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November 30, 2008


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Oops, sorry !
That was me, Dave.

Norm, the only way we Jews will stop being victims is when we form 2 percent of the human
race, instead of 0.0005 percent. The state of Israel is essential, but is Not Enough. My answer is 180 million Jews by 2058, G-d Willing.
It can be done. The answer is outreach in Asia, Latin America, and Africa.
It is already starting. All it takes is funding and love for our fellow human beings. The funding can be found. Can the love be found? I hope so.
If anyone is interested in helping me,
please e-mail me at: superdave8002@hotmail.com
And by the way I am not even Orthodox, but I am willing to cooperate with anyone who is a theistic Jew, from Reform to Ultra-Orthodox, including help a revival of the Karaites and the Samaritans- One Torah, One People.


I have my disagreements with Chabbad. I admit to having some feelings that their leadership would use this tragedy as a fundraising opportunity but I'm guessing most other organizations, Jewish or Gentile, would do the same. I also don't care if some haredi Rabbi would use an attack on secular jews to justify his branch of our tribe's beleifs.

Let's remember one thing: the vermin who killed in Mubai had Jews and Israelis on the top of their target list-the only reason they went after Chabbad as opposed to secular Jews was Chabadd was easier to recognize. Whether its a Jewish center, synagogue or whatever they are our collective enemies. Those who quibble over what branch of Judiasm the victims practiced only help the terrorists.

While Revenge on innocent civilans of the same ethinic group from these terrorists would make the situation worse I wish that just once, when people like this were at the beginning of their attack, they found themselves coincidentally confronted by some Israeli soldiers on leave.

Where is it written that we have a duty to be victims?


--Can everyone agree, the Rebbe was a good man, but perhaps, not perfect?--


Just a Goy

thinking NOT think

WE must stop thinking only as a Jew, but also as a human race.

Just a Goy

Can everyone agree, the Rebbe was a good man, but perhaps, not perfect?

Chabad or not... everyone has a right to practice their own form of theology. WE may not agree with one another, but out of utter respect, we don't need to defecate upon one another.

- omg's opening statement, was from the heart and not faulted; people do get ripped off, in some cases, no matter what you represent. WE must stop think only as a Jew, but also as a human race.

- PR, Why are you so angry? None of us are perfect. We strive for it, but often fail.


PR, you gave yourself some bad PR. You're not that smart.
The lesson from all of this is that we Jews need to connect at the level of heart and pray that Hashem's will be done. The essence of Torah-not to do anything hateful,(like name-calling, like nasty responses to individual opinions), to another person that we would not want done to ourselves.
Can we, on this blog, where freedom of expression is sublime, get along??
And its only practical to think about income and donations and wanting them to help where most needed. Don't you agree, PR? (That was a hypothetical question, you need not answer).
No fighting, can we resist the temptation?

Dr. Dave

I agree with Yochanan and Mordechai.

The problem is the mass murdering terrorists and the evil mullahs that whip them into their killing frenzy, not the victims, the victims' family or the vicitims' friends!!!!!


Ditto to the sentiments expressed by Yochanan. Chabad Jews are our brothers despite disputes in the family.

concern jew2

this site really brings out strange things

no name

PR keep drinking your Koolaide
Oh I forgot!!!
It is NOW Mountain Dew

Yochanan Lavie

We are fighting over deck chairs on the Titanic. I have issues with Chabad, but I acknowledge many schluchim are nice people who do good work, and the dead rebbe, z"l, WAS a great man (albeit flawed and human).

Having said that, I don't think it's appropriate to have a cat fight while the bodies are still warm. We have a common enemy- Muslim fanatics who don't make fine distinctions between Jews. They are Islamo-Nazis.

We can fight and hate each other another day. Meanwhile, let's bury the dead.


In the words of the Decomposing Messiah, damn the youngsters, let's double down and make some money off this disaster.

What a lovely movement. Cults are the same wherever they are.


The entire phone conversation, in both English and Yiddish, was wholey appropriate, and everything said showed tremendous level-headedness in the aftermath of the tragedy, its implications and repercussions.
I don't understand how anyone can criticize anything about this phone conversation.
The rebbe was referred to repeatedly, and always in the past tense. There was no mechichist nonsense.
All mention of incoming donations were discussed in terms of properly using same.
All shluchim were encouraged to remain strong and continue to fulfill the rebbe's original directive about their mission in the world. There was no negativity at all, no talk of backing out or withdrawing from anywhere.
They were told that Jews ('ba'al habatim') that belong to Chabad Houses worldwide would look to the shluchim to see how they will handle the spiritual aspects of this tragedy, since those same Jews frequently turn to Chabad rabbis for counseling when tragedy strikes in their lives.

I really don't know what some of you guys here are arguing about.
The rebbe's picture wasn't damaged? Big deal.
Moving everyone to Israel? And what about those who can't relocate- should they be abandoned? Massive aliyah isn't feasible. Make your home an oasis for God's presence, no matter where you live.
And the guy who is blogging from his iphone- you're a better man than I am!

