November 20, 2008


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re: it would be interesting to read any interview someone would do with the staff of Club 51, asking them what it has been like to work there the last 6 +1/2 months.

LOL, it would probably be worthy of national news attention.

it would be interesting to read any interview someone would do with the staff of Club 51, asking them what it has been like to work there the last 6 +1/2 months.


im glad this is "formally" been made public. the fact that these "people" (i use this term loosely) are targeting IGA and Club 51 and little old ladies only speaks as to their true animalistic nature, please god, get these "people" back to the inner-city ghetto cesspool that they came from and BELONG. part of being an released ex-con is that you are a member of society again, if your complete and utter disregard of the law, society, and community leads you to pursue this type of "i'm gotta get mines, no matter who i get it from" thinking, you never deserved to be released in the first place. as far as i am concerned, they can all go to hell. i am just as angry as anyone else about not getting the money owed to me, but at least i know how to properly handle the situation.

Yochanan Lavie

JAG: I thoroughly enjoyed the PBS special and recommended it privately to Shmarya. Yes, we are all Caananites. But I still lean Ortho because I have no trouble reconciling things. A small group left Egypt. Many Caananites found their new religion attractive. Conversion to Judaism means adoptation of the Jewish narrative and the Jewish nationality. Therefore, like all converts, the Caananite gerim can legitmately say they were there, too. And for these oppressed Caananites, Egypt already came to them; in the form of an Egyptian-inspired class system. As I have said many times before in this blog, much of Tanach is allegory, and the Hebrew sense of history is different from the Greek sense (which the West inherited) anyhow. And Ezra did have to do a lot of editing, as the miqra and mesorah both attest.

I know that American Christianity has developed differently from European Christianity, esp. after WWII. Anti-semites are fringe characters, unlike in Europe where they hide behind a thin veneer of "anti-Zionism." But we should not be complacent, either. People like "Ed in CT" still exist, and academic anti-Zionism, which is mainstream in colleges and has infiltrated secondary education often leads to full-blown European "anti-Zionist" anti-Semitism. You never know.

In that light, Isa is correct. Jews who are threatened should exercise their 2nd Amendment rights, while they still can; along with training to make it effective.


well nice to know now. just dont need anymore bs than being a worker at agri gives me already.

send em to crown heights and let krinsky feed em!

In the Wed. November 19th Postville Herald- Leader newspaper 4 of the 8 middle school "students of the month" are Hispanic. - Below that is the photo of the 21 elementary school "students of the month" - 13 of those 21 kids have Hispanic names. - Some of these are children of women wearing ankle monitors, relatives of men put in prison 5 months and deported. Next to the middle school photo it read "Character counts - students of the month". - A man selling fresh vegetables from his truck parked east of Moore's IGA said this fall about the adults arrested in the raid, "most of them were just the nicest people to deal with" (many had been his customers). - But now that people have to follow the rules and hire people who can legally, work many employees brought in had criminal backgrounds. They may have been some of the ones making statements when possibly drinking alcohol that were thankfully passed on to someone who relayed them to the police. -Postville was a very quiet, boring place 5:30- 6:00p.m. Thursday evening; "baccaloo" who posted elsewhere at 6:24p.m. about being afraid to go to the multicultural center should have had no problem if he had made the trip. There was a vehicle and trailer of supplies from Waterloo being unloaded that might have helped him. - Hopefully the people who have been making the types statements someone repeated to Jeff will soon find leads on work elsewhere and more on. - Their checks can be forwarded to them later when bankruptcy proceedings allow them to be issued.- The town has sufered enough and does not need people making these statements even though they have reasons to be frustrated.


Rav Kahane would roll around in his grave seeing Jews cringe at shadows.
Iowa is not New York where you need permits (and perhaps bribes) to obtain a shotgun.
Having said this- one CANNOT take a life to protect PROPERTY. For instance, you are inside your house and someone is beating your car with a baseball bat- tough cruncies-call the cops!
Now when they break IN the house to deal harm to you or your loved ones then you can fire, once they are fully in your house and you having no other choice.
However cycling a pump shotgun(the sound it makes) will be enough to even make a drug crazy run.
One should pick up a book called IN THE GRAVEST EXTREME.


