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November 21, 2008


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went to turner hall today signed a tablet with name and # maybe 45 people there both jews and gentiles it is obvious that no assistance or pay is coming anytime soon at least one top manager said the payroll is tied up in the bankruptcy court and will not be paid if paid at all until the plant is running.

Yochanan Lavie

SOP: Most posters on this site, including me, wish your town well. True, I don't live there, but you are a fellow American.


Well, I went to make dinner, then came back to this website. Five posts above this one, made while I was cooking, is one entitled "CBS News on Postville". It looks like this story was on tonight's CBS Evening News:


SOP - With the recent arrests, the situation in Postville is very likely to become major national news, one of the stories that makes the cut to get on the nightly network newscasts. Sure, there are crackpot posts here. But this site will also attract people who have seen similar things, such as the plight of one-company towns that had the sole employer shut down. Some of us living in cities saw the effects of "changing neighborhoods" which caused white flight. The whites got out before they got robbed, mugged, murdered, etc. We saw slumlords fill up their ratty old apartment houses with people whose rent was financed with welfare checks. We may be looking at a Enron or MCI/Worldcom situation here. The question is, does your town have any strong, honest leaders who will run for election and turn the town around? If not, you have to decide whether to fish or cut bait.

SOP, did not mean to antagonize you with any poor attempt at humor with a Schwan's statement. Did not ever live in your city but I did work there. Had donated after the ITP fire, and then at least $4,000 to your city since May 15th. A thousand of that in the last 2 weeks. I was never judging any of you, just trying to monitor internet news at times while working in a nearby state to see what the current needs in Postville were.

State of Postville

For all the people who blog on this website if you don't live here shut your mouths. Until you have lived here like myself my whole life you do not know what is happening until you see it first hand. Everyone has made mistakes in their lives. Just let the people of Postville salvage what little they have left of their lives.

at least none of the few employees who made stupid statements about robberies have swiped a Schwan's Ice Cream truck parked outside of Postville, and ran it off the road in less than one mile causing $80,000 of damages to the truck.- News article at the time said, "It is not known why Mr. Brownbull wanted a Schwan's Ice Cream truck.".

State of Postville III

People in Cedar Rapids, IA are sleeing in boarded up houses with no furnaces and tents because they have no place to go. The people who came to work can move on--there is plenty of devastation and homelessness in this State due to floods and tornados. How does one choose which recovery cause to support. Acknowledge the fact the govt. knew there was MUCH criminal activity at this industry. As SR told someone "It may be your law, but it is not mine." This could be a "possible" indication of his mind set.

state of disgust

State of Postville III:

How could anyone buy this plant if: a) There is no clear ownership title (the plant and all Rubashkin assets are tied up in bankruptcy court); b) There is no clear valuation of the plant.
People may enter into private negotiations to lend the Rubashkin's money separate from the corporate entity but, the company itself is tied up. I beleive creditors would have to agree to any sale particularly since First Bank has filed for foreclosure enforcement per their loan agreement.

yidandahalf, who posted at 5:42p.m. the 22nd: I don't think that the Palauan man in the photo of 3 men from Palau with the Postville baker was flashing a gang sign; I think it was only a "V" as in victory. Managing to find a job and get through a bad situation with Elmer Herrara's (spelling) help. Long Prairie Packing and other locations may have been hiring at that time. / I thought that years ago when either Iowa Turkey Products would shut down for 2 ? weeks, or in October when Agri was closed for Jewish holidays that some people would temporarily work for Tyson in Waterloo. Can this be done now with some people left hanging if they had a place to stay there?/ The TV station KWWL.com (Waterloo, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, etc.)has covered news in Postville including the "Build a Bridge to Saint Bridgets" food drive from Waterloo/Cedar Falls to Postville.


good news and finally some state action.
I hope this nice little town in a pretty part of iowa can stabilize and heal. thanks to the generous heros of this tragedy, the Enron of the kosher food business.

State of Postville III

The rumor is that some investors from Israel have bought Agri. That means the same old same old. It is so true, many people are being laid off jobs and are moving on. These folks were deceived, but the union warned them not to come from Palau. Now the Menorahs are up and cause lots of warm and fuzzy feelings.

state of the Jews

Showing compassion to those in need does not make one a "phony sack of crap."

Helping the people of Postville - and those in the surrounding area - whose livelihood was dependent upon the plant, does not make one a "phoney sack of crap."

A lot of innocent people were hurt and are being hurt by the collapse of Agri. Some victims of the owners negligence and greed never realized they were also victims. One could argue that even the owners themselves were victims - victims of their own inability to tell right from wrong.

Compassion is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength.

Archie Bunker


Archie Bunker


Pictures of Amara & Levi


Former poultry-line managers Hosam Amara and Zeev Levi were named in the new indictment, but their whereabouts were unknown, officials said. A spokesman for the U.S. attorney in Cedar Rapids said investigators suspect both men are now in Israel.

Dean Beebe, 51, who was identified as the Postville meatpacking plant's operations manager, was arrested Friday at the plant, prosecutors said.