Choni Davidowitz

To Shimon in Gush Etzion;
You are 100% right.
Let me add; The expression mach du Eretz Yisrael, is exactly what the spies said in the widerness.
There is no doubt that Lubavitch are the spies of the Generation.


I think in the long run this will be bad for the Chabad Rabbis and the Chabad houses.
First of all they are easy targets and it could have been much worse. In many foreign countries, such as Thailand etc., the Chabad house is the only symbol of Israel and Judaism besides the Israeli embassy, which is usually a much more secure location. There is a strong possibility, G-D forbid, that another Chabad house will be hit again. They will have to be better protected going forward.
Second of all, just the security threat will keep people away. Most of the people go to Chabad for the free meal and the possiblity of Jewish social connections, not the long, boring Drasha that accompanies the meal. However, the fear of terrorism will go along way in keeping people away. Once that happens, it will be difficult to form social connections and then grow to start a school etc., when people are staying away.
It will be much harder for these Shlichim to be successful going forward.


--stop fighting about the Rebbe is Moshiach or not, or whether he is alive or dead!--

There's no fight.

The answers are "no" and "dead".


--using a iphone-hard to type--

I'm using one - it's not THAT hard (actually - to be honest, mine's a Touch).

--does that mean a new headline

Only if a reputable news source (like another blogger) reports it as being FBI, CIA or NSA.


Third hit for Chabad. First, the financial downturn of Lev Leviav, then Agriprocessors and now Mumbai. It must be the divine message is not getting through. Yidden, wake up it is not too late to do teshuva.


Anon that hurt -pointing out my spelling errors-(using a iphone-hard to type)
Shamra, i saw a police car stop in front of 770-does that mean a new headline


I am unsure why the buildings insurance policy won't cover the damages. Also ALL Chabad property is under the name of the Shaliach and hence little Moshel'e is the property owner of the Indian property once he reaches maturity.

Shimon from Gush Etzion, Israel

Yes, it is most tragic what happened to the Holtzbergs and other Jews HY'D who were murdered. I wouldn't have to write this perhaps - but neither chabad.org or shmais.com accepted my post to them about Hashem warning Chabad to make Aliyah, so I have to write this over here.

On a personal note, I am an ex-Lubavitcher, originally from Miami, Florida who got turned off from Chabad for the most part because of prejudice against me when I was shopping around in Crown Heights for a Shidduch some 12 and 1/2 years ago. Virtually four years ago, I did what Hashem tells us to do - LIVE IN ISRAEL. Being Chabad doesn't change what the Torah says. What they claim from one of their Rebbes "Macht Da Eretz Yisrael" - Make here (whereever in Galut) Israel, that was good back then in Europe when conditions weren't the way they are now in Israel. But for the last nearly 17 years, the late Lubavitcher Rebbe hasn't told any followers where to call home. So, there are no more excuses of hanging around Crown Heights or 770 - return to your real Home, and stop fighting about the Rebbe is Moshiach or not, or whether he is alive or dead!


Actually - it makes PERFECT sense that Chabad Lubavich would use this tragedy to try to milk money out of the general population.

A) They have no morals to begin with, and

B) They've lost their cash cow.



--want to try again?--

Perhaps I could direct you to the SHIFT key and the space bar?


I said damaged not shot-can you tell the difference? you telling me the rebbe is dead is no news to me and didnt hurt my feelings-want to try again?


--the only thing not damaged was the picture of the rebbe-coincedence?--

Just means that the terrorists didn't see fit to waste a bullet on a guy who is already dead - and who ain't comin' back.

It appears that in at least one way - they're smarter than you.


if you read all the reports- looks like the only thing not damaged was the picture of the rebbe-coincedence? doesn't look good for you omg & shmara


no name& omg same person-horrible attempt to cover yourself,

no name

PR screw you
If this was a secular or reform or conservative or modern orthodox outfit that got hit.
the idol worshiping chabad would say their mezuza was posul(non-kosher)or served treif or etc or etc
Now here is an excellent opportunity for chabad to rake in ALL kinds of loot. Yes they would at least repair the chabad house and set aside money for the orphans BUT after that was done, THEN let the bucks roll in!!!


omg: why dont you just shut up already-keep your money-so you dont have to dictate how to spend it-it states there going to hire a psychologist for other chabad houses to deal with it-are they DIRECTLY AFFECTED-your a real lowlife-and based on the responses you get from others-i know people feel the same way about you


I hope and pray that the money goes directly to those who have suffered first-hand from this horrific tragedy--those who are responsible for caring for for the yesomim, (orphans). I don't want to get nagetive here, but money is money, and it is during tragic times that many get ripped off. I pray that those who suffered directly from this tragedy ONLY, receive donated money.

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