Bruce, will you explain what it is you're blathering about? And how does this have ANYTHING to do with Obama?

Just a Goy

roles NOT rolls... I'm hungry!


Shades of Katrina:
"Considering the dire circumstances that we have in New Orleans, virtually a city that has been destroyed, things are going relatively well." –FEMA Director Michael Brown, Sept. 1, 2005

Just a Goy

Double Standard,

Understand, less educated people are paid very little; living on the absolute edge of sustainability. They live hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck. When not paid at all, they'll have a tendency to not rationalize, since they were victimized while working for Agri, and now this - thus becoming hostile.

Especially when they read and hear Rubashkin had $20,000 in silver pieces in a bag with passports...

The man has assets - he should have mortgaged his home (or some other property) to fulfill payroll.

Rolls can be reversed; the abused can become the abuser. I believe that's what is going on...

I'm not trying to justify, just rationalize.

I am appalled and repelled by violence, racism, as well as theological persecution, etc, in any form.

These people were viewed by OJ staff at Agri as subhuman and treated as such. What else can you expect from the abused people?

Just a Goy

Perhaps now Rubashkin will remain in Federal custody, things will cool down a little bit.

p.s.: I never heard back from the firm... did anybody talk to anyone other than a receptionist?


the governor should call in a few state troopers if needed

That was done hours ago.


I appreciate schmarya's anger at orthodox jews helping their own. He has anger issues and I too wish frummies did more across the board (but not with anger). but any help to anybody is good. the governor should call in a few state troopers if needed to last show law and order.
self lecturer

Ed in CT

Time to get out the tar & feathers and make sure the tar is nice and hot.
Some bagel pieces in the tar will gurantee the tar is kosher and therefore you can't be accused of being an "anti semite."

Double Standard

Could anyone imagine that it could EVER possibly be "Chabad unpaid workers" who could be threatening to riot and rob etc?

If that were the case, would we say all the same things, we are now saying, like "get the workers paid ASAP before they riot"?


Would we say "Lock them up and throw away the key"?

The Law is the Law and workers past pay, will never be coming because by law secured loans get paid first and after that there will be nothing left for anyone else.

These workers will most likely NEVER get paid, (past due pay) since Agri will most likely remain closed now, forever.

A double standard here:

Criminals are threatening to riot, loot and rob which is a CRIME by GOYIM, even if they only threaten to do it and don't actually do it and they get our SYMPATHY??? for their criminal behavior???

Criminals are Criminals, period.

Anyone who threatens to rob and riot should all be locked up and throw away they key.

Instead of "asking for pay" which is currently AGAINST THE bankruptcy LAW, we should ask that the law be enforced and whoever made these threats be locked up, ASAP.

They will get plenty of great food and electricity and warmth, once in Jail.


this is more than I can take! If the local mayor and city council don't do something after these threats they had better run themselves if someone gets killed or hurt. There are many young innocent kids also working amongst these businesses and as a parent if mine get hurt someone will have to answer to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!


announced on chabad.info
a large effort in ny to load a 40 foot trailer with food and supplies for pistville jewish community relief.

gov culver where are you and the state. people of all faiths and colors need help.

The good people of Postville and of North East Iowa have donated tens of thousands of dollars worth of food.

They have housed, fed, clothed and cared for hundreds of Agriprocessors workers.

Non-Orthodox Jews from across the country have sent money and food for EVERYBODY who needs it, regardless of religion.

Orthodox Jews have only helped their own.

You want to lecture the governor?

Lecture yourself.


stateof postville
Did you not here what the black bro said?
If weez donts gets da money!

stateof postville

I live in Postville and there is nothing new to report on these allegations of robberies. No State Police. All is quiet.


announced on chabad.info
a large effort in ny to load a 40 foot trailer with food and supplies for pistville jewish community relief.

gov culver where are you and the state. people of all faiths and colors need help.