During a related court hearing Wednesday, prosecutor Peter Deegan told a judge that he strongly suspected Amara was in Israel. Deegan said Amara contacted associates in the United States as recently as this week.

Prosecution spokesman Robert Teig said Friday that his office would not discuss what the government is doing to find the two men.

The new indictment adds immigration-related felonies and a second bank-fraud charge to the previous counts filed against former company executive Sholom Rubashkin, 49. He now faces up to 107 years in prison if convicted on all the federal charges. Rubashkin has been in jail since his arrest last week.

The indictment also adds immigration-related counts to previous charges against former human-resources official Karina Pilar Freund. Freund, 29, remained free on bond Friday.

Baruch Weiss, Sholom Rubashkin's lawyer, said Rubashkin would plead not guilty to the new charges, as he has to previous charges. Weiss said his client had not decided whether to appeal a federal judge's ruling Thursday that he should be denied release on bail. His trial is set for late January, but Weiss predicted it would be pushed back.


Nothing good comes of a slaughterhouse. Guess most people still do not realize this truth. I pity the original residents of Postville who never sold out to the manipulations of the Rubash-ins and their cohort. For everyone else I have no pity or interest. They got what they deserved. The Paluans who holed up with some guy who gave them shelter demonstrated their 'wholesome' demeanor by flashing gangbang signs. Really impressive. Tell me all those of you holding one gigantic pity party, were they the throat rippers do ya think? Or doesn't that matter to you?
It matters to me and I wouldn't spend my energy on the Rubash-in scandal just to throw money that way when the ceiling caved in. I have to answer to myself at the end of the day - and I don't want to be a phony sack of crap.

maybe someone could go out and change the signs into Postville to (Hometown to the Homeless)much more appropiate,maybe more would come for the free food and utilities.



Proverbs 16:18

Pride goes before destruction,
and a haughty spirit before a fall.







concerned for the Postville area

A good company (truly concerned with their employees)know that they do not make a profit without them. That is why they treat each and every person with dignity and look out for the well being of them. They don't pack 20,000 in a bag along with NEW passports and try to make a run for it unless they have something to run from! I can see hoping for their last paycheck so they can move on. Giving them FALSE HOPES does noone any good. This should be a short term fix. Jeff or Father should be demanding if and when this will happen, if ever. The towns leaders should already be trying to find someone to run this plant after all after Agri's assets are sold. Not necessariarly should it be a slaughtering house. We don't need a repeat of what we as a town have already been subjected to. I have been told that the town put money into this when they came to town. To bad NOONE did their homework at that time! Lessons learned should make this town more than ever find a reputal employer which will benefit both them and our town. I hope the leaders of this town will make sure this happens. How embarrassing as a town that now we are now asking to be marked as a HUMAN AND ECONOMIC DIASTER AREA!! Giving these people false hopes is contributing to this. SHAME, SHAME!!!!!!! It's time to move on and let the Jewish community and ex-employees move on, for the well being of them and our town. We are no longer "Hometown to the World" but "Hometown to Diaster".

concerned for the Postville area

Why is Postville and the surrounding areas letting this drag on and on? Does anyone really think by opening a diaster shelter will fix any problems in this town? How long have and will we take responsibility for Agri's mess they have created? Agri management goes on public TV and announces there are no problems? Are they insane? Agri's employees need a reality check and need to come to terms that there is no more Agri. The goodness and kindness of people only goes so far. The public has there own concerns and responsibilites in these hard economic times. People need to realize once again all the "broken promises" of paychecks and getting re-structured is just another ploy for their own benefit of keeping there employees around for a "just in case scenario". The only true way of moving on is to let the employees move on to different jobs, cut their loses and try to start a new life. It isn't any different than what the news has on everyday of good companies going under and employees left out in the cold. I'm sure all them towns don't have handouts for them on a daily basis. It's pretty hard to heal and forgive a company which has done nothing BUT ruin the town which tried to integrate with them from the beginning. Let me assure you that time has come and gone and will never happen again................

State of Postville III

If anyone watched KGAN-TV last night it was quite a dire picture with the exception of the Jewish man who denied any crisis and felt that life was the same here. He needs a reality check. He is a good friend of SR and feels that he has been judged before the trial. Really. This area is totally appalled by this man-made crisis. It does prove that Iowans are great people and will step up to the plate when necessary to help the down-trodden. Mordy Brown is indeed a good person who is community minded as is his wife. That said this has been very stressful for the Postville residents who have been innocent victims of this crisis. Imagine being elderly and having to worry that someone is going to break into your house because of lies, no paycheck, etc. The community is saying more and more "enough is enough".


if some one could just get some of the hole turkeys out of the plant (and i dont mean steal!) some how donated to the cause that just a guy is speaking of ....... well you get the picture.

Just a Goy

Wonderful news!

I would like ALL in Postville (jew or gentile), to consider the following:

A perfect opportunity for healing... families to share this Thanksgiving with someone who is unable.

Please, at least think about it.

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