did not see him listed as an officer.

This sounds something like Shmarya appointing one of his fellow bitter travellers like Neo-Conservaguy as "trustee" of Failed Messiah.


It might be prudent to get confirmation from Mr. Sarachek or his office if Mr. Sarachek testified at the bail hearing. All that stuff about "arms-length", etc.

Archie Bunker

Ok, some valuable information just came in.

Shmarya was making some bogus claim from outer space that Rav Hutner attended operas without a yarmulka. It was so absurd that it was actually embarassing to verify such nonsense as false. When the Chaim Berliners I spoke to denied it, I thought that's not surprising even if it was true. I checked it out with some Yekkish Briskers who know about Rav Hutner from both Germany & the yeshiva world. They feel Shmarya is being so preposterous that it doesn't even deserve a denial.

I'm also told now that the Schochets are related to a family of well known scam artists, who are in & out of court all the time, who I will decline to name at this point.

state of disgust

So is Joe Shochet a trustee? If so, what is a trustee of???
Doesn't make sense.


If the "Trumped Up Evidence" refers to the matters pertaining to the original denial of bail, it's one thing.

But if the Rubashkin Family is refering to the Criminal Charges in the Indictment, they will pay very dearly after the Trial(s) begin.

Archie Bunker


Joe or Yossi Schochet is a lawyer who seems to own this company in Canada. He is also considered to be an expert in halacha according to some Chabad groupies on Chabad.info. He may be the son of Rabbi D. Schochet, head of Lubavitch Toronto who was on Pesach Lerner's junket.

The Schochets are also family with the ultra-German Bechofers somehow, even though they are Litvaks who became Chabad around WWII.

Yochanan Lavie

Oh yeah, the same guys who faked the moon shot, killed JFK, and crashed the 911 planes are out to get the Rubbishclan (/sarcasm).

Archie Bunker


Why is the Weiss case not in the criminal docket? Did Uncle Milton get it quietly thrown out?

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