You actually want to bring in the Guardian Angels!!! Hell, why not just have the town of Postville hire BlackWater to clear out the town. And on their way out they can blow up AGRIPROCESSORS!!!


This is just a sign of things to come in our OBAMANATION.

Archie Bunker

The OU is just as corrupt as Rubashkin.

Steve Katz & Genack, among others have to be removed. They were the type to play along the whole time in Postville because they were already corrupt going in to it.

They were only interested in playing musical CEO chairs to protect their "reputation".

Just a Goy


Understand your concerns, but most Americans will understand - it is a few, as opposed to the many.

In any case, it is the minority of racists that would be the ones to be weary of... And as far as Israel, too many people hold akin to the homeland.

The situation with Palestinians is of major concern to all.

BTW: This week on PBS's 'NOVA,' there was a fascinating scientific look at the pre-statehood of Israel, the Torah along with its contents (Specifically Moses' contributions, conflicts regarding some specifics, etc...), substantiating Israel's existence, which I believe was around 1028 BC. Here we have science proving what its neighbors have been denying. This could go well for ongoing peace processes. If you didn't see it, perhaps it will repeat this week, view via video on demand or stream via PBS.org.


+++ instead of chabad raising money for rubashkin's defense, they should be raising money to pay the workers that werent paid.

Posted by: critical_minyan | November 20, 2008 at 12:28 PM +++

And how about the OU donating, as well.

Archie Bunker

"this are the poor workers"

Is are children learning English at Tomchei Temimim?

joe shmo

this are the poor workers you want us to donate money to?

Archie Bunker


Northeast Iowa RSVP is conducting an emergency drive for canned food goods for the Postville Food Pantry.

The Decorah Public Library will be the drop off point for persons who would like to make donations of canned fruits, vegetables and canned meats, including tuna.

Look for the red wagon at the Decorah Public Library to drop off donations.

Yochanan Lavie


Aliya is a good thing, but not everyone can just pack up and leave. And Israel can't survive w/o at least one ally- USA. If we (the Jewish people) squander American good will, we're f*@ked.

(Note: I believe in God, but I don't rely on miracles.)

People usually generalize a bad experience with some members of a group to include the whole group. That's especially true of us, due to the influence of anti-Semitism. Being a light unto the nations is not only a mitzvah; it's a survival strategy.


instead of chabad raising money for rubashkin's defense, they should be raising money to pay the workers that werent paid.

Archie Bunker

And getting this story in the pages of the Wall Street Journal and NY Times will catch the attention of a lot of important people in govt.

I think the reporters on the Agri beat are Julia Preston at the NYT and Miriam Jordan at the WSJ.

This could be posted to the newspaper websites within an hour or so.

Just a Goy

Contacted the firm and explain how absolutely volatile the situation is... they said they'd have someone get back to me asap.

Archie Bunker

I also suggest contacting the Guardian Angels:

Davenport/Moline/Rock Island, Quad Cities (Iowa-Illinois) - United States
Chapter Leader: Charlie Stone
Phone: 563-508-2153
Email Address: Davenport@GuardianAngels.org

The Alliance of Guardian Angels
717 Fifth Avenue Suite 401
New York, NY 10022

Curtis Sliwa, CEO and Founder:

Mary Sliwa, COO:

Phone: 212.860.5575
Fax: 212.223.8180


pville a classic failing company town. sad it was a nice place.

Archie Bunker

"Doesn't the receiver first need to check out the entire situation and then ask the court before paying anything?"

It depends.

But even if they still require permission they have the judge's ear and can inform him of the grave emergency.

Tehilim man

I just heard those recordings and it is very chilling, In Postville everyone knows where Rubashkins house is, it is not a secret.

To any Rubashkin family reading this, it is better to just pay these people this is pocket change.


Please contact the receiver. Flood their office with requests to get the payments in the pipeline before violence erupts

Doesn't the receiver first need to check out the entire situation and then ask the court before paying anything?

Choni Davidowitz

I "warned" the whole lot of you to pack up and go Home- to Israel.


In back of our minds, we need to remember, that if the Agri religious certifying agencies had been doing their job properly for all these years, the current disaster would never have taken place. They, despite of their mantra of saying that worker mistreatment, etc., were none of their business, were, in fact, just as responsible for them as were the Rubashkins.

As such, they, in my opinion, are just as criminally liable and should be brought to justice.

Archie Bunker

Please contact the receiver. Flood their office with requests to get the payments in the pipeline before violence erupts

Getzler Henrich & Associates, LLC
295 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 212.697.2400
Fax: 212.697.4812


I have been saying
for sometime this is social economic disaster area. a powder keg. hello des moines get some staters to pville. quick to codemn gov culver was but any help from state. too much football in desmoines?

Curious Postville Native

Perhaps, the Jewish families should consider dismantling their sukkot so as not to draw attention to which houses are inhabited by them. These mark their residences.

Just a Goy

This is not good... People are so fed up with Rubashkin and his deceptive practices, that violence may result.

Rubashkin and his family as well as Agri are perceived as thieves within the community.

Do not be mistaken, thieves will turn on thieves if they are dissed by one of their own, using the most brutal means possible.

Furthermore, racism WILL be perpetrated upon OJs within the community and potentially spread if NOT addressed immediately.

The overseer has a responsibility to see checks are issued ASAP to hopefully subvert hostilities.


Why don't they call in backup from surrounding towns until the State Police get there?

Doing it.

Archie Bunker


Economic crisis prompts anti-Semitism in Europe

Dramatic surge in violent attacks against Jews registered throughout Europe in recent months, as neo-Nazis once again blame Jews for global crisis

Eldad Beck

BERLIN – The global economic crisis, which is beginning to be clearly felt across Europe, has brought with it another concerning phenomenon – a rise in anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic assaults throughout the continent.

This week a pig's head was hung on a Magen David at the entrance gate to the Jewish cemetery in the city of Goethe in East Germany, with a banner saying "Six million lies" placed alongside it. In other countries synagogue windows were smashed, Jews were attacked on the streets and calls not to buy from Jews were made.

Since the beginning of the year, 800 anti-Semitic incidents have been registered in Germany, a rise of dozens of percents compared to last year. The head of the Jewish community's council in the country said that not a week goes by without a Jewish cemetery being desecrated.

'Violence becoming a routine thing'

In Hungary, one of the countries which were particularly affected by the financial crisis, the rise in anti-Semitism has been dramatic and the number of hate crimes against Jews grew by dozens of percents this year, according to Israel's Ambassador to Hungary Aliza Ben-Nun.

'Juden Raus' Graffiti in Vienna (Photo: Daniel Kirshner)

When the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht was marked last week, the windows of a synagogue in Debrecen, the second largest city in the country, were smashed. During the High Holidays, bands of uniformed members of Hungary's extreme right gathered around synagogues in Budapest and intimidated shul-goers by their presence.

"Such violent incidents are becoming a routine thing," Ben-Nun said. "The members of the far right are becoming more and more confident. There are many more incidents of graveyard desecration, spraying anti-Semitic graffiti and verbal and physical assaults."

The increase in violent attacks against Jews, as well as immigrants, can be seen throughout Central Europe. Three men were arrested in Prague in the beginning of the week on suspicion they threw rocks at a Jewish resident. In Basel, Switzerland, a sign was posted on the window of a kosher grocery store reading, "Swiss, protect yourselves, don't buy from Jews."

Prof. Yehuda Bauer, the scientific advisor of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum: "I can say that once there is an economic crisis, the anti-Semitic images of the greedy, exploiting Jew surface. This is a regular pattern, according to which at a time of financial hardship, anti-Semitic stereotypes begin to put down roots."

The Anti-Defamation League has recently published a report indicating that there has been "a dramatic upsurge in the number of anti-Semitic statements being posted to Internet discussion boards devoted to finance and the economy."

According to Serge Cwajgenbaum, secretary-general of the European Jewish Congress, "There has indeed been a general rise in anti-Semitic attacks in all of Europe in recent months ... the attacks are certainly more violent today than hey used to be."

Archie Bunker

Why don't they call in backup from surrounding towns until the State Police get there?

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